C6– Weibo Controversy

The June melons were big and sweet.

Netizens on Weibo were busy eating melons, and Shao Xingchen’s fans “Satellites” had quickly occupied the highland, saying that they were waiting for the official announcement, expecting the cover of Shao Xingchen’s upcoming big magazine, and then presenting fine-grained pictures. In view of another acquaintance who was suspected of entering the group when a Big Verified account broke the news …

The high-level support clubs of the “satellites” met and exchanged words, and the unanimous decision was that as long as the fans of the other party didn’t move, they would not mention that person for the time being, so as to avoid bringing traffic to the paste coffee.

This Weibo storm, Su Zhe had no way of knowing for the time being, he was guided by the staff and Big brother Shao into the shed together, and met the director Liu who was communicating with the makeup artist.

Seeing Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe, Director Liu smiled and pointed at them, saying to the makeup artist, “Here, here they come.”

The make-up artist turned back to the two, and after nodding in greeting to Shao Xingchen, directed his gaze at Su Zhe and looked him up and down before smiling and nodding, “Okay, leave it to me then.”

Soon, Big Brother Shao followed the makeup artist into the makeup room, while Su Zhe waited in the studio.

Everyone in the studio was quite busy, Director Liu was talking to the assistant director, the staff was doing their own jobs, the cameraman was still discussing something with the art, costumes, lighting, and writers, and from time to time he would even look back at Su Zhe.

The entire crew was Director Liu’s old team, and they were very nimble.

Su Zhe looked left and right, and was bored, so he casually took out his phone.

In just a few minutes, he had dozens of messages, Su Zhe did not have to look at it to know that the sender must be Jiang Hanning, the comical teenager.

It was as expected.

In the WeChat, half of the emojis accounted for half of the messages, leaving the other half as his howls.

【We agreed to be transparent together, are you going to leave me?]

[Yesterday I thought you learned to brag, but you were telling the truth? Did Mr. Shao wake you up so you could learn how to run a business?

[Shouldn’t you and Mr. Shao have a grudge against each other for what you did? How dare Mr. Shaw educate you himself?]

[I thought you were out of contract, how did you get into Director Liu’s team?]

[Oooh, my friend is a liar, cheated my heart, cheated my liver, cheated me into looking at the beams…]
  Su Zhe returned a string of wordless ellipses in passing.

[Aren’t you preparing for an audition?]

[Auditions are not as important as you think! ] Jiang Hanning quickly replied.

Su Zhe silently returned a blood-spitting expression: [I thought you were thinking that gossip was more important.]

【Of course that’s important, good gossip, that’s certainly more important than auditions! Tell me, what’s going on?]

Su Zhe briefly told Jiang Hanning about the events of the previous day, and was rewarded with a series of “ahhhhs” from him. After he recounted the events of the previous day, Jiang Hanning concluded, [This is life.]

[Come back soon, this is the heavens reminding you that you belong in the entertainment industry!]

Su Zhe didn’t comment on Jiang Hanning’s words, he understood that the real credit for getting into Director Liu’s crew this time should go to that unreliable system, but other than successfully completing the first mission which rewarded a random supporting character, yesterday and today were only daily missions for the 10km run. And the goal mission to participate in an official sporting event, he had no idea what the reward would be at this point.

The time for gossiping and chatting passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye Shao Xingchen came out of the dressing room, in a black training uniform , much like when Su Zhe met him the day before, with very fresh makeup on his face and a sports hair band on his forehead strangling a short head of black, slightly curly hair, highlighting Shao Xingchen’s outstanding facial lines more.

From the styling, it was easily seen that this was a somewhat rebellious sports teenager.

As Shao Xingchen walked out of the dressing room, his eyes were right on Su Zhe, who was waiting outside, and soon, Shao Xingchen calmly averted his gaze and walked in the direction of Director Liu, while Su Zhe was called into the dressing room by the make-up artist.

The protagonist grew from a rebellious student to catching the attention of a coach and becoming a sprinter.

Youth, blood, competition, friendship, love, this was a domestic original sports competition drama series, but this category was not really popular in China, even with the big name of Director Liu directing, it was not well received by the outside world.

Su Zhe guessed that director Liu chose Shao Xingchen as the main character this time and also had the idea of borrowing his popularity, but of course, only director Liu knew the truth.

Yesterday, director Liu named Su Zhe to play the role of the protagonist Xie Wei’s best friend, who had a passionate dream of chasing speed, but eventually died of an illness, teenager Lu Ming.

The director Liu specified Lu Ming’s makeup look, a set of healthy and cheerful white sportswear, and another set of a sick and weak teenager.

After all, it was a youth drama series, the make-up didn’t need to be too complicated, after an hour, Su Zhe’s first set of styling had also been completed.

After leaving the dressing room, Director Liu was quite satisfied with Su Zhe’s look.

Although Su Zhe’s temperament was a little cold, but the sense of youth on his body was still there, after doing the styling, the slim and handsome athletic image made people brighten up.
 Liu Zhengyan patted Su Zhe’s shoulder and explained to him, “Think about the state you were in when you were running yesterday, as long as that’s good!”

After a short period of thought, Su Zhe understood what Director Liu meant by that, as his image was already close enough to Lu Ming, plus the identity of “athlete”, this was about the same as acting in his true colors.

A blower was placed in front of the curtain, Su Zhe found the feeling of a young man chasing the wind, then at the request of the photographer, jumped and stretched.

The single part of the shoot was quickly completed, but this time, Liu Zhengyan specifically instructed that a group photo of Xie Wei and Lu Ming was also needed, so the two makeup photos were scheduled for the same day.

So after Su Zhe finished filming the single part, Shao Xingchen was invited back to the curtain as well.

Yesterday’s conversation in the dressing room was still playing in his mind, and when he saw Big Brother Shao again today, Su Zhe scratched his head and smiled at Big Brother, only hoping that the previous day’s conversation wouldn’t affect today’s shooting.

But fortunately, the boss was still very dedicated, and when his left arm was stretched out, he reach around Su Zhe’s shoulder, and hugged Su Zhe with a cold face and turned to the cameraman.

185 versus 177, the height advantage was all too obvious.

“Don’t think that just because you sent a post, you’re doing justice to your fans.”

In between shots, the big man educated with a grimace.

Su Zhe was stunned at his words and instinctively returned, “Okay big brother, I’ll follow your words big brother.”

After replying, he saw Big Brother Shao’s face turn suddenly dark, and a palm went straight at Su Zhe’s hair, he rubbed Su Zhe’s hair violently.

The cameraman’s camera clearly recorded the moment, the tall boy with an unruffled look and his best friend with messy hair, one black, one white, one cold, one hot, all the colors of youth.

It was already noon when the makeup photo shoot was finished, Su Zhe was preparing to call a car to return to the gymnastics team, when suddenly a phone call came in.

The caller was Chen Cheng.

“Sister Chen Cheng, what’s wrong?” Su Zhe picked up the phone and asked.

“What’s the deal with you today, this temp job?” Chen Cheng’s tone was very serious, “Someone saw you when you went into the studio this morning, side-by-side with the lead actor Shao Xingchen and you were both blown up by a big Verified weibo page. Now someone on Weibo is leading the pace.”

“Uh.” Su Zhe was stunned, “No, I’m confused, what’s the point of bringing me into it?”

“What more reason do they need to bash you? You’re such a confused former boy band member who has a black history, the next day you retired from the group, you had no brains and sent something like ‘I’m back again’, and the next day it was revealed that you’re going to be on director Liu’s drama, but anyone who has some idea about director Liu’s drama, you’re going to be blackballed without discussion!” Chen Cheng remembered the selfie that Su Zhe sent yesterday, and got riled again.

After going through a frenzied storm, Su Zhe sighed and still told Chen Cheng everything that happened yesterday.


On the other end of the phone, Chen Cheng was speechless for a moment and finally sighed, “You’re a lucky man, and I don’t know whether to call it good or bad.”

“Since you’ve already made up your mind, just make a clear statement on Weibo and pick yourself out of the loop.” Chen Cheng rubbed her forehead, “Athletes have their advantages, and netizens have always been more tolerant of athletes, it’s just that it’s really too coincidental.”

“However, as long as you can run afterwards, none of this will matter now. After all, what you’ll rely on in the future is your athletic performance, not the popularity in the industry now.”

Chen Cheng’s words were right, in the world of competitive sports, strength was king, as long as Su Zhe could run a superior enough performance, all this black material now was meaningless.

After hanging up the phone, Su Zhe saw that Jiang Hanning had also sent him a series of messages.

After casually appeasing Jiang Hanning, Su Zhe opened Weibo, and the originally good phone actually got stuck before opening smoothly. After the  opened, the message prompt at the bottom had exploded, and a large number of melon-eating netizens flooded in, along with the comments underneath the weibo post he sent two days ago.

The starting point of the matter was the morning’s big Verified Weibo posting of Shao Xingchen’s entry into the cast, which only even mentioned a word about the unpopular transparent Su Zhe.

But when the news of Shao Xingchen exploded, his fans quickly controlled the comments, making the scene very harmonious.

It seemed that some bored netizens searched who Su Zhe was by the way, and saw the news that Su Zhe’s contract was terminated two days ago and retired from the industry, combined with Su Zhe’s vague and unclear “I’m back again” yesterday, suddenly the label of breaking promises and going back on one’s word was quickly attached to Su Zhe’s body.

And when netizens found out Su Zhe’s history, the association became even bigger.

There were also conspiracy theories, Su Zhe used the retreat to advance tactic, abused his fans, in fact, he might already be signed, he might have held a golden thigh, you see, in the blink of an eye he had such a good resource? This resource was still acting in the same big director-directed TV series as the subject of the male lead’s admiration.

Tsk tsk.

The poisonous tongue and imagination of netizens were simply endless, and with Su Zhe himself and the crew still not saying a word, a perfect set of stories had been prepared for him.

Su Zhe felt that if he saw such a story protagonist, he probably wouldn’t be able to help but mock and step on him.

Su Zhe saw his Weibo fan group, this group was the only official fan group left because of Su Zhe’s presence, the remaining fans, after the original incident of stealing fame, had almost scattered.

The remaining fans, in order not to disturb him, usually did not talk in this group, but chatted in their other group.

This time, his official group called “philosophers” had already exploded with a series of messages, all of which was wanting to know the real situation.
  The original morning blast, Su Zhe’s fans did not take it too seriously, their idol officially terminated his contract, there was no rumor of a new signed contract, ninety-nine percent wa to exit the industry, even if Su Zhe sent a I’m back weibo post, his fans just licked the screen, happy to have fun.

Where did they think that on the second day after he retired from the industry, even the cake that fans didn’t dare to draw before retiring from the industry just hit their eyes?

The fans were stunned for a moment, but didn’t really believe it, just a small group of fans gathered together and wondered what would happen if the cake was real.

But what did they didn’t expect, was for various water armies to hammer their pup.

As a family fan, “philosophers” had been very leisurely, and their daily routine was licking their screens. How could they cope with such a scene?

Su Zhe opened the group chat, and sure enough, there were all sorts of concerned questions about him, so he stopped delaying and replied to the messages in the group first.

[It is true that I don’t plan to continue with any company after my termination, so withdrawing from the industry is a certainty. It’s also true that today’s makeup is for a set, but it’s just an unexpected temp job. My future main profession is as a professional athlete, so thank you all for your continued support, and I hope you’ll continue to support me if at all possible. Thanks again.]

Finally, they had definitive news on Su Zhe.

The fans in the group were slightly sad to see the first sentence, but they were already prepared for it. The second sentence was simply enough to make the fans dance in ecstasy.

Until the third sentence….


Everyone saw this and froze at the same time: their beloved bean, transformed from an idol to a professional athlete?!

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