C14—- Lin Yuxun’s Work

Cheng Hao always thought that Lin Yuxun was studying in school, after all, Lin Yuxun was only fifteen this year, which was the age for junior high school.



In addition, he previously asked Lin Yuxun to study well, Lin Yuxun also never refuted, and even, every time he went to school in the morning to dine, Lin Yuxun would go into the classroom after saying goodbye to him, and would wait for him in school at noon.



Of course, it was weird that he always came back a little late at night …… But Cheng Hao had only known him for a few days and he had been busy, so he didn’t pay attention to it.



Cheng Hao was shocked, Chester spoke again: “When Tony’s mother was still alive, he came to school classes a few times, after his mother died, he stopped attending school.”



Cheng Hao took a deep breath: “Why didn’t you tell me that before?”




“I thought you knew! By the way what’s so strange about that? I haven’t been in school either.” Chester said.



Chester didn’t go to school anymore, Cheng Hao wasn’t surprised, Chester obviously didn’t like studying.



But Lin Yuxun was different, he could see that Lin Yuxun liked to study, he was a genius!




What was more, Chester didn’t go to school anymore, he just hung around, while Lin Yuxun ……




Cheng Hao suddenly realized that Lin Yuxun was trying to find a way to earn money.



His mother died, more than likely didn’t leave any inheritance, it was only fourteen-year-old Lin Yuxun, there was no other choice but to go out to work to earn money.



If he didn’t do that, how could he afford to pay the rent and utilities? Where would he have the money to buy food and household items?



He was only fourteen years old ……




“Do you know where he is?” Cheng Hao asked.




Chester pointed to a building not far away: “That building over there, see? He’s in that building cleaning.”




Cheng Hao carried Danny and went that way.



Chester saw this and wanted to follow, there was a boxing match tonight, he wanted to follow Cheng Hao to see! But he ran two steps, thought of something, and stopped.




He and his partners went to bully Lin Yuxun, not just for fun, in fact, they would target Lin Yuxun because they knew he had money on his hands and wasn’t able to resist them.



Every Monday before, on the day Lin Yuxun received his paycheck, they would go to trouble him and basically get a little bit of money, but unfortunately this week they were chased away by Cheng Hao.



Rubbing his nose, Chester ran back to his friends.




“That guy is so scary, why did you go and talk to him?” The one who was hit in the stomach and vomited a day before asked Chester.



Another person who was kicked by Cheng Hao in the middle of the key part of both legs directly put his legs together.



Although they liked to fight and do bad things, they fought with their peers, or simply bullied people younger than them, Cheng Hao’s ruthlessness scared them.




“I want to go to the boxing match!” Chester said.




These people also wanted to go to the boxing match, but they didn’t dare to pester Cheng Hao: “We can figure it out ourselves!”



Cheng Hao didn’t know what these people were thinking, after he hurriedly left the school, he carried Danny and headed for the building not far away.



After approaching the building, Cheng Hao was stunned.




He didn’t expect that there was a red light district so close to a school.




Yes, this was a red light district. There were shops with different appearances but the same contents under the building. Some of these shops had ambiguous signs, and some didn’t even have signs, but the furnishings inside were strikingly similar.




The doors of these stores were all glass sliding doors, and when he looked in through the doors, he could see that in each store, there were some very revealingly dressed women lying on the sofa smoking or putting on makeup in the mirror.



It was afternoon, there were no customers, so they were all relaxing, seeing Cheng Hao, a certain woman who went to take out the garbage winked at him.



Cheng Hao really couldn’t adapt to such a scene, and he didn’t feel honored because of the wink. After all, most of these women were black, and the few whites were also older, and didn’t meet his aesthetic.



Besides, he had never been to a place like this before.



However, he didn’t look down on these people. When they couldn’t afford to eat, many things like dignity and health became meaningless.




He just wanted to find Lin Yuxun ……




Cheng Hao let Danny lean on his shoulder, signaled him to close his eyes, and made sure he did as he was told, before he walked towards the chubby woman who was throwing herself at him, “Lady, do you know where Tony is?”



“Tony?” The lady said, “There are so many people named Tony here, who knows which one you’re looking for?”



“He’s a Chinese-American like me, a little younger than me.” Cheng Hao said.




“You mean him, he’s cleaning upstairs.” The lady smiled at Cheng Hao: “Little handsome, I haven’t slept with a Chinese yet! Do you want to come to my place? I won’t charge you.”



Cheng Hao was a little glad that Tony couldn’t hear these people: “…… Sorry, I don’t need it.”




Cheng Hao thanked the woman for her help and left. The woman sighed in disappointment and went back to her spot.



A black woman who was trimming her nails asked, “You seem to be in a good mood …… who is that man?”



The woman who had just taken out the trash replied, “A very polite and charming little guy.”




Cheng Hao didn’t know what they were saying about him, he found a door in the corner of that building, walked in, and then saw the elevator.




At this time of the year in China, most houses had five floors without elevators, but here, even the slums had elevators ……




Cheng Hao entered the elevator, and then found an unpleasant smell in the elevator, but now he didn’t care too much …… he pressed the second floor.




When he entered the second floor, Cheng Hao understood what was going on in this building.




The stores at the bottom was the place where those women solicited customers, and when they got customers, they would bring them to the rooms upstairs.




And Lin Yuxun’s job should be to help clean up during the day.




Generally, people did sanitation in such buildings from the top down, Cheng Hao looked up from below.



At this point in time, there weren’t many people in the building, but there were people. Cheng Hao noticed that the second and third floors were dirty, but when he got to the fourth floor, the hallway became clean.




He walked down the narrow hallway and saw a hand-pushed garbage truck parked in front of a wide open room. He looked in from the outside and saw Lin Yuxun wearing a very wide blue overalls and rubber gloves, he held a rag and wiped the floor on his knees.




He was only fourteen years old and he was thin, in those big clothes, he looked even thinner.




As Cheng Hao looked at him, it became hard to swallow.




Cheng Hao and Danny didn’t make a sound, the building was big, but the sound insulation wasn’t good, it wasn’t quiet, so Lin Yuxun didn’t notice them, he was still working.




He wiped the floor very seriously and he was very fast, while wiping, he picked up the dirt on the floor and threw it into the trash, and he also used a small shovel to shovel off the corner of the floor that had unknown substances. He did all this with what looked like great skill.




After wiping for a while, he took the rag to the bucket to wash the rag, and it was at this time that he subconsciously looked up and saw Cheng Hao.




The four eyes met, Cheng Hao hadn’t yet reacted, but Lin Yuxun immediately panicked and started trembling.



The women upstairs were screaming hysterically, and there were people next door who were taking customers in the daytime, making “knock knock knock” sounds and men complaining about the poor quality of the bed.



In such a noisy environment, Lin Yuxun looked like a frightened rabbit and looked like he wanted to find a hole in the ground to hide, it was sad.



As for Cheng Hao, his expression was extraordinarily ugly.



He didn’t expect that Lin Yuxun not only didn’t go to school, he was doing this kind of work.




Lin Yuxun was a minor, the wages mustn’t be much, his hard-earned money not only supported Danny, he also supported him.




Cheng Hao thought of all the things he had done before, and felt he was too scummy.




He ate all Lin Yuxun’s food, lived in Lin Yuxun’s house which made Lin Yuxun pay more rent, when Lin Yuxun bought bread and sausage back, he said the nutrition wasn’t enough, so Lin Yuxun went to buy lettuce the next day ……



A variety of emotions flashed, and finally, he noticed Lin Yuxun’s scared and panicked expression.




Cheng Hao took a deep breath, stabilized his emotions, then he put down Danny, looked at Lin Yuxun again, and smiled at him, “Are there more gloves? I’ll work with you.”




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