After hearing Yan Jiuge’s query, Chu Qi was full of confusion.


What was good or bad? He didn’t do anything today except participate in the Immortal Sect selection, what was there to say about being well behaved?


In response to the change, Chu Qi asked, “Is there?”


“Of course.” Yan Jiuge went on to say, “Not only did you not quarrel with me today, but you were willing to stay indoors obediently.” And even called me brother.



The last sentence came to Yan Jiuge’s lips, but he remembered that when he was sitting in a flat boat, Chu Qi didn’t admit it. At this point, he might be really annoyed if he mentioned it again, so he remained silent.


Chu Qi: “……”


So he was good today.


But according to Yan Jiuge’s memory, today’s self was indeed deviated from the past.



Chu Qi thought for a moment and found a suitable reason for himself, “I was too impatient in the past, from now on I have to learn to be more calm and cultivate my body.”


“Is that so?” Yan Jiuge’s voice was tinged with a bit of suspicion.


“Yes.” Chu Qi nodded, in order to prevent Yan Jiuge from continuing to ask him about the topic of changing his nature, he took the initiative to ask, “You had a hard time carrying me up the green stone stairs today, right, do you want to take a rest now?”


At that, Yan Jiuge raised his eyes and surveyed the room they were in, and found that there was only one bed couch, and two futons were placed for meditation.



“I don’t need to, you can sleep. You are so delicate, a sunburn made you turn red.”


Chu Qi: “……”


Just be like that. Anyway, he had already seen through Yan Jiuge’s temperament, and apart from his unforgiving mouth, he couldn’t find fault with anything else.


“Then I’ll go to bed first.” Chu Qi said to Yan Jiuge, turned around and walked in the direction of the bed.



Chu Qi suddenly realized that there was only one bed couch in this room. After all, those who came and went to Yi City were all cultivators, and there were probably not many children like them who still needed to sleep, so the bed couch was meaningfully placed.


So, Chu Qi took off his shoes and socks and outer clothes, and when he lay down on the bed, he consciously moved inside, leaving half of the place for Yan Jiuge.


In case Yan Jiuge wanted to sleep, there wouldn’t be no place to lie.


In fact, Chu Qi wasn’t sleepy, but with today’s rebirth, his thoughts were in disarray, why not take the opportunity to rest and think about it?



First, the cause of his rebirth may be the “plot”.


The “plot” began when Chu Qi was twenty years old, which was when he died violently for no reason in his last life. After his rebirth, he didn’t know if he would still be affected by the “plot”, but if it was still the same as the previous life, why would he be reborn?



So, Chu Qi tentatively thought his fate should also change, such as the change in talent thing, which may be related to his rebirth.


Secondly, there was Yan Jiuge.



The misunderstanding between him and Yan Jiuge, initially started from a verbal dispute, about a month or two after Yan Jiuge built his foundation, that time Yan Jiuge’s temper was particularly bad, and he nearly fought with him. So the previous small quarrel became a big quarrel, and it became uncontrollable.


This time, he must be careful to avoid these things.


Chu Qi thought about it, and finally fell asleep as he lingered in the past.



Hearing the sound of Chu Qi’s steady breathing, Yan Jiuge, who was meditating on the futon, opened his eyes and moved very gently, he got up from the futon and looked in the direction of the bed.


Chu Qi was well behaved when he was asleep, not moving around or kicking the covers. The delicate and elegant features had faded, revealing a quiet and relaxed posture, like a painting that looked good with every stroke.


In the past, Yan Jiuge liked it when Chu Qi was asleep, because only then would Chu Qi let him get close and not argue with him about right and wrong like a little hedgehog.


But today, Yan Jiuge liked it more when Chu Qi was pampered and let him carry him.


Thinking of this, Yan Jiuge’s eyes involuntarily softened, and the corners of his lips slightly raised. But the smile had not yet reached the bottom of his eyes, when the dragon patterned jade hanging from his waist flashed a forbidden red light.


His good mood suddenly faded in half.


Yan Jiuge pinched the dragon jade, raised his eyes to look at Chu Qi, who was still sleeping peacefully, he finally turned slightly unhappily and left the room.


It was still afternoon, the sun shone in the slanting shadows, and the eaves were interlaced.


Yan Jiuge randomly found a secluded place, took out a spiritual talisman from his Qiankun bag and laid the isolation boundary.


At the moment the boundary was formed, Yan Jiuge’s aura suddenly changed.


The qi refining stage aura abruptly surged, actually directly reached the late stage of the yuanying aura.


Yan Jiuge’s handsome face also changed, unlike the elegant and loose expression in front of Chu Qi, at this moment, his expression was somewhat cold and stern instead.


The original polished forehead had an additional dark red stripe, and the ink-colored eyes turned to a mysterious and dangerous dark gold color, like the violence lying dormant under the calm surface.


“Young master.”


A respectful and hoarse voice came out of the Dragon Jade.




Yan Jiuge cupped the Dragon Jade, revealing his utter impatience in one short word.


“There are still three months to go before the deadline, the family head hopes that you can come back a few days earlier so as not to delay the time, like what happened last time.”


Yan Jiuge coldly spoke, “In the future, this kind of thing need not bother me again.”


Just a reminder, it made him to waste a lot of time for no reason.


“There is one more thing, the Cloud Hidden Realm has been a bit uneventful recently ……”


“Heh, when has the Cloud Hidden Realm ever been peaceful. Yan Mingzhao is still alive, so don’t bother me.”




Hearing Yan Jiuge say this, the voice at the other end of the Dragon Jade fell silent for a moment, then continued in a disapproving, but extremely careful tone.


“Young master, you must not call the family head by his name, it is not in accordance with the rules. Other than that, your temperament seems to be a bit out of control, is there another problem with the seal?”


“I can’t die.” Yan Jiuge said mockingly.



“……” The ban on the dragon jade flickered and flickered, and finally, before Yan Jiuge’s patience ran out, he said, “Then I will retire, and I hope that young master will return soon.”


This was the end of the transmission.


Yan Jiuge closed his eyes, and a circle of forbidden runes appeared around him.


With the surge of these forbidden runes, the difference in his appearance was concealed again, and finally, along with his breath, he also returned to the insignificant Qi Refining stage before.


The isolation boundary faded into the air.


The daylight from the outside world fell back on Yan Jiuge, the light and shadow along the corners of his clothes, outlined a lonely silhouette.


No matter how many times, just thinking about that place always made him disgusted beyond belief.


Just then, a wall away, the street vendors selling sugar gourds on sticks shouted as they walked, and the long tone was heard by Yan Jiuge.
“Selling sugar gourds on sticks — big and sweet sugar gourds on sticks!”


Yan Jiuge’s eyelashes trembled for a moment, completely detached from his previous state.



With little force, the black-clothed boy used the force to flip straight over the wall, as light as a swallow, landing smoothly.





Outside the wall, the candy gourd vendor stared round-eyed at the teenager who suddenly appeared in front of him, forgetting to yell for a moment.


“I’ll buy a bunch of sugar gourds.” The black-clothed teenager’s tone was a little cold, but the words sounded clear.


“Ah …… ah okay, which string do you want to eat?”


“Not for me, it’s for for my brother. The largest and sweetest.”



The black-clad teenager who originally still had a bit of a fierce and cold temperament changed his tone after uttering the words, “He’s especially delicate today, so I came to buy it for him.”


“Oh oh oh, okay, what do you think of this string?” The vendor handed him a large, red string of candy canes.


“Yes, how much is it?”


“One spirit stone.”






Chu Qi had a dream.

In a dream –


There was a poor and evil land.


The mountain streams were deep, the sky was not visible, the miasma was lingering, the grass was gray and black.


The brown wild vines grew windingly along the cliff, and further down the cliff, a bunch of gnarled branches protruded from the cracks in the rocks, just covering a budding Nine Ghosts Soul Restoring Flower.


The flower had a total of nine leaves and nine petals, and its branches were slender and easy to break.


According to legend, when the Jiuyou Resurrection Flower bloomed, it could summon wandering souls to revive.


The silver light suddenly rose, and the sword lifted the stone sharply. The sharp sword energy cut through the wild vines and twisted branches, and then went deep.


This sword actually dug out the entire strange stone that nourished the Resurrection Flower from the cliff.



The person who came was Yan Jiuge.


After reaching adulthood, Yan Jiuge’s eyes were somewhat stern, and he rarely showed his emotions, not even frowning.


When Yan Jiuge took back his spiritual sword, a crimson red magical stripe twisted out of his sleeve, instantly occupying the entire palm of his right hand, which was shocking.



This was the heart devil pattern. It would spread from the chest towards the hand, and when the magic line grew to the tip of the ring finger, it would wrap around the heart veins.


Now that Yan Jiuge had entered the miasma valley alone, after his protective spiritual power had been eroded by the poisonous miasma, the heart demon had taken advantage of his weakness and wanted to pull him into the abyss.



Letting the demon continue to grow, Yan Jiuge didn’t stop for a moment, as he rode his sword a thousand miles to a crystal coffin.



“Ah Qi, I came to see you.”


“Today I found a flower for you, if you wake up, you should like it very much.”


His eyebrows rarely eased down and he spoke in a warm voice towards the person in the coffin.


Yan Jiuge leaned down, his long fingers gently stroked the ancient runes on the crystal coffin, and the magic patterns had crept up to his fingertips. But he continued to speak as if he was oblivious.


“However, this flower seems to have no use except to look good ……”



“Where exactly do I have to go to find you?”


The bottom of his eyes were filled with a dark gold hue at some point, as if completely devoured by the demons of the heart, leaving only paranoia and delusion.




Chu Qi suddenly opened his eyes.


He woke up from the dream, his eyes lost focus on the white gauze bed curtain.


A layer of inexplicable mist hazed his eyes, and water flooded in his eyes. The remaining emotions from the dream were almost ready to burst.




Fortunately, it was only a dream.


Chu Qi was comforting himself, but suddenly found the room quiet – only he was left alone.


“Yan Jiuge!”


Where was he? Where was Yan Jiuge?



Chu Qi hurriedly got down from the bed and hurriedly walked in the direction of the door. His thoughts were a bit confused, and because he was overly worried, it was difficult to distinguish between dreams and reality for a while.




Just then, the wooden door of the guest room was pushed open from the outside, and the second person who possessed the key to the forbidden system of this room returned.


The light from outside the room abruptly fell on Chu Qi, causing his pace to pause.


Only to see Yan Jiuge in black standing at the door, one hand was behind his back, the other hand pushed the door, when he raised his eyes, his gaze collided with Chu Qi’s hazy teary eyes, and he couldn’t help but feel a little panicked.


“…… What’s wrong with you?” Yan Jiuge asked in a soft voice.


He left him not long ago, right? And the door lock of the house wasn’t broken, no one should have come in just now.


While waiting for Chu Qi’s answer, Yan Jiuge subconsciously went through all the potential dangers in his mind.



When Chu Qi saw him, he was finally able to distinguish between dream and reality. He couldn’t care less about losing face and asked Yan Jiuge, “Where did you run off to?”


“Here.” Yan Jiuge extended his hand from behind her back and handed it to Chu Qi, his tone held a bit of caution, “I bought you sugar gourd.”



This string of sugar gourd was big and red, the light golden sugar shell was crystal clear in the daylight, just by looking at it, it was obvious it was sweet.


“When the sugar gourd vendor passed by, you were still sleeping, so I went down to buy it first.”


Chu Qi, who had a sweet tooth as a child, did love to eat this.


Taking the sugar gourd from Yan Jiuge Chu Qi blinked, trying to eliminate the sour feeling in his eyes.


“How did you …… well …… I was going to ask, why are you crying?” Yan Jiuge finally opened his mouth to inquire.


Chu Qi: “Sand got into my eyes.”


Yan Jiuge: “And you also ran down from the bed without shoes.”


Both of them spoke almost simultaneously, and the lie Chu Qi used to cover up broke down.


Chu Qi: “……”


Yan Jiuge looked at him quietly for a moment, and didn’t make a sound to urge, but his expression was extra serious, “If someone bullied you ……”


Chu Qi couldn’t hide, “I had a nightmare, I got scared when I woke up.”



“Dreams are false and cannot be taken seriously. You also had a dream of the first sword cultivator in the Yunhua Realm before.” Yan Jiuge made a rare comforting remark.


Let’s just count it as comfort.


Chu Qi didn’t want to continue to talk about the “dream” topic, he raised his hand and brought the sugar gourd to Yan Jiuge’s mouth, “Do you want to eat?”


“……” only children ate this.


Yan Jiuge was about to refuse.


“I’ll give you the first bite, “Chu Qi said.


“…” The first bite was the sweetest.



Yan Jiuge remembered the words Chu Qi had said, and after a moment he lowered his head and tasted his first sugar gourd on a stick.


The sweetness permeated in his mouth, it seemed children’s food was actually quite good.

Yan Jiuge thought to himself.




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