C29.1—- Going downtown



The next day after the work, Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun went to the community’s general store and bought Danny some white paper and some colorful brushes.


This poor community was the only store that sold such things, when they went to buy, the woman who sold them looked at them in surprise, before taking out the brushes, and wiped off the dust on them with her hands.


Here, people rarely bought something that wasn’t food or drinks.



Cheng Hao never learned to paint in his last life, but there was no shortage of such things as paper and brush. There were some in the school, not to mention the young master Cheng Jinhao. In Hong Kong, where there was a lot of money, he even had a studio at home.


But for Danny, it was the first time he got such a thing.


Even Lin Yuxun, also loved the brush and paper, and touched it several times after he got home.


But he soon let go of it and started making dumplings with Cheng Hao.


Cheng Ho especially missed domestic food, but unfortunately they didn’t have the right conditions to make many foods, but they could make dumplings …… they bought a little pork today for it.


Cheng Hao didn’t have a family, during the previous New Years, he was in the sports team, and the guys often wrapped dumplings together, although Cheng Hao didn’t cook much, he understood how to make dumplings.




Lin Yuxun could also make dumplings, every New Year’s Eve, he and his father would make dumplings.



The two of them made dough together, made dumplings together, cooked dumplings together, and finally brought out a big plate of hot dumplings, which looked delicious.





The large plate of dumplings was placed in the middle of the table, and a small plate was placed in front of each person as a dinner plate.



Lin Yuxun squeezed some tomato sauce into his and Danny’s plate and offered it to Cheng Hao.


Cheng Hao didn’t hesitate to hold out his hand, “No need, I’ll eat it directly.”


He liked to eat dumplings dipped in vinegar and spicy sauce, a little garlic puree wasn’t uncommon, but ketchup, forget it.


Cheng Hao caught a dumpling and took a bite directly.


Then ……


His expression was a little twisted.


This pork, why did it have an unpleasant taste?


The foreign pigs, wasn’t the same as the domestic pig?



Cheng Hao was disappointed, but Lin Yuxun and Danny were very happy.


Seeing that they were happy, Cheng Hao’s mood also changed for the better.


Well, although the pork was difficult to eat, it wasn’t completely inedible …… At some point they could only chew bread, so this pork could also be accepted.


Cheng Hao picked up the bowl with milk next to him and turned to Lin Yuxun, “Come on, cheers!”





Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao with uncertainty.





Cheng Hao touched Lin Yuxun’s bowl with his, “From now on, we are a family, we have to support each other to live on.”





Lin Yuxun’s eyes turned red.





Cheng Hao trained intensely every day, and in the blink of an eye, it was Tuesday, and there was a new competition.


These days he ate well and worked out hard, his body was a little stronger again, and he had more confidence for the next game.


If George didn’t arrange that kind of strong fighter for him.


In the evening, Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun went to old George’s bar together.



Cheng Hao didn’t want Lin Yuxun to go, but Lin Yuxun insisted, so he took him with him, so that Lin Yuxun wouldn’t be worried at home alone.






The first game of the day wasn’t played by Cheng Hao, but by two people who had fought with Cheng Hao, Des and Cyrus.


Cheng Hao felt that old George was also quite interesting, he had brought together two people who had previously lost to him ……


“Cheng Hao, who do you think they will win?” Lin Yuxun asked.


“Cyrus.” Cheng Hao said, according to his experience, Cyrus would win, but of course, accidents could happen.


Speaking of which, the previous tournaments he had participated in, he had won quite unexpectedly.


“I want to place a bet.” Lin Yuxun said.


“Go ahead.” Cheng Hao said, and asked, “How much do you plan to bet?”


Lin Yuxun said, “One dollar?”


Cheng Hao laughed at his words, “At least five dollars! Haha, go ahead and place a bet and try it out!” With Lin Yuxun’s character, it was impossible to bet too much and squander the money, so Cheng Hao was comfortable with him.


Lin Yuxun went to place a bet, but Cheng Hao seriously watched the game.


This game, went on for about fifteen minutes to determine the winner, at the beginning Des had the upper hand, but later he couldn’t beat Cyrus, his mentality became worse, and once his mentality was worse, he lost.


In the second match, it was Cheng Hao’s match, and his opponent, Nick, the insurance salesman.


Obviously, old George wanted him to fight with the fighters over here, one by one, slowly.


Of course he was happy to do that, he needed more fights now to get this body used to fighting and getting used to being beaten.


Nick had been boxing here for many years and his strength shouldn’t be underestimated, thus the audience placed bets on both sides.


Lin Yuxun bet another five dollars on Cheng Hao to win.

He was brought by Cheng Hao, and by definition couldn’t bet, but now the bets were almost equal between the two sides, and he only bets five dollars, of course no one stopped him.


Cheng Hao couldn’t possibly attempt to fake a fight for the three or four dollars he might win.


When Cheng Hao stood in the ring once again, he had the determination to win.



The words that he could change his life by boxing, he said to Lin Yuxun, but also to himself.


In his last life, at the beginning of the provincial boxing team, he wasn’t actually the most talented one, nor was he the one with the best physical condition, but he was the one who persevered until the end.


He always remembered what his life was like as a child.


He was born in a small town in the nineties, surrounded by peers who were all only children, growing up spoiled, and when school was out, there was always pocket money to buy snacks to eat in front of the school.


But he didn’t.


Later, the school stipulated that he couldn’t buy snacks within 200 meters of the school gate. He was very happy because then he would no longer have to worry about his classmates taking him to buy food.


Also, his mother, got sick and died.


At that time, in order to cure the disease, his family borrowed a lot of money, people often came to collect debts, but they simply couldn’t pay, during the poorest time, they couldn’t even get money to buy food.



His parents tried not to shortchange him, but all this, he saw in his eyes.



He didn’t want to live like that, he wanted his children to be able to be clothed and fed, so he was able to keep working out day in and day out and eventually succeed.


Boxing people, without that ruthlessness, could male people change their minds.



Only, Cheng Hao had the same ruthlessness that others have.


Nick, the insurance salesman, talked a lot when he was offstage, but when he got onstage, he changed as if he was a different person.



“Cheng, you know, I have insurance, so …… I’m not afraid of getting hurt.” Nick said to Cheng Hao, after he finished, he didn’t hesitate to rush towards Cheng Hao.


His attack was very fast, forcing Cheng Hao to the fence, but Cheng Hao quickly fought back ……


Time passed by minute by minute.


Even though Cheng Hao had entered a special state, he still had some support, he received a punch to the face, his vision was a little blurred, but he wouldn’t give up.


This was a good opportunity for him to get exercise and become stronger!


Cheng Hao kept defending and took many punches on his body. When encountering such a situation, some people who just started boxing would subconsciously retreat and not dare to continue, but Cheng Hao wasn’t among them.

He had long been used to being beaten, and he would look for every opportunity to attack.


So even though Nick was very powerful, he also took quite a few punches from him, and when he punched Nick in the chest once again …… Nick fell down and never got up.


Cheng Hao was a little confused.


He knew very well that Nick’s strength was more than that.


Even more, if this match continued, the winner should be Nick.


However Nick lost.


Cheng Hao walked towards Nick, pulled Nick up, and they hugged.


“Why did you fall down?” Cheng Hao asked in a low voice, the crowd around was cheering, and there were people cursing Nick, thus his words, only Nick could hear.



“I’m not afraid of getting hurt, but I also don’t want to get myself out of work for a month because of boxing with you …… you know? I make three hundred dollars every month!” Nick said, “Now more and more people are buying insurance, do you want to buy some too?”


Because of the boxing match, Cheng Hao’s breathing was very rapid, he was speechless when he heard Nick’s words, but he was also a little puzzled: “You work income is not low, why do you box?”



“I want a house of my own.” Nick said: “And I started boxing first, and only later went to work as an insurance salesman. I bought insurance for myself while I was boxing and found that a large part of the money I spent on insurance went to the insurance salesman, so I simply applied for a job as a salesman to buy insurance for myself.”



These days, Cheng Hao contacted a lot of people in this community and found that many of them, lived a drunken life.


They never cared about today, not even tomorrow.



Nick was considered one of the very rare ones, who had his own pursuit.


“You will succeed.” Cheng Hao said.


“Of course!” Nick said, “So you want to buy insurance?”


“Sorry, I don’t have any money.” Cheng Hao said.


“Okay ……” Nick was full of disappointment.



Cheng Hao saw Carpenter when he was coming down from the stage with Nick.


As soon as Nick saw Carpenter, he said, “Carpenter, who did you predict to win before? Did you think Cheng Hao would lose again?”



Carpenter couldn’t bear it: “Shut up!”



“Okay, seeing as you bought insurance from me.” Nick said.


Nick quickly left and Carpenter looked at Cheng Hao: “Are you still thinking about it?”



“I’m willing to sign a contract with you.” Cheng Hao said.


“You’re smart to pick the best path for you.” Carpenter said, “We can sign the contract tomorrow, and then you’ll move in with me.”


“Wait …… live with you?” Cheng Hao was startled.


“Of course, boxers who are new to the business live with their agents, and you need to get some training.” Carpenter said.


“Can I train in my own home? Don’t worry, I won’t be lazy, I promise to finish all the training, and I will participate in all the fights you arrange.” Cheng Hao said.


However Carpenter’s eyebrows furrowed: “That’s impossible, I need to know your status.”


“Then …… can you let my two younger brothers come live with me?” Cheng Hao retreated to the second best.


In the current situation, it was impossible for him to leave Lin Yuxun and Danny alone.


The poor community was very chaotic, what if Lin Yuxun or Danny was bullied while he was away?


“I’m not in the charity business.” Carpenter frowned.


“Their living expenses can be paid by me.”


“I don’t like too many people in the house.”


The conversation between the two sides wasn’t very pleasant.


Carpenter thought highly of Cheng Hao and was willing to train him, but he didn’t intend to take in Cheng Ho’s two brothers together; raising and educating two half-grown children was never an easy task.


And he didn’t like strangers living in his house.


But for Cheng Hao, at such a time, it was impossible for him to leave Lin Yuxun and Danny alone.



As for renting a room to live near Carpenter’s house …… Carpenter didn’t live here, the area where Carpenter’s house was located, Cheng Hao couldn’t afford the rent expenses.


“Sorry, I can’t leave my brothers alone.”


“Are you sure? Cheng, you should know that you can’t make it out just by boxing here, and I’ve seen you fight, and you have good skills, but you need more professional training,” Carpenter said.


“I’m sure.” Cheng Hao said. He understood Carpenter’s request.


This wasn’t the age of the Internet, not even cell phones, mutual contact was mainly done by going directly to the door.


For Carpenter, it was really too inconvenient for a fighter not to be put under his eyes.



Carpenter continued: “Cheng, I can see that you’re very confident, but boxing isn’t that simple! You are in contact with amateur boxers, so you can always win. Now you are not comparable to professional boxers, and you’re an asian. Few yellow people have made achievements in the boxing arena…”


Carpenter didn’t continue, but Cheng Hao understood what he meant.


In Carpenter’s opinion, he had value, but not a lot of value.


Cheng Hao said, “You can come back to see my fight after some days.”


In fact, if Carpenter hadn’t initiated it, Cheng Hao hadn’t planned to find a boxing agent now, because his current strength wasn’t enough.


“Okay ……” Carpenter responded and didn’t say anything else.


Cheng Hao smiled at him and started to watch the others’ matches.


Carpenter and Cheng Hao’s conversation was all in Lin Yuxun’s ears, and his mood was extraordinarily complicated.



Cheng Hao’s income today was one hundred and forty dollars.



As the players he fought against became more and more powerful, and as he began to have popularity in the bar, his income had increased accordingly.


But it was still very little money, converting to only about four thousand yuan.



However, in this place, there were some people who didn’t necessarily earn four thousand yuan a year.


While Cheng Hao was sweating in Old George’s bar, Cheng Yanqi had already arrived in the United States.


He didn’t find his son.


His big brother had arranged a school and a host family for his son, but his son hadn’t reported to that school at all, and the host family, simply didn’t exist.


Cheng Yanqi hadn’t slept for several days, and hadn’t eaten much, he lost a lot of weight, but still couldn’t find anything.



How easy was it to find a child in such a huge, unfamiliar country?


Cheng Yanqi even guessed that his son might have met with an untimely death.


He trusted his half-brother and gave his son to his elder brother, but he never expected to get such a result in the end.



And this matter, of course, couldn’t be all related to his brother, his other siblings’ were involved.


In this way, he and his brother could turn against each other, he also lost his son, the future division of property, wouldn’t they take advantage of it?


The Cheng family’s rivalry, Cheng Yanqi had known since childhood.


He didn’t like them and simply found a way to avoid them. When others were scrambling to get into the company, he ran away to study art.


He never expected to get too much, nor did he want the right to run the company.


However, he didn’t fight or grab, but there were still people who counted on him .


Cheng Yanqi covered his stomach and dry heaved, he vomited for a long time, however, in the end nothing came out.


His son hadn’t yet been found, so he didn’t intend to leave the United States, but he intended to make some changes.


Cheng Yanqi took a taxi to the bookstore and bought all the books on finance.


Since he was a child living in the Cheng family, under the influence of his eyes and ears, he actually knew a lot about business, but he deliberately didn’t think more about it.


But now, he had to.




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