The camera hadn’t been turned off, because of how much the crowd paid attention to Su Zhe, the camera still remained on Su Zhe. On the commentary stand, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan were still working on the event replay, elaborating to the audience how difficult it was for Su Zhe to take second in the competition, when suddenly, Wang Miaochuan saw Su Zhe’s slightly distorted walking posture, on the live screen.

Wang Miaochuan: “Friends, through the live camera we can see that Su Zhe’s walking posture is a bit awkward, he seems to be in some discomfort, maybe he accidentally hit the bar. Let’s take a look at the footage of Su Zhe’s race just now ……”

The live broadcast screen was switched to the scene in the game, the back of Su Zhe’s hurdle leg collided with the trembling hurdle frame, causing the hurdle frame to shake more.

Zhang Jing: “From the replay, Su Zhe may have indeed been injured while hitting the hurdles, I hope his injury isn’t serious and will not affect his performance in the 100m final this afternoon.”

The viewers in the studio were also surprised by this turn of events, and the comments were full of cr*p and worry, but Su Zhe had already left the field with the help of Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan, and for a while the netizens were unable to find out the true extent of Su Zhe’s injury.

After Jian Zheng and Zhao Zhixuan found out that Su Zhe seemed to be injured, Su Zhe protested ineffectively, but without saying a word, Jian Zheng carried him directly onto his back and took him to the medical team’s stationing site.

After the nurse took off Su Zhe’s right shoe, he found that the back of his foot was bruised, which showed a sign of a bump, and the injury was slightly swollen. The doctor on duty, after examination, said the injury wasn’t serious, he took out a bottle of compound chlorhexidine and sprayed it on Su Zhe’s wound, then he simply bandaged it.

After coming out of the medical team, they were finally relieved.

It was common for athletes to get injured, and both of them had suffered many injuries, large and small, but if Su Zhe’s injury today was so serious that he had to withdraw from the competition, it would have been a shame to miss the next two finals.

Fortunately, the doctor didn’t prevent Su Zhe from continuing to compete, so it was true that the injury wasn’t serious.

Since the afternoon men’s sprint 100m final was scheduled for two o’clock, going to and from the hotel would only make them more tired and not conducive to the race, so the two men took Su Zhe to the temporary lounge prepared by the event organising committee for the runners and settled down temporarily after they left the medical team.

On the Internet, the topic of Su Zhe’s injury during the race also spread in a small way, the topic of discussion was still mainly focused on sports fans, “philosophers” and some onlookers of the net.

On the Athletics Kingdom forum, the footage of Su Zhe hitting the fence during the game and his walking posture after the game were cut out separately for people to study, and netizens kept discussing Su Zhe’s injury repeatedly, all worrying whether his injury would affect the subsequent game.

In Su Zhe’s fanpages, the “philosophers” were posting prayers for Su Zhe to be healthy and free from illness.

The time gradually turned to 1:40 pm amidst the discussion of netizens.

Su Zhe and Zhao Zhixuan arrived at the preparation area for the 100m final together, and several of the finalists were also waiting in the preparation area for the race to start.

Meng Hao and the others had obviously heard about Su Zhe’s injury and came over to ask him how his condition was.

Meng Hao patted Su Zhe’s shoulder, wrinkled his brow and said, “I was waiting for a big fight with you this afternoon, but you got hurt first.”

Although Su Zhe could appear on the scene, so the injury wasn’t serious, but then the slightest injury would certainly affect the player’s personal strength.

Not to mention, Su Zhe ran a 110m hurdles preliminaries like that in the morning – the 100m runners present watched this race in the morning for the purpose of assessing Su Zhe’s strength, etc. The game was too exciting for Su Zhe’s comeback, but such a race was a huge drain on the runners’ energy and stamina.

Many people in the audience had already silently excluded Su Zhe from the list of final competitors in their hearts.

If Su Zhe was able to win the first place in the final despite his lack of energy and physical strength, and even with injuries, then what were they, who had adjusted their athletic condition to the best, waiting for the final battle, going to do?

Towards the sympathy of the crowd, Su Zhe smiled and didn’t say anything more, after thanking everyone for their concern, he quietly squatted to the side for simple warm-up activities.

In the stands, many “philosopher” girls went early, anxiously waiting for whether Su Zhe would appear. In the front row of the stands, Tao Sheng and some track and field fans were also anxiously watching the location of the 100-meter preparation area.

Fortunately, the girls and Tao Sheng and others were relieved to see that Su Zhe showed up and was still in good shape – being able to appear on the field at least proved that the injury wasn’t serious.

“I wonder how the state of Su Zhe is …… alas, a pity, this is his first national tournament, right, he got injured before the finals.” A middle-aged sports fan from G city shook his head and discussed Su Zhe’s injury with Tao Sheng.

“From the looks of it, his condition is okay.” Tao Sheng’s face still had anxiety written on it, although from the state of Su Zhe’s movements in the preparation area, the injury on his foot seemed to have little effect, he still felt worried: “The morning’s game was too intense, I don’t know how much he can play in the afternoon after the injury …… And his injury is on the back of his foot, it will more or less affect his explosive power …… ugh.”

Soon, the staff began to guide the players into the arena, and the match was about to begin.

On the commentary stage, it was still the duo, Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan, but they were facing not only the viewers in the webcast room today, but also the TV viewers of the Chaotix Sports Channel.

The two of them slightly restrained their slightly outgoing state in the previous webcast and started to introduce the 8 players present to the audience, and then also tacitly turned the topic to the incident of Su Zhe’s injury – this was the matter that the majority of netizens were most concerned about at the moment, and it was appropriate to use this incident to illustrate the strong and weak relationship on the field at this time.

Wang Miaochuan: “According to what we know from the medical team’s doctors, Su Zhe’s injury isn’t serious, it’s only a minor soft tissue contusion. Of course, even if the injury is light, it will still affect the performance of Su Zhe’s personal state. For Su Zhe, who is participating in the top national tournament for the first time, this might be a bit of regret.”

Zhang Jing: “Yes, we can currently see that Su Zhe is doing preparatory actions in front of the starter, he is slightly concerned about his right foot, the bandage seems to be slightly uncomfortable for him.”

On the field, Su Zhe was on track 2 and, like all the other runners, he was making his own adjustments.

He tried to turn his right ankle and stepped hard on the ground, he simply did a set of high kicks to feel the state of the back of the injured foot, although he felt a tingling sensation, it was still within the normal tolerable range.

Wang Miaochuan: “Su Zhe seems to be quite satisfied with his state, I hope he can run without being affected!”

As soon as Wang Miaochuan’s words fell, the referee signalled all the players to take their positions on the starters.

After Su Zhe made a good starting position, he looked at the ground in front of him and completely put the pain on his foot to the back of his mind – on the competition field, he couldn’t afford to place his attention on that little injury.

“Take your places!”

After hearing the referee shout, all players quickly took a deep breath, got into a squatting position, and braced themselves on the ground with both hands.


Soon after all the players raised their hips and did their preparatory posture, the starting gun went off!


On the track, all the runners quickly stomped off the starter, and the race began!

At the moment of the start, the system in Su Zhe’s head emitted a real-time mechanical sound.

Sprint lv3 status activation in progress, sprint status bonus 15%.

On the commentary stand, the two commentators were tense, they stared at the changing storm on the field: “All runners start! Su Zhe and Meng Hao’s start speed is very strong, but Meng Hao’s explosive power is stronger, and he is very strong in the articulation of the start acceleration, currently in first place for the time being!”

Although the injury on the back of the foot couldn’t affect Su Zhe in terms of pain, the contusion on the back of his right foot at the moment of starting still affected the starting power action of stomping backwards, resulting in Su Zhe’s acceleration at the start being slightly later than usual.

Even though the system’s sprinting skill had been upgraded to lv3, the percentage increase in status didn’t make Su Zhe completely immune to the injury on his foot at this time, and the bonus effect of the sprinting skill was significantly weakened under the overall low competitive status.

After clearly perceiving that his start explosive power wasn’t enough, Su Zhe quickly adjusted his state, increasing his stride, speeding up the step frequency, arm swing acceleration, and began to gradually increase his speed to catch up with the fierce Meng Hao!

Meng Hao was worthy of his nickname “Fierce Brother”, in the domestic arena, he had been in the first 30 meters of the race and had almost a dominant level of strength, his rapid response at the start, explosive power, his starting articulation acceleration running technology was also very smooth and skilled.

At this time, the field, in the first three dominant group were Meng Hao, Su Zhe, Zhao Zhixuan.

Zhao Zhixuan’s explosive power was slightly inferior to Meng Hao, Su Yinsheng once said that he belonged to the type of pace, he was born with high nerve sensitivity, his current pace had been able to reach an average of 4.2 steps per second, once there was a breakthrough in the stride and step frequency, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to break through the 10: 10 mark.

Zhao Zhixuan on the field was completely different from his usual mild and calm temperament, his eyes were fixed on the front, he was highly concentrated, he controlled his state and focused on the full force, his sharp gaze was more like sharp lightning.

On the commentary stage, the spirit of Wang Miaochuan and Zhang Jing was also highly tense for the fierce competition on the field.

Wang Miaochuan: “As you can see, Meng Hao, nicknamed Fierce, is currently in the first place, and his dominant power in the first 30 meters was also shown in today’s final, but behind him, Su Zhe is also catching up! The gap between them is not too big! Followed by Zhao Zhixuan, who is also from Su Yinsheng!”

Zhang Jing: “The three of them form the first echelon of the field, Meng Hao is trying to speed up to shake off Su Zhe and Zhao Zhixuan’s pursuit, but his weakness of insufficient endurance on the way to run prevents him from completing this plan, Su Zhe has the advantage of endurance and back-end acceleration that will probably overtake Meng Hao in the latter part of the race!”

Zhang Jing stared, looking at the field of Su Zhe, he once again felt that he was watching a god – he was obviously injured and participated in the 110m hurdles preliminaries, he obviously had no physical advantage, but still managed to gradually overtake Meng Hao in the final of the 100m?

In the stands, no one had been able to sit calmly to watch the game, Tao Sheng and a few others stood up, fists clenched as they stared at the silhouette on the track, afraid to miss any moment that Su Zhe may overtake.

“Su Zhe!!! Go!!!”

A number of sports fans were been unable to resist roaring out loud.

On the other side of the spectrum from the sports fans, the “philosophers” were also waving banners and flags to cheer for their beloved Ah Zhe!

Even if they weren’t Su Zhe’s fans, the ordinary citizens of G City who came to watch the game had already felt the intense atmosphere on the field, and all of them were staring eagerly at the field, watching the boy galloping up on the field.

On the track.

Su Zhe couldn’t feel the pain in his feet, his eyes were only the track in front of him, even if Meng Hao was still a line in front of him, he didn’t divide the extra energy to him at all.


He could be faster!

The pace of his feet was once again adjusted – if Zhao Zhixuan was an excellent pace type player, then Su Zhe’s talent in pace control could be called a god.

After discovering his pace talent, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe deliberately strengthened Su Zhe’s pace control ability in training, allowing him to control the pace throughout the race more comfortably and allocate his physical strength to a more appropriate stage.

After adjusting his pace again, Su Zhe brought his pace to the limit at this moment, and he had already forgotten to save his energy for the 110m hurdles final the next day, and just kept adjusting his breathing and running forward.

The players at the back had already seen Su Zhe’s state, and many of them exclaimed in their hearts “is he crazy”?

Wang Ming, the veteran in 5th place, was in a frenzy when he saw Su Zhe’s speed: [Where is the promised injury? He just participated in the 110m hurdles preliminaries, where’s the physical decline? Why can this guy still run so fast? His sympathy before the race made him feel like a fool!

In fact, Meng Hao’s heart was also very broken, his state today was just right, he was confident that he could also run into 10: 17 or even better today, and Su Zhe even had an injury, but now he was gradually catching up with him and would soon catch up?

The sports channel’s webcast was flooded with crazy cheers on the comment section!

[D*mn, go Su Zhe! F*ck!]

[Cheer! I’m so f*cking excited about this game! Go Su Zhe!]

Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan’s commentary barely stopped, and soon, Zhang Jing’s surprised shout reached the live studio and the TV!

Zhang Jing: “It’s overtaken! Su Zhe overtook Meng Chao at nearly 70 meters! The race started to enter the sprint phase, Su Zhe’s post-presentation acceleration ability came into play again, and he’s shaking off Meng Hao’s chase at a speed visible to the naked eye! The last 20 meters! The last 10 meters!!! He won!!!”

Zhang Jing was so excited that his voice broke, he almost forgot that he was commentating on live TV, and he shouted loudly, “The winner is Su Zhe! Su Zhe, who had an injured foot, started to push in the middle of the race, overtaking Meng Chao at 70 meters, and finally shaking off all the runners with his unmatched backstretch acceleration, standing alone at the front!”

Wang Miaochuan was also incredulous: “Before the race, we had predicted that Su Zhe’s personal performance would be affected by his injury and physical decline, but it seems that he is still in top form on the field! The judges are now tallying and checking the players’ results, so let’s look forward to what Su Zhe’s final score will be!”

In the stands, many excited male spectators let out a roar, interspersed with the shouts of many girls as well.

“Su Zhe!!! Well done!!!”

“Great! Bravo!”

“Long live the cub!!!”

At this moment, whether it was Su Zhe’s track and field fans or face fans, they were all convinced by his style on the field, including the ordinary citizens of G City who came to watch the game, and all eyes converged on that teenager.

The screen in the live broadcast room was also boiling.

[ I have tears in my eyes, watching a sprint 100 meters for the first time!]

[Hahahaha, Su Zhe is so good! I also feel my heart surging, now I still can’t calm down ……]

[So where are the results? Did the results come out? I feel like he was so fast at the end, I wonder what the results will be compared to the preliminaries?]

[But he was injured, right? Although we think he ran fast, but he can’t beat the preliminaries, right?]

In the live broadcast room, the public screen comments were full of hot chatter, and the two commentators were in high spirits as they kept throwing out various topics.

On the field, all the runners who reached the finish line, the uniform action was to look at Su Zhe with an expression of “cr*p”, as if they were looking at a living alien.

Anyone who had thought in their minds before the race that they didn’t need to put Su Zhe in their eyes felt a sharp pain in their cheeks at this moment.

Why would such a person exist? His foot was injured, but he was still able to defy the odds in the race, and finally won with an absolute advantage ……

At this moment, another figure – the domestic king of 100 meters, Chen Zhi – came to their minds.

Su Zhe’s terrifying speed and imposing presence on the field made them unable to help but overlap him with Chen Zhi’s figure. Many people couldn’t help but think in their hearts – Chen Zhi was a legend who has run into 10 seconds many times, this Su Zhe …… how far could he run again?

Su Zhe, at the finish line, finally sat down on the ground at this point. He looked down at his right foot and could clearly feel that the injury on his right foot had worsened because of the full force of the run he had just taken.

Zhao Zhixuan squatted beside him and took off the shoes on his feet, and could clearly see that the swelling on the back of his feet seemed to have gotten bigger.

Frowning, Zhao Zhixuan seemed to want to say something, but in the end he didn’t say anything, but only tried to help Su Zhe press his foot slightly to soothe the pain and pressure on his foot.

The referee team’s score statistics were already out, and this score was quickly sent to Zhang Jing and Wang Miaochuan.

After quickly finding the name at the top of the tally sheet, both were stunned by the numbers that followed after their names.

Wang Miaochuan: “Now, the final results of all the players have been sent to us.” Wang Miaochuan simply also gave up the conventional way of reporting the numbers starting from the first place, and started from the last place to the front.

Wang Miaochuan: “5th place, Wang Ming, 10: 36 …… 3rd place, Zhao Zhixuan, 10: 18, 2nd place, Meng Hao, 10: 17.” There was a pause before Wang Miaochuan continued: “1st place, Su Zhe, 10: 11!”

The injured Su Zhe not only ran into 10:15 again, but his final time was infinitely close to the 10:10 mark!

Boisterous voices rang out from the stands, in the live webcast room and even in front of the TV.

The twists and turns and reversals of Su Zhe’s injury in the final race made all those who followed the men’s 100m sprint final so excited that they could hardly contain themselves.

But at the moment when everyone was in a boiling mood, Su Zhe’s mood wasn’t so good. He endured the swelling and pain of his right foot and looked back at the electronic timer for the result belonging to him.

Wind speed, 1.8 meters per second, speed, 10: 11.

Whether because of poor form or for other reasons, he still failed to break through the 10:10 barrier, let alone run into the Olympic standard of 10:05.

Su Zhe knew that his mentality wasn’t right, but this eager and obstinate mentality he could hardly control. This was a flaw in his character, just like when he participated in the draft, even though he knew his poor foundation and qualifications, he still tried everything to practice, to fight, so stubborn that he almost forced himself to the point of sleepless days and nights.

His father, Su Yinsheng, also knew this problem of his, and it was because of this that he didn’t stop him from competing in the 110m hurdles at that time, but chose to support his participation, only warning him before he left to know how to distribute his physical abilities and energy, and not to forget to fight hard in all events.

It was just a pity that he tried to control it, but still couldn’t resist fighting hard in two races in a row.

Zhao Zhixuan looked at his injury and sighed, “Can you still participate in the 110m hurdles final tomorrow afternoon with this appearance?”

Su Zhe pursed his lips, with a hint of rejection on his face.

He also knew that his current state, he was no longer suitable to participate in tomorrow’s 110m hurdles final, but the words ‘giving up the game’ got stuck the throat, and he swallowed them back into his stomach.

For him, it was difficult to say the word “give up”.

Zhao Zhixuan frowned and wanted to say something else when the staff called for Su Zhe’s stretcher and doctor had already arrived, so he had to help Su Zhe move onto the stretcher and talk about everything when he got to the medical team.

Su Zhe’s mood was also a bit low, no one couldn’t see that he was the winner of the men’s 100-meter sprint championship.

Just as Su Zhe was lying on the stretcher and about to reach the medical team, the familiar mechanical sound rang out again.

“Ding, the host reputation value has reached 20 million, activating the perfect care aura upgrade system.”

“Ding, perfect care aura upgrade success!”

“Perfect care aura lv2 version dedicated to serve you!”

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