C36 —- Losing Glory


He thought Cheng Hao would lose very miserably, but it wasn’t just Carpenter.


In fact, all the audience thought that Cheng Hao would lose very miserably, except for a very few who had recently seen Cheng Hao go smoothly and thought that he may be able to create another miracle.


“Poor Cheng, you must be careful.”


“Carpenter, beat this damn yellow man down.”


“Come on, Carpenter.”


“Carpenter, you are the strongest”




Cheng Hao and Carpenter walked onto the arena, surrounded by such voices.


There were many fighters on Old George’s side, many of whom were part-time fighters who came to fight in their spare time.


After all, the income here wasn’t high.


Of course, there were also those who, like Gerald who had already passed away, relied entirely on boxing for a living, but those people generally lived a very poor life.


They came to fight because they couldn’t find a job or were unwilling to work, and the money they earned would be spent the next day, even on women that night.


But Carpenter was different.


He relied entirely on boxing to make money, not to mention, he made a lot of money. Cheng Hao knew that he had a house in a nearby working class community, and he also had a Ford car.


This always made it convenient for him to come and go.


He wasn’t at the same level as other boxers at all.


After Cheng Hao arrived at the arena, he felt a deep sense of oppression.


Carpenter was like a lion full of strength, ready to pounce on him at any time. Staring at him, Cheng Hao felt his hair stand up and tremble from the bottom of his heart.


Not because of fear, but because of excitement.


Fighting against a powerful opponent kept him in a state of excitement. Cheng Hao repeatedly told himself, “I will win, I will definitely win, I am the strongest fighter.”


He once again entered that selfless state, fearless.


Carpenter moved his shoulders, stretched his muscles, and lightly jumped to warm up… When the game began, he immediately rushed towards Cheng Hao, with speed as fast as a cheetah.


Shortly after the battle began, Cheng Hao was thrown out and hit on the ropes.


Carpenter weighed nearly 100 kilograms, while Cheng Hao had gained some weight recently, but it was still less than 70 kilograms.


Moreover, Cheng Hao had skills, but Carpenter also had them, and even Carpenter’s practical skills weren’t inferior to Cheng Hao’s.


Cheng Hao lived to the age of 28 in his previous life, while Carpenter, he was already in his thirties!


With just one hit, the cheers and curses of the audience echoed throughout the bar, and at this moment, Cheng Hao stood up.


Someone cheered Cheng Hao: “Cheng, go for it! You’re the best!”


“Stand up and win like you always do!”


“I’ll buy you a burger if you win! Ten of them!”




Of course, more people were cheering for Carpenter: “Carpenter, you’re the best!”


“Beat that oriental guy flat!”


“Honey I want to kiss your muscles!”


“Victory must be yours!”


“Kids shouldn’t come to the game, beat him up!”




In such cheers, Carpenter, however, didn’t raise his hands in celebration, he looked warily at Cheng Hao – Cheng Hao got up.


Not only that, Cheng Hao rushed towards Carpenter once again.


“You’re great!” Carpenter said, before knocking Cheng Hao down once again.


In a regular fight, when someone was already down, the opponent couldn’t go up and continue to fight, but in a ring like this, the referee didn’t prohibit such a thing.


Carpenter didn’t do that, though.


He waited for Cheng Hao to get up, and then continued the fight.


He knocked Cheng Hao down once again.


This time he hit Cheng Hao in the face and grazed his nose, but he still got up.


Carpenter looked at Cheng Hao with some surprise and became more wary.


Once again, Cheng Hao attacked.


He was knocked down once again.


The first few times Cheng Hao was knocked down, everyone cheered for Carpenter: “Carpenter, you’re great!”


“Good fight, Carpenter!”


“That was cool!”




But as Cheng Hao got up again and again, those spectators stopped cheering for Carpenter and fell silent.


Wait ……


When Cheng Hao fell down at the ropes, there were still people cheering for Cheng Hao: “Cheng, cheer!”


“Stand up! You can do it!”


“You’re great!”




None of these voices were heard by Cheng Hao, he just got up once again and looked at his opponent, analyzing Carpenter’s attack.


The nosebleed fell, and after he wiped it, his whole face was covered with blood, and he had bruises, but at this time, his spirit didn’t feel the pain, and he transcended and calmly observed Carpenter’s weaknesses.


In such a sparring match, he became more and more familiar with Carpenter.


Cheng Hao rushed up once again, but this time, he didn’t just get close enough to be knocked out by Carpenter, even so, he punched Carpenter in the face.


“Shit!” Carpenter cursed up and knocked Cheng Hao down once again.


At the same time, the audience cheered in unison, and the huge sound seemed like it was going to overturn the roof.


The cheer, however, wasn’t for Carpenter.


“Cheng, fantastic!”


“Go for it!”


“Although I bet on Carpenter, I hope you can win!”




There were even spectators with red eyes.


It was clear that he couldn’t win, but getting up again and again …… Cheng Hao moved them: “Cheng! Go for it!”


Cheng Hao did get up once again.


He took a lot of hits, but he was a skillful fighter in the end, and his skill was not just in the aspect of hitting people, in fact, his skill in taking hits was not weak.


Every time Carpenter’s attacks came close, he dodged his vitals, thus he wasn’t actually hit that badly by Carpenter.


In addition, when he fell out, he knew how to use his feet to mitigate the impact and knew even more about how he had to fall in order to keep himself from being seriously hurt.


He looked a bit miserable, but in fact it was all flesh wounds.


Cheng Hao rushed up this time and went through several moves with Carpenter before he was knocked down.


No, he didn’t get down, he fell on the ropes and quickly stood firm.


He rushed at Carpenter again.


The crowd on stage got even more excited.


Old George stood at the entrance of the lounge, his eyes very bright.


He arranged for Cheng Hao and Carpenter to fight today because he wanted to let Cheng Hao suffer a little setback.


In the previous matches, because of his arrangement Cheng Hao won every time, it was too smooth, and also made Cheng Hao a little too confident, such a person in the real ring, because of a sudden small setback, may be unable stand, and finally experience a defeat.


The growth of a fighter, included being able to properly accept defeat.


So, he approached Carpenter to show Cheng Hao how different he was from a real fighter.


He knew Cheng Hao would fail.


But how could he have imagined that Cheng Hao could get up when he was obviously knocked down again and again?


Even if Cheng Hao could get up, he still managed to hit Carpenter!


Old George’s heart was beating hard.


He previously thought that Cheng Hao would shine in the ring, but that was all. But now …… he felt that the unattainable gold belt and gold gloves were beckoning to him.


“That guy is hitting too hard!” Claude muttered, “Cheng is injured …… how can he hit Cheng? He should be told to stop ……”


“Shut up!” Old George glared at Claude, and couldn’t help thinking that if Cheng Hao could have Claude’s strength …… well he shouldn’t think too much about it, it was really a good thing, there really should be a person like that, all the boxers in the future, they won’t be able to stop crying.


“But …… he’s playing the course ……,” Claude’s diction wasn’t quite clear.


“They’re fighting, it’s a match! Just watch from the side! Don’t talk too much!” Old George said, he had previously told Claude in detail how the race was, but with his intelligence …… he was afraid that Claude had forgotten again.


“Okay, I’m going to listen to you.” Claude said, eyeing the side and not talking.


Old George was excited because of Cheng Hao’s outstanding performance, but Carpenter at this time, already regretted it.


Cheng Hao’s growth, he saw more clearly than anyone else.


He came to the game today because Old George had called him.


He promised old George to have a good match with Cheng Hao, and also promised old George not to hurt Cheng Hao.


Because of this, he didn’t lay a real heavy hand on Cheng Hao, and let Cheng Hao get up again and again.


Then he found that Cheng Hao, who he hadn’t seen for more than half a month, was much stronger than he was half a month ago, and that was even if, just in this match, Cheng Hao had grown a lot at a speed visible to the naked eye.



The young people nowadays, were they all so powerful?


No, it shouldn’t be the young people nowadays that were powerful, but Cheng Hao was too powerful.


His growth rate, was especially fast, and especially amazing.


Carpenter knew he was too old to keep fighting, he had wanted to retire for a long time, but he didn’t know anything else but boxing, so he planned to become a boxing agent in the future and make a living out of it.


He was always looking for good boxers.


Cheng Hao was the fighter he had his eye on, but at that time he didn’t think much of Cheng Hao either, so he gave up on Cheng Hao after he made demands that made him uncomfortable.


But now, he regretted it!


Cheng Hao was far more outstanding than he thought he was!


If he had signed Cheng Hao half a month ago, he would have had a very good fighter in the future!


But he didn’t!


He didn’t sign Cheng Hao! So it ended up being a bargain for old George!


Carpenter’s heart was so depressed that he looked at Cheng Hao with a bit of an unkind gaze, and then he was punched in the eye by Cheng Hao.



“Damn it!” Carpenter knocked Cheng Hao out once again.


Cheng Hao got up again.


The moment he got up, the audience cheered again, and this cheer was still not for Carpenter, but for Cheng Hao.


His never-discouraged spirit made people want to applaud him.


Carpenter held back even more.


He also felt a little bad – he was tired!



His battle with Cheng Hao had lasted for a long time, and although he had good stamina, he was also tired.


He also didn’t know how Cheng Hao managed to get up again and again …… young people’s energy was good!


When Carpenter thought about things, Cheng Hao had already rushed up and also had several moves with him.


Of course …… Cheng Hao was once again knocked down.


But he got up again.


Carpenter: “……”


Carpenter felt that he couldn’t stand it a bit, this endless feeling was really not good at all!


He wasn’t going to keep going like this?!


After knocking Cheng Hao down once again, Carpenter, who would previously stand by and wait for Cheng Hao to get up, pounced on Cheng Hao and pinned him down, “Admit defeat!”


Carpenter was now desperate to end this fight, he couldn’t take this anymore.


Cheng Hao finally came out of his special state.


There was no way for him to get rid of Carpenter’s suppression …… Cheng Hao said, “I concede defeat.”


He wasn’t a person who couldn’t afford to lose, losing was losing.


Carpenter let out a sigh of relief and raised his hands.


The victor should welcome the cheers.


However ……


“Cheng, are you okay?”


“Cutie, how are you doing?”


“Carpenter, you’re so rude!”



Carpenter: “……”


I was punching! Punching! Don’t you guys love to see me punching and knocking people down?


Cheng Hao was also surprised by the situation, and at the same time, the severe pain all over his body and the hunger in his stomach made it a little hard for him.


Cheng Hao said to the audience not far away from him, right at the edge of the ring, “I’m fine, just a little hungry.”


“I’ll buy you a burger! I bet on Carpenter to win and won!”


“I’ll buy you a burger too, even though I placed a bet and lost!”


“Here’s a burger for you!”




Cheng Hao was also stuffed with a burger wrapped and insulated in aluminum foil by who knows who, and he took the burger and climbed down from the ring through the ropes next to the ring.


His stance was a bit lopsided, not so Carpenter, who jumped from the ring with particular ease.



After jumping down, he looked back at Cheng Hao and said sourly, “Can you get down? Do you want me to help you?”


Cheng Hao said, “No need.”


Just as Cheng Hao finished speaking, he saw Claude coming.


Claude should be coming to find himself …… Cheng Hao wanted Claude to help, but to his surprise, Claude didn’t come towards him, but walked towards Carpenter.


He walked towards Carpenter and, he suddenly punched towards Carpenter’s nose.



If it was in the ring, such a punch Carpenter must be able to dodge, after all, at that time he was mentally tense.


But now he was out of the ring, and he was surrounded by spectators!


Carpenter subconsciously turned his head sideways as that punch came by, but couldn’t completely dodge the punch, except that the punch that was coming toward his nose now landed on his face.


“Shit!” Carpenter was stunned.


The force of the punch was so strong that it sent him falling backwards, onto the audience.



The people around him were also confused – who was this guy? Why did he jump out and hit Carpenter?


Everyone was so shocked that no one even said anything for a while.


“You hit Cheng, you’re a bad guy.” Claude himself said the reason for his beating, and in the suddenly quiet bar, everyone around him heard his words.


Cheng Hao: “……”


Carpenter: “……”


Old George who came after him: “……”


“Hahahahahahaha!” A spectator laughed up and slapped Claude on the shoulder: “Good job, young man.”


The surrounding audience suddenly all laughed, they had just watched a great game, and now the words …… they were happy to see such a conflict.


However, although the audience was happy, Carpenter was upset, Cheng Hao and old George quickly went up to apologize: “Sorry, Carpenter, he is a bit special.”


The two of them flanked Carpenter into the lounge, with Claude following behind in a dumbfounded manner.


Old George, who had seen Cheng Hao shine so much that he had expected a little more from Claude, was now disappointed, thinking that he had really overthought it – he must have been crazy to think that Claude might be able to shine on the field like Cheng Hao.


It was a good thing this guy didn’t cause him any trouble!





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