Athletic state and athlete psychological state, it sounded very mysterious, but for the coaches and athletes, these were the things that had to be understood.

These two months of training, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe had been trying to bottom out Su Zhe’s competitive state, so as to do the corresponding training plan adjustments, in order to properly regulate Su Zhe’s competitive state before the big game.

But to their surprise, when they estimated Su Zhe’s mental state through the daily training wave chart statistics, reflected in the sprint test, Su Zhe’s mental state was better than they predicted, the deviation between the training and the actual test value made them a little confused, but after a period of time, they also used a preliminary curve chart template for Su Zhe’s competitive state, waiting for the follow-up.

In terms of mental state, in the past, during the training period and the game, they never felt that Su Zhe’s persistence to win was a problem.

If he hadn’t been injured this time and suddenly rested, perhaps this problem wouldn’t have been exposed so early.

Su Zhe was currently, roughly, in a pre-game over-excited state.

The reason for this state was because Su Zhe had an overpowering desire to win and was overly motivated to compete.

Su Yinsheng was clear in his heart, that Chen Zhi’s injury had a considerable impact on Su Zhe, Chen Zhi was his best friend since childhood, he naturally knew how much burden and responsibilities Chen Zhi had been shouldering.

After Chen Zhi’s injury, there were still some people on the Internet that brainlessly abused Chen Zhi, which made Su Zhe see the difficulty behind the title of the No. 1 sprinter in China.

If at this time, Su Zhe didn’t have the ability to help Chen Zhi, he may only consider other ways to help and accompany Chen Zhi, but he happened to have extraordinary talent in the 100-meter sprint.

He didn’t need to think about it, Su Yinsheng knew that his silly son must be full of thoughts like ‘Brother Xiao Zhi is carrying such a heavy burden, if I have the ability, why can’t I help him share the pressure’, and when this thought took root in his heart, his heart would definitely not be satisfied with his current training and race results, but start to have a clear goal to pursue. A clear chase goal, for example, running into the Olympic entry standard.

But the problem was, although he did have a talent beyond the ordinary, his return to training was too short, and the Tokyo Olympics entry standards, was known as the most stringent entry standards in history.

The entry standard for the men’s 100-meter sprint was set at 10:05 – in the country, from the current active athletes, only Chen Zhi had the strength to run into this performance, and had a real record of results.

Under such circumstances, even with Su Zhe’s already appalling rate of progress, it was absolutely impossible to run in a short time to his satisfaction.

In the original state of having a strong sense of victory, and being unable to achieve his goal, this time, if it was other people, they may choose to slow down their own state, reduce the goal, or even give up on their goal. But for Su Zhe, his dictionary didn’t have the word give up.

Su Zhe would only think that he hadn’t been able to achieve this performance, that his training wasn’t enough, he only needed to go through enough training, he would be able to continue to improve the performance, to reach that standard.

This idea itself wasn’t wrong, but he was too eager to reach the achievement, thus making his mental state more and more tense, and even making him anxious.

To Su Yinsheng, this was purely Su Zhe’s problem – this state would appear, because of the lack of competition experience.

In the absence of competition experience, athletes were prone to misjudge their state and event results, this was why there was a need to have a certain amount of experience in the game to regulate better.
Another hidden reason, Su Yinsheng estimated that perhaps his silly son, in the case he failed to run a good enough result, also generated a sense of guilt for not being able to help Chen Zhi share the pressure.

Because of excessive persistence, he also lacked a clear self-awareness of his actual situation … Commonly known as no ac number, he had to fight in the field, he didn’t know his priorities, and he felt that he was a perpetual motion machine …

In short, after many years of  coaching, Su Yinsheng, after talking with Zhao Changhe and his wife, basically figured out Su Zhe’s current psychological problems and the reasons for the problems.

In his opinion, Su Zhe’s problem was actually okay, too much mental excitement before the game was much better than those players who were always cold and too rational, or those who were nervous and frightened before the game.

He just needed to sort out this psychological state with him, then Su Zhe’s athletic state would also have a qualitative leap.

So after seeing Su Zhe on the key watch list of the Athletics Center, Su Yinsheng was still complaining, but he was a little happy.

More games, more entries, for the regulation of Su Zhe’s current state, it was a good solution , so that he had more opportunities, which would soothe his current state of mind.

With the gradual enrichment of Su Zhe’s competition experience, Su Yinsheng would be able to continuously arrange for him to achieve progressive goals in stages, and through the phased change of goals, he wouldbe able to relieve the anxiety of not being able to reach the highest goal at once.

When Su Yinsheng returned home with the Athletics Center’s notice of key players to watch, as well as the World Championships’ men’s 100-meter sprint and 110-meter hurdles events, Su Zhe was accompanying Su Wanqin to watch the family drama that made Su Yinsheng’s scalp tingle.

Su Yinsheng unkindly threw the notification document into Su Zhe’s hand, then slowly sat down on the sofa and began to enjoy the leisure time after work.

Mother Su’s mouth also showed a slightly relaxed smile after glancing at the document in Su Zhe’s hand.

These days, although she secretly helped her son with psychological guidance, in this state, if he wanted to completely improve, he needed Su Yinsheng’s proposed set of programs – more competition.

Sitting on the sofa, Su Yinsheng glanced at Su Zhe’s eager eyes, and knew in his heart that this kid was getting excited again, and was afraid that he would want to start training brainlessly again.

As expected, Su Zhe saw the notice and the event notice, he only hesitated for a moment: “My foot injury has almost healed, today is already 17th, the World Championships challenge will start on the 21st, I’m ready to return to the team tomorrow for a little acclimatization training …… ”

Su Zhe originally felt apprehensive, he was worried that his father and mother would refuse his request, but he  didn’t expect the two to remain silent, his mother only advised him against overworking himself, otherwise it would affect his subsequent competitive state.

His father, Su Yinsheng, pointed to the document in his hand and told him to turn to the last page – a brand new adaptation training schedule was placed at the bottom of these notification documents.

Compared to the past training schedule, the content on this adaptive training form, which only had a two-day training volume, was much more detailed than the past periodic training schedule.

Including training, the number of times, the number of sets, the purpose of the training and the degree to which the training was considered to achieve multiple percentages of training goals and results, and extremely detailed records on the form.

Looking at the table, Su Zhe slightly froze, but then understood that his father, Su Yinsheng, had also discovered his psychological problems, and that the list was so detailed that he could clearly understand the effectiveness of each training, so that he could accumulate a sense of achievement in training to offset his anxiety.

For a while, Su Zhe’s mood was a bit unspeakably complicated, and he eventually got up and gave Su Weiqin and Su Yinsheng a hug.

They didn’t say anything more, the tacit understanding between parents and their child was there.

The next day, after 5 days of rest, Su Zhe returned to the training hall of the S provincial sports team. After greeting his teammates, Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan, Zhao Changhe had already arrived at the arena with the new adaptation training schedule.

In fact, for only the pre-game adaptation training, it shouldn’t have been so serious, but in these two days, Zhao Changhe and Su Zhe both restored their state and adapted to the training seriously.

From the warm-up, Su Zhe meticulously executed each and every item on the schedule, 4x30m starting exercise, start training, aerobic running, 4x100m relaxed stride running, 6x50m weight dragging running ……

Su Zhe had long taken the training purpose and training effect of the sub-projects on the schedule into his heart, and he did his best to do the best he could with each training.

Just five days of rest and with his body’s familiarity with the track, in the two days of training time, it quickly returned to Su Zhe.

These two days allowed him not only to complete the conditioning, but also completely relieved the original anxiety inside – he didn’t forget everything on the training field because of this short rest period.

Two days passed quickly, and on the 20th, Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan and Zheng Jian, accompanied by his father Su Yinsheng, arrived in L city, where the Athletics World Championships challenge was held.

Unlike G city, where the championships were held, L city wasn’t originally a city with an athletic atmosphere, and the city once didn’t even have a strong sports atmosphere.

However, in this city, which didn’t have a strong sports atmosphere, it had produced a domestic first-class sports brand.

This L city’s local well-known sports brand in some years ago formed a soccer team, the team had a good result in the national tournament , and gradually cultivated the local fans im the city, but also let L city see that the sports market could be tapped into, they hoped to gradually build the city into a big sports city, the development of the city’s sports economy.

The city had built the L City Sports Center to a high standard two years ago, which also showed the city’s determination to dig deeper into the sports market.

The application for hosting this year’s World Championship Challenge was also an attempt by the city to continuously explore and cultivate the sports market, and the city’s local enterprise, which had produced an excellent team, had also named the World Championship Challenge, hoping to take this opportunity to further expand its brand awareness.

Perhaps because this event had a wealthy titleholder, before this trip, Su Zhe and other people even received a brand uniform sportswear sent by the organizer before the game.

When he received the clothes, Su Zhe was still a bit confused, he seemed have of this brand called Rampage from somewhere?

After arriving in L City on a flight prepared by the event organizer, Zheng Jian couldn’t help but lament – after participating in so many competitions, it was an unprecedented first encounter with an event organizer who didn’t require athletes to pay for their own food and accommodation, but also included air tickets and branded sportswear.

In the past, athletes often needed to pay for a certain amount of food and accommodation costs before the race.

With a relaxed state, Su Zhe and his group walked to the airport exit wearing the brand clothing of the event sponsor, Rampage. What they didn’t expect was that after several people walked to the exit, they found that there were many reporters waiting in front of the exit.

“Ah? What’s going on here? Is this some kind of celebrity coming?” Zheng Jian looked at them at the exit with a dumbfounded face, and was a bit scared.

Zhao Zhixuan, after carefully looking at the reporters waiting at the exit, also showed an amused expression, “All right, what celebrity? They’re waiting for us.”

“Huh?” Zheng Jian confusedly looked at the group of reporters at the airport exit – as expected, these guys all looked familiar, they seemed to be well-known sports newspapers or related news channels specializing in running sports.

Zheng Jian looked at his teammates and coaches around him in a daze, not understanding how this was the case.

Su Zhe finally understood, the sponsor of this event was determined to use this World Championship challenge to create some momentum, these reporters waiting outside the airport were just the beginning, it would probably be on the hot search list.

Thinking of this, Su Zhe could only rub his forehead.

“Ah, it’s Su Zhe and Su Yinsheng!”

The reporters at the exit of the airport were all hot-eyed, although Su Zhe was still some distance away from them, but they just waited for them to walk into a close-up.

“D*mn ah ……” Zheng Jian felt his scalp tingle. “Coach, what about do we do?”

Su Yinsheng rolled his eyes in a good-natured manner: “Okay, what else to do? Let’s go!”

Saying that, Su Zhe and his group walked towards the group of reporters at the exit.



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