C10- Hit The Face[II]

 At 10:30 a.m., the rematch of the Provincial Games Track and Field 100m B Group (Professional Group) was about to begin.

The atmosphere in the preparation area of the 100m replay was oddly quiet, everyone looked at Su Zhe, Zheng Jian, and Zhao Zhixuan from time to time, then looked at each other, revealing complicated eyes.

Deng Wei was expressionless, standing a little distance away from everyone, but his gaze swept to Su Zhe’s position from time to time, and then he lowered his head to reveal a grim expression.

Not far away, the online media’s interview area and the live broadcast hosts from the media had already started to warm up again.

This morning’s preliminaries were completely out of everyone’s expectations, Su Zhe, who was originally considered to be a preliminaries retreat, actually ran well, and when this news reached the internet, the live broadcasters began to pour in more crowds of live viewers one after another.

In the stands, Su Zhe’s fans ignored the scorching July sun and kept discussing something excitedly, and the girl holding the camera pointed the lens dead at Su Zhe in the preparation area, and after taking the ideal picture, she always immediately showed the girls around her to enjoy the screaming.

Tao Sheng, who was sitting next to the girls, felt uncomfortable all over, but out of concern for Su Zhe’s results in the rematch, he carried the pressure and continued to sit in his seat, waiting for the rematch to begin.

In fact, from the end of the preliminaries until now, Tao Sheng’s mood was always in a state of extreme ups and downs. Su Zhe’s result was completely beyond his expectations, this result had not only run into the standard of a national athlete but had even run into the standard of a national bodybuilder.

As a famous sports commentator in S Province, Tao Sheng knew more about the talent of the province’s track and field events, he found after repeated calculations in his heart, not to mention today’s preliminaries, even if the time was pushed forward by 1 year, the athletes in S Province running in this capacity was also limited. This knowledge made his heart a little shocked.

You know, this Su Zhe was really in the entertainment industry for two years before he just came back to resume training! If he could run a 10.40 after just this short training period, what if he had been training for the first two years ……!

Thinking of this possibility, Tao Sheng’s heart was first on fire, then he was slapped awake by the cold reality – this Su Zhe had really wasted two years in the entertainment industry.

From the preliminaries to the rematch, Tao Sheng’s mindset had shifted drastically, and he had long forgotten the article he had written, and was now anxiously waiting inside for the rematch to begin, hoping to see how Su Zhe’s rematch would go.

The results of the preliminaries wouldn’t be a flash in the pan, would they? Was he in steady playing shape?

With all the anticipation or apprehension, the rematch had officially begun!

This time, Su Zhe was placed in the first group out of the battle, and Deng Wei was still on the track to his right. Before everyone started their preparatory moves, Deng Wei gave Su Zhe a fierce stare.

“Don’t think you can really overtake me!”

To Deng Wei’s provocation, Su Zhe only returned a cold scowl, the iron law of the sports industry that he had accepted since childhood had already been engraved in his mind, a villain without strength would never be able to make waves in the sports industry.

“To each position! Prep!”

The referee for the rematch raised the starting gun high.

After confirming that all men are ready, the gun goes off with a thud!

At the moment Su Zhe started running, the system in his brain once again emitted a real-time mechanical sound.

Sprinting Lv2 status added 10% to the sprinting status activation.

The feeling of lightness filled Su Zhe’s heart, his sturdy and powerful limbs stretched and waved, his arms swung and he moved forward quickly, he almost had the illusion of riding the wind and galloping forward!

This time at the start, Deng Wei was fully focused and thought he should have achieved the peak of his reaction speed at the start. His feet left the starter and galloped forward, the pent-up anger in his heart transforming into his strength.

He was confident that he had outran his usual spped.

Would that little white guy be able to catch him this time?

Deng Wei confidently looked up and rushed forward, but saw a flash of lightning still ahead of what should have been empty in his mind.

How could it be?!

In this instant, the speed match that was completely not on the same level caused Deng Wei’s heart to freeze.

“Fuck …… What kind of speed is this!”

In the coaching area, all the coaches stared at the white figure on the track, the galloping figure, his speed was so fast that it even made everyone hold their breath.

Su Yinsheng and Zhao Changhe were also a little shocked, Su Zhe’s speed, they of course know, 10.40 in the preliminaries was not his best state, after this period of training, Su Zhe’s 100 meters was basically stable at 10.30 seconds or so, with the technical movements and training of continuous adjustment, there must be a lot of room for improvement.

But on the track Su Zhe’s speed at this time …… was definitely less than 10.30 seconds!

Su Zhe didn’t know the speed he was at now, but he felt as if he still had more than enough left in the latter part of the race, so he increased his speed again in the latter part of the race.

“What?! Post-acceleration?!”

In the stands, Tao Sheng stood up in shock, his mouth chanting these words.

All of the coaches in the coaching area watched as that one-riding figure sucked in a breath of air.


The first group of the rematch, Su Zhe, was still number one.
  It was a fact that couldn’t be more clear, but everyone’s focus was no longer on it.

Everyone quickly turned their attention to the electronic timer and stared at the red number representing Su Zhe’s score, which was clearly displayed on a white pillar.



The stadium fell silent for a moment as they watched the results come in.

Usually the runners in the rematch ran across the finish line one after another, but it was as if everyone was lost for words.

10.21 …… This result, were they really competing in the Provincial Games 100m event in S Province, and not some top Asian track and field event?

After crossing the finish line, Deng Wei also saw his best time of the year, 10.55, which was already his best time of the year, and he only ran 10.69 last month when he was already in the finals of the National Track and Field Grand Prix at East Lake.

A 10.55.

He should have been excited, but now he just felt as if the world before him was a bit blurry.

The atmosphere in the coaches’ area was also a bit stifling.

Yu Zhensheng, who had told Su Yingsheng before the preliminaries that it would be detrimental to the psychology of the race to have Su Zhe meet a strong opponent too early, was now red and white.

Deng Wei ran the best score of the year, he should have been proud of himself, but right now, where was there room for him to be proud of himself? He hated that everyone had seen it at this point.

There was a full ten seconds of silence before a coach began to congratulate Su Yinsheng.

“Coach Su, amazing!”

“This talent of your Su Zhe …… why did you let him go to the entertainment industry two years earlier?”

“Too bad! Such good talent, Coach Su, if you had trained well with your family Su Zhe two years earlier, you would have had a good chance at the Tokyo Olympics next year!”

All the coaches let out exclamations with some regret.

Thinking back to the attacks that netizens on the internet had made on Su Zhe and Su Yinsheng, everyone couldn’t help but feel ashamed – until today, they had been one of the people on the internet who had attacked Su Yinsheng for being unfair, where could they have thought that this son of Su Yinsheng’s was so talented?

Then again, how can a kid with such strong talent not stay around to train properly, but instead he went to the entertainment industry to fool around!

Nonsense, what nonsense!

No matter how much the coaches in the coaching area were choking in their hearts, the commotion in the arena caused by Su Zhe’s rematch results had also subsided for the time being.

The second group of the rematch soon began.

There were no more surprises in this group, and Su Zhe’s teammate, Jian Zheng, won the first place in the second group of the rematch with a score of 10.66.

By this time, the preliminary and rematch of the Provincial Games were over, and all that remained was the final at 4pm.

In the stands, a few of Su Zhe’s little fans were already so excited that they were lost for words, waving their banners and getting excited to the point of tears. Beside them, Tao Sheng was also still maintaining his excited fist-shaking pose.

10.21 Ah!

This time was only 0.02 seconds off the record of 10.19 set by Chen Zhi, the domestic 100m star brought out by Su Yinsheng in the last two Provincial Games!

Who was Chen Zhi? That was a famous runner who made the 10-second mark! Although there had been ups and downs in the last two years due to age, that was a well-known sprint leader in the country.
The standard set for next year’s Tokyo Olympics was particularly brutal, with competitors needing to achieve a 10.05 in the 100m to meet the standard. At this time in China, among the candidates who were recognized as promising to reach the 100m participation standard during the Olympic qualification period was Chen Zhi.

What did it mean to run a performance at the Provincial Games that was comparable to Chen Zhi’s back then?

Tao Sheng’s eyes were blazing, and a fire was burning in his heart.

Su Zhe was only 20 years old, not yet the golden age for track and field athletes.

As long as he maintained his form, it meant that for at least the next 6 years, the leading sprinters in the country would certainly still be from their S province!

Stadium-side, the anchors broadcasting the rematch went nuts!

On a day when netizens have brushed the hashtag #Su Zhe roll out of the sports world with 100 million+ views, Su Zhe not only didn’t get eliminated in the preliminaries, but went from strength to strength, running the Asian best of 10.21 seconds in the rematch!

The anchors almost thought they were experiencing a bizarre and dazzling dream, after all, only in dreams could such a fantastical story exist ……
The live feeds of the 100m rematch of the Provincial Games in each S Province were sparse for a while.

Even the netizens thought that it seemed like a big joke.

Strange posts began to appear on Weibo one after another-.

[I think I’m sick, I’m hallucinating… that Su Zhe ran a 10.21 in the rematch? #Su Zhe roll out of sports #]

[I don’t know much about track and field …… can someone tell me what a 10.21 seconds in 100 meters is …… (trance face) #Su Zhe get out of the sports world]

And at Tao Sheng, who arguably initiated the topic of Su Zhe getting out of the sports world, netizens were surprised to find that Tao Sheng even sent a tweet.

[I was wrong! I was so wrong! I almost killed the pride of belonging to S Province! @su-zhe run! I’ll be there waiting to see you win the finals!

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of an electronic timer timing and a fancy, Q-rated avatar that even had a banner with a cheering baby Zhe on it.

For a while, netizens who followed Tao Sheng because of the #Su Zhe get out of the sports world# topic had to wonder if they had clicked on the wrong Weibo page.

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