C11—- Closeness

Lin Yuxun was young and educated, and he wasn’t a total stranger to Chinese, in such a case, it wasn’t surprising that he knew some simple characters when he looked at them.



But he was able to write down the whole poem silently after copying it only once, which showed he was definitely a genius.



Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun as if he was looking at a treasure.




Growing up in a country that valued learning, he admired people who studied well!




Cheng Hao was very happy, but Lin Yuxun was a little worried.




Because Cheng Hao had praised him before, just now he tried to remember those words so that Cheng Hao would praise him again, but now …… although he wrote down all the words, he felt a little sad.




Perhaps there were some words he got wrong, would Cheng Hao be disappointed?



The next moment, Cheng Hao’s surprised voice rang out: “Lin Yuxun, you’re really great, so smart! You’re a genius!”



Lin Yuxun’s heart relaxed and his face turned red at the same time.




Cheng Hao praised him so much, which made him a little embarrassed.




Cheng Hao didn’t think much of it, after he hugged Lin Yuxun, he enthusiastically taught Lin Yuxun a poem, a poem he learned in elementary school and still remembers clearly: “Look at the mountains from afar, listen to the water without sound. The flowers are still there when the spring goes, but the birds do not come.”



Lin Yuxun learned it quickly too.



Cheng Hao was now sure that he had a very good memory!




But reading couldn’t just be about memory …… Cheng Hao racked his brain and came up with a chicken and rabbit arithmetic problem for Lin Yuxun to do.




He started going to the gymnasium very early, so he casually went for  lessons, English language was kind of okay, his coach found someone to teach him, but mathematics …… basically mathematical knowledge above elementary school was hard.




As for what Cheng Jinhao had learned …… he hadn’t thoroughly digested this body’s knowledge.



So he could only come up with topics like chicken and rabbit in the same cage, of course, to increase the difficulty, he made the number of chickens and rabbits very large.



Lin Yuxun used a pen to calculate and quickly figured out the correct answer.



Although in China, everyone around Lin Yuxun’s age could basically calculate the chicken and rabbit cage, Lin Yuxun was very fast …… which at least proved that he not only had a good memory.



Cheng Hao spoke again, “You’re really great!”



Lin Yuxun’s face became even redder, and his whole body was a little dizzy.




He had always been disliked, so he didn’t expect someone to praise him like that!




“In school, did you always come first in the exams?” Cheng Hao asked.




Lin Yuxun hesitated a little and nodded.



“I knew it, you’re so smart, your grades must be the best, if you can get a better education, Harvard, Yale, Columbia will be at your disposal!”



Lin Yuxun was stunned, he had never dared to even think about going to a community college and finding a better job in the future, but Cheng Hao thought he could go to such a good university.



How could that be!




Those universities, how could they let him attend?




“It’s not too late for you to start working hard.” Cheng Hao added, but he was a little worried – to get a good education, they needed to have money, but they didn’t have money now!



But in the United States, it was okay to go to college later, and maybe it wouldn’t be long before he could earn Lin Yuxun’s tuition by boxing!



Cheng Hao wasn’t related to Lin Yuxun, but the first person he met after crossing over was Lin Yuxun, and he was saved by Lin Yuxun, so he felt differently about him.



More importantly, Lin Yuxun was a good kid and needed help.




In his last life, he relied on boxing and earned quite a lot of money, which he paid others to take care of, and also sponsored several poor students, so naturally he could also sponsor Lin Yuxun in the future.



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao and smiled again, but said nothing.



Lin Yuxun had a clock at home, so he could watch the time.




Today Lin Yuxun came back quite late, after cleaning and the short lesson, it was already eight o’clock in the evening.




In the gymnasium, Cheng Hao had been supervised by his coach and had to go to bed at nine o’clock, he also thought that children should sleep at nine o’clock, now it was eight o’clock, so they had to shower.



This house was small, but the bathroom had the toilet and shower, however there was no hot water heater.




Lin Yuxun said awkwardly, “It’s not convenient to take a shower here ……”




“It’s okay, just a simple wipe.” Cheng Hao replied, nowadays the weather wasn’t cold, a wipe of the body with cold water would be fine.



As long as the food was enough, he didn’t really care about other things for now.



The three of them simply scrubbed before returning to bed.




The bed in the bedroom inside was only one meter and a half, three people sleeping was actually a bit crowded, but they could sleep comfortably.



Cheng Hao went to bed early last night, so he didn’t know how they slept, as for today …… “I’ll sleep outside, you guys sleep inside.”




Lin Yuxin nodded and pulled Danny to the innermost part. Out of selfishness, he laid in the middle.




There were people on both sides, but also a warm feeling from Cheng Hao …… Last night Lin Yuxun only slightly slept a little, so he was tired, this time after laying down, he fell asleep quickly, Danny was a child, he ran and jumped for a long time, so he also quickly fell asleep.



Cheng Hao, on the contrary, fell asleep after a while.




Cheng Hao was much better. He didn’t sleep like he did the day before, which was to the point that he didn’t even know how Lin Yuxun got up… When Lin Yuxun woke up this morning, he also woke up.




Both he and Lin Yuxun slept very well, there was no pressure on the people around them at night, both rested quite well, and didn’t worry about waking Danny, Cheng Hao asked Lin Yuxun about the time to eat breakfast and lunch at school.




Lin Yuxun responded then he added: “We can go eat together in the morning, and you can come back at noon when it’s time, I will wait for you at the school entrance.”




“Okay.” Cheng Hao answered and thought of one more thing: “What about dinner?”




“I still have some money, I can buy some bread for dinner.” Lin Yuxun said.




Cheng Hao asked, “Can’t you go to the relief center to get it?” It cost money to buy bread, but if he went to the relief center to get food, he wouldn’t have to pay.




“After my mom died, they sent me and Danny to different foster homes, and they …… I went to see Danny later and found them beating Danny, so I brought Danny back, and now we are both underage and can’t receive food.” His foster family treated him badly at the time, and the situation on Danny’s side was the same, so they escaped.




Going to the relief kitchen to get food was done on a family basis, and they both were minors so they couldn’t get food at all.




Fortunately, the school was very friendly to minors, so he was able to get free meals there.




Cheng Hao asked again, “Do you have enough money?”




“Don’t worry, I have money.”



Lin Yuxun said with conviction, Cheng Hao finally put his mind at ease, the food over here wasn’t expensive, he wouldn’t spend much money as long as he didn’t pick the good ones to eat.



This morning, Cheng Hao followed Lin Yuxun to school for breakfast, but after eating breakfast, he went home.




When he came home, Danny had already woken up and was eating a sandwich. When he saw him come in, Danny immediately got out of bed and ran towards him.



Before Danny wasn’t enthusiastic about him at all, after playing with him once, his attitude changed completely …… Cheng Hao squatted down, “Let’s play together.”



Danny could continue to play with paper planes or something else, as for him …… he has to do simple exercises.



His injury hadn’t completely healed yet, so Cheng Hao dared not do hard exercises, he just stretched his arms and kicked his legs, at least to familiarize himself with this body.



Cheng Jinhao’s physical condition wasn’t bad, he could practice slowly.




Cheng Hao adapted to his body while Danny played, he also picked up Danny and held him high above his head at one point.




Danny was nine years old, he was a little thin, at most fifty pounds, so he couldn’t hold him up constantly, but he could occasionally hold him for a while.



And after he did so, he obviously felt that Danny and he were closer.




When it was noon, Cheng Hao intended to go out to find Lin Yuxun.




He opened the roll-up door and was about to go out, when he turned around, he saw Danny looking at him blearily.




After thinking about it, Cheng Hao extended his hand towards him, “Danny, do you want to come with me?”




Danny couldn’t hear him, but he understood his gestures, he immediately ran towards Cheng Hao.




Cheng Hao stroked his head, and after closing the door, he led him forward, worrying a little in his heart.




Whether it was Lin Yuxun or Danny, they were too defenseless.




He had only known these two for a few days, yet they were already so trusting of him!




He had to keep a close eye on Danny in the future, so that the boy wouldn’t be abducted, he would also mention it to Lin Yuxun.



Cheng Hao was thinking this when he felt Danny come towards him and lean close to him.




He was cautiously observing the surroundings and looked a little scared ……



Cheng Hao squatted down and hugged him for a while, before holding his hand and leading him forward.




At noon, there weren’t many people on the street, and no one bothered them while they walked.




As they walked, Danny was obviously a little tired, but he didn’t let Cheng Hao carry him, but silently insisted.



This was a very understanding child, the more Cheng Hao got to know him, the more he liked him.




When they got to the school, from a distance, they saw Lin Yuxun standing in front of the school.




Seeing Lin Yuxun, Danny ran from Cheng Hao’s side and rushed over to hug Lin Yuxun’s waist.




“Danny ……” Lin Yuxun hugged Danny, a little surprised and a little happy, his eyes reddened a little.




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