C32— Old George

This time, for the first time, Cheng Hao had the feeling of being happy and drenched.


He had fought before, sometimes it was more stifling when he was far better than his opponent in terms of skills, but when his opponent was fit and strong, he was suppressed.


But today was different.



Although this white boxer looked a bit old, it was only his face, his body muscles wasn’t much compared to adults, his weight compared to Cheng Hao was also not much heavier.


It wasn’t easy to grow in size when you were growing older and training a lot.


At the same time, this man’s skills were very good.



With this person, Cheng Hao had a kind of equal feeling, but he also felt a little embarrassed.



He was actually twenty-eight years old and he had experienced many competitions, now fighting with him, was a bit like bullying a child.


Cheng Hao’s extra decades of boxing experience wasn’t in vain.


The white boy in front of him was a little unstable. When Cheng Hao’s fist went towards him, he subconsciously dodged.


The main reason for his loss was because he didn’t have enough experience.



Cheng Hao once again knocked his opponent to the ground. The white boy got up from the ground indignantly. The older face now seemed a little juvenile.


Cheng Hao said: “You’re good!”


The man hummed in response and leapt off the stage.


Cheng Hao was happy to go off stage.


He didn’t take many punches today, and with his recovery ability today, it was expected that he would be well after a good night’s sleep.


As soon as Cheng Hao got off the stage, someone came to bring him a burger.


“Cheng, please have a burger!”


“Cheng, you’re great today!”


“Little guy, eat more!”


“Cutie, you’re getting stronger and stronger!”




Cheng Hao took the burgers and ate it.


There were several people who gave him burgers, so he took all those burgers in his arms and ate them one by one.


“Have you ever eaten enough?” The white boxer scornfully looked at Cheng Hao, who was holding a pile of burgers outside the lounge and feasting on them.


“No, how did you know?” Cheng Hao casually replied.


The white boxer froze a little.


Cheng Hao also ignored him and continued to eat.


And at this time, old George and another person came over.


The white teenager greeted the person who came with Old George – his boxing agent.


Cheng Hao didn’t pay much attention to this white boxer and his agent.


Although he didn’t know as much about the fighters of this period as he did about the fighters of the same period as himself, he basically had an impression of all the famous fighters, while the white fighter in front of him didn’t ring a bell at all, regardless of his name or his looks.



Moreover, this man wasn’t from here, and would leave after one fight, they wouldn’t necessarily cross paths in the future.



However, through old George’s introduction, he did learn that this white boxer, surprisingly, was the third place winner of the National Junior Boxing Championships in New York State.



When this man and his boxing agent left, Cheng Hao immediately looked at Old George: “This All-American Junior Boxing Competition, can I participate?”


“Of course you can participate, you just have to pay the entry fee.” Old George said.


“Is there a prize money?” Cheng Hao asked.


“There is no prize money, but there is a medal.”


Cheng Hao: “……” Such a competition would be rather pitiful.


However, participating in such a competition, wasn’t without its benefits, after the fight, it could increase his visibility, he’d also find a very good boxing agent, of course, those boxing agents would also bring their boxers to such a competition to show their faces, overall, it was similar to the entertainment industry’s talent contests.



Cheng Hao was considering when old George spoke: “The most important thing is that this year’s competition is over. It just ended.”



Cheng Hao: “……”


Old George was a black man, his skin was dark, his beard was a little white, as for the hair …… well, he had no hair, he shaved it.


He looked at Cheng Hao, “Carpenter approached you before, wanting to be your boxing agent, and you turned it down?”



“Yes.” Cheng Hao said.




“I can’t leave my two brothers alone.”


“Aren’t you afraid that after you refuse, you will never have such an opportunity again?” Old George asked.


Cheng Hao smiled brightly: “Do you think that I will never have such an opportunity again?”


Old George laughed: “You are very confident.”


“One must be confident.” Cheng Hao said.



“But it’s not good to be too confident, you won’t be able to accept defeat.”


“Failure is the mother of success, it’s a good thing, it allows me to find my own shortcomings.” Cheng Hao said.



Old George looked at Cheng Hao with a little surprise: “You don’t act like a person of this age at all …… Cheng, you must have had a good family before, right?”



Cheng Hao thought for a moment, “Yes.” Cheng Jinhao’s previous family conditions were very good, as for him …… although he was poor as a child, but before transmigrating, he had earned a lot of money by boxing and lived a good life.



Old George looked deeply at Cheng Hao: “Your goal in boxing, what do you want?”


“I want to be a world champion.” Cheng Hao said.



“Your answer is really surprising, they usually tell me that they like boxing or want to make money …… Of course, I like your answer. Would you like to sign with me and become my boxer?”



When Old George suddenly came to talk to Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao had a little premonition, now he finally knew the reason.


“We can talk.” Cheng Hao said.



Old George brought Cheng Hao to his office.



Cheng Hao talked with him.



His request was clear, that he wanted to be with Danny and Lin Yuxun, in addition to hoping to get some income through competitions.



Lin Yuxun saved him, and they got along for so long, now he saw him and Danny as his brothers, he wouldn’t separate from them.



Old George agreed to all of them.



“Carpenter couldn’t promise you because he does not live here, but I live here, I still have a training ground here, you can come to my place to train every day.” Old George paused for a moment, “You can also have all the income from your matches.”



Old George’s offer was extremely good, Cheng Hao looked at him in surprise, a little surprised.


Old George continued, “I’m not short of money.”



“Why do you want to do that?” Cheng Hao asked.



“I want to show others that if I can train one world heavyweight boxing champion, I can train a second one!”


Cheng Hao waited for Old George to continue, however, Old George didn’t, instead he took out a piece of paper and wrote an address on it, asking Cheng Hao to go there tomorrow at 10 am.


Cheng Hao agreed.



After leaving Old George’s office, Cheng Hao immediately approached Nick, the insurance salesman, and asked him about Old George.


Nick said a lot.



Through Nick, Cheng Hao learned that old George was very fond of boxing when he was young, but his own talent was average, so he chose to become a boxing agent and train boxers.



He trained two very powerful boxers at that time, and they worked very well together, and also made a lot of money, however, later he clashed with a boxing organization, and finally those two boxers, surprisingly, were all scooped up by that boxing organization.



“I don’t know much about the specifics, but one thing I do know is that old George fell apart after he was betrayed and took his savings and came here to open a bar.” Danny said.



Cheng Hao understood the situation, and didn’t chat with Nick further.



It was late, so he rushed home.


When Cheng Hao came home, Danny was already sleeping, but Lin Yuxun was still awake, reading a book with the light on.



“Why are you up so late?” Cheng Hao asked.



Lin Yuxun said, “I slept for a long time during the day, so I’m not sleepy now.”



“Okay ……” Cheng Hao took off his clothes while talking, “I’m going to take a shower, let’s go to bed early.”


Lin Yuxun didn’t say anything, he looked at Cheng Hao’s back, his face reddened, but his eyes couldn’t move away from Cheng Hao.


He didn’t know why he was like this, should it be …… Cheng Hao looked strong, so he wished he could have that kind of body?



After taking a shower, Cheng Hao then said to Lin Yuxun: “You know what? Old George came to see me today, he wants to be my agent!”



“He wants to be an agent?” Lin Yuxun asked.



“He used to be one and he trained great boxers, he is much more powerful than Carpenter! I’m better off following him than following Carpenter!” Cheng Hao said.



He actually didn’t know who was better between Carpenter and Old George, but after he rejected Carpenter last time, Lin Yuxun was a bit self-critical …… so he had to say that Old George was better.


As Cheng Hao spoke, Lin Yuxun looked at him adoringly.


Being looked at by such a gaze …… Cheng Hao felt quite good.


But now the most important thing was… “It’s getting late, go to bed early!”


It was getting colder and colder, and the attic wasn’t very warm… Cheng Hao woke up in the middle of the night.



The thick quilt at home was given to Danny. He and Lin Yuxun only had a thin quilt. No wonder it was so cold.



Next to him, Lin Yuxun curled up into a ball, a common sleeping position for insecure people, Cheng Hao thought about it and put his arms around him.


Lin Yuxun’s body temperature was still a bit high, like a furnace, sleeping with such a person, he suddenly didn’t feel cold at all.



Cheng Hao could understand why those people in the boxing team wanted to sleep with their wife… Unfortunately, he wanted to marry a wife, but he didn’t know how long it would take.



When Lin Yuxun woke up the next day, he found himself buried in Cheng Hao’s arms.


He and Cheng Hao had slept in the same bed many times, but had never been this close before.


He couldn’t even leave Cheng Hao’s embrace ……



Lin Yuxun closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep.


Cheng Hao didn’t think as much as Lin Yuxun, after waking up after a while, he got up gently and then went to make breakfast.



He was hungry.



Old George gave the address, which was in this community, it wasn’t far away, but Cheng Hao was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to get there early, and finally left home at nine o’clock.



He ran all the way towards the location on the note, and finally found a small three-story building.



The outside of this small building was fitted with iron gates, which were now closed.


Because it wasn’t yet time for the meeting, Cheng Hao hovered at the door, and as a result he only hovered for a while, a very fat woman opened the door.



Speaking of …… During this era, fat people were very much, probably because although people here lived in poverty, most didn’t lack food.



However, this woman was especially fat.


“You are the Cheng that old George mentioned, right? Come in!” The woman led Cheng Hao inside.


When Cheng Hao entered the house, he was shocked.


In the middle of the ground floor of this small three-story building, there was a ring!


Such decoration could be said to be maverick, and it could also be seen that old George was really fond of boxing.


The woman spoke first: “Old George will be up in a while …… have you eaten? Do you want me to give you some food?”


“I’ve already eaten …… but I can have some more.” Cheng Hao said.



The kitchen was also on the ground floor, to the left of this ring, there was the kitchen and dining room.


Cheng Hao followed the woman over, then saw her unwrap two large packages of bacon in one breath and put them in the pot …… that was all meat!


Cheng Hao felt a bit hungry.


While frying the bacon, the woman talked, Cheng Hao then learned that her name was Arabella, she was old George’s sister, and they lived together, so she helped old George take care of household chores.



Arabella made a hearty breakfast with lots of meat, and by the time she was done, Old George was coming down from upstairs.



Arabella divided the breakfast into three portions, and in each one, there was a plate full of bacon, in addition to bread, butter, cheese and a bowl of vegetable salad, and coffee.


“Here’s the sugar cube, you can put it in yourself.” Arabella took out a small dish full of sugar cubes, and then poured a dozen into her cup.



Cheng Hao could understand why her coffee was so shallow. It was because she didn’t want it to overflow when putting sugar cubes.


He didn’t know why Old George wasn’t fat.



Cheng Hao was thinking this way when he heard Old George say, “Arabella, how many times have I said that I don’t need so much bacon!”


Then he poured half of the plate of bacon into Arabella’s plate.



Cheng Hao: “……”





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