C22—- Huge Money



Although the vast majority of people were on Jelal’s side and cheered for him when he and Cheng Hao fought against each other, there were still people who were truly on Cheng Hao’s side.




After all, they bet on Cheng Hao to win.



Now when Cheng Hao said he wanted a burger, the white man who had given Cheng Hao a burger the last time immediately jumped out: “Give him the burger! I’ll pay for it!”



This man bet on Cheng Hao last time and made a few hundred dollars, so he bet on Cheng Hao again today.



He was angry and displeased when Cheng Hao and Jelal fought again, but now, Cheng Hao won!



Cheng Hao probably helped him win a few hundred dollars again!




Now he especially liked Cheng Hao, treating Cheng Hao to a few burgers was no big deal at all!




“Thank you!”



After Cheng Hao finished, he sat to rest and adjust his breathing.



At this time, he heard some voices from the audience nearby: “He hasn’t eaten yet? He’s a little pitiful.”



“Even if Des wanted to ask for a fight, he can wait for another time, he just finished fighting and was asked for a fight, it’s a little too much.”



“Come on, little guy, don’t get beaten up too badly! Hey! I’m betting on Des to win!”



“Unlucky little guy …… I’m also betting on Des to win.”





Being looked down upon and being verbally attacked, Cheng Hao had long been mentally prepared, who let his skin color be different?



The majority of people here were black, white people were a minority, he was the only asian person! The black audience and black boxers rejected him, it was normal.



But the audience also had eyes, he was treated unfairly, they also saw and naturally sympathized with him.



As for Des ……



Even if Jelal had asked Des to help out in the fight, Des should have asked him to fight on Friday if he wanted to show his face, but Des went along with his words and asked him to fight today ……



“The burger is here!” The barman interrupted Cheng Hao’s thinking.



The burger provided by the bar, which old George had someone go ahead and buy elsewhere, wasn’t only already cold, it also tasted bad.




But Cheng Hao wasn’t picky, this was at least a bun with meat, he could only chew bread before in order to save money.



The waiter brought over a total of three burgers, Cheng Hao quickly ate one and picked up the second.



As he ate, he paid attention to Des.



Before, when he sat over here waiting for the burger, Des looked a little unhappy, while now when he was eating the burger, Des was obviously happy.



He …… was afraid that he would regain his strength?



As for the latter …… it was common knowledge that you couldn’t eat too much before boxing, Des probably thought he was crazy and couldn’t wait for him to eat more.



If it weren’t for his special situation now, he would actually never eat at such a time.



But his digestion was really fast, after eating was his best state.



Cheng Hao quickly ate a second burger.



He saw a fat woman wearing a big earring come to his side: “Look at this kid, he must be starving.”



She looked at Cheng Hao sympathetically in the diffused smoke: “Little cute, would you like to follow me? I can give you money, and then you won’t have to fight.”



Cheng Hao: “……”



Cheng Hao entered the provincial boxing team at a young age in his last life, after which he lived for boxing, and participated in the matches arranged by the team, he had never participated in such a competition, and never met such an audience.



Cheng Hao quickly replied, “Sorry, I like boxing.”



“Okay, cutie, I’ll bet on you to win.” The woman said.



“I won’t let you down.”



As Cheng Hao spoke, he ate his third burger.




Not far away, a boxer beside Carpenter who was watching the fight saw this scene and couldn’t help speaking, “Is he crazy? How dare he eat so much before the match!” They sometimes ate something to replenish their strength before a match, but at most they ate some chocolate, surprisingly, someone ate a burger …… which, in their opinion, was unbelievable.



Carpenter didn’t say anything.



The boxer then asked again, “Hey, Carpenter, who do you think they’ll win?”



“Des.” Carpenter said.



“Are you sure? You guessed wrong before!” The man said.



“Do you think the little guy who ate three burgers will win?” Carpenter asked rhetorically.



“Well ……” the man said, “It’s strange how that little guy won against Jelal?”



They all knew Jelal wasn’t strong, but today’s Jelal was something different.



They could all see that Jelal was in good shape today and had a bit of a desperate stance.




Jelal, no matter what, was a man who had been boxing for ten years. He had always lost before, mainly because he was so bad at managing his body, often staying up to roll around with women all night when he had a fight tomorrow.



But his skills were still there, and when it broke out, even they had to be careful.

As a result, Jelal lost!



“He is very smart, although he lacks physical exercise, he has learned a lot of skills and should have watched a lot of matches …… He identified Jelal’s weakness.” Carpenter said, “Jelal is very explosive, but can’t last long at all.”



Carpenter’s analysis was heard by the fighters around him, who nodded in agreement.



Carpenter added: “But it won’t be so easy for him to win against Des, Des is also very smart and likes to play tricks.”



“Des is indeed smart …… but why would he challenge that little guy? It’s kind of embarrassing for him to do that!”



“Who will be his opponent if this little guy didn’t win against Jelal?” Carpenter asked.



“Des.” The boxer said. Many times before, the first fight at the bar had been between Des and Jelal, and Des could win then, but really, he wasn’t much better than Jelal.




“Yeah, that’s Des.” Carpenter said, “Des is a coward, he’s always afraid to fight, and when he saw this little guy win against Jelal, he got scared and tried to win over this little guy. I think he will definitely lay a heavy hand on this little guy today, so that this little guy will be afraid of him, so that when they face each other again in the future, this little guy will always lose.”



Carpenter’s analysis was very right, when they boxed with people, sometimes they did this, after completely knocking down their opponents and destroying their opponents’ self-confidence, their opponents were always filled with fear.




Of course, there were also people who could adjust to the state, and rise to the occasion.



Carpenter himself, was one such person.



But he didn’t think that the yellow man was also like that, that little guy wasn’t yet an adult, such an age was the most vulnerable.



Of course, that had nothing to do with him.



Carpenter thought Cheng Hao would lose, and so did everyone else.



Other than that, looking at the way Cheng Hao ate before the game, he didn’t look like he could win.




But there were still people who bet on Cheng Hao to win, such as the black woman who asked Cheng Hao if he wanted to follow her, and the white man who bought Cheng Hao a burger.



This man saw Cheng Hao eat the burger and said, “Go! Seeing that you helped me win a lot of money, I bet on you to win!”



“Thanks, you won’t be disappointed.”



This white man laughed cheekily.



Cheng Hao put on his boxing gloves and once again told himself that he would win.



He was the best boxer, he would win for sure!


After telling himself this, Cheng Hao once again went to a state of oblivion.



Such a state, he actually couldn’t enter it in every boxing match in his last life.



At that time, he could only enter such a state when he experienced some important matches.



And in this life …… he happened to see Lin Yuxun working hard before the match last Friday, and with something in his heart, he easily entered the state, and in that previous match, he entered the state again because he realized that Jelal was strong.



As for this time …… Des cursed too much ……



He must beat Des!



So, he surprisingly entered the state for the second time in a short period of time.



Cheng Hao’s body was tense, but his soul was unaffected, calmly examining Des.



He was fearless.



He would defeat this man.



As soon as the match started, Cheng Hao rushed towards Des, unleashing a stormy attack.



The man’s previous curses were circling in his mind, and he didn’t care about pain, didn’t fear his opponent’s fists, and just attacked.



It wasn’t quite clear why, but he knew he was going to do it.



Just like in that previous fight, he knew that against Jelal, he had to dodge at first.



His coach, said he had amazing instincts.



Cheng Hao’s attacking power wasn’t strong, but he was fast.




This was also thanks to the fact that he didn’t weigh much now and his body was light.




It was good for boxers to have more muscle, it made the punches they swung more powerful, but if they had too much muscle on them, it could also affect their movement and slow them down.




Des’s body was very good, he had a lot of muscles on his body, but he was just a very amateur boxer who had never had targeted training ……




He took several hits from Cheng Hao.




Of course, he also attacked, his attack was very strong, Cheng Hao was beaten by him and backed up.




Only Cheng Hao’s lower body was unstable, but he had experience and knew what to use to try to stabilize his lower body so that he wouldn’t fall.




After staggering back a few steps, Cheng Hao charged up once again.



He would beat this guy, to the ground!



The first time Cheng Hao fought Jelal, it was too swift and people didn’t see anything.



And when he fought Jelal before, he seemed very cautious.



As a result, this time, he simply looked like a madman.




Des punched Cheng Hao in the stomach, he watched him eat, so he thought he could beat Cheng Hao into vomiting.


However, Cheng Hao didn’t vomit, he didn’t even feel the pain, or rather, he couldn’t feel it.




His spirit, already transcending outside his body, couldn’t feel the physical pain.



Cheng Hao was brave, just like when he fought Jelal.



Des was able to fight back at first, but as time went on, he made his hands in the position of holding his head and began to dodge Cheng Hao’s attacks, waiting for Cheng Hao to be exhausted.




However, these days, Cheng Hao would push himself to the limit of what his body could bear many times a day, and then, his endurance became stronger and stronger.




What was more, he was now in a special situation and could last even longer.



This kind of behavior, in the past he wouldn’t easily do it, after all, it would damage the body, but now his recovery ability was very strong.




Des dodged, Cheng Hao chased after him, forcing him to the ropes.



The battle was very intense.




When Cheng Hao and Des first started, the crowd was telling Des to knock Cheng Hao down.



But by now ……



“Oh my God!”


“I didn’t expect the little cutie to be so powerful!”


“Des, you’re so useless!”




People kept shouting, and suddenly someone shouted, “Cutie, knock Des down!”


“Cutie! Take out the man in front of you!”


“Go for it!”


Those people actually turned around and started to encourage Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao was oblivious as he continued to attack Des.



Finally, Des’s psychological defense collapsed.




A person who would take advantage of the fact that Cheng Hao had just finished a fight to come and pick up a bargain couldn’t be very strong ……




And when Des’s psychological defense collapsed, he wasn’t far from losing.




Cheng Hao heaved a few punches on Des’s stomach, he fell to the ground, feeling that he couldn’t breathe, but Cheng Hao pounced on him and continued to swing.



Cheng Hao was so ruthless that the man who was acting as the referee wanted to pull, but was a bit afraid to do so, so Des was hit several more times.



If not for the fact that Cheng Hao was a boxer from the orthodox way, he would have been in trouble.



Finally, Des couldn’t help but cry out: “I admit defeat, I admit defeat, don’t fight.”



After he said that, he also cried more and more: “Oh! God, don’t hit me!”



Cheng Hao: “……”




As soon as Des conceded defeat, Cheng Hao detached himself from that particular state and was also confused.



If you lose, you lose, a big man, what are you crying for?



Cheng Hao has always believed in men bleeding without tears.



But some people did seem to have more emotions.



Cheng Hao stopped fighting and looked at the audience.


“Cheng! Cheng! Cheng!”
“You’re the best!”






Someone screamed, and then Cheng Hao couldn’t help throwing up.



In the previous game, he took a lot of hits, Des even specifically focused on his stomach …… he wasn’t comfortable, he endured it all!



Now coming out of that state, he couldn’t help it.



Cheng Hao not only vomited a lot, but also felt pain all over his body, very uncomfortable, he couldn’t stand ……



After Des was carried off, Cheng Hao also collapsed.



Audience: “……”




Well, even though both of them went down, that was a really good fight just now!



They all had a feeling of satisfaction.



It was ……


“Da-mn it, I lost again!”
“That was an amazing Chinese.”
“He looks so handsome!”






As people were talking, the fighter next to Carpenter looked over at Carpenter: “Carpenter, you said before that Des was going to win ……”



Carpenter turned toward him, “Shut up! No one will think you’re dumb if you don’t talk!”



The man touched his nose and stopped talking, then he saw Carpenter striding toward the lounge.



Des, Gerald and Cheng Hao, who had just finished the match, were all in the lounge.




Jelal was now scolding Des for being useless, Des in turn scolded Jelal for being a loser, the two scolded each other, but no one scolded Cheng Hao.



Cheng Hao hit Des too hard before, they all thought it should be because Des was too cheap-mouthed, since they …… also didn’t dare scold Cheng Hao.



But Cheng Hao’s state looked very bad, he was particularly unhinged, because of the vomiting, his eyes were red, the corners of his mouth was red, there were also a lot of bruises on his body.




Now he looked even more pitiful than he usually did.



No wonder someone called him a little cutie.




Carpenter took a big step towards Cheng Hao: “You’re great.”



Cheng Hao looked at Carpenter, he felt he was a little familiar but forgot who this person is, but he still replied: “Thank you.”



Carpenter saw this and called the doctor to come over to take a look at Cheng Hao.



The doctor didn’t really look at it, he just took out two painkillers and gave them to Cheng Hao: “You’ll feel better after eating them, if you’re not sure, it’s better go to the hospital yourself.”




Cheng Hao looked at the painkillers speechlessly: “Thank you ……” according to his experience, shouldn’t they give him a little ointment with safflower oil, but the results were only painkillers?



Well, people over here didn’t seem to be used to using ointments ……



Cheng Hao now didn’t have the strength to argue, he took a deep breath, “I think what I need now is not painkillers, but food …… can you give me a little food?”



Carpenter and others: “……”



How obsessed with food was this man?!




To eat before the game, to throw up like this after the game and still want to eat!




They were all touched by his spirit!




By the way, was he always hungry in the past? Otherwise it wouldn’t be like this ……




Carpenter’s gaze took on sympathy, and old George, who had already come this way, said, “Bring him some food over …… not counting the money.”




“Thank you, old George!” Cheng Hao’s voice was louder than before.




Soon, someone brought a sandwich burger fries and milk and coke, and even brought beer over.




Cheng Hao didn’t drink, he picked up the milk and drank it all.




Carpenter and others: “……” really is a child, he drinks milk …….



After drinking the milk, Cheng Hao began to eat sandwich burgers and fries again, he ate in large bites, looking particularly enthusiastically.




When Carpenter saw him eating like this, he couldn’t help but advise: “Eat slowly ……” he initially thought Cheng Hao should be a young master, otherwise he wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn so many skills …… but now it seemed not?



Cheng Hao hummed then continued to eat.



He also wanted to eat slowly, but he was hungry ……




After eating a little, Cheng Hao felt better, so he slowed down his eating speed, but still kept eating.




Seeing that the food in front of him was getting smaller and smaller, both Carpenter and old George looked at him from sympathy to pity.



He looked really a bit miserable with such a hungry look.




“Are you better?” Old George asked.



“Better, but it’s still hard to feel.” Cheng Hao said. His recovery ability was relatively fast, but it wasn’t a super power, the injuries on his body certainly couldn’t be healed at once, but he was much better now, and with a little more rest, he should be able to stand up.



“That’s good.” Old George said, “You need to have good health to spend money …… this time you have a good income.”




“How much?” Cheng Hao looked at Old George curiously, he had fought two matches today and was curious to know how much money there was.



Old George replied, “Counting the bounty someone gave you, a total of two hundred dollars.” Actually, it was only a little over one hundred and eighty dollars, but he felt that Cheng Hao was a little pitiful, so he added a little bit to Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao calculated the value of money, just multiply it directly by thirty, two hundred …… this was six thousand!



Cheng Hao got up from the ground at once: “I’m fine, where is the money?”





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