C5– Awkward Encounter

[The sun is beating down on us! I can’t believe you’re taking selfies.]

When Su Zhe was almost home, a new message from WeChat popped up on his phone, sent by his former teammate, the kind of transparent friend who shivered from cold in the entertainment industry, Jiang Hanning.

[Well, I was educated by a big brother today, and I feel really sorry for my fans for not doing business properly in the past.] Su Zhe conveniently replied.

【Tsk, which big brother was it that actually awakened your conscience and stirred up your business spirit]. Jiang Hanning’s message came quickly, he was clearly idle at the moment.

Su Zhe looked at the text, and Big Brother Shao’s stern and disgruntled face flashed back in his head.

【You wouldn’t even dare to believe it if I said it, he’s a top-notch big brother.]


Jiang Hanning quickly sent a shocked expression.

【I can’t believe you learned to brag on your first day out of the industry!]

Soon, Jiang Hanning crackled another string of messages.

【How’s it going? How do you feel after the termination? What are you going to do next? Are you studying hard and getting better every day? Bast*rd, I hear you got a scholarship this semester?]

[…Well, it’s probably because I’m more free…]

Jiang Hanning quickly sent a snarling expression.

【Am I not as idle as you?! I failed the course!!! I have to retake the exam!!!]

Seeing Jiang Hanning’s rant, Su Zhe’s eyes showed a hint of a smile and his hand turned.

【Ah, that’s really tragic, study hard, classmate Jiang.]

Laughing and putting the phone into his pocket, Su Zhe rang the doorbell, then quietly waited at the door for his mother to open the door to meet the stormy and worried thoughts of Mother Su.

After spending a pleasant day at home with his mom, watching an afternoon of ancient dramas with her, and telling his mom some irrelevant entertainment industry gossip, the three Su family members had a long-awaited reunion dinner together that evening.
  At the dinner table, Su Yinsheng still had a straight face and told Su Zhe to continue reporting to the gymnastics team tomorrow and train well, so he shouldn’t think that everything was good just because the trial run results were okay today.

Su Yinsheng’s long, iron-faced speech eventually ended under Mother Su’s glare, while Su Zhe ate quietly with a smile on his face.

That night, Su Zhe receives a call from the cast of “Banish Light”, informing him to come to the studio of Aurora Pictures to prepare for his makeup shoot the next day.

Old man Su, who was passing by and heard the call, was upset again and stared at him, not wanting Su Zhe to break the contract immediately. But he didn’t say anything in the end, he just told Su Zhe to be sure not to miss tomorrow’s training.

The next day, 9am.

Su Zhe stood outside the studio on the 20th floor of Aurora Pictures. He came a little early and was waiting for the staff of “Banish Light” crew to arrange and coordinate.

The company’s office complex was fully functional and included a large studio space with first-rate equipments, and a number of famous variety shows in the industry were recorded in their building.

“Su Zhe?”

A familiar female voice rang out.

Su Zhe turned around and saw that it was Chen Cheng with a few of his former group, one of them with light brown hair was Jiang Hanning, who was winking at Su Zhe, but the other members didn’t have any special expressions when they saw Su Zhe, they just nodded at him.

He recalled that Jiang Hanning had said in a chat two days ago that Chen Cheng was taking them to an audition for an idol production in a couple of days, so it must have been at Aurora Pictures.

“Uh, Sister Chen Cheng… “Su Zhe scratched his head, feeling a little embarrassed and guilty.

Chen Cheng’s eyebrows also knitted up in a rare way as she took three or two steps to Su Zhe and questioned in a low voice, “Didn’t you say that you retired from the industry to go back to the athlete team?”

If it was any other artist in such a situation, Chen Cheng’s heart would have felt about normal to be cheated. But Su Zhe had always been a good boy in her heart, and she didn’t want to believe that what Su Zhe had said yesterday was all a lie.

“This is a long story… “Su Zhe had a bit of a headache: “But Sister Chen Cheng, I really have no plans to sign with any more companies, and I’ve already gone back to the gymnastics team to train. This one today… it’s sort of a temporary job…”

Chen Cheng breathed a sigh of relief at the news, she still believed Su Zhe’s words, but couldn’t help but look him up and down again with a suspicious gaze, “What kind of temporary worker are you here?”

“Su Zhe, it’s ready inside, come with me.”

Just at this moment, the Banish Light crew member who had walked away earlier returned, and happened to see Chen Cheng with a few members of THE THIRD.

“Eh, Sister Chen Cheng, you’re here too?” The staff obviously knew Chen Cheng and said hello to her, “You brought someone to audition for ‘Just Think’?”
  ”Just Think” was the idol drama production of Aurora Pictures this year, the male lead had been decided, whose popularity was close to Shao Xingchen, another top-notch youngster Qiu Zhenhao, the female star was a first-tier beauty Le Ru, after the announcement of the casting, this drama had quickly exploded.

Although the male and female and the first supporting roles were already set, the remaining roles still attracted many people to audition just to show their faces in this unaired drama.

“Mm.” Chen Cheng nodded, confirming the staff’s suspicions and asked, “Haven’t you been following Director Liu’s crew… then today?”

“It’s still Director Liu’s crew that hasn’t changed, and we’re taking makeup photos today.” The staff didn’t say much, but he didn’t deliberately hide anything either.

Chen Cheng was an agent he was familiar with, and he knew the other party’s part, so there was no hindrance in letting her know some information.

Hearing the staff’s reply, Chen Cheng stared at Su Zhe with a look of having seen a ghost, the members of THE THIRD behind her also looked shocked, and Jiang Hanning was originally messing with Su Zhe, and now his face was particularly twisted.

However the excitement for them wasn’t over yet, the elevator lights on the 20th floor lit up and Shao Xingchen and his assistant, Yellow Haired Li Cheng, came out of the elevator.

The people around them made their way to the two to greet them, while Li Cheng smiled and waved at Su Zhe after seeing him.

“Oh my, Su Zhe, thank you so much for yesterday!”

He naturally thanked Su Zhe who saw that Shao Xingchen was not feeling well and dragged him from the training ground into the dressing room to rest.

Chen Cheng, naturally remembered the company’s original operation of stealing fame, it could be said that Shao Xingchen’s staff didn’t treat lemon entertainment artists too well, especially the THIRD.

Today, did the sun come out in the west?

The assistant by Shao Xingchen’s side, Li Cheng, even personally greeted Su Zhe, who made the most noise in the fame stealing incident?

The crowd was stunned to see that Shao Xingchen even nodded in greeting with Su Zhe, and then under the guidance of the staff, Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe entered the same studio….

On the same day, a Weibo blogger revealed that Liu Zheng’s new drama “Banish Light” had already chosen the lead role, which would be acted by top-notch Shao Xingchen!

For a while, there was a huge wave of traffic on Weibo.

Underneath the post, few people noticed another piece of news – the former member of the third, Su Zhe, who was suspected to have terminated his contract, also entered the group to take pictures.

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