C13—- Dropped Out

Mr. Dampier walked away with two dollars, and Lin Yuxun turned to look at Cheng Hao: “Let’s go back and eat.”



Cheng Hao went back to the house with him.




He was unhappy that Mr. Dampier had come to ask for rent, but there was nothing really wrong with Mr. Dampier.




The house was his, he and Lin Yuxun agreed to increase the money for more people, the fact that he wanted to increase the money couldn’t be said to be wrong.



He could only blame himself for being too poor.



When he entered the house, Lin Yuxun opened the plastic bag he brought back.




From the bag, he took out three large long loaves of bread that he had given Cheng Hao the day he brought him back, and a rectangular ham sausage as thick as Cheng Hao’s arm.



In addition, he took out a jar of jam, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and a towel and soap.



“This is for you.” Lin Yuxun gave the towel and toothbrush and so on, all to Cheng Hao, who, like Cheng Hao, definitely wanted to wash up.




“Thanks.” Cheng Hao took it.



“Do you need anything else? I don’t know what else you’re missing, so I just bought you these …… I’ll give you the money, and you can go buy what you want yourself?” Lin Yuxun asked. When he saved Cheng Hao that day, he helped Cheng Hao change clothes, except his passport, he had nothing.



“No need.” Cheng Hao said, of course he was short of things, especially clothes, but he was too embarrassed to take Lin Yuxun’s money.



Lin Yuxun was a little lost, but quickly went to get a knife again and came over to cut the bread and sausages.



He cut two slices of bread, spread with thick jam sandwiched with a thick slice of sausage, then handed it to Danny, made another and handed it to Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao saw this and quickly spoke, “You can eat it yourself, you don’t have to trouble yourself.” He could just take the bread and nibble on it directly.



Seeing that Cheng Hao didn’t take it, Lin Yuxun could only eat it himself: “Eat more, Danny and I don’t eat much, you can finish the rest.”




“Thanks, but I can’t eat this much.” Cheng Hao laughed, he cut the rest of the sausages into three portions, took one of them, and then ate the sausages while nibbling on the bread.




In the middle he also tried the jar of jam, he followed Lin Yuxun’s example and spread a little on his own bread, but as he took one bite, he couldn’t eat it anymore.




This jam was too sweet! It was like knocking over a jar of sugar …… No, this was directly a jar of sugar, right?



Cheng Hao ate sweet things sometimes, but he really couldn’t eat something so sweet.



Cheng Hao didn’t move the jam, instead he continued eating the bread and sausage.




He ate a half of the bread, but only ate a third of the sausage.




He already had a big appetite, he couldn’t finish people’s meat – even if the sausage was actually cheap, it should be good for Lin Yuxun and Danny.




“Eat some more.” Lin Yuxun took the rest of the sausage and gave it to Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao shook his head, “I’m already full, you can eat it yourself.”




“You’re full after eating a little?” Lin Yuxun asked.




“My injury is much better, so I’m not that hungry.”




Cheng Hao stopped eating, and as a result, there were two big pieces of sausage left, and after Lin Yuxun gave Danny a piece, he had no intention to eat the other one.



Cheng Hao could only speak: “This sausage is unwrapped, if you don’t eat it, it’ll go bad, eat it.”



Lin Yuxun hesitated, took the sausage and ate it in small bites, he ate very seriously, as if he was eating some kind of mountainous food.




“Yes, you should eat more, you are at your growth phase, you should eat more meat, vegetables and fruits, so that you can have balanced nutrition.”




When Lin Yuxun heard Cheng Hao’s words, he thought about it.




The sausage Lin Yuxun bought back should have had a lot of flour in it, so even if Lin Yuxun and Danny both ate a lot of it, it wasn’t so bad to digest.




After eating, Cheng Hao continued teaching.




He taught Danny to recognize words and taught Lin Yuxun to read the passage he had written down in Mandarin.



In order to learn to recognize words better, Lin Yuxun got some books from somewhere.



During the day Cheng Hao looked around the house, but couldn’t find the books …… Lin Yuxun was really good at hiding things.




Of course, what Cheng Hao admired most wasn’t that Lin Yuxun could hide things, but that Lin Yuxun followed him to read the article a few times, and could recite it, but when reciting it, some words weren’t pronounced correctly.



And by the time he copied it a few times …… he actually knew how to write it silently!



Geniuses really made people jealous.




Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun with emotion, if he had Lin Yuxun’s ability, it was estimated that he wouldn’t go to boxing, but to go to Peking University orTsinghua!



Such a child really couldn’t be buried!



They went to bed early as usual.




The next morning, Cheng Hao didn’t go to wake up Danny as before, but woke Danny up.



Danny wasn’t unhappy to be woken up, in fact, he was so happy that he had a smile on his face the whole time.




Cheng Hao took this kind of Danny, and went to school with Lin Yuxun to get free breakfast.




The school lunch usually had a little meat, but breakfast didn’t, it was very simple, such as today, they were given jam bread, carrots and fries.




Cheng Hao was hungry, so he wasn’t wasteful, Lin Yuxun and Danny weren’t picky, but for the students, someone nibbled the layer of jam on the bread, ate a little fries, the rest was thrown aside.




The person who was distributing the food was very annoyed at this scene, cursing and talking, he thought that those people shouldn’t waste food.




Probably thinking that those people’s behavior was too abominable, when Cheng Hao went over to ask for additional meals, he gave Cheng Hao three jam bread in one breath.



Cheng Hao almost couldn’t finish it.



Cheng Hao was still the same as the day before, during the day he recuperated from his injuries, taught Danny, and waited for Lin Yuxun to return.



Lin Yuxun still didn’t return until 5:30, and when he came back, he was carrying a plastic bag as usual.




“What did you buy today?” Cheng Hao asked with a smile.




“I bought hot dogs.” Lin Yuxun flashed a smile towards Cheng Hao with a look that begged for praise.




“Awesome!” Cheng Hao laughed.



Lin Yuxun’s eyes narrowed with a smile when he saw that Cheng Hao was happy, and then immediately opened the plastic bag in his hand.



In the pocket, besides the big head of bread, there were also three paper bags wrapped in paper, hot dogs, as well as an apple, three lettuce, and three carrots.



“You also bought vegetables?” Cheng Ho was a little surprised: “But there is no place to cook at home ……”



“Cooking?” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao curiously.



Cheng Hao suddenly thought of something and pointed to the lettuce and asked, “How is this going to be eaten if you don’t cook it ……?”



Lin Yuxun immediately responded: “Dipped in jam!”



Cheng Hao: “……”



Although he wasn’t a fan of raw lettuce, Lin Yuxun bought it and they really needed a little vitamin …… Cheng Hao dipped it in jam and ate a lettuce.



Lettuce and sweet and greasy jam weren’t his favorite, but together, it was barely edible.



It’d only been four days since he crossed over, but Cheng Hao already missed all kinds of food in China, even the nutritious meals that the coach prepared for him.



Their chef always had a way to make the nutritious meal very delicious.



If he didn’t eat nutritious meals during the break, braised pork with white rice, he could eat three bowls in one sitting!



The more Cheng Hao thought about it, the more he craved, and finally he could only slap his forehead, telling himself not to think too much.



Braised meat or something else was really far away, for him now, to eat a hot KFC burgee would be very satisfying.




KFC was civilian food in this place, but he and Lin Yuxun, were the bottom of the barrel who were even worse off than civilians.



They had no income, so he couldn’t even think of burgers and stuff.



Lin Yuxun learned some more words, and when he was done, he went to bed early, just like the previous two days.



When the sun rose once again, a new day came.



It was Friday, the day when boxers could go to the bar to compete.



Cheng Hao’s wounds had already scarred and the majority of his actions were fine, but it was actually a bit of a stretch to go to a boxing match.



In his last life, which time did he not adjust his condition to the best before going to the competition? Before the competition, things other than nutritious meals wouldn’t even be eat, lest he’d have competition weight problems.



But now he was short of money ……



Cheng Hao mulled it over, for tonight’s game, if the opponent was weak, then it’d be a good fight, but if the opponent was stronger, he’d dodge more, after the spectacle of that boxing match was enough, he would admit defeat.



He wanted to win, but wasn’t prepared to fight someone in an unorthodox match and hurt his body.




The body was the capital of boxing, if he messed up his body early, then his boxing career was going to be over right away!



As for the money, it didn’t matter if it was a little less.



Cheng Hao made a decision, he’d rest today and occasionally lift Danny as exercise.



However, when it was time for Lin Yuxun to leave school in the afternoon, Cheng Hao suddenly thought of one thing.




It was a half hour walk from Lin Yuxun’s place to Old George’s bar, and Old George had told him to go early …… he’d better arrive at Old George’s by six o’clock.




But Lin Yuxun always came back late ……



Was it because Lin Yuxun’s school closed late, or did he have a lot of homework? Or maybe the place to buy food was far away?



At 2:30 in the afternoon, Cheng Hao simply took Danny with him and once again walked towards Lin Yuxun’s school.



He planned to wait for Lin Yuxun after school.




Cheng Hao had taken Danny to school for three days in a row, so Danny was familiar with this road, and with Cheng Hao holding him, he didn’t look scared at all now, but excitedly looked left and right as he observed the surroundings.



Cheng Hao wanted to introduce him to everything around, but soon remembered that he couldn’t hear, and finally he could only touch his head.




The two soon arrived at the school.




It was still class time, but there weren’t many people in the classroom, but outside the classroom there were two groups of people fighting.




Cheng Hao was afraid that these people would hurt Danny by mistake, he hastily picked Danny up, frowned at these people, and then he noticed that these people had finished fighting, and the group that won the fight, they were acquaintances, it was the three people who were looking for trouble with Lin Yuxun before.



He actually didn’t really recognize the people, but at least he had gotten along with Chester and knew Chester, after recognizing Chester, the other two were recognized as well.



Cheng Hao didn’t intend to say hello to them, but Chester saw him.




Chester, who was full of resentment towards Cheng Hao when they were separated, now ran over to greet him like nothing happened: “Hi! Cheng! What brings you to school?”



“I’m here to find Lin Yuxun …… I’m here to find Tony, which class is he in?” Cheng Hao asked.



Chester raised his eyebrows to look at Cheng Hao and asked in surprise, “You came to look for Tony? You’re not mistaken, are you? Didn’t Tony stop coming to school a long time ago?”



Cheng Hao was stunned: “What did you say?”




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