Under the summer sun, two teenagers were lying under a tree at the edge of the playground, and the sunlight shone on the teenagers’ bodies through the dappled shadows of the tree.

They were wearing loose uniforms, and grass leaves were in the corners of their mouths, the dappled light and shadow seemed to show their youthful reality.

“Lu Ming, are you going to learn to run with that old man?”

“Ah, yes. You’re not going?” A handsome and mild-faced teenager smiled and narrowed his eyes, one hand playing with the light spots passing through his fingers.

The slightly cold-looking teenager wrinkled his brow, he was silent for a moment before he responded, “No, I’ll go.”

Under the hot sun, the teenagers were running as hard as they could on the plastic track, one of the figures in a white training suit looked particularly relaxed, his body was surrounded with a layer of golden light. Behind him, there was another figure in black, his lips were pursed as he expressionlessly insisted on moving forward.

They had grown up together and witnessed each other’s successes and losses, until a moment when a life that once bloomed suddenly withered, the one left behind, could only find these memories again in the memory.

“We once agreed to chase the end of light.”

“I have never forgotten our promise.”

The short 30 seconds preview of the film was a memory of a youthful life.

The picture of Xie Wei and Lu Ming, they were youthful, but youthful and sincere.

In the picture accompanied by sunshine and green, this youthfulness was like a cool breeze, refreshing the heart.

The first to watch the trailer, was naturally, the “satellites” and “philosophers”, Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe’s fans were now extraordinarily harmonious and friendly, Under the “Broken Light” official post, the fans of both sides praised the other shamelessly. If the passersby didn’t look at their avatars and nicknames, they couldn’t tell whose fan was speaking.

Small satellite around the stars: [ooooooooo, haven’t seen such a handsome sports boy, Lu Ming’s eyes are filled with stars, sunlight surrounded him like angel wings waving ……awsl, let go of me, let me guard this beautiful boy, angel Lu Ming!]

Zhe Baby’s Saigao: [Wei Xie is really A-bomb! ! ! He’s so handsome! ! ! His running posture is also natural and unrestrained, only looking at his back makes my heart beat faster … Xie Wei is so great, my heart is yours! ! 】


This wave of commercial mutual praising operation, confused many passers-by, they even went back to the preview, then confirmed Shao Xingchen played Xie Wei, and Su Zhe played Lu Ming.

【? ? ? In this comment area, I couldn’t understand it for a while … I thought I had reversed the two starring roles, so I opened the preview and watched it again …]

The appearance of this passerby’s comment made the fans laugh, and the two sides became even more vigorous.

Soon, the topic was also on the hot search list, although the majority of the popularity was contributed by Shao Xingchen’s fans “satellites” and the Broken Light drama publicity team, but this didn’t prevent this somewhat interesting hot search from going all the way up, occupying a high position.

The new tag, #Lu Ming’s actor Su Zhe won the 100m championship at the National Championships, was created by the show.

This somewhat anachronistic-looking hot search first made unknown passersby flinch, and then the first reaction of passersby were 3 question marks.

Part of the crowd of gossip watchers who had followed the topic #Let Su Zhe get out of sports in early July were dumbfounded after seeing this brand new topic from the drama.

[Wait …… this Su Zhe, is that the same Su Zhe???]

It could be said that the sports industry and sports-related topics were always a relatively cold existence on Weibo, and most of the news watchers couldn’t understand the topics and characters in the sports industry.

When the sports industry didn’t reach a certain volume of topics, most of them didn’t find it interesting.

It was also because of this, even if Su Zhe had won the men’s 100 meters championship at the National Championships, and even ran an excellent 10 seconds 11 with an injury, but the majority still never heard of the matter.

[…… what the hell, my impression of him is still stuck in the let him get out of the sports industry from that time …… I remember saying that Su Zhe had sprinting strength, and then everyone disagreed?

[ …… even my melon eating spoon dropped …… I just searched for it, the highest national specifications of the track and field championships, that Su Zhe, with an injury, ran at 10 seconds 11 ……]

[ The last time he ran 10:18 in the provincial games, he ran 10:18. Isn’t it only a 0.07 second improvement at the national championship?]

[Upstairs, you can’t say that … For 100-meter race, 0.01 seconds is great progress. When you go to the top 100-meter races, the gap between the top runners is usually only 0.01. 】

As expected by the show, the topic attracted a large number of passers-by into the crowd, after all, for most passers-by, how could athletes act? Or how could an actor participate in the men’s 100m championship at a national competition?

The company’s publicity staff also began to release material one after another, such as on-set roadshow videos, stills, and some gossip between the actors.

Among all the materials, the one that attracted the most audience was the video of Su Zhe when he was practicing on the outdoor track of the gymnastics team.

The wind-swept hair, determined face, wind-like speed, and clean face, accompanied by the awe of other staff members around, made the running boy look even more unique.

Along with the video, the topic of #that wind-like teenager began to climb.

At this time, because there were more hot topics of Broken-light, some people who tried to release fake news began to appear under many articles, but once such people emerged, they were promptly removed and then the direction of the topic discussion was redirected.

Su Zhe couldn’t help but admire Liu Zhengyan’s team’s consistent operation. It was a professional and efficient team.

After choosing to repost the crew’s initial post and tagging Shao Xingchen, Su Zhe logged out from Weibo, he was no longer concerned about public opinion on the network, it was already more than 10 o’clock at night, as an athlete who needed to maintain normal rest and recuperation, Su Zhe also quickly chose to return to his room to recuperate.

The next three or four days, Su Zhe was rested at home to recuperate, with the system’s accelerated repair, the contusion had basically healed, be didn’t need to care too much.

In the past few days, Mother Su rarely went out to work, but often pulled Su Zhe to accompany her to watch various family ethics dramas, and from time to time, Su Zhe was stunned because of the unreasonable the logic of the dramas.

But after two days of confusion, Su Zhe also gradually adapted to this setting.

He accompanied his mother while she was watching the show, she answered his questions about the logic of the plot, while standing up for her beloved character and praising the character’s choices, after completing this series of operations, Su Zhe found himself not as anxious as he was on his first day of leisure.

He watched some episodes every day, then accompanied his mother when she cooked, he listened to soothing music after dinner and then washed the dishes, his days were surprisingly full, it was leisurely and appropriate.

After noticing the shift in his mental state, Su Zhe also vaguely understood his mother’s intentions.

“Thank you.” Su Zhe gratefully hugged his mother, and then, under Mother Su’s gentle gaze, he laughed as he continued to turn his attention to the drama on TV.

The two-week summer track and field camp in the S-province sports team had also reached the closing stage, and Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe did some data sorting on the key targets of attention in the camp, and at the same time, they had to arrange the follow-up communication work to select the appropriate trainees to enter the sports team as the next generation of sports team members for training – this was a necessary part for every team with a long-term plan.

While Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were working, there was a rush of footsteps outside the office.

Li Mingdeng, who was holding a dozen materials in his hand, saw Su Yinsheng’s action and couldn’t help but laugh: “Aiya, old Su, what do you mean by that? When you see me coming, you turn your head away? You don’t want to see me?”

Su Yinsheng pointed to the chair and indicated Li Mingdeng to sit down: “What good do you think you have done in looking for me these few times? I get a headache when I see you now.”

Li Mingdeng sat down on the chair, and put the materials in his hand on the table: “Well, this time isn’t a bad thing, I just received a notice, Ah Zhe was included in the men’s 100-meter sprint and 110-meter hurdles event by the Athletics Center key watch list, if there is no accident, the next national team training, will consider inviting Ah Zhe. ”

Su Yinsheng took over the materials, looked at them with a frown, and still couldn’t resist saying, “He was included in the 100-meter hurdles and the 110-meter hurdles’ list of key observation players? Isn’t there the disciple of Lu Fei in the 110m hurdles? Why did they count Su Zhe? ”

For Su Yinsheng, this meant that Su Zhe couldn’t focus his energy on the 100-meter sprint. Li Mingdeng and Su Yinsheng had worked together for so many years, how could they not understand his temper?

After Su Yinsheng finished complaining, Li Mingdeng said smilingly: “The Athletics Center is also extremely cautious about this notice, they discussed in the first meeting, Zheng Wensheng placed him for the 100 meters and 110 meters hurdles. They were skeptical, if the training was improper, would the athletic’s strength suffer? At that time after the meeting, they directly approached Lu Fei to participate in the next round of discussion, and it was also Lu Fei who gave them a positive answer, and at the same time suggested that he hoped the athletics center could pay more attention to Ah Zhe in the 110m hurdles event.”

The appearance of Lu Fei’s name made Su Yinsheng freeze, then he nodded.

In the past two days, some friends in the sports industry had conveyed to him that Lu Fei thought highly of Su Zhe’s potential and so on, plus with this suggestion made by Lu Fei to the athletics center, it was enough to see how much Lu Fei thought highly of Su Zhe in the 110m hurdles event.

After thinking for a moment, Su Yinsheng looked up at Li Mindeng: “Is that all the Athletics Center said?”

Li Mindeng pointed to the material already in Su Yinsheng’s hand: “Here, it’s all in there, the official list for the World Championships challenge has been announced, didn’t Ah Zhe previously register for the men’s 100m sprint? He was selected, and then for the 110-meter hurdles, your Ah Zhe is also one of the designated participants, I looked at the schedule, the competition pressure may be relatively large.”

Hearing this, Su Yinsheng didn’t say anything more.

The World Championships Challenge, as the event that beared the burden of screening outstanding players, they needed to select the best players to represent the country to participate in the World Championships, the final participants of this challenge had two sources, one was for the players themselves to apply through the Athletics Center screening, the other was based on the players in the annual athletics competition, the Athletics Center directly designated personnel to participate in the order of performance.

Since the athletics center had decided to choose Su Zhe as the key observer of these two projects, it would certainly let him participate in as many events as possible, to accumulate experience in the event, but also more opportunities to refresh personal achievements, the besy result would be for him to run into the Olympic’s standard.

After reading the schedule, Su Yinsheng nodded his head and said nothing more.

The list and schedule of the World Championships challenge, for Su Yinsheng, it was adding more – since the discovery of Su Zhe’s psychological problem, he had been worrying on how to adjust his game psychology.

He still thought that Su Zhe’s biggest problem was that he couldn’t make trade-offs in the game.

He had a persistent and aggressive mind, but not to making trade-offs and regulating the situation, this persistence would constantly make him feel anxious, and eventually put him in a tight mental state.

After coaching for so many years, for the athletes under this psychological problem, Su Yinsheng had seen a lot. Not to mention others, his favorite student Chen Zhi, when he first joined the national team, he faced all kinds of pressure and responsibility, he also fell into a state of anxiety after a long time, and even affected his competitive state.

Su Yinsheng believed that a heart disease also needed heart medicine, since Su Zhe’s problem was in the obsession with achievement and competition, then taking advantage of this World Championship challenge, he may be able to make a breakthrough and regulate the psychology of the game.



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