C24 —- Revenge

Chester grew up with no one to control him, and was raised wildly on his own.


He was fine when he was young, after all, he was too young, people weren’t willing to take him anywhere, but in the past few years he got older, he stole and did a lot of ill-egal things, the police had caught him many times.



He liked to bu-lly people, find ways to get money from people weaker than him, but he was also afraid of people stronger than him, and tried to curry favor with them.



But he was only 14 years old, two years younger than Lin Yuxun. He didn’t dare to ki-ll people or set fire to them, but he heard of some terrible cases that happened here.



For example, someone once threw lime towards someone’s eyes, then knocked them down and robbed them, and the lime turned out to have blinded the robbed person’s eyes …… the robber was later arrested and sent to jail.



This happened, right in their community.


Now Lin Yuxun threw white powd-er towards him, Chester first thought of this incident, thinking that Lin Yuxun threw lime …… he screamed in horror: “Oh! God! My eyes!”



Lin Yuxun just threw flour.



He knew the importance of light.



Seeing that Chester cover his eyes, Lin Yuxun slapped a brick on Chester’s face.



Cheng Hao often worry about Lin Yuxun being bullied, when he chatted with Lin Yuxun, he would talk about how to resist when being bulli-ed, such as punching towards someone’s nose or something.



Even if Lin Yuxun wasn’t very strong, hitting someone’s nose could also make them feel bad.



Now Lin Yuxun did just that, he slapped a brick on Chester’s face.



Chester covered his eyes with both hands, more or less so that the brick didn’t hit much, but his nose was too big, in the end, it was caught.



What was more, after hurting his nose, his eyes were particularly sore ……



“God, help me ……” Chester wailed all of a sudden, his mental defenses broken, stumbling backwards.



Lin Yuxun also didn’t know where he got the strength, as soon as he pushed him down, he waved his fists and hit indiscriminately.



In the past, when Chester robbed him of his money, he didn’t beat him much, and then he could only suffer in silence, but today he resisted, and his position with Chester, too, changed.



Lin Yuxun pun-ched him again and again, he hated Chester for robbing him before, and he hated Chester for hurting Cheng Hao.


This da-mn Chester, how dare he hurt Cheng Hao!


“Don’t hit, please ……” Chester began to beg for mercy: “My eyes, my eyes are going blind!”



Lin Yuxun saw this and took out a small package of detergent he had purchased.



This was a tablet that could be used to wash clothes, now, Lin Yuxun fed Chester a little.



His mother used to get drunk and eat this stuff by mistake, nothing happened after she ate it, but she looked terrible and her mouth was full of bubbles.



Now Lin Yuxun used this to scare Chester.



“What did you give me to eat? God, you’re a demon!” Chester was taken aback and tried not to swallow the stuff, but it melted in his mouth and he felt a strange, horrible taste in his mouth.


“Yesterday, did you guys beat up Cheng Hao?” Lin Yuxun asked, “If you don’t tell me, I’ll give you some more and let your stomach rot through!”



Chester liked to watch movies and television, he had seen all the “Fu Manchu” series of movies, and always felt that Lin Yuxun was just like Fu Manchu, a highly intelligent and anti-human guy.



At this moment, he was convinced that Lin Yuxun had given him some terrible poison: “Don’t give it to me, please …..”



“Why did you guys beat up Cheng Hao?” Lin Yuxun asked.



“We didn’t hit him.” Chester broke down, “We couldn’t beat him at all, we were beaten by him.”



“If it wasn’t you guys, how did he get hurt?”



Chester cried out, “He went boxing, he was beaten by someone else, and he hit us …… God, my eyes ……”



“What’s going on?” Lin Yuxun sought to understand.



Chester immediately told what he knew.



Lin Yuxun froze.


He previously thought that Cheng Hao had been beaten and bu-llied, so he made plans to help Cheng Hao take revenge.



But now, he realized that Cheng Hao hadn’t been beaten up, he had actually gone boxing.



Lin Yuxun didn’t know the specifics of boxing, but one thing he was sure of, Cheng Hao went boxing and was prone to injury.



Cheng Hao, was getting hurt to make money.



Lin Yuxun suddenly thought of last Friday, the day Cheng Hao returned with the money.



That day Cheng Hao knew about his work outside, and then went to boxing, brought money back.


Cheng Hao thought he was working hard, so he went boxing, right? If he had been more careful not to let Cheng Hao find out, would Cheng Hao not have gone boxing?

So Cheng Hao was injured, because of him.


Lin Yuxun felt useless, and a moment of low emotions almost overwhelmed him.


Luckily, Chester kept wailing, bringing him back to his senses.



Lin Yuxun grabbed Chester’s neck with his hand: “Chester, what happened today, you can’t tell anyone, if you dare to tell anyone, I won’t let you off in the future!”



“I won’t say anything, I won’t.” Chester immediately replied, “Please let me go!”



Lin Yuxun left directly without bothering Chester again.



It was dark, and Cheng Hao was still waiting for him.


Cheng Hao was indeed waiting for Lin Yuxun.



Lin Yuxun gave Cheng Hao five dollars a few days ago, and when he went out today, he gave Cheng Hao another two dollars to buy something to eat.


However, Cheng Hao was so happy to have money that he spent it all ……



Then this afternoon, Cheng Hao found someone poking around their home …… he suddenly thought of something.



In this place, there were many robbers.



Previously they didn’t have to worry about them because Lin Yuxun and Danny were too poor, but today he bought a lot of things to go home.



Someone must have seen it, and they were mostly already targeted by those people, if he went out in this situation, maybe those people would empty his house.


That roll-up door was really not safe !



Cheng Hao felt that he was really too ill-considered, but the place he used to live was so safe that he didn’t consider it well enough after he came here.



Of course, the situation in front of him, it wasn’t impossible to solve …… just move.



But the money was spent by him.



Cheng Hao couldn’t even take Danny to Lin Yuxun, so they waited for Lin Yuxun to come back.



As a result, Lin Yuxun didn’t come back until it was dark.


When Cheng Hao saw Lin Yuxun, he was overjoyed: “Lin Yuxun, you’re back!”


“Well, I bought some food for you.” Lin Yuxun said, while taking out food from his pocket, “I bought an apple pie, and some sandwiches ……”


Halfway through Lin Yuxun’s words, he stopped.


He found a lot more things in the house, and there were some brand new books sitting on the table.



“Great, we’re already hungry.” Cheng Hao took that apple pie and cut it into three portions, he gave one to Danny and then took a bite of his own portion.


He had never eaten a cooked apple before, today was his first time, it …… was okay.



While Ceng Hao was eating, Lin Yuxun pointed to the books on the table: “Where did these books come from?”



Cheng Hao quickly responded: “I worked in the bar last night and received some tips, I also got a thank you fee from the person I helped. Lin Yuxun, I brought back a large sum of money yesterday, is it particularly impressive?”



Cheng Hao was glowing.



Lin Yuxun, however, had a very hard time in his heart: “Yes.


“It’s a pity that I spent it all!” Cheng Hao sighed and took the sandwich to eat again.



Lin Yuxun said: “Spending it all is nothing ……” That was the money Cheng Hao earned, Cheng Hao could buy whatever he wanted!



“I think so too! I will still have income in the future.” Cheng Hao said, “By the way, I bought you clothes,, go try it on!”



Lin Yuxun was in a bit of a trance before, but now he noticed that both Cheng Hao and Danny were wearing new clothes.



According to Cheng Hao, he also had.


Cheng Hao had been badly injured before he earned the money to buy him new clothes.



Lin Yuxun couldn’t say what it was like in his heart.



And by this time, Chester had also come home, he hugged his mother and cried: “Mom, someone threw lime at me and fed me poison ……”



Chester’s mother smelled washing powder from Chester’s mouth and pinched some flour from Chester’s face.



Then she pushed her son’s head away, “Leave me alone! I’m busy!”





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