C23 – Spend it all

Cheng Hao looked like he wanted money and didn’t care about his life, making Old George speechless.



Old George wasn’t a kind person, but Cheng Hao didn’t look too old, so he was a little more tolerant of Cheng Hao, “Little guy, don’t ignore your body for money.”



“Thank you for your concern.” Cheng Hao thanked him seriously but felt that he needed to learn how to be beaten.


Every boxer, had to be able to take a beating, in his previous life, taking a beating was a daily routine, just a part of training.



Unfortunately, his current body hadn’t been beaten, and wasn’t used to being beaten.



While thinking about this matter, Cheng Hao took the money from old George’s hand.



So two games would be six thousand, compared to other jobs, this job was definitely considered to be a fast money maker.



Cheng Hao, who had been very poor recently, was a little excited.



Old George probably tried to make the money easier for Cheng Hao to spend, he didn’t give him large denominations, there were many notes, Cheng Hao took it and stuffed the money into his pocket without counting, then he laid down: “I want to rest a little more. ”



Cheng Hao continue to rest, old George didn’t care about him, he turned around and went out – there were other fighters to fight!



The lounge was suddenly much less crowded, but there were still a lot of people there, Gerald and Des were still cursing at each other, Carpenter also didn’t leave.



Outside, the audience had begun to place bets for a new round of boxing, Cheng Hao also regained a little strength, he began to dress up – they fought bare chested.




Before he came here today, he told Lin Yuxun that he might not return until eleven o’clock at night, because he wanted to watch others compete.



Although he was a little injured, he still needed to watch the fights.



Carpenter asked, “Kid, you’re going back?” He remembered that Cheng Hao left as soon as the game was over last time, not staying at all, which made Jelal and those spectators more angry.



“No, I’m going to watch the fights.” Cheng Hao replied.



“Let’s go together.” Carpenter said.



Cheng Hao had already remembered that Carpenter was one of the boxers here, so he followed Carpenter out and stood in front of the lounge to watch the match.



When they went out, the match had just started.



Carpenter spoke first, ” Nick and Cyrus are in the ring now, Nick is a bit talkative, he is an insurance salesman, he may sell you insurance in a few days, and as for Cyrus, he is a policeman.”


Cheng Hao: “…… police?” Cheng Hao also knew that these fighters were amateur fighters, and amateur fighters, many of them didn’t make a living from boxing, they just liked boxing or used it as a way to earn extra money.



But he didn’t expect that a police officer would come to box as well.


All those spectators didn’t look like good people!



“Yes, he’s a cop, you can get on good terms with him so if you get arrested later, you can get out faster.” Carpenter said.



Cheng Hao: “Thanks ……”


Nick and Cyrus had a good fight, but Cheng Hao watched and found that they were much weaker than he thought.


It was also true that these people were amateurs in the end, they hadn’t been exposed to professional training.



After he became famous in his last life, there were many amateur boxers who came to challenge him, and he usually didn’t say yes, but when he did, he would knock them down easily.



Those people were no match for him at all.



Ordinary people using their hobby to challenge professional athletes was very ridiculous ……



In comparison, in terms of skills and experience and what not, compared with Des and the two in front of him, perhaps Jelal was the strongest, but unfortunately his physical quality was too poor ……



Cheng Hao began to analyze the situation that he would encounter when he fought against these people.



The result of the analysis was that as long as he received some more training, he would be able to defeat them.



His current body was only sixteen years old, although he had learned martial arts before, that was just a young master learning self-defense skills, it wasn’t hard. Therefore, his physical condition wasn’t comparable to those tall adult men.



Even if one was just an insurance salesman.



After the match between Cheng Hao and Des, three more matches were done.



Carpenter introduced all the fighters to Cheng Hao, who memorized them all with difficulty.



He wasn’t face blind, but it was still difficult to distinguish a group of black people.



When all the boxing matches were over, Cheng Hao was ready to leave.



He was going home to sleep and get some rest.



Des’s punches were really heavy and now his stomach still hurt ……



Cheng Hao said goodbye to Carpenter and headed outside the bar, along the way, many people came to greet him, “Hi! Cheng!”



“Cutie, you’re great!”



“Even though you made me lose money, you’re good.”




These customers praised Cheng Hao, and some people gave a thumbs up towards Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao nodded to them with a smile and walked outside with his head up, but when he got outside, he couldn’t maintain his upright posture anymore.



He covered his stomach and let out a light “hiss”.


The good thing was that although Des was strong, he couldn’t compare with those opponents in his previous life, at least not their ability to break other people’s bones, so his injuries were flesh wounds.



Cheng Hao was now worried about how to explain to Lin Yuxun.



If the injury was on his body, it was fine, but he now also had injuries on his face ……



Enduring the pain while walking forward, he was still making up excuses in his mind …… Cheng Hao was walking when he was stopped by someone, it was Chester and his two companions.



Those three looked at Cheng Hao, then Chester asked, “You were at Old George’s for the boxing match?”



Cheng Hao stood up straight and frowned at Chester, “So what if I was?”



Chester said, “You look like you were badly injured and beaten up, right? But even if you lost, you should still have money ……”



No sooner had Chester’s words fallen, a man beside him struck Cheng Hao with a stick.



Cheng Hao was already on guard when Chester approached.



He didn’t feel that these three punks stopped him, they most likely didn’t have good intentions.



The three boys were indeed ill-intentioned. They had been holding a grudge after getting beat up by Cheng Hao, and today they were wandering outside the bar but couldn’t get in, so they felt it was Cheng Hao’s fault, who made him refuse to take them in?



The more they talked, the angrier they got, and the more they drank, the bolder they got, and when they see Cheng Hao coming out with injuries, they wanted to come and pick up a bargain.



As for Cheng Hao being powerful …… he was injured! And they brought weapons today!



Fighting with a stick and without a stick was really different!



However, just when the stick was about to hit Cheng Hao, Cheng Hao kicked Chester towards the man with the stick, he also snatched the stick ……



The rest of the boys saw the situation and ran out of shadows at once.



Cheng Hao: “……”



Cheng Hao picked Chester up and punched Chester in the face, “Chester, I warned you not to make trouble, I didn’t think you still couldn’t learn!”



“I was wrong, please let me go ……” Chester immediately cried with a runny nose: “I’m just too hungry, I haven’t eaten for days, I really can’t ……”



Cheng Hao: “……” If he hadn’t seen him in the relief center, even sharing food, he might have believed ……



Before Des’s sudden cry annoyed Cheng Hao, now seeing Chester made him even more annoyed, he wasn’t in good health today and he was too lazy to teach people, so he threw Chester to the ground: “Go away!”



Chester and the man who was robbed of the stick, ran away in a flash.



Cheng Hao carried the stick and walked back with some boredom.



Cheng Hao returned home, opened the roll-up door and turned on the lights, only to find that it was almost eleven o’clock.



He was a little sore, but still went to take a shower before returning to the bedroom.



When Cheng Hao was ready to lie down, Lin Yuxun was woken up and opened his eyes in a daze: “You’re back …… what happened to you?”



Originally looking a little dazed, Lin Yuxun sat up violently and looked at Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao’s face was swollen!



Cheng Hao told Lin Yuxun to go to bed early, but Cheng Hao didn’t come back, how Lin Yuxun could sleep? He had been lying in the dark, waiting for Cheng Hao to come back.



Only when he heard the sound of Cheng Hao coming back, did he settle down and then he pretended to just wake up when Cheng Hao came in.




As a result, he actually saw that Cheng Hao was injured!



Cheng Hao was shocked by Lin Yuxun’s reaction, and his heart felt a little warm: “I’m fine, I just met some people on the road who were bullying people, and I did what was right! I’m particularly strong, I beat several of them! They all cried and begged me for mercy! They were so ugly when they cried!”



“You were injured ……” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao blankly.



Cheng Hao quickly replied, “It’s just a superficial injury ……” his voice lowered, and when Lin Yuxun looked at him, he fell silent.



“Let’s go see a doctor or buy some medicine.” Lin Yuxun sat up.



“No, I’ll be fine after a good sleep.” Cheng Hao reached out and pressed him down, and after he laid down and covered himself with the quilt, he started snoring.



Lin Yuxun: “……” Cheng Hao slept well and never snored.



However, Cheng Hao obviously didn’t want to go to the doctor, and he couldn’t do anything.



He didn’t have the money yet to have a doctor come and look at Cheng Hao.



Lin Yuxun suddenly got a little disgusted with himself, feeling useless, and then got worried – his previous attitude was a little mean and aggressive, would Cheng Hao feel unhappy?



Lin Yuxun laid down, but couldn’t sleep, Cheng Hao, who was pretending to sleep, soon fell asleep.


The breathing of the person beside him became stable, and Lin Yuxun thought about it and turned on the light.



He carefully lifted Cheng Hao’s quilt, and lifted Cheng Hao’s clothes …… Cheng Hao’s body also had bruises.



Cheng Hao was beaten, and beaten badly.



Lin Yuxun hadn’t been beaten by others since he was a child.



His father was good to him, but it wasn’t that he wouldn’t hit him. The man had endured too much stress in his life and became easily angered.



If he made a noise when his father was tired and wanted to sleep, his father would beat him, he didn’t make a good meal when his father came back, his father would beat him, he fought with the children around, his father would beat him even more.



But he slowly grew up and was able to behave so that his father would stop beating him.



But when he came to his mother, the beatings started again.



Living in poverty and having a defective son made his mother depraved and selfish, and she would scold her own son, whether it was him or Danny, whenever the slightest thing didn’t go her way.



Later, he was beaten by his classmates and by people who robbed him.



The vast majority of the time, Lin Yuxun was silent and didn’t resist, he couldn’t resist.



Even when he was beaten, he wasn’t very angry, he was used to it.



But now when he saw that Cheng Hao had injuries on his body, Lin Yuxun felt anger bubbling up from his heart.



Cheng Hao was so good, how could anyone bear to hurt him?



Did he really see something bad happening, or did he have a conflict with someone at work?



Lin Yuxun thought for a long time and didn’t sleep until the early morning, but he still woke up early in the morning.



When he woke up, Cheng Hao was still sleeping.



Lin Yuxun got up gently, not wanting to wake up Cheng Hao, but his bed wasn’t strong, and the slightest movement made a “creaking” sound ……



Cheng Hao woke up right after that.



Cheng Hao found that his body was really great, after sleeping, his body didn’t hurt much.



But the bruises on his body would probably take two days to fade away.



Cheng Hao yawned, “Time?” As he spoke, he went to wake up Danny.



But Lin Yuxun stopped him, “Cheng Hao, you’re injured, stay home and rest today.”



“I just have superficial injuries, it’s fine.”



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao seriously, full of insistence: “You’re injured, you can’t go.”



Lin Yuxun had been very soft in front of Cheng Hao, and it was rare for him to be so insistent on one thing.



Cheng Hao thought about it and agreed: “Okay.”


Seeing Cheng Hao promise, Lin Yuxun finally put his mind at ease and went out to work alone.



And when Lin Yuxun left, Cheng Hao immediately woke up Danny.



It didn’t matter if he didn’t follow Lin Yuxun out today, he had other things to do!



When Danny woke up, he went to wash up obediently, and when he was done …… Cheng Hao picked him up and gave him a kiss on the forehead, then took him out – he had money, he had to go shopping!



Cheng Hao usually had no desire to shop, after all, he never lacked things.



But since he came here, he wanted everything.



After taking Danny out, Cheng Hao went straight to a clothing store.



He chose two sets of clothes for himself from inside to outside, and two sets each for Lin Yuxun and Danny, and then bought a few more pairs of underwear.



The underwear Lin Yuxun was wearing now were actually made from long pants cut short!



After buying clothes, he went to buy a watch …… Chinese watches were very cheap if you didn’t look at the brand, on Taobao, twenty to thirty yuan could buy a very beautiful watch, but here the watches were much more expensive, but he now had money!



After buying the watch, he also needed to buy all kinds of toiletries, he already had toothpaste and toothbrush, but Danny and Lin Yuxun didn’t, shampoo was also needed.



There were also clean towels, some new bowls and some small things ……



Cheng Hao could only take these home first, and then take Danny continue to buying things.



He bought another new quilt, and finally found a bookstore.



Cheng Hao bought Danny a few picture books for preschoolers, literacy books, math books, a few brand new notebooks for Lin Yuxun, some ballpoint pens ……



When Cheng Hao finished paying, he suddenly realized that ……



The two hundred dollars he earned last night had all been spent.



Cheng Hao was a little confused for a while.



He had previously thought that he would save up after earning money and then ask Lin Yuxun not to go to work, but in a flash …… his money was all spent?



Cheng Hao took the quilt and the book and went back home, then he was again stopped by the landlord Mr. Dampier, Mr. Dampier saw that he bought so many things but didn’t fix the door, and was furious.



Fortunately, Mr. Dampier’s co-habitant, a woman called Aunt Beverly by Lin Yuxun called Mr. Dampier away.



Cheng Hao chatted with Lin Yuxun from time to time these days, and also talked about the landlord Mr. Dampier, he knew that Lin Yuxun was able to rent this cheap garage in the first place, thanks to Beverly.


Ms. Beverly was originally in the skin business like Lin Yuxun’s mother, but she later met Mr. Dampier and moved in with him.



Mr. Dampier didn’t treat her very well, the stingy Mr. Dampier, wasn’t willing to give her money, but she at least had a house to live in, food to eat, and he even gave her health insurance.



Lin Yuxun’s mother had a good relationship with her, and she helped Lin Yuxun and Danny when they were at their wit’s end.



Mr. Landlord finally left …… Cheng Hao sighed and looked at Danny: “Danny, not long ago I had two hundred dollars, now I have nothing!”



Danny didn’t know what Cheng Hao was talking about and looked at Cheng Hao in confusion.



Cheng Hao picked him up and laughed: “But it’s nothing …… Danny, you look great in your new clothes, and your brother will definitely look great in them too!”



Danny happily hugged Cheng Hao back.



Cheng Hao’s buying speed was very fast, he took out the bread he bought with the last fifty cents, and shared with Danny.



And at this time, Lin Yuxun had just eaten in the school cafeteria.



After eating, he ran to his place of work, wanting to quickly finish today’s work in order to go home, but he met Chester on the road.



When he saw Chester, Lin Yuxun subconsciously shrank to the side, not wanting Chester to notice him.



But Chester still saw him: “Tony? It’s you, the rat! Hmph! Don’t think you’re okay just because you have someone to protect you, one day I’ll teach you a lesson!”



Lin Yuxun heard Chester’s words, then he saw Chester’s high swollen face, his heart “thumped”, he suddenly thought of something.



Cheng Hao, did he fight with these people?



These days Lin Yuxun hadn’t been touched by Chester and the others, he thought he was very lucky, but now, he realized that something was wrong.



Chester and the others always came to rob him before, how could they suddenly stop robbing now?



Lin Yuxun suddenly spoke, “You guys are threatening me, aren’t you afraid that I will tell Cheng Hao?”



Chester’s face changed, but he quickly retorted, “Go tell him! He’s badly injured, right? See if he can beat us!”



Although Chester said so, after he finished speaking, he ran away.



Even if Cheng Hao was injured, he could still beat them.



Lin Yuxun looked at his back and his body trembled slightly.



Cheng Hao didn’t go out after he came back last night, but Chester knew that Cheng Hao was injured.



Cheng Hao was injured because he fought with Chester and the others.



It was all because of him.



Lin Yuxun gritted his teeth and turned around and went to a store.



He bought a little flour and a bottle of detergent, then returned to work as if nothing had happened and began to work.



He used to work very carefully, but today he was slightly perfunctory, and as a result, he finished his work just after two o’clock in the afternoon.



He knew where Chester and the others liked to go …… Lin Yuxun gritted his teeth and went to them.



It was also his good luck that he soon found Chester and the others.



There were several of them so he didn’t dare to approach, but as time went on, they went their own way home for dinner, and Chester was left alone.



“Chester.” Lin Yuxun stood in an alley and called out to Chester.



Chester turned his head to look at Lin Yuxun: “It’s you? What’s the matter?”



“Come here, I have something to ask you.” Lin Yuxun said.



Chester didn’t even think about walking towards Lin Yuxun, but as soon as he got close to Lin Yuxun, Lin Yuxun suddenly threw a large amount of white powder at him.




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