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“Ding, the target task is completed, issued task reward: Rapid Recovery of Physical Skills (deep sleep) lv1.”

  The prompt of the system sounded at the right time, and the reward skill after achieving the task also appeared in the system for Su Zhe to understand.

[Rapid Recovery Of Physical Skills (deep sleep) lv1: using deep sleep skills lv1, every 10 minutes of deep sleep, can restore 8% physical energy, recovery physical energy limit, 40%.]

In all fairness, this was an extremely useful skill for athletes, and could even be called a god skill.

With this skill, together with a regular sports drink, massage and reasonable sleep, it was enough to ensure that the athlete’s fitness always reached above the pass line, even if they encountered many days of complicated races.

But this lv1 deep sleep skill couldn’t completely solve Su Zhe’s predicament at this time.

But Su Zhe knew that even if such a divine skill couldn’t completely solve his troubles at this time, it was enough to surpass the advantages of many players.

On the field still filled with cheers, Su Zhe dazedly said goodbye to Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun first, and declined the championship interview, he dragged his tired and slightly heavy body straight to the players’ lounge, ready to seize the time to rest as much as possible.

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Zhixuan were waiting for his return in the runners’ lounge. Everyone knew that Su Zhe had a 100m final coming up, and that he needed as much rest as possible after three high-intensity races.

For sports athletes, one of the best ways to eliminate fatigue and regain strength was to sleep.

But after encountering such an intense day like today’s races, in the case of excessive tension and excitement, many players were unable to sleep in a short period of time, not to mention restoring their physical state through sleep.

In the foreign research arguments, people had tried to prove the importance of sleep for athletes, sufficient and effective sleep could even enhance the athletes’ sprint speed and fast reaction time.

In the past, whenever the men’s 100m event needed to compete for a seat in various world events, Chen Zhi was the first to lead, and he alone had taken off most of the pressure from the athletes in the men’s 100m event.

As long as Chen Zhi was there, he would definitely be able to take the target seats.

This thought was rooted in the minds of almost all the men’s 100m athletes until this time, after Chen Zhi was injured and had to go to Germany for treatment, they, who were originally behind Chen Zhi, also known as one of the top 100m athletes in China, only felt the pressure of Chen Zhi more deeply.

As with the 110m hurdles project led by Song Chen, the men’s 100m sprint project, in its current state, could almost be divided into 2.5 categories of athletes.

1 category was Chen Zhi, 1 category were other 100 meters athletes.

As for the extra 0.5, it was Su Zhe who came out of nowhere, but hadn’t been able to grow up completely to replace Chen Zhi.

“What’s wrong with this weather.” Su Zhe looked at the rain outside the waiting area after waking up, even if at this moment his physical ability still had a big gap, standing in the preparation area, his expression was still firm.

Sports sometimes had cruel situations, players may encounter a variety of problems, injuries, poor form, weather effects.

He didn’t feel that this weather would shake Meng Hao or other veteran athletes’ psyche, in any way. But he still asked.

“Nothing ……” Meng Hao sighed and shook his head, “I just thought of Chen Zhi and thought he must have been really tired all these years and he’s strong… …If he could compete, then we’d manage to take at least one of the World Championships spots this year. Over the years, he is the one who has held up the domestic men’s 100-meter sprint event, making the event look like it at least still has a fighting chance.”

Meng Hao’s words made Su Zhe silent for a moment before he continued, “There’s no point in thinking about this now, what we need to do is to fill in the gap as much as possible in Xiao Zhi’s absence and let him know that even in his absence, we can do those things that he needs to carry. So that he can recuperate from his injuries without worry.”

Having said that, Meng Hao still couldn’t help but sigh again, “Alas, this race today …… if you can have the form and environment you had in the morning when you were in the 110m hurdles ……”
Hearing this, Su Zhe shook his head at Meng Hao: “Brother Meng, sports competition has no ifs.”

Su Zhe’s words made Meng Hao silent.

How could he not know this truth? It was just that when he saw that his project might not even be able to take 1 seat in the World Championships, the anxiety and pressure in his heart made him reveal something different from his usual mentality.

Su Zhe looked at Meng Hao’s state, patted his shoulder and said seriously, “We will always be troubled by these problems, the essence is because we are not strong enough, in that case, what we have to do is make ourselves stronger.”

“No matter what, try your best to run through this one. At least don’t let yourself regret after the race for not having tried at all costs.”

In the preparation area, the crowd was silently listening to the conversation between Su Zhe and Meng Hao.

Before that, the thoughts in Meng Hao’s mind had actually been in their hearts to a greater or lesser extent, especially after watching the weather factor getting worse, the environment and the overall low mood of the personnel made them look a bit depressed.

Su Zhe’s words kind of woke them up – yes, even if they weren’t strong enough at this time, but was that a reason to not fight for every opportunity on the field?

People’s emotions were affected by other people, and even environmental factors, even the usually strong-willed athletes, in some special moments, would collectively fall into an emotional slump.

At this moment, Su Zhe’s words woke them up and rekindled the fighting spirit in all their hearts.

Zhao Zhixuan looked at Su Zhe with a smile and an emotion passed his heart – although Su Zhe’s obsession with victory and his desire to fight was still too strong, he was indeed the battle navigator that everyone desperately needed in this occasion today.

As everyone’s fighting spirit was rekindled, the moment had come for the crowd to take the field.

The athletes, who had been somewhat repulsed by the rustling rain, couldn’t help but stop after walking into the rain and let it drench them, then waved their hands to give themselves a boost before continuing on to the track.

On the commentary stage, the live broadcast of the men’s 100m final on the sports channel had been turned on, and Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were introducing the dilemma faced by the men’s 100m final tonight for the viewers watching the live broadcast.

Zhang Jing: “In the men’s 100m sprint preliminaries, Su Zhe had run a good 10:12, but this is 0.02 seconds away from the entry standard for the men’s 100m sprint event at this year’s World Championships. And at 6:55 pm tonight, Su Zhe participated in the final of 110m hurdles and won the championship in the final. These two consecutive high-intensity, high-quality race, has consumed a lot of Su Zhe’s physical strength, from the live replay of the event, we can see, after the race, Su Zhe is held by Ye Jun and Zhou Tianjue and the two players assisted him to exit the field, it can be seen that his physical strength has been exhausted to the extreme.”

Wang Miaochuan: “Yes, three races in one day, and all three races contributes to the quality of the results, which has proved the strength of Su Zhe. But in the next 100m final, the physical energy exhausted by the first three races today will perhaps be the biggest shackle for him.”

Zhang Jing: “In tonight’s contestants, in addition to Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan, Meng Hao, Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu and four other people hold the 10: 20 record, although the rain is still getting heavier and it will certainly affect the players, through the live camera we can see that just now the players in the field waved their fists to cheer themselves, the players’ fighting spirits are still very high! Let’s wish them all the best and for them to run a satisfactory race!”

The clattering rain couldn’t douse the fighting spirit of the people present at this time, they were adjusting their starters sharply on the track, trying to feel their feet in the rain and adapt to the slippery track which was more severe in the rain.

They were making all kinds of preparations precisely, trying to show their strength as much as possible in the middle of the race where the weather wasn’t beautiful.

As Su Zhe said, if they didn’t work hard, wouldn’t they regret their negligence in the race afterwards?

As long as they had tried their best, then at least they had made a serious attempt!

In the stands, the audience was also impressed by the seriousness and persistence of the contestants, and all of them were shouting and cheering, and the horns were blaring, not just for anyone, but simply for all the contestants who were trying their best!

The preparation period passed quickly, and amidst the heavy rain, the runners were already crouched on their starters, waiting for the referee to give the order.

“All in position – ready -!”


The gun went off, and the 100-meter sprint in the pouring rain officially started!

On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan looked at the field nervously.

Wang Miaochuan: “Let the race begin!”

The moment the gun went off, everyone rushed forward like an arrow, although they had already prepared, the impact of the rain was still unavoidable, many people’s reaction speed to the gun was weakened, stomping away from the starter also made their own explosive power weaken because of the rain.

Among all of them, Su Zhe’s will to fight was the strongest, but the first two games of the night brought him too much impact, even after the deep sleep skill supplement, his physical state at this time was only half of what it usually was.

Physical exhaustion had reduced his reaction speed to the weakest, even with the system’s sprint bonus, but in his weak state, the so-called 15% bonus was also weaker than usual.

The most direct reaction to these was that the response speed of Su Zhe’s starting start had dropped from 0.15 seconds in the smooth state to 0.20 seconds – the result of this was that in the starting phase, he had lost the lead.

But this didn’t defeat Su Zhe’s will, even if the heaviness of his body had seriously dragged him down, he still mobilized his remaining physical energy with strong willpower, with the strongest burst of power to sprint forward!

He couldn’t give up, and he didn’t want to give up!

Su Zhe sprinted towards the front of the track with a slightly heavier pace than usual, at this time, he was already behind five people in the starting phase and managed to stay in sixth place – this was, without a doubt, his worst start since he returned to the sport.

Even so, Su Zhe’s fighting spirit didn’t weaken half a point!

He could still run!

He could still be faster!

With such a strong will and self-hypnosis, even though he was tired, his crystal eyes still stared straight ahead at the finish line – that position was his only goal on the track.

In the grandstand area, the spectators naturally saw Su Zhe’s state, his footsteps, which were much heavier than usual, step by step, seemed to be stepping on the hearts of the spectators.

Every drop of water that splashed under his feet as he raced on the track made the audience feel a tremor in their hearts.

Everyone watched as Su Zhe went from starting far behind the sixth place of the leading group to slowly chasing and catching up with the other runners ahead with a heavy, determined pace.

On the side of the grandstand area, Su Zhe’s fan group “Philosopher” girls had already shouted until they were hoarse. Their favorite, beloved, and even favored idol was now fighting on the battlefield where he belonged, and he looked so tired.

Their hearts ached for his hard work, but they were also proud of his determination!

The hearts of the track and field fans had also long been chiseled by Su Zhe, and they were waving the flags in their hands frantically, waving them with the loudest voice and the most sincere emotion for Su Zhe, for every player on the field!

“Xiao Zhe!!! You are the best!!! I’ll support you for life!

“Brother rush! What’s scary about the heavy rain! You are the fastest!!!”

“Go Brother Xuan!!!”

The various shouts eventually converged into a supportive force, making everyone on the field even more invigorated.

Meng Hao was now gritting his teeth and doing his best to control his speed and rhythm, his advantage was always in the starting stage, his starting sprint ability could even compete with Chen Zhi, but his ability to maintain high speed after entering the en route run was much weaker than Chen Zhi, when he ran, after 30 meters, he began to lose strength, it was difficult to maintain the subsequent speed, he could only rely on the initial advantage which was still stronger than the average runner’s ability to run and sprint.

At this moment, he had already run past his best sprint stage, but he still gritted his teeth to carry the fatigue and inert instinct that came up in his body, and insisted on continuing to advance at high speed on the en route stage.

Damn, Su Zhe, that kid, had already run 3 races today, and now he could enter the fourth race, still filled with fighting spirit.

Compared to that, what was this fatigue he felt?

Zheng Jian had the same mentality as Meng Hao – Ah Zhe was tired and still fought so hard, what qualification did he, Zheng Jian, have not to fight?

On the field, whether they were in good shape, or in bad shape like Su Zhe, everyone fiercely ran, regardless of the outcome of the game, they all gave their best efforts!

On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan had long been infected by the atmosphere on the field, the two suppressed the excitement, trying to say something, but all that could be shouted out were encouragements.

Zhang Jing: “Go! Let’s cheer for the desperate efforts of the runners!

Su Zhe’s footsteps were still heavy, but his tenacious will mobilized the remaining physical energy in his body, in order to maximize the effective use of his strength.

For each footstep and movement, he had a clear picture in his mind, in the process of striding, he tried to control himself to not raise his feet – his effective stride length and frequency allowed him to catch up with the rivals ahead of him little by little!

After the sprint stage, Su Zhe’s advantage of control over the pace and stride length gradually emerged again, and he maintained the fastest pace and maximum stride length he could achieve, catching up step by step with Wang Qin and Zheng Jian, who were ahead of him.

On the field, no one noticed that Su Zhe had overtaken him from the sixth place in the starting sprint to the fourth place, and at that moment, only Meng Hao, Qiu Xinchu and Zhao Zhixuan were left in front of him.

The spectators’ voices were hoarse in the grandstand area, but every time they saw Su Zhe finish passing one person, they shouted and cheered on a higher level.


Go for it!

This feeling flowed in everyone’s heart, and even the heavy rain couldn’t quench the fire in their hearts.

Su Zhe was still trying to speed up his pace and step rate, but his body’s exhaustion had really reached its limit, he could no longer mobilize more power to raise his pace, he could only barely maintain the current pace rhythm.

He had to mobilize the last strength of his body with the strongest willpower to control and keep from crashing.

At this point in the race, halfway through the race, Meng Hao and Zhao Zhixuan were ahead of everyone as the first group, Qiu Xinchu had a certain distance from the two in front of him, and Su Zhe was approaching behind him with a steady frequency that he could barely maintain, even attempting to finish catching up to him!

“F*ck! Damn it! Does he still have the stamina to catch up??”

On the grandstand area, a man let out a disbelieving shout, and he was far from the only one who had the same shocked expression at this time.

On the track, Wang Qin, who had fallen behind because of the slippery start, was looking at the stalemate ahead with a shocked expression – Su Zhe was almost shoulder to shoulder with Qiu Xinchu, who was trying to shake off Su Zhe and overtake him, but even though Su Zhe seemed to have heavy feet, he was still sticking to Qiu Xinchu, preventing him from having a chance to completely overtake him.

D*mn, he was obviously tired, how could he still be so bullish?

At this time, Su Zhe had indeed been exhausted to the extreme, even his willpower was about to be completely exhausted, the fact that he could run to such an extent, was mostly because of his obsession in the forward sprint.

This short 100 meters, had entered the final sprint stage.

Originally this was Su Zhe’s best stage, but fatigue had completely dragged him down, his back-end acceleration was in a tired state, he could only barely continue maintaining the current speed, but he still gritted his teeth, leaned his body forward and began to sprint forward with the last strength in his body!

This was the last 30 meters!

The last 20 meters!

The last 10 meters!

The crowd in the stands, the shouting from the commentators, the surge of will in his heart and his obsession with the race, all of these intertwined to support Su Zhe in this final moment!

He could still accelerate!

He could still accelerate!

Qiu Xinchu, who was originally running neck and neck with Su Zhe, watched in shock as Su Zhe dragged his heavy pace and surprisingly increased his speed a little more, and it was this speed that completely crushed him at the end, completing his overtaking and finally fixing his ranking in fourth place.


On the commentary stage, Zhang Jing finally didn’t hold back as he shouted, “Player Su Zhe, with his strong and tough will, he completed a comeback from the sixth place in the starting stage to the third place in the end despite his exhausted physical energy!!!”

“Higher, faster, stronger, this is the spirit of sports, this is the meaning of competition!!!”

And as Zhang Jing cheered, Su Zhe finally could no longer support his body, with weak knees, he fell to the finish line.

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