C28—– Agent


Cheng Hao didn’t know anything about the Cheng family.



Cheng Jinhao was dead. He was the one who survived, so he subconsciously put the Cheng family aside.



This time, Cheng Hao was happy with one thing – he earned a lot!



He had played two games before and had gained fame, so this time not only did a lot of people bet, but also people gave him rewards, so after one game, he earned a lot, which was comparable to all of Lin Yuxun’s savings now.



Putting the money in his pocket, Cheng Hao was in a good mood.



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao, but his mood was extraordinarily complicated.



He listened to what Cheng Hao said, he knew he had no reason to stop Cheng Hao from boxing, but he also realized one thing, that was, Cheng Hao was very good.



Cheng Hao was always thinking about him and Danny.



How could he be so lucky to have met him?


However, he still didn’t want Cheng Hao to fight, after all, it was too dangerous, if only he could make lots and lots of money.



Unfortunately, what he has now was even less than what Cheng Hao had, and there was no way he could make any money.



Cheng Hao didn’t know Lin Yuxun’s thoughts, he took Lin Yuxun outside the lounge, to watch the next match.


Since Lin Yuxun was here, there was no need to cover it up, it was better to let him know the situation and worry less.



The people around them didn’t understand Chinese, so Cheng Hao spoke to Lin Yuxun in Chinese: “This kind of competition is basically for the lowest level boxers, but it can also make money. If you can make a head start, then you can get a very high appearance fee.”



Cheng Hao knew somethings about professional boxing in the United States, but not much, so he just briefly talked about it.



Lin Yuxun listened to all of it and kept looking around.



After a while, Lin Yuxun suddenly asked, “Can I place a bet here?”


“Yes.” Cheng Hao said.



“Then can I go and place a bet?” Lin Yuxun asked again.


Cheng Hao really didn’t know …… he asked Carpenter.



Carpenter nodded, “Boxers can’t place bets on their own fights, but for other people’s fights, you can place a little bit.”


Hearing Carpenter’s words, Lin Yuxun thought about it, and Cheng Hao also thought of a possibility to make money – placing bets.


He had a good eye and could basically guess who could win and who would lose.



Since this was the case, betting five or ten dollars each time, it was good to make money, and not too much to lose if it wasn’t the right one.



While Cheng Hao was still thinking, Carpenter asked again, “Cheng, do you want to find an agent?”


Over here in the United States, there were many organizations that had come together to package boxing as a very profitable sport.



And in order to make more money, these organizations would sign fighters and then let them fight and get appearance fees, and they even held some fights themselves – just picked a venue and invite the fighters, and they could start selling tickets!



In this case, if they trained a great boxer and packaged him as a sports star, they could really make lots and lots of money!


This mode of operation, in fact, was somewhat like the entertainment industry, and boxing agent, not much different from an agent in the entertainment industry.


“Of course I want an agent …… but does anyone want me?” Cheng Hao asked.


“Of course, you’re great and very young.” Carpenter said, “I think highly of you, if you want, I can be your agent.”



“You?” Cheng Hao looked at Carpenter in surprise.


Carpenter nodded, “Yes, me. For many years before, I relied on boxing to make money, but now that my physical condition is not that good anymore, I want to change my job and become an agent in the future. If you are willing to follow me, I will definitely train you to become a professional boxer.”


“I need money.” Cheng Hao said. Boxing was very profitable, but not every boxer could make money, many boxers who were new to the industry not only couldn’t earn money, if they wanted to go to the boxing tournaments held by certain organizations, they had to pay money ……



Because of this, some agents signed boxers and then at first they wouldn’t pay the boxers, especially those who were young.


“I can take you to the fight and we’ll split the appearance fee in half.” Carpenter said, “Or you can continue to fight here and the money you make goes to you.”


“I’ll think about it.” Cheng Hao said.


Carpenter agreed.



After talking to Carpenter, it was late and the fights were almost over, so Cheng Hao took Lin Yuxun and left the bar.



While watching the fight with Lin Yuxun, some spectators came over and gave Cheng Hao some food, which he ate, so he didn’t need to buy any more food on the way back.



When they arrived home, Danny was already asleep.


They gently laid on the bed and slept.


The next day, Cheng Hao woke up only when he heard a sound outside, and then found that Lin Yuxun was already cooking.





Lin Yuxun added eggs and water to the flour and spread it into an egg cake, and then fried a plate of carrots with sausage, and then boiled a plate of broccoli.



While eating breakfast, Cheng Hao noticed that Lin Yuxun looked more tired, he didn’t sleep well again last night, and at the same time, he thought of something: “By the way, how did you know that I was boxing at Old George’s?”



Yesterday, Lin Yuxun appeared too suddenly, Cheng Hao just thought about how to convince Lin Yuxun, and forgot to ask Lin Yuxun how he knew he was boxing.



Lin Yuxun’s expression stiffened, and only after a while did he say, “I knew there were people boxing there, and I was a little suspicious when I saw you injured …… and as soon as I went, they thought I was your brother and let me in.”


Cheng Hao didn’t suspect.


Since Chester knew about Old George’s bar, Lin Yuxun certainly could also know.



Cheng Hao said, “Let’s go quickly and finish your work, then you can sleep in the afternoon.”


“You don’t have to go, I’ll just go alone.” Lin Yuxun immediately said, “You are already very tired!”



“If I don’t go, you might have to finish your work late again.” Cheng Hao continued, “Let’s go!”


Cheng Hao hugged Danny, pulled Lin Yuxun and left.



He planned to let Lin Yuxun not work after some days, when he had more money, and specialize in making up his homework, and then find a better school for Lin Yuxun to study.


As for now …… his job wasn’t stable in the end, Lin Yuxun had to work for a period of time.


The three went out on the way to work and ran into Chester.



But Chester saw them from afar and ran away in a huff.



Cheng Hao was satisfied to see this – he taught this man a few times, this man finally dared not come to mess with them!



However, he didn’t know that what Chester was afraid of was actually not him, but Lin Yuxun.



People like Chester know how to read people’s minds, and after he had spent time with Cheng Hao, he knew that Cheng Hao was a decent person and wouldn’t really do anything to people, that was why he wasn’t afraid of him, and that was why he took advantage when he found out that Cheng Hao was injured.



The most they could get was a beating and nothing else.



Lin Yuxun, however, was different.



Chester couldn’t help but shiver when he remembered what happened the other day.


That day, he didn’t know what Lin Yuxun gave him to eat, he was sick for two days, and even now his legs were still a little weak!


It was okay to mess with Cheng Hao, that Lin Yuxun, mustn’t be messed with!


This kind of eerie guy might ki-ll someone at some point!



If Lin Yuxun knew what Chester was thinking, he would have been speechless.



He gave Chester a little bit of laundry detergent that day, Chester hadn’t swallowed much, not enough to get sick, Chester actually scared himself sick.



As for kil-ling people, it was even less likely. He still wanted to make money to live a good life, how could he go ki-ll people?



However, if it was in the past, he might really move the knife on people after being pushed hard, then he was in despair, it was possible to do anything.





After work, Lin Yuxun went to sleep, while Cheng Hao trained on the top floor of the balcony.



His training was mainly jump rope, push-ups and squats and so on, he could do it on the balcony and it was quite simple, as for running, he’d wait for the night to go out and run a circle.



Danny couldn’t hear, so his quality of sleep at night was always particularly good, and when he didn’t nap in the afternoon, while Cheng Hao trained, he read or wrote next to him, and occasionally followed Cheng Hao.


Of course, he couldn’t keep up.


For example, jumping rope, it took him a lot of effort to learn, but every time he reached a hundred jumps, he got tired and couldn’t continue.


Cheng Hao trained very attentively, and when resting, he would teach Danny.


He couldn’t teach much, watching Danny holding a new writing book, Cheng Hao suddenly thought of something, took that book, on the top, he drew a chicken, a duck, and a small person.


He casually sketched, the result of this casual drawing, was surprisingly lifelike.



Discovering this, Cheng Hao was stunned.




After all, he couldn’t draw …… he grew up in a poor family and didn’t have to learn, in the boxing team, he didn’t learn even more, so his drawing level was still stuck in kindergarten!


So, he could draw something like this …… Cheng Hao took out Cheng Jinhao’s memory and looked at it, only to find that Cheng Jinhao started learning to draw from a young age, his father also drew very well.



Of course, Cheng Jinhao began to learn since childhood, not only painting, in fact, he also learned piano, Go, saxophone, tennis, swimming and many other skills, he could be said to be multi-talented.



It was just a pity that all of this was just memories to Cheng Hao, and there was no way to master it unless he went through special practice.



At most, …… more than ten years of drawing experience, could make him draw a very beautiful sketch duck.



Cheng Hao got excited and drew a pig again.


Danny clapped his hands excitedly and happily next to him.



When Cheng Hao continued training, he also followed the drawing, but he drew messily.



Cheng Hao didn’t ask much of Danny, even if Danny drew messily, he would pick him up and give him praise. When Lin Yuxun got up, he even said, “Let’s go buy Danny some paints and brushes so he can draw when he’s bored.”



“Paints and brushes are a bit expensive.” Lin Yuxun’s first thought was this.



Cheng Hao quickly retorted, “You can’t measure everything with money, it will make you miss something, for example, if you think certain learning materials are expensive and can’t afford to buy them, you may end up not learning what you should learn and not getting into college …… We can’t be wasteful, but the money that should be spent should also be spent. By the way, the money to you.”



Cheng Hao gave the money he got last night to Lin Yuxun.



“I still have money, you don’t have to give it to me.” Lin Yuxun said in a hurry.



Cheng Hao nodded, “Don’t, it’s better for you to take the money, if I keep it, maybe I’ll spend it all if I’m not careful.”




Cheng Hao had always felt that he couldn’t spend money recklessly, but last time the money that had just arrived, was spent all at once, it made him doubt his ability to manage money.



Come to think of it, he really didn’t manage his money much in his last life …… as an athlete, he didn’t have the time to spend money and didn’t need to spend money.



Since he couldn’t manage the money himself, he might as well let Lin Yuxun take it.


When Lin Yuxun heard the word “family”, his heart warmed up and he didn’t even think about giving the money back to Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao added: “By the way, if you study in the future, you will know that money can be managed more and more, because you can take the money to invest.”


“Investment?” Lin Yu asked.



“Investment is to take money to buy assets, such as stocks.” Cheng Hao thought of companies like Microsoft and Apple.



If he could invest in such big companies and buy their stocks in the early days of these companies, he would surely make a fortune later!




However, these two companies were now available, but they didn’t have money yet.



In another ten or twenty years, when they had money, by then the shares of these companies, they would no longer afford to buy.



Cheng Hao soon stopped thinking about this, after all, he didn’t even know how to buy stocks.



If he wanted to make money, he might as well think about the appearance fees he could get after becoming a boxing champion, then he could also do ads and endorsements, or even get a cameo role in movies, that was all money!



In the United States, at first boxing was mostly for white people, but later there was an influx of black people, because the poor as long as they dared to fight, they could rely on boxing to change their fate, many people came here to box, with the poor people in Kenya desperately practicing long-distance running.



Of course, it was a bit far to think about this now.



While Cheng Hao mulled over his boxing career, Lin Yuxun was taking Cheng Hao’s words to heart.



He could buy more assets in the future, so that Cheng Hao’s money would get bigger.



So thinking, Lin Yuxun immediately had an incomparably strong desire to learn, he wanted to understand those things he didn’t understand, his mindset quickly changed.




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