C12-Makeup Photo Release

“Su Zhu! Nice work!!!”

A heart-rending shout came from the audience, and the provincial TV broadcast machine particularly deftly turned the camera towards the stands, seeing Tao Sheng flushed with excitement and waving suspiciously colored cartoon banners on his hands, no less than the Su Zhe’s fans on the side.

Su Zhe at this time also saw the girls in the stands as well as Tao Sheng and a few other middle-aged men, and then smiled and waved at them.

Many of the live broadcast platform’s cameras liked Su Zhe, and at this time his smile naturally spread to millions of melon eating netizens instantly through these cameras, and the pop-up screen was boiling again.

[Woohoo, I can understand why he wants to develop in the entertainment industry, with such a blooming beautiful face of course everyone must see it!

[Ah, can’t figure out why with a face like that, he’s been unpopular for two years ……]

[ahem, he was actually popular too …… did you guys forget that emoji ……]

The live feeds were suspiciously silent when that was said.

Only after a few moments did someone speak again.

[(complex expression) What the hell did those emoticons do to make that kind of beauty ……]

Regardless of what the netizens in the various live feeds were chatting about, the scene of the Provincial Games was already in flames.

After Su Zhe got off the stage, the sports reporter from the provincial television station immediately held up a microphone to find Su Zhe.

“Congratulations, athlete Su Zhe! You won the 100m track and field event at the Provincial Games of Province S in record time, and at this point, everyone is excited about your achievement, how do you feel about it now?”

“Ah …… “Su Zhe was stunned, this was the first time he was interviewed by a reporter from the sports industry: “Defining my feelings, it’s definitely happy and excited.”

Su Zhe was still recalling the smooth feeling of galloping with the wind not long ago, the feeling made him intoxicated, and he even couldn’t help but want to stand on the track again right now and enjoy it.

“The Provincial Games record you broke, its creator is your senior brother Chen Zhi, he is the current leader of the 100m sprint in China, next, is your goal to hit his performance?”

Hearing this question, Su Zhe smiled and unceremoniously waved his hand at the live camera, “Brother Xiao[little] Zhi, I will run faster and faster, be careful of your throne ha!”

Su Zhe’s answer made the sports reporter smile, “It seems like you know Chen Zhi very well, Su Zhe.”

“Of course.” Su Zhe nodded his head and smiled without hesitation, “We’ve known each other since the first day when Little Brother Zhi entered the provincial team, when I wasn’t even tall enough to reach his chest ……”

Although the sports reporter was eager to continue chatting with Su Zhe, the time limit for the broadcast was limited, so he decisively ended the conversation.

“Thank you for the interview, and once again, on behalf of everyone, I congratulate you on your record-breaking win! And I wish you better and better results for the rest of your career, using your strength to conquer everyone!”

Hearing the reporter’s words, Su Zhe smiled and said thank you.

Obviously, this reporter was holding injustice for his previous month’s encounter.

In fact, in this month, compared to the boisterousness of the outside world, he himself was quite calm, after all, having been in the entertainment industry for two years, he had seen such battles back when the memes were flying all over the place. What was more, he was well aware of the iron law of the sports world, as long as he had strength, he could conquer everything.

Even if he didn’t have the help of the system, he would have been able to use his own sweat to gradually gain back the respect that should belong to him.

The appearance of the sand sculpture system has helped him have the possibility of reaching higher peaks – as long as he continued to put in his own hard work and sweat.

When Su Zhe finished his interview, Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe, as well as Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan, were already waiting on the side, and seeing the end of the interview, Zhao Changhe went forward and gave Su Zhe a strong hug with a smile, and turned around to see Su Yinsheng with his arms clasped over his chest and a reserved face, Zhao Changhe also knew his character, so he patted Su Zhe’s shoulder, and didn’t wait for Su Yinsheng to come forward to also give him a hug.

“Ah Zhe, well done!” Zhao Changhe exclaimed, although he thought that Su Zhe would win the Provincial Games, he never expected that it would be such a tumultuous record-breaking win.

Zheng Jian and Zhao Zhixuan also gave Su Zhe a hug, marveling at his accomplishments.

After hugging the rest of them, Su Zhe finally smiled and stepped forward, giving his reserved and arrogant father a hug.

“How is it, Coach Su, didn’t embarrass you, right?”

Su Zhu’s proactive hug made Su Yinsheng’s face slightly uncomfortable, but he still grunted, “Now that you know to talk about it, what did you do two years earlier?”

Su Yinsheng was still nagging at Su Zhe’s two-year career in the entertainment industry, especially after Su Zhe’s excellent run, making him regret even more – why didn’t he pull Su Zhe back from the entertainment industry to train earlier.

Su Zhe naturally knew the knot in his father’s heart, but it was useless for others to talk about it, so he could only wait for him to figure it out – instead of dwelling on the past, he should look forward to the future.

After the round, the crowd was ready to leave the arena.

Just then, a shout came from the stands.

“Su Zhe! Congratulations!!! The philosophers will always have your back!!!”

Many people were distracted by the shouts and saw that in the stands, six of Su Zhe’s little fans were waving their little banners and shouting in unison, “Wherever you are, we’re with you!!!”

For a moment, Su Zhe, who was always calm, couldn’t help but feel his eyes redden a little, then waved silently towards the stands and bowed earnestly.

In his mind, he couldn’t help but recall Big Brother Shao’s initial accusation, and he had to admit that he was indeed a derelict idol, and compared to these overly cute fans, his initial efforts were really inadequate.

By the side of the arena, many media broadcasters were still running, faithfully recording the interaction between Su Zhe and his fans, and this kind of passionate and sincere emotion made many netizens moved.

At this time, the shooting scene of “Broken Light”.

The filming in the provincial gymnastics team was nearing its end, and on the set, Shao Xingchen was sweating profusely as he raced around the track again and again, dragging a somewhat amusing small parachute behind him, but there wasn’t a single laugh onset.

This was a scene in which the main character, Xie Wei, trained like crazy after the death of his best friend Lu Ming, who tried to convert his grief into strength, and from then on shouldered Lu Ming’s dream of reaching the top with him.

In the script, Xie Wei ran like crazy, ignoring his coach’s attempts to stop him, until he finally collapsed on the track in pain, remembering how he used to run with Lu Ming on this section of the track, then he started crying.

This was the fourth time this scene had been filmed, not because of Liu Zheng’s harsh request, but because of Shao Xingchen’s request.

Shao Xingchen clearly understood that his acting skills today were not yet able to support such complex and profound emotions, he could only let himself run over and over again until he was truly exhausted, and then in his collapsing emotions, he substituted himself into Xie Wei’s psychology, looking for the overlap between himself and his character’s state.

The Shao Xingchen on the track was long gone, and sweating like rain couldn’t adequately describe his state at the moment.

He was wretched and insistent, and his pace was getting heavy, but the eyes of everyone around him were gradually becoming more respectful.

Liu Zheng looked at Shao Xingchen’s state and nodded slightly.

By choosing Shao Xingchen, his initial idea was indeed to borrow his popularity so that this drama with a somewhat cold theme could get a better return.

And Shao Xingchen’s seriousness was enough to be called a pleasant surprise, although his acting skills were still slightly too green, but he remembered his lines, did all kinds of preparation homework, and took the initiative to ask the veteran actors in the crew, the assistant director and even him for advice, asking acting-related questions, and also specially vacated enough time slots, from pre-training to post-shooting, to ensure that he could appear on the set at any time.

Over this period of time, Liu Zheng had fully recognized his attitude of transformation, and was pleased with Shao Xingchen’s daily progress. He believed in his vision that this youth would definitely become an excellent actor in the future.

When the scene was finally filmed, the entire cast applauded, acknowledging Shao Xingchen’s efforts in the scene and the final effect of the presentation.

Shao Xingchen stood up and nodded to the crowd around him, then as if remembering something, he hurried towards the resting place.

“How did it turn out?”

  A clueless question, but Liu Zheng quickly understood what Shao Xingchen wanted to ask.

Immediately, Liu Zheng’s eyebrows opened and he said, “This crew is good, and Su Zhe broke the record and won the championship!”

When Shao Xingchen heard that, he immediately took the phone from Liu Zheng’s hand and opened Weibo to take a look, and sure enough, the topic of Su Zhe’s record-breaking championship win had replaced the previous ‘Su Zhe roll out of the sports industry’ and onto the hot search list.

Although some reluctant people were still brushing up on some of the content slamming Su Zhe, but these messages were now no longer bothered.

Shao Xingchen moved his fingers slightly and was just thinking of something when he heard a cheer coming from the direction where the crew was gathered.

Liu Zheng loudly announced, “Quick, send out the photos!”

Then the publicity assistant immediately found the template and makeup photos already prepared, quickly edited them, and immediately sent them to the cast and crew of “Broken Light”!

[Chasing the Light, Embarking on a bloodthirsty journey to fulfill a young hero’s dream! Teenager Xie Wei @ Shao Xingchen and Teenager Lu Ming @ Su Zhe, on the path of youth, hot blood and friendship live on! Sending a set of makeup photos, and congratulations to our Lu Ming @ Su Zhe on his record-breaking 100m sprint championship at the Provincial Games in S Province! Both in and out of the show, @Su Zhe is an amazingly talented athlete! #Drama Broken Light # #Su Zhe’s record-breaking win #(with Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe’s make-up photos

This group of fixed makeup photos of the crew, originally focusing on the Broken light, quickly forwarded their admirations the first time, but when they were preparing for the crazy wave, they found that the one with their star in the fixed makeup photo was the Su Zhe who had tried to use Shao Xingchen’s popularity and then was cruelly chased by fans.

This …… was a bit awkward.

Although from the melon a month ago, the fans smelled that Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe would be appearing in the same gathering, but they were always consoling themselves at first – that Su Zhe’s worst case was a supporting role, and they’d just need to focus on blowing up their idol by the time they sent out makeup photos and various promotions.

The satellites really never expected that the crew would play such a trick.


For a while, many of the satellites were in a daze as to whether or not to forward and how to forward it.

While the fans were balding and thinking about how to draw a line to focus on their own, suddenly there were urgent messages – their star was following Su Zhe la!


All the management of the support association immediately opened Shao Xingchen’s Weibo page. It was found that the name of Su Zhe was hanging there. Moreover, he also forwarded the fixed makeup photo of the official weibo post of broken light, and the forwarding content also @ed Su Zhe.

@Su Zhe congratulates you on your first successful step on the road of chasing light and shadow. Next, Xie Wei will take Lu Ming’s dream and forge ahead all the way.

After watching Shao Xingchen’s retweets, the “satellites” silently wiped their faces – when their star was publicized, they had no such sincere feelings. The content of this post was that he attached great importance to this movie, and also attached great importance to Su Zhe, a friend.

In this case, what else could they do?

  The satellites immediately set up an emergency braking team to collect clarifying evidence produced by Su Zhe’s fans back then, and reopened the evidence of the lemon entertainment CEO’s daughter forcing the fame grabbing solution, and at the same time began to brush up the topic of #Broken-light makeup photos of Shao Xingchen and Su Zhe.

All the while, the satellites were busy.

On the internet, more passersby were tsking at the news of Su Zhe’s record-breaking win while looking at the exuberant beauty in the makeup photos.

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