C41 —- Compliments


The robbers should have followed them out from the casino.


Because Cheng Hao and the others took the money and left immediately, these people didn’t make any detailed arrangements and came straight to rob them with knives, and now that they saw Cheng Hao and the others running away, they froze for a moment before they could only chase after them.


However, the hotel where Cheng Hao lived was very close.


Cheng Hao didn’t take long to drag Lin Yuxun to the entrance of the hotel, and even so, he saw the police on patrol.


“Police! Someone is robbing!” Cheng Hao shouted, and by this time, the police had also seen the robbers with knives.


They pulled out their g.uns and went after the robbers: “Stop! Don’t move!”


It was impossible for the robbers to stop, they turned around and ran as fast as they could.



If they were in the poor neighborhood where Cheng Hao and the others lived, the police would have shot them, but the police here didn’t shoot them right away, they just ran behind them, and in a short while, they disappeared together with the robbers.



Cheng Hao stood in front of the hotel, breathing a sigh of relief, and then went to see Lin Yuxun.



He practiced running every day, and the little bit of running just now was nothing to him, he wasn’t tired at all, but Lin Yuxun was already gasping for breath, as for Danny …….


When he saw the robbers, Cheng Hao pressed Danny in his arms, he didn’t let him look back, Danny now didn’t know what happened …… Cheng Hao held him a little higher, asked him with a smile: “Danny, happy or not?”


Although Danny couldn’t hear Cheng Hao’s words, he could see Cheng Hao’s smile.


At this moment, he only thought that Cheng Hao suddenly ran up to play with him, smiled and wrapped his arms around Cheng Hao’s neck.


Cheng Hao lifted him up and pushed his head against his chest.


Danny laughed even more happily.



Making sure Danny was fine, Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun and asked with the same smile, “Did you feel that it was thrilling just now? Was it as exciting as in the movie? Quite fun right?”


“Yes.” Lin Yuxuan was originally a bit scared, but when he heard Cheng Hao ask this and saw Cheng Hao’s bright smile, he wasn’t afraid anymore and the corners of his mouth hooked up.


As long as he was with Cheng Hao, even the most dangerous things were less frightening.


Seeing him like this, Cheng Hao finally let go of his heart and began to calm his heartbeat.


He didn’t show anything in front of Danny and Lin Yuxun, but in reality, he was a bit scared.


Afraid that he would really be in danger, afraid that something would happen to Lin Yuxun and Danny.


He had been careful in the poor neighborhood where they had lived before, but coming here …… he really was a bit careless.



He thought he would be safe in the big city, but he forgot that it was always a little more dangerous at night, not to mention that they were still coming out of the casino.


Taking a deep breath, Cheng Hao finally suppressed the fear in his heart, and then realized something – where were Old George and Claude? Why were they missing?


Before, Cheng Hao was worried that Claude didn’t know how to run, so he specially let Claude run first and himself run later.



And when he saw Claude holding Old George and running out as fast as a wild horse, he didn’t worry about Claude at all and just followed behind.


Now, however, Old George and Claude were gone.


If they had entered the hotel, they should have been waiting in the lobby anyway, yet there was no one in the lobby.


Cheng Hao asked, “Where is Claude?”



Lin Yuxun shook his head in bewilderment, he was scared before, where did he have time to care about anything else?



“Wait here, I’ll go look for them.” Cheng Hao said.


However, he had just left the front door of the hotel when he realized that Old George and Claude had returned.


Old George’s face was unusually ugly, as for Claude, he was a bit scared and followed Old George step by step.


“Old George, it’s really great that you’re fine!” Cheng Hao said.


“How am I fine? I’m not fine!” Old George was furious, he glared at Cheng Hao, and then glared at Claude, he wanted to scold someone, but he felt that scolding one of his own people in public would instead cause him to lose his face, “Take the things with you! Follow me upstairs!”


Old George was about to be infuriated.


Before, Claude had actually picked him up whole and ran away, or was it a princess hug!



Old George swore that he had never been hugged like this in his life, and he lost all his face!


That was okay, but Claude, this fool picked him up and all he knew was to run forward. He watched as they ran past the hotel and then continued moving forward.



Luckily, at his chiding, Claude stopped, and then they slowly walked back.



Old George had booked two adjoining rooms, both of which were standard rooms, one for Cheng Hao and the two of them, and the other for he and Claude.



After going upstairs, Old George called Cheng Hao and Claude to his room and roared fiercely until his throat was sore before he was satisfied and sent Cheng Hao back to sleep.


However, when Cheng Hao left, he still heard Old George yelling at Claude: “Why don’t you go take a shower!”


Cheng Hao sympathized with Claude for a while and flew back to his room before taking out the five thousand dollars and counting them.


One hundred dollars a piece, the five thousand dollars was actually only fifty pieces, but Cheng Hao counted it back and forth several times, especially satisfied.


Then he began to fret again, “Where do we hide this money?”


In his last life, he was at least a well-known athlete who earned several million dollars a year, and now he even began to agonize over how to hide the five thousand dollars ……


“Does inside your clothes have pockets?” Lin Yu sought to ask.



The two of them discussed for a while and finally decided to put the money in the pocket of a shirt that had pockets, and then Cheng Hao wore it on the innermost part. Outside, he put on a sweater and jacket, so that he wouldn’t have to worry about losing the money.


As for spending money, it may be inconvenient… They wouldn’t spend it, they’d only spend their own 500 dollars!


After discussing it, the two happily went to bed.



The next day, because of the biological clock, Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun both got up very early, but it was Danny who slept especially well.



Cheng Hao then first did an hour or so of training in the hotel room, and took a brief shower, then looked at the mirror in the bathroom and showed off his muscles, “I’m getting stronger and stronger, I’m definitely going to be the best boxer!”



A boxer had to be confident, a boxer who wasn’t confident may already be backing down out of fear before he even starts a fight with his opponent.



It was important to realize that in the real ring, the vast majority of boxers who felt tired and felt that they couldn’t fight were doing so because of psychological effects; they gave up in their minds, and they backed down, afraid to fight.



A boxer who lost his self-confidence would have a hard time standing up.



Cheng Hao didn’t stuff clothes into his pants to boost his confidence, but he encouraged himself every day, “I am the best! I’ll be the heavyweight boxing champion of the world!”


Lin Yuxun heard everything Cheng Hao said, and it wasn’t the first time he’d heard Cheng Hao say something like that.



This was actually a bit narcissistic, but with Cheng Hao, it seemed natural.


Of course Cheng Hao would become the best boxer, would become the world heavyweight boxing champion.


Lin Yuxun believed in him, “You will definitely succeed!”



“Thanks.” Cheng Hao smiled and looked at Lin Yuxun, “You’ll succeed too, you’re so smart, if you become a doctor, you’ll definitely become the most powerful doctor, if you become a lawyer, I’m sure celebrities all over the world will want to befriend you! If you become a scientist, then the Nobel Prize should be yours.”



Lin Yuxun was often depressed and always felt that he couldn’t do anything, but when Cheng Hao said this about him, and when he looked at the words he had written down that Cheng Hao had said, he felt empowered all over again.



Although he felt that Cheng Hao was exaggerating, he liked to hear it.


Cheng Hao blew on himself and then on Lin Yuxun, and Danny woke up.


Cheng Hao walked over and picked Danny up and kissed him on the cheek, ”Danny, you’re really the bravest kid! Coming to a strange place and not scared at all!”


Danny didn’t even know what Cheng Hao was praising him for, but he smiled happily.


The beautiful day began.



When Danny washed up, they went to have breakfast together.



This hotel wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t a particularly good hotel either, other than that, the breakfast had very few types, and there was only one egg, sausage and grilled meat for each person, and the bread and drinks were only self-service, so they could take as much as they wanted.



The hotel did this, it should be to save money.


Unfortunately, they met Cheng Hao.


The hotel’s bread wasn’t very good, many guests ate their share of egg sausage and didn’t eat anything else, but Cheng Hao wasn’t the same, he insisted on eating five people’s share of bread.


The restaurant waiters’ eyes changed when they looked at Cheng Hao.


When Cheng Hao finally ate well …… Old George brought Claude again.


Claude ate a six person portion.


The waiter was dumbfounded.


Old George didn’t take a single bite, he drank a cup of tea and ate his own portion of egg and sausage kebab, then he said to Cheng Hao, “Later I’m going to meet my friends, take your brothers and Claude out for a stroll.”


“No problem.” Cheng Hao said.


Old George took out two hundred dollars and gave it to Cheng Hao, pointing at Claude, “Buy him some clothes, and buy some too.”


Cheng Hao agreed.


Claude wore Old George’s clothes all the time.


Old George was about the same height as Claude, but he was much thinner than Claude, Claude had two hundred pounds, in kilograms that was roughly ninety kilograms, and Old George, he was seventy kilograms at most.


Old George’s clothes were really a little ill-fitting.


When Claude was full, Cheng Hao took Claude out.


Before, in the poor neighborhoods, there were basically all black people, but now in the big city, there weren’t many black people, they were all white people as far as the eye could see.



Things like spitting, going to the toilet, arguing, cursing and even fighting weren’t seen here at all.



It was a different world from the poor neighborhood they had lived in before.


However, they were also a bit out of place with this world.


In fact, Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun and Danny were three people who were okay, but the main thing was Claude ……



Wearing ill-fitting clothes, hair and beard a bit messy, no temperament to speak of, seeing Claude walking on the road attracted guarded eyes, so Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun also got used to seeing guarded eyes.


Cheng Hao was fine, but Lin Yuxun and Claude were both very sensitive and immediately cowered.



Cheng Hao said to Lin Yuxun, “Don’t care about other people’s gazes, you crush them intellectually! I guarantee that they won’t even be able to understand the book you’re reading!”


Lin Yuxun laughed.


Cheng Hao looked at Claude again, “Claude, what are you hiding for? You’re so strong, the strongest person in the world, there’s no need to be afraid of them at all.”


Claude was a bit confused, “Really?”


“Of course it’s true, you’re much stronger than me, aren’t you? You are the one who is loved by God to be born so strong.” Cheng Hao said.


Claude was happy too.


Lin Yuxun suddenly looked at Claude a bit unfavorably ……


Although the simple minded Claude didn’t cower in fear after being praised by Cheng Hao, they couldn’t go on like this ……


Cheng Hao finally decided to take Claude to buy clothes first.


Old George gave two hundred dollars, but they couldn’t afford too good and too expensive clothes, Cheng Hao wanted to find a cheaper store, but near the hotel, there was no such store.


Cheng Hao asked someone, then took Lin Yuxun and the others to wait for the bus.


They were going to go to the city center where there were many stores, there was a cheap supermarket over there, so they could let Claude buy clothes.


The bus was mostly white people, and once they got on, some people pinched the bags in their hands and all tried to stay away from them.



Cheng Hao felt a bit helpless about this.


In the United States, there were a lot of underclass people who didn’t have a job and made a living by stealing, and some people in their neighborhoods would also take the train to go to the big city to steal, making a lot of people unfriendly to poorly dressed people.



As for yellow people like him, they wouldn’t be treated any better than black people.


However, Cheng Hao felt that they were too one-sided in thinking like this.



He lived in a poor neighborhood, and he found that most of those who would do bad things and steal things were well dressed, and would not be as undignified …… as Claude at all. The thieves even wore Pierre Cardin’s custom-made clothes.


Although they were defended against all the way, they at least reached the city center.


Cheng Hao didn’t care much about other people’s eyes, he graciously found someone to ask for directions and then went to the affordable supermarket.


It was a small two-story building with a staircase in the middle of the entrance, the space to the left of the staircase sold women’s clothing, the space to the right of the staircase sold all kinds of shoes, and there were all kinds of bags hanging on the railings on both sides of the staircase, while men’s and children’s clothing were on the second floor.



Cheng Hao and the others went straight upstairs and started picking out clothes.


The clothes here were not expensive, men’s cotton coats were only ten to twenty dollars, and pants and other things were even cheaper than buying them in the community they lived in.


Cheng Hao led the way and picked them out.


He found that Claude and Danny both liked brightly colored clothes, while Lin Yuxun preferred black, white and gray.


Cheng Hao let them choose for themselves and he gave them some advice.


Old George gave Cheng Hao two hundred dollars, in fact, not all of it was for Claude, there was also Cheng Hao’s share in it.


Cheng Hao knew this, but after thinking about it, he used it all to buy things for Claude.


Claude was penniless when he was dumped by his brother Chester at Old George’s place, and he actually lacked a lot of things.


Cheng Hao bought him three sets of thick clothes from head to toe, and some short sleeves and other discounted clothes, all in various bright colors that he liked.



The dark one immediately brightened up when he wore the bright colors.


Claude was overjoyed and kept asking Cheng Hao, “Are these all for me? Are they really for me?”


“Yes, these are all for you.” Cheng Hao said, and asked, “Is there anything else you want?” That two hundred dollars, there were now ten dollars left.


Claude said, “I want a pair of glasses, a nice pair!”


“Okay, I’ll buy you a pair.” Cheng Hao said, this supermarket also sold cheap sunglasses, he let Claude go and pick a pair.


Claude chose a pair of glasses with orange rims, and after he put them on, his voice suddenly took on a crying tone, “Oh God, I can’t believe I have so many new clothes, and I have glasses! I’ve always wanted a pair of glasses like these!”



As he spoke, he took off his glasses again to wipe his tears and repeatedly said to Cheng Hao, “Cheng, you know what? I like glasses like this, I’ve always wanted glasses like this.”


Cheng Hao didn’t know why he wanted the glasses, but he could probably guess that the glasses had a special meaning for him.


Cheng Hao said, “Put the glasses on, you look good when you wear them.”



“Yes, I think I look good too!” Claude said, sniffling and putting his glasses back on.


Cheng Hao patted his shoulder, “That’s cool!” Claude’s features weren’t good looking, and his back was slightly hunched, but once he wore it colorfully like this …… Cheng Hao suddenly felt that he did look a little good.


Of course, the best looking ones were Danny and Lin Yuxun.


Lin Yuxun picked simple and generous black, white and gray clothes.



He had recently gained a little weight and stayed at home all day, and his skin had whitened a lot …… Cheng Hao said, “Yuxun, you look like a little prince!”


Lin Yuxun was a little prince, and Danny was a little angel, Cheng Hao complimented them as usual.


The three of them had bought clothes before, so today they just bought a thick jacket and two thick pants each. Cheng Hao also bought a fanny pack for himself and a school bag for Lin Yuxun and Danny.


Danny’s little bag was red, and Lin Yuxun’s bag was the most common black one.


After they bought their clothes, they changed into them in the locker room before leaving, and then headed directly to the bookstore not far away.


Cheng Hao’s current income was unstable, so it was difficult to send Lin Yuxun to a private middle school, but he could buy Lin Yuxun books.


The bookstore was very large, and there was a sign at the entrance of the bookstore with the names of some bestsellers written on it. After going inside, Cheng Hao also found that apart from books, music cassettes and videos were also sold here.


Cheng Hao had never had the chance to learn music, he knew nothing about music, and was not interested in movies and TV shows at this time, he didn’t even look at these things, and brought Lin Yuxun and the others inside.


There were many, many books here, and they were also all in English …… Although he was very good at English literature, he still instinctively disliked English books.


He waved his hand towards those books and said to Lin Yuxun, “Yuxun, feel free to pick out the books here, no matter how many we buy today!”


Lin Yuxun smiled, “Okay.”


Lin Yuxun went to look for books, Cheng Hao saw this and took Claude and Danny to buy picture books.



Claude had only been to school for a few days and couldn’t even write his own name, and Danny didn’t know a few words, so when Cheng Hao helped them pick out books, he instantly felt like a cultured person.



While they were picking, Cheng Hao suddenly saw a yellow man walk in through the door.


A yellow man just like him and Lin Yuxun!



This person was probably in his mid-twenties, wearing a pair of thick glasses, wearing a jacket that was a bit old and of an old style, holding a book and a pen in his hand, and heading towards the bookshelf as soon as he arrived.



Cheng Hao didn’t know whether this person was Chinese or not, but he was still happy from the bottom of his heart to see a person with the same skin color as himself in a place where there were white and black people everywhere.


“Friend, are you Chinese?” Cheng Hao greeted him in Mandarin.


The man turned his head violently and looked at Cheng Hao with a face full of excitement, “I am! I am!”




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