1980, New York State, USA.

It was a ghetto community.

Bad conditions, rude people, and terror and violence made up everything here. Cursing, smashing glass, gunshots, all kinds of sounds filled the place and fed evil.

In a dark alley, a man laid face down, motionless, with blood spreading beneath him, no one knew if he was dead or alive.

No one came to his rescue, and no one paid any attention to him.

Not long ago, there was a fight a street away from here, a group of Caribbean people and a group of black people fought, they opened fire, and now those people had ran away, but the people nearby were still afraid to open their doors and windows.

Occasionally someone passed by, but they were in a hurry, no one paid attention to the person lying in the alley next to them.

  Of course, even if they saw him, they wouldn’t bother – the police was meant to handle such things.

But the police probably wouldn’t come for a while, those in uniform, were busy catching the group of troublemakers next door.

Suddenly, the finger of the man lying on his back moved.

Cheng Hao felt sore and weak, and his stomach seemed injured.

He had a car accident.

  At that time he had parked his car and was walking to a cafe not far away to prepare for the first blind date of his life, when a luxury car on the road suddenly lost control and rushed towards him.

He was trained from childhood to be alert, and if he was alone, he would have been able to dodge it, but a young mother was leading a schoolboy with a backpack in front of him, and the two of them were reciting ancient poems together without noticing the danger coming.

He pushed the mother and son away, and he himself suffered.

Now …… he was seriously injured? How come no one came to his rescue?

Cheng Hao laid there for a while, he slightly regained a little strength, and at this time, he began to hear different noises.

Did he have an ear problem? There was a car accident on the street, how come no one was watching?

Cheng Hao moved, opened his eyes, and then saw some old houses.

He was clearly in the busy street, how come …… he suddenly appeared in an urban village?

Cheng Hao froze, followed by a dizzy spell, some memories that didn’t belong to him, appeared in his mind.

It was as if he was watching the life of a teenager on TV.

He couldn’t empathize with the experiences of the young man, but he understood the life of the young man.

The teenager’s name was Cheng Jinhao, born in 1964.

His parents were both from Hong Kong, a wealthy family, before his birth, the young couple took a four-month boat trip to the United States to study.

It was during their study in the United States that Cheng Jinhao was born.

 According to the 14th Amendment of the United States in 1868, all children born in the United States could obtain American citizenship, the young couple applied for American citizenship for Cheng Jinhao, the little Cheng Jinhao, became a Chinese American.

However, Jinhao didn’t grow up in the United States. Shortly after his birth, he followed his parents back to Hong Kong, where he grew up.

Cheng Jinhao’s parents loved him very much, and according to the couple’s plan, Cheng Jinhao would finish high school in Hong Kong and then go to college in the U.S., but an accident happened during this period.

When Cheng Jinhao was thirteen, his mother died of an illness, and his father, unable to bear the shock, ran away to a foreign country and lost contact with the family.

The Cheng family was a large family, Cheng Jinhao’s grandfather had a total of three wives and nine children, because Cheng Jinhao’s grandfather was still alive, the Cheng family hadn’t yet divided, but they didn’t live together. Cheng Jinhao’s parents had lived outside.

Before he left, Cheng Jinhao’s father entrusted Cheng Jinhao to his half-brother, Cheng Jinhao’s eldest uncle.

Suddenly without his mother, his father also left …… Cheng Jinhao’s temperament changed greatly, from his originally excellent grades, he began to deviate, from time to time he fought in school, and eventually became a campus bully, and then was expelled.

His uncle changed several schools for him. As a result, he didn’t go to school for a few months and also caused trouble for him.

Cheng Jinhao was being too rebellious, and if he went on like this, he would cause trouble … When Cheng Dabo became troubled, he listened to his wife’s persuasion and decided to send Cheng Jinhao to study in the United States. He thought that the private schools in the United States should be able to teach Cheng Jinhao well, and then he wouldn’t be able to do anything bad.

Cheng Jinhao, who was only fifteen years old, was sent to the United States in this way.

Cheng Dabo handed over Cheng Jinhao’s study to his wife, asking her to find a good private school for Cheng Jinhao, and then look for someone to take care of Cheng Jinhao. Although Hong Kong citizens often went to Britain to study, there were quite a few people who went to the United States, so they could find a suitable family to take care of Cheng Jinhao when he wasn’t in school.

Cheng Jinhao was reluctant to go to the United States, after all, it was unfamiliar, but he couldn’t change Uncle Cheng’s decision, so he was sent to the United States.

After a few months on the ship, Cheng Jinhao became calmer, and thought that when he got to the United States, he would study hard and go to the university that his parents had gone to, but it turned out that when he arrived in the United States, everything he encountered was completely different from what his eldest uncle had said.

He wasn’t sent to the promised private school, but to a public school located in a very poor community, not only that, the family he lived with wasn’t an intellectual family, on the contrary, it was a family of an alcoholic man and a gambling woman, the husband and wife weren’t decent people at all.

The standard of living of the people in America in the seventies was far superior to that of other countries, but there were many places here that were very messy.

There were some of the best schools in the world, but there were also schools full of dr*gs and violence but not many people studied.

Cheng Jinhao was sent to a school where not many people studied.

The school enrolled low-income people from the bottom, the school gave these students free education, and also gave them free breakfast and lunch, but those students didn’t come to class at all, they only came to school at mealtime – the children who studied here were basically very poor, even if they didn’t eat the school’s free lunch, they also relied on the free lunch vouchers given out by social workers or the food given by the relief center.

This was a very incredible place for Cheng Jinhao, who grew up with a rich life.

What made him even more angry was that he had to live here.

He was in a foster home with only a very small and dirty room, and they didn’t buy him clothes or give him food, so much so that he had to dress in filthy clothes and eat the awful free meals that the school distributed.

He argued, made a fuss, tried to go home, then he was beaten by the man in his foster family, he became the bottom of the list of bullies at school.

  The poorer the place, the more serious the discrimination was, this place had very few Chinese people …… Cheng Jinhao alone, was in the bottom of the discrimination chain, he was severely beaten up several times.

However, Cheng Jinhao grew up without being aggrieved, as a child, he learned martial arts in Hong Kong martial arts school, and learnt even more during his rebellious phase, plus feeling abandoned by his family…… he was soon inspired by the ferocity, after being beaten a few times, he fought back, and even learned to chase others to fight.

When Chinese kung fu became popular in the United States, no one dared to mess with him, he once again became a bully.

 Not only that, in Hong Kong he only fought, here he also fell deeper and deeper, he stole, robbed, and even played with guns.

He degenerated.

It was impossible for a teenager who had no relatives in such an environment not to degenerate.

Initially, Cheng Jinhao thought about contacting his family, but the messages he sent out all sank into the sea and couldn’t go through at all, or perhaps no one wanted to care about him …… over time, he just concluded he had no family.

  After being able to rely on various illegal means to get money, Cheng Jinhao left the foster family, and also left the community that disgusted him and went to other communities.

  Now this place was Cheng Jinhao’s latest destination.

  He just came to this community, he  wanted to find a place to steal some money and then go find a place to live, but he didn’t expect to suddenly run into such a person, he was stabbed a few timed with a knife and immediately collapsed.

As Cheng Jinhao finished viewing the memories, his heart skipped a beat.

Cheng Jinhao had died, he bled to death.

  As for him …… he must have also died, but he didn’t know why, after death, he crossed over and became Cheng Jinhao.

Realizing this, Cheng Hao knew that he needed to ask for help.

Otherwise …… he was afraid that he would die again.

  The person who stabbed Cheng Jinhao, was bent on killing Cheng Jinhao, the force he used was heavy, the fact that he was still alive was simply incredible.

Probably because he crossed over, this body had a little strength, Cheng Jinhao slowly crawled forward, and finally crawled out of the dim alley.

Outside the alley, there was a small street, it was a little dirty, the surrounding houses looked similar to those in the early twentieth century, and occasionally he could see some ten-story tall buildings, but the people on the street, the vast majority were black people, a few were white, none of the people familiar to Cheng Jinhao.

When these people looked at him, their eyes were filled with disgust.

Cheng Jinhao crawled out of the alley and called for help to a person passing by: “I need help……”

However, the man simply ignored him, and cursed him, he had a strong accent, so Cheng Jinhao didn’t understand much, the man also kicked his shoulder and his back, and left with a smile.

Cheng Hao finally felt his strength run out, he was about to give up, just then, a teenager with long black hair turned …… that was an Asian person!

  He didn’t know how he got the strength to crawl over and hug the man’s leg: “Help!”

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