New York State was located in the temperate zone, the temperature wasn’t high all year round, even in July, the average temperature was only twenty-one degrees.


When Cheng Hao transmigrated, it was the end of August, and soon, it entered the month of October.


The weather got cold all of a sudden.



Carpenter disappeared for half a month after he talked to Cheng Hao. During this half month, Cheng Hao went to Old George’s bar to play two games every week, and played four games in total.


In these four games, he won all of them.


The opponents that Old George arranged for him were getting stronger little by little, and coincidentally, he was also getting stronger little by little.


Sometimes, Cheng Hao even felt that old George was training him, otherwise how could he be so sweet?


But he knew he wasn’t.


Old George was doing this for the sake of the bar’s business.


A yellow boxer came to Old George’s bar, from weak to strong, one by one, he defeated the original boxers in the bar …… This thing was like a movie.


At least, now there was a large group of people in the bar that rushed to him, they came to the bar of old George, to see him fight.



When those people first came and saw him standing on the stage, they wouldn’t be able to help but question, thinking that if he was such a minor and kept winning, he was mostly fighting fake fights.


They would always bet on him to lose in the beginning.


But he would always win.


Old George’s business was that much better.


Cheng Hao’s body was also much stronger.



It was Wednesday.


Cheng Hao had participated in four tournaments these days, and each time he got more than a hundred dollars, and by now, he and Lin Yuxun both had a staggering eight hundred dollars in savings.


Although many clerks in New York City earned eight hundred dollars a month, to Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun, this amount wasn’t a small amount.



So, just yesterday, Cheng Hao asked Lin Yuxun to quit.



Lin Yuxun’s job was too time-consuming and he couldn’t learn anything. From the beginning, he wanted Lin Yuxun to stop doing it, but at that time, the family had no savings and no stable income and Lin Yuxun was definitely not willing, so he didn’t mention it.



Now it was different, now they were no longer short of the little money Lin Yuxun earned from his job.



But even so, Lin Yuxun was still reluctant to resign, and it was only after Cheng Hao said that the job was a waste of his training time that Lin Yuxun finally agreed.



Then today, the day after Lin Yuxun resigned, Cheng Hao planned to take Lin Yuxun and Danny on a trip to the nearby city to buy some things there.


Cheng Hao had participated in the competition last night and thus got up late. When he got up, Lin Yuxun was already cooking.


Lin Yuxun had always cooked with a combination of East and West ingredients, for example, today, he made pastry filled with apples and put jam on them.



Cheng Hao refused the jam, he took a bite of the pastry and a bite of fried turkey meat, pretending he was eating chicken pie.


He saw the turkey yesterday and asked Lin Yuxun to buy it, but after eating it, his impression of turkey changed completely.


He used to read foreign fairy tales and novels. He always saw roast turkey in them. He thought that turkey meat should be very delicious, but in fact….. All the meat in the whole body of the turkey tasted the same as chicken br-east, even worse.



American chicken, was as bad as the American pig ……


Fortunately, he wasn’t a picky eater and used the turkey meat as muscle building food and eventually finished it.


Since they’d been cooking, meals at home had gotten a lot better, after all, it was so much cheaper to buy unprocessed food than it was to buy processed food!


Eating a plate of spaghetti with just a little meat sauce in the store outside often cost fifty cents, but buying raw spaghetti, buying enough for the three of them, was only fifty cents.


You know, outside the pasta, Cheng Ho could eat at least five plates!


The remaining fifty cents, they could buy some meat, some vegetables were added to the pasta, and thus even with a dollar, the three of them could eat a hearty meal.



Now, they ate apple pie and fried turkey meat, which was a little more expensive than eating pasta, but not much more expensive.



Cheng Ho ate quickly, and Danny and Lin Yuxun were just as fast, yet they ate so quickly that Lin Yuxun refused to waste even a little time.



While eating, Lin Yuxun was reading a book.



This book was borrowed from his teacher and he was about to finish it, and by the time he finished it, there would be no more books for him to take from his teacher.


In this regard, Cheng Hao felt particularly relieved.


Before he died in his last life, he was looking forward to getting married and having children, so he specifically talked to people about children, and then those who were already married kept complaining about how much trouble the children were, especially the children that had started school, the parents basically said they were full of fire.


And it would be so, often because those children didn’t want to do their homework.

But this was never the case with Lin Yuxun and Danny.


The only thing he could teach Lin Yuxun now was Chinese, and so did Danny, who learnt to recognize words very carefully and didn’t run around when he was free, but drew colorfully with a brush.



Although Cheng Hao couldn’t understand what he drew, he thought he drew quite well.


These two children were really a relief!


After breakfast, Cheng Hao took Lin Yuxun and Danny and boarded a bus to the nearby city.


In China, there were a lot of buses. In places where there were few people, there would be few people on a bus trip, but there would still be buses, but in the United States, there was no such situation.



There were few people. If the bus didn’t make money, this line would be stopped directly.


Because of this, people in poor communities were very inconvenient to travel, but the good thing was that every morning and evening, there were still two classes of buses.



Cheng Hao hadn’t been to a busy city since he came to the U.S. He held Danny, and after getting on the bus with Lin Yuxun, he was actually looking forward to it.



In the bus, there were other people who were also looking forward to it. A dirty child was sitting on his mother’s lap and kept talking to her: “Mom, can we really see the beautiful big city?”


“Are there really dozens of stories of tall buildings there?”


“Are all the people there white?”




The child’s mother didn’t answer his words, and when he asked more, the woman even gave him a slap: “You should be quieter and not talk so much!”


Cheng Hao was dumbfounded, but the people around him didn’t care.


Even the kid himself, didn’t think much, he laid to the window and looked out.


The bus left the community and the roadside looked at the wilderness.


The two adult black people on the bus began to quarrel, all kinds of unpleasant body odor became obvious, Cheng Hao secretly sighed.


They rode the bus for an hour before coming downtown.


It was downtown, but because this wasn’t a big city, it wasn’t very big, but the good thing was that there were still a lot of stores in the commercial street.



Cheng Hao looked at it all and was somewhat amazed.



It was very beautiful, with tall buildings, all kinds of stores, and a wide range of goods, as if in the 21st century.



When they went out, all three changed into new clothes.



These days their family’s food had been good, Lin Yuxun and Danny put on some weight and looked much better, especially Lin Yuxun, who used to be a bit shy, now looked much more confident.



But even so, this was his first time strolling downtown, from head to toe, Lin Yuxun was still permeated with a sense of discomfort.



“Lin Yuxun, you look especially good today.”


Lin Yuxun blushed, but he stood a little straighter.



“Let’s go get a haircut first, and then go to the bookstore.”



“A haircut? That’s not necessary, right?” Lin Yuxun was stunned.


“It’s needed.” Cheng Hao said, haircut in many times, could make people become confident …… most importantly, he couldn’t stand his hair a little bit.



He never had time to cut his hair before, now that he was out, it was just the right time to do it.



They went into the barber store, and then …… they spent six dollars before coming out.



A haircut here, was more expensive than Cheng Hao imagined.



However, the effect was still very good, Lin Yuxun’s hair was cut short, revealing a bare forehead, he looked much better.



Danny seemed more like a little angel.


But he, was a lot darker and stronger, his face value compared to when he just transmigrated had declined.



However, in a selfish way, Cheng Ho still preferred his current appearance.


He wanted to look like a tough guy.


The barbershop was warm, and when he came out of the barbershop, Cheng Hao couldn’t restrain himself from shivering, and Danny even hugged his body, shivering with cold.



Cheng Hao quickly suggested, “Let’s go shopping for clothes?”


Lin Yuxun shook his head, “Danny and I still have clothes, we don’t need it, we can buy a few for you.”



“If you don’t buy, I won’t buy either.” Cheng Hao Dao, who was about to walk into the store for a bit, stopped in his tracks – looking at the price tag of the clothes in the window.


It was an overcoat with a price tag of two hundred dollars.


Cheng Hao: “……”



Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun and asked, “Where did you buy all the clothes you have?”


“The yard sale next to the relief center.” Lin Yuxun said.


“From now on, you will buy all our clothes!” Cheng Hao felt that he really couldn’t manage the money, or else he might spend it all in one excitement.


“Okay.” Lin Yuxun began to think about what clothes to buy.

Cheng Hao was tall and like a clothes rack. He should buy him a better coat and warm clothes.


Cheng Hao didn’t want to buy this or that anymore. He took Lin Yuxun and Danny directly into the bookstore.


At this time, the publishing industry in the United States was very developed.


In the absence of the Internet, many people would k-ill time by reading novels. It was easier to publish books in the United States. There were various books on the market, especially novels.



But they came here, not mainly to buy novels, but to buy some textbooks.


Cheng Hao read every day for Lin Yuxun to get better at reading, and naturally Lin Yuxun wouldn’t let him down.


But it was a pity that there was only one set of textbook in this bookstore, and there were almost no exercise books, but there were quite a variety of other books.



Cheng Ho had to train, he didn’t have much time to read books, he specifically picked illustrated books for Danny.


The words on the picture book were very simple, and more importantly, there were large drawings, which Danny should like.



The only trouble was that picture books were more expensive ……


But a little more expensive was little more expensive, one always had to be willing to invest in a child.


Cheng Hao picked ten picture books in one breath.


Lin Yuxun chose three books.


Cheng Hao knew Lin Yuxun’s reading speed, so he said, “You should choose more books, it’s not easy for us to come out.”


“This book isn’t cheap.”


Cheng Hao nodded, “Knowledge is the most precious thing in the world, if you buy a book and don’t read it, that book is indeed expensive, but if you are willing to read it after you buy it, that book is the cheapest, you should choose ten books, as many as Danny.”


Lin Yuxun gave Cheng Hao a deep look, “I will definitely read well.”


“You’ve been reading well.”


Lin Yuxun finally chose ten books, these ten books, none of them were bestsellers, but they covered many aspects, and two of them were about economics.



Cheng Hao thought that Lin Yuxun wouldn’t be able to read them, but after careful consideration, he thought it wouldn’t hurt to take a look.



After buying the books, Cheng Hao took Lin Yuxun around, chatting with him as he strolled around: “Did you see those well-dressed white people around? They were born in good neighborhoods, got a good education since they were young, and now they have good jobs. Their starting point is already the end of the road for many people. But we don’t have to be discouraged, when we run past the finish line, we can still keep running forward and make our finish line, the pinnacle where many people can never catch up.”



Lin Yuxun silently wrote down Cheng Hao’s words in his heart.


He specifically found a book to write down what Cheng Hao had said. And every time, after flipping through those words, he felt his body being filled with power.



“We can’t change this society, but we can change our mentality towards this society, for example, when those people feel higher than us, we can look down on them in our hearts.” Cheng Hao joked about it.


Lin Yuxun was nervous at first, but by now, he was not nervous at all.


Then …… they were stopped at an intersection.


There was a residential area in front of them, with special security personnel watching, and they were not allowed in at all.


Cheng Hao could only lead Lin Yuxun away, adding, “Don’t worry, we’ll live in it sooner or later! Because I will become a boxing champion.”




Cheng Hao patted his shoulder: “Lin Yuxun, you also need to have an ambitious ideal. A person, how his future really is, has a lot to do with his ideals, the greater his ideals are, the greater he can become! Of course, the prerequisite is that he is willing to work hard for his ideal.”


Cheng Hao wasn’t a person who liked to talk a lot, but since he found out that Lin Yuxun liked encouragement, he always talked to Lin Yuxun.



The effect …… was quite good.


He wasn’t encouraged much, so much so that when he casually said something, Lin Yuxun would hold it like they were famous words.



He also …… felt quite a sense of accomplishment.



That evening, they got on the bus for the return trip.


On the way back, the sky suddenly became very dark, and then it started raining, the bus in the dark road, looked quite eerie.



This time there was a pair of black mother and son on the bus, but not the pair in the morning.


The mother was still dressed decently, but her face was full of fatigue, she held her child and kept reassuring, “Son, it will be okay, when we find your aunt, we will have a place to live ……”


This was a mother and son who encountered unemployment or bankruptcy or other problems and finally had to move from a relatively good neighborhood to a bad one.


Cheng Hao held Danny and read the picture book with him and Lin Yuxun.



Danny couldn’t hear, but Cheng Hao still read the picture book in a colorful way, and as he read it, the child stopped crying and instead ran to Cheng Hao and came over to read the picture book together.



This child was different from the children Cheng Hao met before in the poor community, he seemed very educated, such as this moment, he didn’t grab the book in Cheng Hao’s hands.


Cheng Hao slowly read to them.



As he was reading ……


“S-hit, how dare you try to rob my car!” Cheng Hao suddenly heard the driver shouting, he stood up in surprise and wanted to see what the driver had encountered, then he saw the driver step on the gas pedal and stormed towards the barricade made of some wood in front of him.



That barricade was washed away, in the sound of the rainstorm, there seemed to be people shrieking, but whether it was the barricade or the shrieking, they were left far behind.



Cheng Hao: “……”





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