C12—- Teaching Danny To Read


Seeing Cheng Hao and Danny come together to look for him, Lin Yuxun felt indescribably happy and excited.




After Danny’s mother died and he was sent to a foster home for a while, he became very introverted and always stayed at home and didn’t go out.




He let him go out at first, but then he saw him being bullied and stopped him from going out.



How long had it been since Danny …… had gone out?




Now Cheng Hao brought Danny to him, his heart seemed to set off fireworks, he felt especially brilliant.



Unfortunately, he didn’t know what to say, and even to the matter of hugging Danny, he was also stiff and unnatural because he had never done it.



No one had ever hugged him before, and he didn’t know how to hug someone ……




Lin Yuxun quickly let go of Danny and took both Cheng Hao and Danny for lunch.



Yesterday morning when Cheng Hao and Lin Yuxun came to school together for breakfast, they met several people who spoke out against Lin Yuxun, but today no one did so.



No one paid attention to Lin Yuxun today, but there were people pointing at Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao gave them a cold look and they didn’t dare to stare at him anymore.




To such behavior, Cheng Hao could guess the reason.




The students in the school weren’t too old, but they were also bullies, he beat Chester and two others yesterday, and also told Chester about him being a boxer …… These people were most likely afraid after getting the news, so they were like this.




This was quite good, when Lin Yuxun was in school, he could study with peace of mind.




When Cheng Hao first came to eat, the person sharing the meal questioned him because he was unfamiliar, but when Danny came over to eat, he didn’t ask anything, instead he gave Danny one more apple.



Today’s lunch was a burger, boiled broccoli and apples, of which the burger was a sausage burger, said sausage, in fact, was a thin piece of ham sausage, but at least it was a little meat.




Danny couldn’t eat everything and finally it ended up in Cheng Hao’s stomach, Cheng Hao also asked for an additional meal.



The person who served the meal was already used to Cheng Hao’s big appetite, and there was no shortage of food on his side, so he was happy to give Cheng Hao a little more.



Cheng Hao was very satisfied with the meal.



He was in a little better shape today, after eating two or three times as much food as others, he felt full, which was really quite good.




After eating, Cheng Hao said goodbye to Lin Yuxun and took Danny back to the place where they lived.



He pulled open the roll-up door half as he did yesterday, and then played with Danny while doing some simple stretching exercises on his own.



After playing for a while, Danny was still excited, but Cheng Hao felt that playing with paper planes and boats was a bit boring. After thinking about it, he simply took out the poster he used yesterday to let Lin Yuxun learn to write and wrote the name Danny in English on it for Danny to see.




He pointed to the word and then pointed to Danny, trying to teach Danny to recognize words.




It was much more difficult for a deaf person to learn to recognize words than an ordinary person, but it wasn’t impossible to learn …… as long as someone was patient enough to teach them.




If Danny was a child with a lot of playmates toys, he might not be interested in learning, but Danny wasn’t.



His mother never bothered to take care of him, and then Lin Yuxun came and would take care of him, but Lin Yuxun had other things to do, and the time spent with him was very little.



So, as long as he had someone to keep him company, Danny was happy to do whatever he could.



After Cheng Hao wrote down the words, he traced them and soon he could write “Danny”.



Seeing this, Cheng Hao taught him seven or eight words such as “hand”, “foot” and “nose”.



Danny was very smart, but obviously not as good as Lin Yuxun, he had to write many times to learn a word, after a while, when Cheng Hao asked him to write it again, he would forget.




But Cheng Hao didn’t care.



This was a normal kid!



Speaking of it, Danny was already very smart. He used to have a little younger martial brother. When he came to the boxing team, he was still young. He didn’t want to attend culture class, so he learned Chinese, mathematics and English every day. At that time, he volunteered to give guidance to the younger martial brother. As a result, he taught the younger martial brother to read a word hundreds of times. The younger martial brother still misspelled it. It made him doubt life.



In contrast, Danny was already much smarter.



Cheng Hao taught for a while and took Danny to play a while, time quickly passed.



American public school ended early, at 2:00 or 3:00 pm, but Lin Yuxun came back late yesterday and was also late today.




Danny had already learned ten words, it was only the first day, there was no need to learn too much, so Cheng Hao planned to stop teaching first, but after thinking about it, he suddenly thought of something else.



He called Danny over and asked him to write “I love you”.




Although he hadn’t had much contact with Danny and Lin Yuxun, Cheng Hao also found that these two children lacked love and attention.



If not, it wasn’t possible for Danny to be so sticky after a short period of time.




And Lin Yuxun …… this child wasn’t yet an adult, he had a disability and Lin Yuxun…… letting Danny say “I love you ” would make him a little happy.



However, the meaning of “I love you” was rather abstract, a gesture wouldn’t be easy to understand ……



Cheng Hao thought about it, pointed to the word, hugged Danny, pointed to the word again, and then kissed Danny’s forehead.



He cycled back and forth several times.




He didn’t know if Danny got it, but one thing was for sure, Danny was happy.




Danny’s face turned red, and he even hugged him back and rubbed against him.




Cheng Hao wasn’t young when he transmigrated, he was planning to get married and have children, now being so close to a child, such a thought popped up again.




It was good to have a child!




Unfortunately, he wasn’t the same as he was in his previous life, he now had no money, no house and he was still a minor, marriage and children were too far away for him.




The three words “I love you” were still very good to learn.



Danny hadn’t learned anything before, but at least he was nine years old, so his progress wasn’t extremely slow.



He wrote it a few times, and then he knew how to write it.



Cheng Hao picked him up and held him high above his head as encouragement, he thought about it, and then went outside and walked back in.



Danny looked at him in confusion, he took Danny’s hand and wrote “I love you”.




Then he went outside again and came back in …… Danny now understood what he meant and wrote the three words.



“Danny is great.” Cheng Hao gave him a hug, then took Lin Yuxun’s clothes, went outside again, got in and pretended to look like Lin Yuxun with his head down ……




Danny wrote the words “I love you” without even thinking about it – then he understood what Cheng Hao meant and knew that he wanted him to write it to Lin Yuxun when he returned.



After doing the exercise, Cheng Hao rummaged around the house and found another poster, and cut the torn edge of that poster, and finally gave the blank piece of paper to Danny.



Danny put away that paper, and then began to stare at the roll-up door, seeing that the door hadn’t moved, he took a wooden stick on the ground to write words, particularly well-behaved.



Cheng Hao smiled at this, on the other hand, he wrote a paragraph on another piece of paper: “My name is Cheng Hao, I am sixteen years old and I’m from China. I like boxing ……” He wrote a self-introduction, writing some things about himself in the front and introducing his country in the back: “My country is not developing very well now, but she will definitely get better and better… …”




Cheng Hao wrote eight hundred words, and the more he read, the more satisfied he was, and by the way, he corrected two typos.



He planned to let Lin Yuxun learn this later.




Of course, this article was a bit long, so he didn’t require Lin Yuxun to learn immediately, he could take his time.




When Cheng Hao finished, he was very hungry, and when he looked at the time, it was already 5:00 pm.



Lin Yuxun still hadn’t come back.




Was be okay?




Cheng Hao was a little worried, he wanted to go to school to see, but then remembered that Lin Yuxun said he’d buy food, he wouldn’t necessarily still be in school ……




Cheng Hao waited for a while, and at 5:30, Lin Yuxun finally came back, he looked dusty and carried a plastic bag in his hand.




When he saw Lin Yuxun come back, Cheng Hao’s heart finally relaxed, and Danny jumped up with joy.



“Have you guys been waiting for a long time? Sorry ……” Lin Yuxun said somewhat apologetically, the exhaustion in his eyes could barely be concealed.



“We’re not tired of waiting at home!” Cheng Hao said, while Danny had already run to the table at this time, and then he picked up a pen to write.



“Danny?” Lin Yuxun looked at Danny in confusion, and then saw Danny writing on the paper, and after he finished writing, Danny held up the paper to show him.



On the paper was written “I love you”.



After looking at these three words for a while, Lin Yuxun hugged Danny and suddenly started crying: “Danny, Danny ……”



Danny was a little overwhelmed at first, but after a while, he hugged Lin Yuxun back.




The two brothers hugged and cried.




The scene looked especially touching.



Cheng Hao looked at them for a while and finally took a deep breath, “Lin Yuxun, it’s okay, don’t cry.”




Hearing Cheng Hao’s words, Lin Yuxun let go of Danny, dried his tears and stood up.



His eyes were red, and tiny teardrops were still hanging on his eyelashes, he looked quite cute.



Cheng Hao diverted his attention: “You bought food back? What did you buy?”



Lin Yuxun quickly responded, “I bought bread, and sausages!”



He looked tired when he first came in, but now, he seemed extremely bright.




Compared to his previous appearance, Cheng Hao still liked his current appearance better.



Cheng Hao replied, “Awesome, I can’t wait to eat.”




Lin Yuxun was a little embarrassed when he heard Cheng Hao say that, “The sausages I bought might not be very tasty ……”




“Tony! Come out!” The sound of the roll-up door being knocked on accompanied by the landlord’s voice interrupted Lin Yuxun’s words, “I saw you come back, get out here!”




Lin Yuxun jumped and after putting the plastic bag in his hand on the table, he went out: “Mr. Dampier ……”



Cheng Hao wanted to follow him out, but he lied to Mr. Dampier that he didn’t live here, so he didn’t go out.



“Tony, that tall yellow guy is living with you now, right?” Mr. Dampier asked.




Cheng Hao thought Lin Yuxun would deny it, but he didn’t expect Lin Yuxun to say, “Yes!” Hearing Lin Yuxun’s voice …… he seemed to be a little happy?




Cheng Hao: “……”




The landlord, Mr. Dampier snorted coldly, “I knew it, he even tried to deceive me …… Tony, if one more person lives here, you have to pay me more rent, two dollars more per week, starting from this week!”



“Mr. Dampier, even if you want to add more rent, it should be counted from next week, I just moved in.” Cheng Hao said, he had only stayed here for two nights!




“But you still broke my door and didn’t fix it! You guys need to fix the door for me as soon as possible!” Mr. Dampier complained, and used some abusive words when he spoke.



Cheng Hao couldn’t accept the fact that people here were cursing at every turn, and his brow furrowed, but Lin Yuxun obediently took out two dollars and gave it to Mr. Dampier.



Mr. Dampier took the money and finally stopped cursing, but then he reminded them, “You have to pay next week’s rent during the weekend, don’t forget.”




“I won’t forget.” Lin Yuxun nodded.




Dealing with Mr. Dampier was originally a difficult thing for him, but he was in a particularly good mood today, so he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.



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