C30—- Sickness

The black driver who drove them was a very powerful person who was fearless.


The people in the car also became very quiet, the originally loud people didn’t dare to talk.


In the end, there was only the sound of rain outside the window, and the sound of Cheng Hao reading a picture book.


The words on the picture book were very simple, and the contents inside were healthy and full of love.


Cheng Hao’s voice was also very nice.


Lin Yuxun suddenly wished that this bus could be a little slower.


However, the bus soon arrived at the station.


Not only that, it was raining heavily outside.


Cheng Hao held Danny and the picture book in his arms, Lin Yuxun put the ten books on his chest, and the two looked at each other and rushed out together …… They went to buy two raincoats, and then went home together.


The next day, the rain was still very heavy, the sound of rain was loud, Lin Yuxun also got sick.



Cheng Hao woke up as usual, but after exercising for a while, he didn’t see Lin Yuxun get up, and when he went to look, he found that Lin Yuxun’s face wasn’t normal, he had a fever.


He was a bit confused and he mumbled incoherently, Cheng Hao’s hand reached out to touch his forehead, he even rubbed it.


“Lin Yuxun?” Cheng Hao called out a few times, and then saw him open his eyes and look at him.


“Cheng Hao… What time is it? Is it time to cook breakfast?” He was going to get up, but after he got up suddenly, he fell down again.



“Don’t get up, you’re sick.” Cheng Hao said.


“No, I’ve never been sick.” Lin Yuxun shook his head, but his voice was obviously different.


“Rest, I’ll go get food.”



“Actually a little sickness is nothing ……” Lin Yuxun still wanted to get up.


“Your fever is very serious, it’s not a small disease! And you’d better behave, if you don’t listen to me and make it worse, I’ll be angry.” Cheng Hao said.


“Don’t be angry, I’ll be obedient.” Lin Yuzhu reached out and took one of Cheng Hao’s hands, probably because he was sick, his eyes were wet.



The child must be very ill. He wouldn’t have said anything like this before.


Cheng Hao touched Lin Yuxun’s head, “Dear, you need to rest.”


He said that and carried Danny to his bed.


Lin Yuxun was sick, and he didn’t know whether it was contagious… It was better not to let Danny stay with him.


These days, Lin Yuxun was the one who cooked, but Cheng Hao at least learned to use the gas stove.


He used the gas stove to boil water, and then he made a bowl of flour to make noodles.


Although he had never cooked such food in his last life, he could roughly guess how to cook it after eating it, and it didn’t make any difference when he finally cooked it.


In the soup, he added an egg, some broccoli and spices.


This kind of soup seemed to make people have no appetite, but somehow it was edible and nutritious.


At least Danny liked it.


As for Cheng Hao, he felt a little unsatisfied when he ate it ……


However, after Lin Yuxun was woken up by Cheng Hao, he couldn’t eat at all and ended up drinking only a little soup.


He was sicker than Cheng Hao thought.


If he was in China, Cheng Hao would have carried him on his back and go to the hospital. Although domestic hospitals sometimes gave various examinations and it may cost two or three hundred to cure a cold, but in fact, it was OK to refuse to do the examination and just buy some antipyretic drugs. It really didn’t cost much.


It was different here. It was very expensive to see a doctor. Many peopled had to make an appointment a few days in advance to see a doctor. If he had a cold, he may get better on his own!


In this side of the poor community, to see a doctor was even more troublesome, Cheng Hao had never seen a hospital here.


After thinking about it, Cheng Hao went downstairs and knocked on Mr. Dampier’s door.


The door was opened by Mr. Dampier, and when he saw Cheng Hao, Mr. Dampier was a bit dissatisfied: “What do you want from me? I told you, if something in the room is broken, I will not fix it, you have to find someone to fix it!”


“Mr. Dampier, do you know where I can buy medicine nearby?”


“What kind of medicine do you want to buy?” Mr. Dampier looked at Cheng Hao warily.


“Fever medicine, Tony has a fever.”


“Fever? What a problem! I’m going to stay away from him!” Mr. Dampier said, but he still told Cheng Hao the location of the clinic.


Cheng Hao nodded and went upstairs to change into his raincoat before leaving the house.


When he ran downstairs, he met Mr. Dampier’s co-habitant, Beverly, who gave Cheng Hao a mercury thermometer: “I can lend you Mr. Dampier’s thermometer, remember to return it to me.”



“Thank you.” Cheng Hao took the thermometer.



The woman spoke again: “You should know how to use it, right? You can put it under his armpit.”


“Okay!” Cheng Hao answered, then he put away the thermometer and rushed out.



He followed Mr. Dampier’s directions and found a small clinic.


The small clinic wasn’t yet open, but he knocked on the door and a yawning man came out from inside: “What’s wrong with you? Or would you like to buy something to make you feel better at night?”


“I want a fever reducer.” Cheng Hao said. Lin Yuchun’s illness was either a bacterial or viral infection, so there should be no major problem, but he couldn’t be left with a constant fever.


The doctor gave Cheng Hao a box of medicine: “Two dollars.”


The fever-reducing medicine was quite expensive …… Cheng Hao took a look and found that this fever-reducing medicine, surprisingly, was the same as the painkiller given to him by the doctor at old George’s bar.


It was a pity that he didn’t think he could use it at the time and didn’t take the fever and pain relieving medicine home …… Well, there were only two of them and they wouldn’t have helped.


When Cheng Hao came out, he took twenty dollars from Lin Yuxun’s safe. He paid, took the medicine and left.


On his way home, Cheng Hao heard someone on the roadside saying that a m-urder happened last night.


A woman and her two children were ki-lled in her home.


Cheng Hao’s heart sank and he walked faster.


As soon as Cheng Hao got home, he checked Lin Yuxun’s temperature.


His was a little lower than the normal temperature, but Lin Yuxun had 39 degrees.


His fever was really serious this time!


Cheng Hao fed Lin Yuxun the medicine.


Lin Yuxun was shivering under the blanket, but Cheng Hao didn’t dare to cover him too much for fear that it would affect the heat dissipation, but after taking the medicine, he stopped shivering.


Today, it rained heavily outside, so Cheng Hao didn’t go to the balcony to exercise, so he exercised at home and watched Lin Yuzhu.


In the middle, Beverly came up to see Lin Yuxun, and then left quietly.



Lin Yuxun used to be malnourished, but he had been much better recently. This sudden illness was related to the rain last night, and it was also related to his sudden absence of work and his relaxation.



In the afternoon, he woke up and could eat, even though his limbs were still sore and his throat hurt.


Cheng Hao asked him to have a good rest, and he began to run on the stairs to exercise.


Then he heard Mr. Dampier talking to the residents on the second floor about the mu-rder last night.


The people here always liked to take other people’s misfortune as the talk after dinner.



“I heard that the woman who died had nine children.”


“Two died with her.”


“How sad …… I don’t know where those children will be sent.”


“If those kids could find better foster homes, they might be better off than with her.”


“But they will harm those foster families, that woman’s children are no good!”




Mr. Dampier’s voice was so loud that Cheng Hao could hear them talking as he ran up and down the stairs.



At the same time, Mr. Dampier couldn’t stand him anymore: “Why do you keep running on my stairs! How dare you jump! Oh! Are you trying to collapse my stairs? If you do that again, I’ll give you a rent increase!”


Cheng Hao: “……”


Mr. Dampier added: “You are always jumping in the room! Don’t you know how loud it is? D-amn it, I shouldn’t have rented the loft to you.”


Mr. Dampier was very angry, Cheng Hao didn’t dare to offend him, so he went upstairs in silence.


He’d better go do push-ups ……


Cheng Hao let Danny sit on his back and tried to do push-ups.



Lin Yuxun took the book and lay down on the bed to read it.


Outside, it was windy and rain fell, but it was very quiet in their small attic.


It was…… Lin Yuxun looked at Danny sitting on Cheng Hao’s back and was a little jealous.


He didn’t know if Cheng Hao would let him sit on his back when he needed more weight in the future.




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