The director of the center, Sun Zhihai, who was wearing glasses, looked at the PowerPoint being displayed on the projector and listened attentively to the staff of the department introduce the summary of the data.

“As of August 11, there are 6 men’s 100m runners in this year’s season, including Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu, Zhao Zhixuan, Meng Hao, Chen Zhi and Su Zhe, who have reached the 10:20 mark, including three young runners such as Wang Qin, Qiu Xinchu and Su Zhe who have set new personal bests.”

After a pause, the staff continued.

“This year’s season so far, in addition to Chen Zhi in the Asian Championships who ran at 10 seconds 10 to win the Asian Championships silver medal, this year Su Zhe just returned to the S provincial sports team, he can be regarded as the most powerful candidate, followed by Meng Hao’s PB[ Personal Best] : 10 seconds 16, Zhao Zhixuan’s PB : 10 seconds 15, Wang Qin and Qiu Xinchu’s PB are 10 seconds 18 and 10 seconds 19, but the individual results fluctuate greatly, they didn’t continue to achieve excellent results in the National Championships, from the 10 seconds 10 seconds mark, I’m afraid they still have a long way to go.”

Sun Zhihai nodded while listening, he used a pen to record their concerns on the record book in hand, seeing Su Zhe’s results, the tip of his pen clicked on Su Zhe’s name, he turned his head to Chen Guangping: “This Su Zhe …… is the son of Su Yinsheng?”

Chen Guangping quickly nodded, he and Su Yinsheng were long-time friends, the last time, he also called to inform Su Yinsheng to let Su Zhe sign up for the World Championships challenge of the 100 meters event. Su Zhe’s situation, he also understood in detail.

“That’s right, he’s Su Yinsheng’s son, the same kid who made a small fuss before.” Chen Guangping laughed: “At the beginning, Su Yinsheng complained to us that his son had a good talent for sprinting, but he didn’t keep an eye on him and he actually went to the entertainment industry, and look, now he’s back, and his performance is more than good.”

When Sun Zhihai heard this, he also nodded with a smile and asked the staff, “Do you have all of Su Zhe’s current participation data?”


Hearing the instruction, the staff in charge of explaining the PowerPoint immediately pulled out Su Zhe’s full personal data from the file, which contained all his results from the S Provincial Games to the National Championships qualifiers and the National Championships main event.

In addition, the staff also collected a draft of Su Zhe’s daily training program from the S provincial sports team, which recorded the ups and downs of Su Zhe’s performance in daily training.

Sun Zhihai looked at all the data, he couldn’t help but suck in a breath: “Amazing, in just over two months, his results have been steadily progressing, his stability is so good?”

The daily training graph of Su Zhe shown on the PowerPoint, from June onwards, the performance climbed all the way up, the performance rarely fluctuated, in Sun Zhihai’s opinion, this amazing stability represented an extraordinary significance.

First of all, the amazing stability of the athlete, as long as he had more competitions, he was likely to continue to create excellent results, which was enough to show their heavy potential. Just like the current domestic sprinting first runner Chen Zhi, the men’s 100 meters was a certainty for him.

Secondly, how could the results be so stable? This may indicate that Su Zhe’s potential was still far more than the present moment, so his performance in the event was still far from his limit.

Thinking of this possibility, Sun Zhihai’s hand holding the pen couldn’t help but hit the table again: “Xiao Lin, your note here means that he ran to 10:11 with an injury in yesterday’s 100m final at the National Championships?”

Lin staff nodded affirmatively: “Yes, Su Zhe participated in the 110m hurdles preliminaries, his right foot accidentally hit the bar, the diagnosis was a contusion swelling, in the afternoon he sprayed medicine on the field.”

“Ho, 110m hurdles preliminaries?” Sun Zhihai froze: “How did he get to 110m hurdles from 100m sprint?”

As the director of the athletics center, Sun Zhihai certainly knew how big the technical gap was between the 110m hurdles and 100m sprint, Su Zhe could run 100m and 110m hurdles at the same time?

Thinking of this, Sun Zhihai immediately asked the staff to pull out Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles results as well.

Among the people present, Chen Guangping, who had the best relationship with Su Yinsheng, couldn’t help but sigh after seeing Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles results: “Old Su is not generous! He said his son practiced for the 100-meter sprint, yet for the result of this 110 meters, he also ran into 14 seconds?”

The latest data on Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles was yesterday’s National Championships 110m hurdles preliminaries with the results of 13 seconds 98, but it still made the sports workers present heartened.

The 110 meters hurdles competition this year had a serious talent gap, Ye Jun had been considered one of the domestic top 110 meters hurdlers, and still in the training of Lu Fei, Zhou Tianjue.

With some calculation, the domestic players who could run into 14 seconds could be counted on one hand. In some domestic 110m hurdles event, if Ye Jun and several others didn’t participate, such a score hardly showed up.

In such a situation, another player who could run into 14 seconds came out of nowhere, how could the people present not rejoice?

The staff affirmed: “More than that, just before the start of the meeting, the 110m hurdles event of the National Championships ended, Zhou Tianjue, Ye Jun, Su Zhe divided into one, two, three, all three ran into 13 seconds 50, including Zhou Tianjue 13 seconds 47, Ye Jun 13 seconds 49, and Su Zhe 13 seconds 50.”

The top three, Zhou Tianjue and Ye Jun had been in the Athletics Center’s key watch list, especially Ye Jun, within this year, he had run at 13 seconds 37 in the Asian Championships, he was close to the entry standard of the Tokyo Olympic which was 13 seconds 32.

After seeing Su Zhe’s 100m and 110m hurdles results, all the people present couldn’t help but start to discuss Su Zhe.

Sun Zhihai started speaking again: “I propose, first of all, in the men’s 100m project, the observation of Su Zhe, he can be moderately arranged to join the national team’s training, if necessary, we can ask Su Yinsheng to form a coaching team for Su Zhe in the 100m project for a more scientific and reasonable planning, then Su Zhe’s training results will be sent to us for further analysis.”

This proposal rightfully passed unanimously, but in the topic of listing Su Zhe as a key player to watch in the 110m hurdles, there was a difference of opinion.

“I am not saying that Su Zhe’s performance isn’t good, but there is no precedent for classifying a player as a key watch player for both 100m and 110m hurdles.” Zheng Wensheng frowned and said, “If it’s only 400m cum 200m, or long jump and triple jump at the same time, then I will definitely agree without saying a word. I’m just worried, training for both 110m hurdles and 100m at the same time, can Su Zhe’s body bear it? Will the training of two different events affect each other, and reduce the athletes’ training effect?”

Indeed, the 110m hurdles and 100m events were too different, and there was no coach in China who had enough in-depth research on the training of these two events, if the two events were trained by different coaches, whether the training effect between each would affect each other, this was indeed a very important issue.

The discussion in the conference room of the athletics center was going on hot, and the discussion on the internet about whether Su Zhe could continue to participate in the 110m hurdles was also hot.

Since the live broadcast of the post-race interview of the National Championships, the track and field industry has exploded, and many people who watched the live broadcast at that time immediately went to the live website of the sports channel and picked up the video link of the post-race interview, and then threw it on the forum of the track and field kingdom.

The title of the post was still very frightening – “Su Zhe suspects that he can no longer participate in the 110m hurdles project competition!”

Once this post came out, instantly many of the people in the forum who didn’t have time to watch the game blew up.

1st Comment: [cr*p cr*p cr*p, it’s too late for me to watch the video, what does it mean? Boss Zhe will not participate in the 110m hurdles?]

3l: [Don’t mention it, Boss Zhe said he had to go back to see if Su Yinsheng would agree …… Of course he didn’t say no, but going back to ask Coach Su … … … would there be a good result?

The next few posts were filled with sad comments, Su Yinsheng was a well-known domestic sprint coach, his temper in the track and field industry could be said to be known to the world, track and field industry once circulated a saying – the tiger smiled and scared a head off.

Would such a hard-tempered guy agree to let his son distract himself by training for two events at the same time?

Thinking about it, all the track and field fans felt their heads go bald.

22L: [ …… Isn’t everyone being a little too pessimistic? After all, Boss Zhe’s 110m hurdles results are there for all to see, even if Su Yinsheng originally didn’t intend to let him practice 110m hurdles, ignoring such talent is also unlikely, right?]

23L: [Alas, the 22nd comment, we are afraid of Tiger Su ah, besides, is Su Yinsheng just anyone? That is Su Zhe’s father! If his old man really wants to play a scoundrel, what can he do?]

26l: [Su Zhe’s 110m hurdles performance is really good, the rhythm between the hurdles …… looks so cool! Boss Zhe not only has good rhythm, he is also fast, even with an injury, he ran at 13 seconds 50 ah, he seems to be a new generation 110m hurdles king …… without a proper coach! What do you mean by genius? What is called a god? I must go to the S Provincial sports team’s door to beg Tiger Su!]

27l: [the brother upstairs, count me in! I hope that the leaders of the provincial sports team can persuade Tiger Su to quickly release the final news conclusion, they shouldn’t let us worry blindly, what is this all about?]

In the forum of wilted track and field fans, a post was carried to the track and field kingdom, the poster was the 110m hurdles gold medal coach, Lu Fei.

[Su Zhe, your talent in hurdles has surpassed the limitation generated by your height, cheer up, looking forward to seeing your next hurdles competition].

Once this post came out, the athletics circle was in an uproar. If Su Yinsheng’s label in the circle was the grumpy Tiger Su, then Lu Fei was known for being picky.

Lu Fei was the 110m hurdles king before he retired, although he was still responsible for the B city sports team hurdles group training, his real direct disciple, he picked and chose for many years, before selecting Zhou Tianjue, and then he raised him all the way from childhood to adulthood.

It wasn’t easy for such a discerning guy to say such words.

Many Weibo netizens forwarded this Weibo post of Lu Fei, and the topic #Please let Su Zhe continue to participate in the 110m hurdles event# was gradually climbing in popularity.

Perhaps it was the influence of the previous internet opinion incident, the official Weibo page of the S provincial sports team had been paying extra attention to this kind of internet opinion since then, this time it didn’t keep the sports fans waiting for too long, an official announcement of the sports team was published around 5pm that day.

[ Thank you for your love and support for Su Zhe, we are also very pleased with his talent and strength in the men’s 100m sprint and 110m hurdles. For Su Zhe’s project choice, the track and field coaching team of S Provincial Sports Team has had a brief meeting to discuss, next, the coaches of the sprint and hurdles team will form a joint coaching team to communicate and discuss Su Zhe’s part-time training program, to ensure that the training plan is scientific, reasonable and effective, please continue to support all the players of S Provincial Sports Team in the next competition!]

This post gave peace of mind to the majority of track and field fans.

During this period of time, Su Zhe’s emergence had made track and field fans go from initial anger to astonishment, and now to concern and maintenance. In just less than two months, track and field fans had thoroughly identified with Su Zhe’s talent and tenacity.

Strength was the most dominant pass in the world of sports, and Su Zhe was holding this ace pass, using all the ways to win his first fans in the sports industry.

In the conference room of the S provincial sports team, the meeting had already ended, and Su Yinsheng rolled his eyes in a bad mood.

In the afternoon, he was still in the training camp watching a few promising seedlings train when he was suddenly called to the conference room with Zhao Changhe by a phone call.

He thought it was a big deal, but it turned out to be that kid Su Zhe who made noise again.

Li Mingdeng, after gathering Su Yinsheng, Zhao Changhe and Zhou Hongzhi together, put the matter of the netizens’ petition to let Su Zhe continue to participate in the 110-meter hurdles project in front of the group.

For this matter, Zhou Hongzhi naturally didn’t have any opinion, Su Zhe was the child he grew up watching, and his hurdles talent was so outstanding, in this National Championships, his results had exceeded the hurdles group’s trained players.

This kind of player, why wouldn’t Zhou Hongzhi want him?

In fact, Li Mingdeng was very much in agreement with the proposal of the netizens, before that, they originally only took Su Zhe’s participation as an accident, although they knew he had some strength in hurdles, apparently the strength he showed at that time was more in his main event, the men’s 100m sprint.

What he failed to think of was that he overpowered a group of players in the qualifying rounds of the National Championships, and eventually even went all the way to the final of the 110m hurdles of the National Championships, even running into a stunning 13:50 with an injury.

After watching the replay of Su Zhe’s final, the originally aggressive Su Yinsheng went silent and finally nodded in agreement with Li Mindeng’s proposal.

As an old sportsman, Su Yinsheng naturally knew what Su Zhe’s performance meant for the 110m hurdles event. Could he really kill Su Zhe’s talent in the 110m hurdles event?

This was impossible.

In the end, the matter was resolved happily and satisfactorily.

The only one who felt a little exhausted was still in G city. He was bombarded by Su Yinsheng with a life-threatening series of calls for a full 30 minutes.

When Su Zhe and his teammates returned to S City, it was already the afternoon of the next day. As an injured person, he naturally couldn’t return to his small apartment alone, but was sent directly back to his home by the sports team driver who came to pick him up.

Originally Su Zhe thought he would face another “love education” from his mother, but to his surprise, mother Su just patted his shoulder, smiled gently and didn’t say anything more, but seriously urged him to recuperate well, otherwise it would affect the recovery of his right foot contusion.

It was just that, perhaps accustomed to the perennial tightness – from the desperate training to catch up with teammates during the idol period, to after returning to the track and field team, Su Zhe was never a character who could completely let himself relax.

After staying quietly at home for a half day, facing the sudden leisure time, Su Zhe felt a little uncomfortable.

Not to mention the entertainment industry period, since he returned to the S provincial sports team, his daily life revolved around training, except for the short period of “Broken light” filming, the rest of the time, he became accustomed to letting his body remain in a state of excitement at all times.

But this time the contusion, even with the accelerated healing effect of the system, he still required at least three to five days of rest.

No training, no daily 10 km run, in just half a day, such a quiet and leisurely life made Su Zhe uncomfortable, even with his phone, he wondered about his gains and losses in the previous few games and deficiencies.

Mother Su naturally saw Su Zhe’s slightly anxious state, but she didn’t try to persuade him, she left Su Zhe alone on the sofa in the living room, with the TV on, but regardless of what was on the TV, whether there was a new message on his phone, he still drifted into deep thought.

In the evening, the fragrance of the food wafted from the kitchen to the living room, and his hunger woke him up, he realized that he had been in a daze for two hours.

And in these two hours, he reviewed his training and competitions, for the next World Championship challenge, he had a variety of different projections, his brain got tense, and he even became filled with a sense of anxiety.

This state wasn’t right!

The moment Su Zhe came to his senses, he understood that his mental state might have been a little problematic. But going back in time, it was difficult for him to really identify the anchor point that produced the psychological problem.

“What’s the problem, eat your fill and then think about it later.”

Just when Su Zhe almost fell into a state of recollective thinking again, a call from Mother Su woke him up in time.

Su Zhe rubbed his forehead and moved carefully to the dining table with a headache, sat down and started to enjoy the home-cooked food that his mother had prepared for him.

Smelling the warm and familiar home-cooked food, and eating his favorite food, only then did Su Zhe feel his tense spirit relax.

On the opposite side of Su Zhe, Mother Su raised her eyes and saw that Su Zhe, who was sitting upright, finally had a relaxed posture, and was slightly relieved.

As an expert in psychology, Mother Su, Su Wanqin, was one of the external psychological advisors of the S provincial sports team. Because her lover was also an athlete-born coach, and had been inextricably linked to the sports circle for decades, Su Wanqin naturally understood how the mental health of most people in the sports industry worked.

Ordinary people always thought that people who loved sports were less prone to psychological problems, or that sports could alleviate and suppress some of the symptoms of mental illness. But in fact, according to the statistics of authoritative organizations, the probability of athletes suffering from mental illness was even higher than the general population.

It wasn’t difficult to understand, athletes often had a strong obsession with performance, when the urgent expectation of performance and the reality of the conflict between the difficulty of achieving the target performance constantly occurred, a strong sense of anxiety would also come. For athletes with excellent performance, the sense of honor, responsibility and even the guilt of failing to achieve the desired goal in a competition could create psychological pressure on the athlete.

Physical injuries could be seen and felt, but psychological illnesses were often difficult to detect, and when problems rose and worsened, it was easier to feel remorseful.

As Su Zhe’s mother, Su Wanqin certainly understood how stubborn her son’s temper was.

Whether it was accidentally entering the entertainment industry, even at the risk of leaving home, even in the entertainment industry, even after receiving more blows and cold treatment, he stubbornly continued training.

Or after quitting the entertainment industry and returning to the S provincial sports team, from just participating in the provincial games two months ago, which triggered the crowds, to now having won the men’s 100m championship at the national championships.

What kind of stubbornness and persistence was supporting him? How much of his perseverance was stifled by his resistance?

Su Wanqin remembered that not long ago, her husband had said to her that their son, who had run at 10 seconds 18, was thinking of breaking the Olympic threshold of 10 seconds 05, 80% because he saw that Chen Zhi had been injured and wanted to take some of the burden off for his brother Zhi. But he just came back to train and in such little time …… how was it possible?

And just the day before, she watched her son in the live broadcast of the National Championships, even with an injury on his foot, he still ran at 10:11.

After running across the finish line, she had noticed him looking back at the timer, and the disappointment and dissatisfaction with himself that was evident on his face at the time.

At this point, remembering the phrase “how was it possible”, Su Wanqin couldn’t help but feel a sourness and heartache in her heart, for her silly son who unknowingly carried an unknown amount of psychological burden.

After dinner, mother Su simply drove Su Zhe to the kitchen and let him lean against the sink to wash the dishes. She turned on the home stereo and started playing soft and soothing music.

Su Zhe in the kitchen looked back at the living room with amusement while washing the dishes, “Mom, why are you suddenly enjoying life so much?”

Mother Su smiled and ignored him, but casually began to clean up the corners of the house.

Perhaps because of the work in hand, coupled with the soft soothing music, Su Zhe didn’t think much about the training and competition when washing the dishes.

When the dishes were washed and he had cleaned up, Su Zhe carefully moved to the living room, and then accompanied his mother to watch a more than 100 episodes family drama.

Watching all kinds of trivial things in the TV series, listening to his mother’s tirades around him, Su Zhe unconsciously relaxed and began to lean on the sofa, laughing every now and then in response to a few of mother Su’s tirades.

When Su Yinsheng returned home, he saw a warm and happy scene in the living room, although his heart was still happy, once he glanced at the injury on Su Zhe’s foot, he rolled his eyes in a good-natured way.

“Dad.” Su Zhe raised his eyes to see Su Yinsheng, he scratched his head and greeted Su Yinsheng – even now when he saw Su Yinsheng, he couldn’t help but think of the 30-minute long scolding that filled his ears last night.

Su Yinsheng glanced at him, then grunted with a look of displeasure, and only after receiving a disgruntled glare from Mother Su, did he pretend to dryly cough and brush it off.

Su Yinsheng glared at Su Zhe: “Since you’re back, have a good rest these days.”

For this kind of advice, Su Zhe naturally nodded.

But it didn’t occur to him that mother Su had a different opinion.

“Rest what? Isn’t it just an ordinary contusion? After Xiao Zhe came back today, I saw the injury, it isn’t that serious, with another three to five days, he’ll be able to heal.” Mother Su muted the TV then turned back and said, “Since he can’t train much anyway, let Xiao Zhe find his friends and go play.”


In response to his wife’s sudden instructions, Su Yinsheng first froze, then wrinkled his brow and thought of something, then frowned and nodded, “Your mother is right, listen to your mother.”

This sudden relaxation instructions, made Su Zhe confused, but he still seriously nodded – after the injury, going out for a walk would be good, he could walk to help his body recover, then perhaps also do some simple adaptation training.

Su Zhe, who was contemplating deeply, suddenly noticed that his phone was vibrating. Looking at the bright screen, the caller ID was Liu Zhengyan, the director of “Broken Light”.

“Hello, Ah Zhe?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Liu Zhengyin’s robust and strong voice came from the receiver.

Su Zhe smiled and answered, “It’s me, hello director Liu.”

“Hahaha, hello hello.” Liu Zhengyin’s voice was filled with joy: “Oh, look, I haven’t congratulated you in time, you won the men’s 100m championship in track and field national championship with an injuryi, and you also took third place in 110m hurdles! Amazing! By the way, Ah Zhe, how is your foot injury?”

Hearing such an enthusiastic praise from the serious and sometimes severe director Liu on set, Su Zhe felt slightly embarrassed.

“Uh, thank you director Liu, my foot injury is okay, in a few days it will recover ……”

“It’s good that it’s okay.” Liu Zhengyin on the other end of the phone scolded him about taking care of himself, and then turned the topic to business: “Here’s the thing, the first trailer of ‘Broken Light’ has been edited, and it will be released on all major platforms at 9 o’clock, and there will also be some publicity on Weibo. We are again borrowing your national champion momentum ah, the publicity team hopes to borrow the fact that you won the championship to create a wave of momentum, I don’t know if Ah Zhe will agree?”

Liu Zhengyin’s request made Su Zhe slightly stunned, then he laughed: “It’s okay, use it, after all, I am also a member of the crew ah.”

Liu Zhengyin on the other end of the phone thanked Su Zhe happily for his permission, and then said goodbye to him, before getting busy preparing for the release of the film and confirming the promotional trailer one last time.

At 9:00 that night, the official Weibo page of the Broken Light crew separately posted Su Zhe and Shao Xingchen’s pictures, the names of Lu Ming and Xie Wei appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Shao Xingchen: Xie Wei and Su Zhe: Lu Ming, today’s midsummer moment, just like your youth, radiant and bright. Your friends are rivals, you’re all chasing the end of light together, leaving the marks of your youth and life on the track. This is the best youth, but also the best of you.

The first trailer of “Broken Light” was released at the same time as the post, naturally.

In just a few moments, the “Broken Light” landed on all major platforms at the same time.

Many “satellites” and “philosophers” who had been paying attention to the official Weibo page, after seeing the news released by the official page, they quickly appeared under this post at the first time and started to lick the screen and send fancy praises.

At the same time, the publicity team also began to put topics at the same time, in the blink of an eye, the topics related to “Broken Light”, Su Zhe and Shao Xingchen on Weibo all quickly heated up.

Many passersby clicked on the trailer-this was a record of Lu Ming and Xie Wei’s youth. From the first meeting of the two to their growth, Lu Ming bloomed on the field surrounded by gorgeous flowers, it quickly ended in a short 30-seconds …

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