C10 —– Genius

Hearing Lin Yuxun’s promise to let him stay, Cheng Hao put his mind at ease.



With a place to live and a place to eat, he could still go to the school, he was settled for the time being.




Once he got used to his new body and went to the bar to fight, he would have money on his hands, and his future would definitely get better and better.



Cheng Hao was full of hope for the future, and then his stomach rumbled.




Cheng Hao: “……”




Danny heard nothing, but Lin Yuxun did, “It’s time to eat, I’ll go buy some bread.” He was in such a hurry to get home today that he forgot to bring some food back!



“No need, there are sandwiches and milk.”



Lin Yuxun remembered those sandwiches that Cheng Hao brought back, but he was a little hesitant: “Are those sandwiches …… enough for you to eat?”




“It’s enough.” Cheng Hao said, he was injured too badly yesterday so he ate a lot, and now that he was better, he could control himself to eat less.




“And tomorrow morning ……” Lin Yuxun was still worried.



Cheng Hao responded, “Leave some for Danny, we both can go to school to eat.”



That was okay, so Lin Yuxun stopped insisting on getting food.




They still had four and a half sausage sandwiches left.




These sandwiches were quite large, and an average adult would be full after eating one, which was why Danny had only eaten half of them at lunch.



Lin Yuxun gave three of the remaining sandwiches to Cheng Hao: “Eat it.”



“I’ll eat two, that’s enough.” Cheng Hao said, although Lin Yuxun was skinny, he was at the age of growth, looking at his appetite in the morning and noon, he could definitely eat one sandwich now, and tonight and tomorrow morning, Danny would also need at least one sandwich, so he could eat two and a half at most.



To be on the safe side, he would eat two.



Lin Yuxun still wanted to say something, but Cheng Hao continued; “I’ll eat too much and get a bad stomach.”



Since Cheng Hao said so, Lin Yuxun didn’t ask more questions.



The sandwich tasted okay, at least the outside bread was fluffy, but the sausage in the middle was thinly sliced and very little.



Cheng Hao ate two sandwiches in three or two bites, and drank two cartons of milk, then he finally felt comfortable, Lin Yuxun and Danny hadn’t finished eating.




Before Chester ate the sandwich, he ate the sausage inside, but Lin Yuxun did the opposite, he ate the outside bread, but left the sausage in the middle, and finally gave it to Danny.




Danny was about to take it when Cheng Hao picked Danny up and heloed him put on his little slippers and gave him a paper airplane.




Danny was already full after eating half a sandwich, and now that he had something to play with, he forgot about the sausage Lin Yuxun wanted to give him and went to play with the paper airplane, leaving Lin Yuxun a little overwhelmed with the sausage in his hand.




Cheng Hao turned back to him, “You are so thin, you should eat more meat, eat it yourself.” It was right to give your child a good meal, but you shouldn’t withhold your own food to give your child a good meal, it would spoil the child.



What was more, Lin Yuxun himself was still young!




Lin Yuxun replied, “I don’t like to eat meat ……”



“Didn’t you eat bacon at noon quite happily?” Cheng Hao said, there was a little bit of bacon in the lunch pack today, Lin Yuxun also saved it for the end, but he obviously ate it happily and enjoyed it.



Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao, lowered his head and ate a bite of sausage.




Cheng Hao said, “I will go find a job, and when I have money, I will buy delicious food for you to eat.” Whether it was Lin Yuxun or Danny, they should eat more vegetables and fruits, so that it was considered balanced nutrition, and meat, it was also better to eat fresh meat, not sausage and bacon.



Unfortunately, he was too poor now.




“I don’t have to eat well either.” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao joyfully.




Cheng Hao smiled at him and went to watch Danny play again, trying to fix the roll-up door by the way – it was dinner time, everyone was still awake, so making some noise wouldn’t disturb others.




It wasn’t easy to fix the door ……




As Cheng Hao complimented Danny while fixing the door, Lin Yuxun was tidying up his room.




His room was very messy, he used to come home always very tired and he didn’t have the strength to tidy up, but today he had the energy.




Seeing this, Cheng Hao asked, “Lin Yuxun, don’t you have to do your homework? By the way, why didn’t you take your books to school today?” Today Lin Yuxun didn’t have a book in his hand when he went to school or after school.




Lin Yuxun froze for a moment, “The teacher didn’t assign homework, and there was no need for the books.”



“So that’s how it is.” The poor public school education in the United States was really too casual, but it was really surprising that a book wasn’t even good ……




Lin Yuxun studying in such a school was really a bit worrying.



If possible, it would be best to change his school.




Seeing that Cheng Hao wasn’t going to ask more questions, Lin Yuxun put his heart down.



However, Cheng Hao didn’t ask more about reading, “How about this, since you are free in the evening, follow me to learn Chinese.”



Although Chinese wasn’t very useful at this stage, it would definitely be useful in the future, his country would develop by leaps and bounds in the coming time!



And Lin Yuxun was still young, learning more would be good for him!



What was more, although Lin Yuxun hadn’t received Chinese education, he could speak Chinese, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to learn.



“You know Chinese?” Lin Yuxun asked.



“I do.” Cheng Hao said. He knew the most authentic Chinese, and could write simplified characters! And he also learned traditional characters through Cheng Jinhao’s memory!




Well, the latter was something he saw through his memories and needed to consolidate it before he could master it completely.



“How did you …… get here?” Lin Yu asked, why would someone who knew Chinese, spoke English well, and was well educated at first glance, come here?




“Something happened at home.” Cheng Hao said, “I am now homeless.”




Sensing Cheng Hao’s sadness, Lin Yuxun was slightly disturbed: “You …… don’t be sad, you can stay here with me.”



“Thanks then!” Cheng Hao laughed.




Lin Yuxun lowered his head in embarrassment.



Cheng Hao said he would teach Lin Yuxun Chinese and started immediately.



Lin Yuxun spoke with a northern dialect, and the pronunciation was similar to Mandarin, but not exactly the same, so Cheng Hao spoke to him in Mandarin and asked him to correct the pronunciation, and wrote down the simplified and traditional characters of the word “Lin Yuxun” with the correct strokes – After he said he wanted to teach Lin Yuxun how to recognize characters, Lin Yuxun found a poster and gave it to him.




The poster was flowery and green on one side, but white on the other, and although there was some dried glue around it, it didn’t affect his ability to write in the middle with a ballpoint pen.



“The two characters ‘Lin’ and ‘Yu’ are written the same way in simplified and traditional Chinese, but ‘Xun’ is different…… learn simplified characters, everyone will use simplified characters in the future.” Cheng Hao said.




Lin Yuxun had never heard of simplified characters before, but when Cheng Hao said that, he decided to learn simplified characters in the future.




He only watched Cheng Hao write it once, and then he wrote out his name.




Cheng Hao exclaimed in disbelief, “You’re so smart!”




When Lin Yuxun used to live with his father, his father would never praise him, and later when he lived with his mother, his mother would only scold him.



Now suddenly being complimented on his intelligence, he felt happy, and the sourness from seeing Cheng Hao compliment Danny disappeared, the corners of his mouth curved up in a restrained manner, revealing a small smile.



It was the first time Cheng Hao had seen Lin Yuxun smile, “You look good when you smile.”




Lin Yuxun subconsciously retracted his smile, and after thinking about it, he revealed a bigger smile. But the big smile looked a little stiff because it was made deliberately.




But Cheng Hao still smiled and complimented him, “You have really nice dentition.”




Lin Yuxun began to think about whether to buy a better toothpaste and toothbrush, he had saved money to buy it before, but after the death of his mother, there was no money left.



Cheng Hao didn’t know Lin Yuxun’s thoughts, he finished his compliment and wrote his name for Lin Yuxun to see.



Lin Yuxun wrote it again just like that.



Lin Yuxun actually watched him write it once and wrote it out word for word!



Cheng Hao felt that Lin Yuxun was really smart and his desire to teach Lin Yuxun Chinese became even stronger.




When he was in elementary school, he started learning from Pinyin, but now he could type with Pinyin, but he couldn’t necessarily read Pinyin correctly, and the vowels and rhymes were almost forgotten …… Cheng Hao thought about it and finally decided not to teach Pinyin first, but to teach word recognition directly.




He didn’t have any textbooks on hand now, it was only 1980, China and the United States had just established diplomatic relations, and you couldn’t buy simplified Chinese books here, so he simply wrote some to teach.




Cheng Hao asked: “Do you know “Thoughts In The Silent Night”? The one about the bright moonlight in front of the bed.”




“What is it?” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao in confusion.




Cheng Hao recited the poem once, and then started to write the poem on the poster again.



As a result, while Cheng Hao was writing, Lin Yuxun actually recited the poem:


“In front of my bed, the bright moonlight

Appearing like the frost upon the ground

I raise my head and gaze at the bright moon

Then lower my head and think of my old home”



Cheng Hao: “…… you’ve learned it before?”



“No.” Lin Yuxun looked at Cheng Hao uneasily, his father could speak Chinese but not write, and even less so for these, he had never learned ……




He could write his name, but only because his father found a Chinese person who could read and write, and that person wrote it and his father kept it, so he could trace it.




Would Cheng Hao think he was stupid for not knowing anything?




“Then you’re a genius!” Cheng Hao said excitedly, although the poem was very short, Lin Yuxun could recite it after hearing it once, it was very impressive!




“It’s not that good ……”





“Try it.” Cheng Hao asked Lin Yuxun to copy the poem.




Lin Yuxun wrote slowly according to what Cheng Hao wrote, it was his first time so the words wasn’t very good, but a stroke was written very clearly, some strokes in the middle had small problems, but when Cheng Hao mentioned it, he corrected it.



Cheng Hao waited for him to copy it once and suddenly asked, “Can you write it by yourself?”




Lin Yuxun was a little uneasy: “I don’t know ……”




“Try it, it’s okay to be wrong.” Cheng Hao said, he thought Lin Yuxun was very smart, the whole poem may not be written down, but “moonlight” and other words, maybe he could write it.





Cheng Hao looked at Lin Yuxun expectantly, and then saw the skinny teenager write down the whole poem silently, word for word.



The only drawback was that …… the words looked a bit ugly.




Lin Yuxun, he really was a genius!





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