C6— Mixing Breakfast

Before leaving the house, Lin Yuxun went to take a look at Danny and saw that he was sleeping, so he didn’t wake him up, instead he put the leftover tuna mixed with cereal last night in a conspicuous place, and the half can of tuna was also placed next to it.



Danny was young and disabled, so it wasn’t really appropriate to leave him alone, but it was more dangerous to take him out.


The garage where Lin Yuxun lived wasn’t large, but there were all kinds of things – there were various kitchen appliances and refrigerators in the outside room, and a flush toilet in the small compartment next to the bedroom.



These days, not many families in China had refrigerators and flush toilets, but here, a poorly made apartment had many appliances.


But …… probably to save electricity, the refrigerator wasn’t plugged in.


Cheng Hao put on the clothes Lin Yuxiang gave him, he also observed the situation in the house, then he went out with Lin Yuxiang, and locked the door again.


The street outside was narrow, allowing only one car to pass, and the houses on both sides were old, and on the street, he could smell some not-so-good smells.


Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun walked together towards the school and met many people on the way.


Most of these people were black, but there were also some white people. Some of them were wearing old clothes, full of dust and stains, while others were wearing bright clothes, with cigarettes in their mouths, walking arrogantly on the road.



Cheng Hao even saw someone with a g*un.



And when they saw him and Lin Yuxun, these people either ignored them or weren’t very friendly.


The good thing was that the two of them looked poor, so these people would at most scold them a few times.



Cheng Hao had seen such scenes in Cheng Jinhao’s memory before, but now that he experienced it, he still couldn’t accept it, his heart felt like it was on fire.


If not for his injuries, he would have gone up to fight.


He wasn’t a good-tempered person.



Unfortunately, he was injured, but also to avoid involving Lin Yuxun …… Cheng Hao could only think, when his injury was healed, he’d deal with these people.



Cheng Hao was angry, but Lin Yuxun was walking forward with his head down, like he was used to it.



Cheng Hao asked, “Lin Yuxun, my question may be a bit presumptuous …… where are your parents?”


Lin Yuxun said, “They’re dead.”



Cheng Hao had already guessed, he sighed secretly at his words and asked again, “You’re now living alone with your brother?”


Lin Yuxun nodded.


Lin Yuxun looked reluctant to say more, so Cheng stopped asking, the two walked for about twenty minutes before they arrived at the school.


Cheng Hao followed Lin Yuxun inside and found that the school had all the basic facilities, but looked a little shabby, the school also looked like not many people were serious about studying.


It was also located in a poor community, where the students didn’t love to learn, slowly, even the teachers became relaxed and nonchalant.



A teacher’s life wasn’t easy, they may even be beaten by students.


Cheng Jinhao had beaten teachers who discriminated against him.



The people in this school who obviously knew Lin Yuxun, saw him and some of them laughed loudly, “Look, that stupid oriental is here again.”



“The yellow-skinned monkey is here to eat again.”


“We should stay away from him!”




Cheng Hao understood some of them, but there were still many words that he didn’t understand. For someone who studied Oxford English, American English with an accent was a little difficult for him to hear, not to mention that many of the words these people cursed with were still unique to him.


But even if he didn’t understand, his anger came up at once, but before he could do anything, Lin Yuxun spoke, “There’s already breakfast, let’s go over.”



Cheng Hao followed Lin Yuxun to the canteen and took a plate to line up according to Cheng Jinhao’s memory.



When Cheng Hao was in modern times, he had seen photos of free lunches in American schools on the Internet, which looked very sumptuous, but in this era, what was given to them wasn’t that good.



Today’s breakfast was just vegetable burgers, raw carrots and milk.


The only thing to be thankful for was that the veggie burger was huge.


When it was Cheng Hao’s turn, the white man who was distributing the food frowned: “I remember there is only one Oriental in our school.”


“I just transferred here.” Cheng Hao replied.


The man looked at Cheng Hao, “You’d better not cause any trouble.” He gave Cheng Hao a meal.


Cheng Hao knew that this man must be clear that he wasn’t from this school, but he didn’t know if it was out of pity or something else, he still gave him the food.



Without waiting to find a table to sit down, Cheng Hao picked up the vegetable burger and ate it, took another sip of milk, and finally ate the carrot as well.


He ate all his food standing up.



Lin Yuxun followed and came over, seeing this, he quickly spoke, “I can’t finish mine, I’ll give you some ……”


“No need!” Cheng Hao said, “I’ll sit here for a while, and if there’s extra food later, I can ask for some more.” Schools usually prepare a few more meals, plus there would be people who didn’t eat, so there would always be leftovers.



While Lin Yuxun was eating, Cheng Hao was sitting next to him resting.


He was still hungry, but his wounds were much better, seeing that no one was lining up to receive meals, he walked over and said to the man who was distributing the meals, “Can you give me some more food, I haven’t eaten for days ……”


“Poor boy.” The person dividing the meals said, and gave another one to Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao ate it all directly in front of him.


The person dividing the meal: “……”


Cheng Hao shamelessly got four breakfast portions and ate them all.


The person who was distributing the food wasn’t very friendly to Cheng Hao at first, but in the end, he looked at Cheng Hao with sympathy.



The bread used to make vegetable burgers wasn’t good bread, in fact, it was hard and dry.



Some people, even if they were very poor, didn’t like to eat this.


But Cheng Hao ate it all …… He believed that Cheng Hao was really hungry.



After Cheng Hao ate four breakfast sets, his hunger was much lighter, he didn’t want to be noticed, so he didn’t continue asking for breakfast, he went back to Lin Yuxun: “Read well, I’ll come back at noon.”



“Okay.” Lin Yuxun said.


After getting a response, Cheng Hao headed out.


As a result, just as he walked out of the school gate, he met three familiar faces, the same three black youths who came up to trouble Lin Yuxun last night.


Seeing these three people walking directly towards the school …… they should also be students of this school.



Cheng Hao saw the three, these three also saw Cheng Hao, they wanted revenge after what happened, but unfortunately in the middle of their plan, the landlord who lived upstairs splashed water on them.



Now when they saw Cheng Hao, they got excited and wanted to make a move on Cheng Hao.


However, Cheng Hao’s reaction was faster than theirs.



Before they could speak and make a move, Cheng Hao rushed towards one of them and gave that person a punch in the stomach.



Cheng Hao was very experienced in combat in his last life, but he also knew very well that he couldn’t be surrounded.


Two fists couldn’t defeat four hands!


Therefore, he had to reduce his opponents as soon as possible.


The quality of Cheng Jinhao’s body was quite good, with that punch, one of the three people lost the fight, Cheng Hao followed, and kicked towards the middle of one of their legs ……


The person who was hit in the stomach was vomiting, the person he kicked had fallen to the ground, wailing and rolling, the second turned to escape, only to be kicked in the butt by Cheng Hao.


The three men were young and thin, and Cheng Hao hit them hard, but after knocking down the three men, Cheng Hao almost fell down, and his fist hurt.


He stepped on the back of the last person he kicked down and said, “You three, I spared you yesterday, and you still dare to come in front of me, how dare you!”


The person who was hit in the stomach was still vomiting, the person who was kicked in the vitals was still wailing, the person who was stepped on by Cheng Hao was cursing …… The force on Cheng Hao’s foot increased: “Do you believe I can k!ll someone?”


This person immediately began to beg for mercy.


Cheng Hao looked at the other two and added: “If I see you bullying people again, I will definitely give you a more serious lesson than today!”


These three people didn’t hesitate to start promising that they wouldn’t do that.


Cheng Hao said, “Get lost!”



Those two people who weren’t stepped on by him immediately ran away, and the one he stepped on froze: “What about me?”


“I have something to ask you.” Cheng Hao picked him up.



Cheng Jinhao had come to this community alone, and not only that, he had just come to this community when he was st@bbed.


So although Cheng Hao had learned things about this era of America through Cheng Jinhao’s memory, he didn’t understand the situation in this community.


He needed someone to familiarize him with this place.


He might not be able to suppress these three people together, but one wouldn’t be a problem. The teenager he stepped on was the shortest of them, he was only about one meter five, weighing only about sixty pounds, so he was easy to deal with.


Cheng Hao took this man to the side and sat on the concrete steps outside an apartment building, “Tell me about the situation here, and about Lin Yuxun.”


The man immediately spoke up, but he didn’t know who Lin Yuxun was at first, and it was only after Cheng Hao explained that he figured out who Cheng Hao was asking about.



After all, Lin Yuxun usually used his English name Tony.


The situation in this community wasn’t very different from the poor community where Cheng Hao knew Cheng Jinhao used to live, as for Lin Yuxun …… through this person, Cheng Hao learned that Lin Yuxun came to live in this community, only three years ago!



It was Lin Yuxun’s mother, who had been living here.


Lin Yuxun’s mother was Chinese, she lived here with her mixed race white child, she survived by doing the flesh business for money, and three years ago, Lin Yuxun came, it was said that his father died, so he could only come to his mother.


[TN: flesh business — prostit*tion]

As a result, a year ago, his mother also died, and he was left to live with his mute brother.


Lin Yuxun wasn’t yet an adult, yet he was living on his own and he also had to take care of his brother, Cheng Hao couldn’t imagine how hard his life was.


He heard enough before he pulled the teenager up.



“I’ve said everything!” He said: “Let me go!”


“No, I still have something for you to do.” Cheng Hao said.


“What is it?” The man asked.


“Take me to the relief center.”



Teenager: “……”





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