“Su Zhe, come to the company tomorrow and sign the agreement to cancel the contract.”


Su Zhe held the phone tight as he bit his lip.

On the other end of the phone, Su Zhe’s agent Chen Cheng was slightly helpless.

Su Zhe was selected by her, and she also devoted a lot of efforts to Su Zhe, but although Su Zhe was good-looking, whether he could be popular or not depended on his life.
As an idol, Su Zhe was basically untraceable in the entertainment industry.

Two years ago, Su Zhe participated in the third season of “Teen Idol”, a talent show co-hosted by Chen Cheng and Lemon Entertainment, and was selected by Chen Cheng.

The reason he participated in the audition wasn’t the same as countless celebrities, he had started his career by accompanying his friend to register for the audition when they were graduating from high school.

Compared with other players who had already been packaged, Su Zhe won with an outstanding face at most. His face was handsome and eye-catching, which matched his slightly cold and alienated temperament. He was the iceberg prince in every girl’s dream.
But on dancing, singing, rapping, stage experience, camera sense… these basic skills that were more important to idols, he was too far from the other contestants. His personality was a bit stubborn, and during the auditions, he was chasing after the other members without sleep, but his talent in acting was just average… If it wasn’t for his outstanding face, it was safe to say he wouldn’t have made it to the contract with Chen Cheng, let alone scuffled his way to the last debut position and managed to scuffle his way into a group?

After the successful debut of the group, Chen Cheng served as the group as well as Su Zhe’s personal manager, during which Chen Cheng was still very serious about him, and also once took him as a success story to post a wave of passages, at first it gathered some fans.

But the good times were short-lived.
At that time, major companies, online platforms and TV stations were launching new talent shows and groups, and “teen idol” didn’t even make it into the top three of the major talent shows.
The groups launched in the last two seasons were still struggling to attract fans, but the third season didn’t make much of a dent in the sea of talent.
The third generation of the group, known as The Third, had 13 members, but only the one who debuted in the C position made it to the top, not to mention Su Zhe who barely made it to the top at all.

Although Chen Cheng had signed Su Zhe, it was hard to pull in any great resources for him with his debut ranking at the bottom and his popularity being average. And in terms of strength, Su Zhe’s singing and dancing skills could only be called average in the idol world after great efforts.

The third party’s popularity and strength was lacking, and Su Zhe was still a bit stubborn, unwilling to follow the company’s arrangement of the scheme to abuse his fans to become more popular, because of some things, also rarely posted photos, let alone went along with the company’s hype plan and the hidden rules of the Industry.

As two years pass, the third’s limited-time group was about to disband, and Su Zhe was becoming more and more transparent.

Honestly, even Su Zhe himself couldn’t figure out why in his heart he was still unwilling to quit the entertainment industry.

In the end, he could only blame this reluctance on the fact that he was unwilling to be left behind, but he was never able to gain a foothold in this circle with his strength.

After hanging up the call with Chen Cheng, Su Zhe stood on the balcony of his rented apartment and stood there for a few minutes, finally taking a picture of the light and shadow of the setting sun falling on the city’s buildings with his phone and posted it on Weibo with the message: Goodbye, if it’s fate, see you again.

This post, which could be considered a farewell to the showbiz, didn’t even make it to the hotspot, with only some of his remaining fans crying underneath.

“Oooooh, pup are you really terminating your contract with the company?”

“Cub, tell us this isn’t true! QaQ”

“Don’t go, pup, okay? We’ll always be there for you…”

“Even if you’re out of contract with the company, you have to remember to update this page! Oh, that’s the last thing you’ll be thinking about…”

Hundreds of comments were already the peak of his traffic on this Weibo, but it didn’t cause any waves, and there were even puzzled passers-by wondering who the owner of the page was.

Su Zhe held his phone in his hands and took a glance at the replies on the post, and after a long while, he finally exited Weibo and dialed a number in his address book.



The busy sound of the phone rang ten times before someone picked up the phone, but neither the person on the other end of the line nor Su Zhe spoke first, seemingly falling into a kind of silent tacit agreement.

It wasn’t until more than ten seconds later that the person on the other side opened his mouth in anger.

“What are you doing?Huh? What are you doing?”

“Calling my old man and he won’t even say hello!”

“Where the hell did you learn that temper? How can you still make it in that entertainment industry with that temper?”

“That company of yours was blind to sign you!”

After receiving a call from his son Su Zhe, Su Yinsheng could be said to be full of fire, and after a wild spray on the other side of the phone, there was no movement on the other side, which makes Su Yinsheng even more angry.

He was about to take a breather and continue spraying this evil son who ran away from home when he said he was going to be an idol, but suddenly there was a sound on the other side!

“So I terminated my contract.”


Su Yinsheng thought he’d misheard.

“I mean, you’re right, that’s why I was released from my contract.” Su Zhe very calmly repeated again.

“…F*ck.”Su Yinsheng cursed.

“……. “Su Zhe paused and suddenly laughed, “Where are your qualities?You’re a national level coach.”

Su Zhe’s father, Su Yinsheng, a famous sprint coach in China, who had delivered multiple high level sprinters for the national team, was also considered famous in their S Province sports circle.

Not only that, Su Zhe’s grandfather, grandmother, mother, and then counting the seven aunts and eight uncles in the family, it could be said that from a nutritionist to a massage therapist, to a reporter in the sports industry, it was enough to be called a sports family.

In fact, even Su Zhe, who grew up practicing sprinting, was quite talented and even participated in a competition in the city when he was in high school, getting a certificate as a Level 2 athlete.

If he hadn’t participated in the talent show after graduating from high school by mistake, he might have been dragged by Su Yinsheng to the provincial gymnasium that summer to continue his training, and then embarked on the path of an athlete.

It was because of this that his father was extraordinarily angry at him for leaving home to become some kind of idol, believing that he had wasted his talent and was blinded by the lights of the entertainment industry.

“To hell with the quality, it’s still your turn to be bothered by my swearing?”Su Yinsheng cursed and said loudly, “Since you’ve broken your contract, then get your ass home, your mother hasn’t seen you for 800 years. Just what kind of shitty idol are you, except for that moment at the competition, it’s been over a year since I’ve seen you.”

“Well, that’s because I’m not popular.” Su Zhe admitted.

“…If you know that you’re not popular, don’t move this crooked thought from now on.” Su Yinsheng scratched his head grumpily on the other end of the phone, “Come back and practice sprinting with me, resume training for a few months, and see if you still remember how to run.”

Hearing Su Yinsheng’s grumpy statement, Su Zhe smiled slightly, the afterglow of the setting sun falling on his face, causing his eyes to ripple with a beautiful arc of light.

“Okay.” Su Zhe promised, “I’ve made an appointment with Sister Chen Cheng to terminate the contract at the office in the morning, I’ll meet you at the gymnastics centre tomorrow afternoon.”

The phone hung up, and at that moment, a strange mechanical sound rang in his head….

“Conditional determination triggered, system activated, initialization in preparation…”

Su Zhe was stunned, what was this sound?

“Host binding successful, host identity confirmed, system activation condition confirmed, system activation successful.”

After the mechanical sound conduction finished, Su Zhe suddenly felt something extra in his head, his heart moved, and a translucent interface appeared in front of his eyes.

“Super… idol system?”

Looking at the words on the interface, Su Zhe felt it was a bit cryptic, he, a soon to be terminated with the company, watered-down followers of 1 million, daily replies not more than 100, how exactly would he become a super idol?

Moving his gaze downward, Su Zhe saw an entry called today’s task.

Today’s task: run 10 km.

Mission Rewards:?

Penalty for failure: none

On top of that, there was no more parts of this interface called the Super Idol system that he could click on.


Su Zhe was a bit speechless in his heart, what kind of sand sculpture [means Stupid a*s] system was this?

Only quests, no reward descriptions, no penalties for failure… No matter how he looked at it, this system didn’t look very reliable, and… as a super idol system, the first mission was even a 10k run?

“This is a…fantastic day.” Su Zhe scratched his head and smiled.

Outside the balcony, the sun had already set and the city was still gradually lighting up, he returned to his room and walked to the kitchen, preparing to make himself a dinner to celebrate this strange day and to replenish some stamina for himself, and then try to see what rewards he could actually get for completing the system quests.

When he opened the refrigerator, Su Zhe was stunned again, the entire refrigerator of ingredients in his eyes suddenly appeared starred, there were those labeled as 4-star high quality ingredients, and those labeled as 1-star not recommended.

Su Zhe roughly scanned the ingredients in the refrigerator, and had a count in his heart, the ones marked as 4 stars were all ingredients that could add quality nutrition to the body. After he casually took a few kinds of beef and vegetables, the system also matched the cooking method and final finished product nutrition score for the ingredients he took out.

Was this a super idol system or a healthy eating system?

With a complicated mood, Su Zhe stood on the treadmill in the living room of his apartment an hour after dinner and began today’s 10km run mission.

With a background of having received systematic training since childhood, Su Zhe, although he looked thin and frail, but in fact, his physical fitness had always been quite good, and after signing the contract, in order to catch up with the standard of the other members’ singing and dancing, he practiced constantly and maintained his physical strength well.

The task of the 10km run, though it sounded tiring, wasn’t too difficult for Su Zhen.

About 40 minutes later, a mechanical sound of a ding appeared in Su Zhe’s mind once again.

“Accumulated running 10 kilometers, running skill has been activated, gain skill point 1, first time gaining skill point, skill point will automatically match, congratulations to the host for activating sprinting skill, current sprinting skill: level 1.”

After a period of hearing the system’s voice, Su Zhe once again brought up the system panel, and the translucent panel seen in the evening finally appeared with some new information.

A skill description called Running appeared in a corner of the panel, and after tapping into it, one could see that the skill tree for Running had been activated, while the branching skill Sprinting below Running was also lit up, and the small words on the side showed the level lv1.

At the same time, the system’s voice rang out.

“Congratulations to the host for completing today’s mission, reward skill points*1, congratulations to the host for completing the system mission for the first time, reward random supporting characters*1.”

Su Zhe was stunned, a random supporting character? Was this really the plan to make him a super idol?But he was getting out of his contract tomorrow morning, so what job opportunities would follow?

And that running skill….

After staring at the system’s transparent interface for a few minutes, the only thing that could add skill points for the time being was sprint, and the sprint lv1 activated tonight, he didn’t know what effect it would have, so Su Zhe threw it to the back of his mind and decided to wait until tomorrow when he went to the gymnastics team to do the physical test, and then try adding points after seeing the effect of sprint lv1.

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