After hearing Chu Qi’s words, the Immortals couldn’t help but look at the Tianxuan sect carefully to see how handsome they were.


The school clothing of the Tianxuan Sect was mainly black and white, which was neither conspicuous nor fancy. Except for the Sect emblem embroidered on the lapel, there were only runic dark lines for defense.



But because they had been practicing sword forging bones for years, their physiques were well-proportioned and upright, and their aura was condensed but not dispersed. In addition, in order to facilitate the holding of the sword, the wrist wore black armor wrist guards, it looked extraordinarily valiant.


It was …… really good-looking.


The crowd of immortals had to admit this.


After all, there were no ugly people in the cultivation world, the Tianxuan Sect sword cultivators were all handsome and awe-inspiring, naturally the more you looked, the better they looked.


“It’s cheaper for you guys this time.” Elder Zhu Hua of the Qing Ling Sect sighed.


The Tianxuan Sect elder revealed a smile at his words.


Being hit by the good news of two sonsi of heaven entering the clan at the same time made him happy but he didn’t forget to defend his own clan.


“It’s just as well that you guys are eyeing the good fortune of our Tianxuan Clan, how can you slander our Tianxuan Clan’s medical cultivation as not working?”



The Tianxuan clan’s elder continued, “The reason why there are few medicinal fields in our clan is because there are not many medical practitioners. Besides, our Tianxuan Sect also has an ancient medical cultivation heritage, no worse than the Fuyao Palace and the Qingling School!”



Talking about the ancient medical cultivation heritage of the Tianxuan Sect, the faces of the medical practitioners present subtly changed.


This also had to start from the ancestor who started the Tianxuan Sect, he ascended to the pinnacle with the sword dao, and also knew the medical art, a miracle genius who practiced both medicine and sword, but didn’t go off the rails.



After him, no one could practice both medical and sword cultivation. The medical cultivation heritage of the Tianxuan Sect was obscure and difficult to understand, unlike the sword cultivation heritage which was open and wide. Gradually, the Tianxuan Sect had become a sword cultivation dominant, and the medical cultivation withered.



“What’s more, our Tianxuan Sect’s medical cultivators can also learn sword ……” although it was only the Tianxuan Sect’s basic sword movements, but the power couldn’t be underestimated.



At the end of the sentence, the Tianxuan Sect elder was whispering proudly.


All the immortals: “……”


But who learned about swords in serious medical practice? In the end, your Tianxuan Clan is just winning by being “valiant”.


With the envious eyes of all the immortal sects, the Tianxuan Sect elder walked towards Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge, wanting to speak to them.



“The initiation ceremony will be held after we return to the Tianxuan Sect, now there are still seven days before the Immortal Mountain boundary closes, so we have to stay at the top of the Immortal Mountain for the time being and wait for the other disciples who have passed the Stairs.”

There were still seven days left in the Immortal Sect selection. For the cultivators of the Immortal Sect, they had already cleared the valley, so it was fine to sit at the top of the Immortal Mountain.


But Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge were different, they hadn’t built their foundation yet, so staying at the top of the immortal mountain would be a bit difficult.


“How about I have someone send you down the mountain first?”


The Tianxuan Sect elder asked the two of them for their opinions, “You can first reunite with your loved ones at home, and then depart back to the sect with us in seven days.”





The air tensed for a moment without a reason.


Yan Jiuge’s eyebrows wrinkled slightly, lips opened and pursed, a look of wanting to say something, but he finally said nothing.


The Tianxuan Sect elder had to look at Chu Qi.


“My parents are dead, and I no longer have any relatives at home.”


“……” The Tianxuan Sect Elder was ashamed as he realized that he had mispoke, “I’m sorry, it was me who spoke wrongly.”


“It’s nothing.”


Chu Qi shook his head, after so many years in the past, he wasn’t upset by it anymore. But, because of the words of the Tianxuan Sect elder, he recalled his birth.



Chu Qi had been brought up by Uncle Lin since he was young, and Uncle Lin claimed to be his parents’ household servant.



According to Uncle Lin, not long after Chu Qi was born, Mrs. Chu died of illness, father Chu was deeply in love, and had a life and death contract Mrs. Chu, so he also followed. Before he died, father Chu entrusted Chu Qi to Uncle Lin.



Uncle Lin was an ordinary cultivator whose realm had fallen to foundation building after failing to cross the tribulation. Half a month before sending Chu Qi to the Immortal Mountain, he was approaching the end of his life, and had now fallen.


As for Yan Jiuge, according to Chu Qi’s understanding, he was an unpopular young master of a rich family, although the family was well-off, they let him grow up in a small border town, except for food and clothing that was slightly better, they didn’t care about the rest.



However, Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge were neighbors, but later became friends. Uncle Lin persuaded them to fight when they quarreled, but they also got along for a year.



Until they joined the Tiqncuan Sect and Yan Jiuge built the foundation, he distanced himself from Yan Jiuge because of a quarrel.



Chu Qi’s daze faded and he heard Yan Jiuge say, “My parents are not around, so I won’t go to see them.”



Sure enough, Yan Jiuge had no relatives. On this point, they were on the same boat.



The Elder of the Tianxuan Sect didn’t expect their birth to be like this, he thought for a moment and then changed his words, “Then I will have a senior brother take you to the main city near the Immortal Mountain for a few days, is that good?”


“Okay.” Chu Qi nodded. He and Yan Jiuge hadn’t yet built their foundations so staying at the top of Immortal Mountain wasn’t as appropriate as going down the mountain.


“Weiming, you are responsible for taking care of your juniors.”


As soon as the words of the Tianxuan Sect’s elder fell, a sword cultivator with a calm and steady temperament stepped out from behind him and bowed, “Disciple receives orders.”



Chu Qi recognized him.



Liu Weiming, a personal disciple under the head of the Tianxuan Sect, should now be at the late Jindan cultivation stage.


“Two junior brothers, I’ll take you down the mountain. My surname is Liu, my name is Weiming, you can call me Senior Brother Liu.” Liu Weiming introduced himself.



Under the Tianxuan Sect, sword cultivators could fly with their swords after their cultivation reaches Foundation Establishment.


But the sword cultivator’s spirit sword couldn’t carry others at will.



Liu Weiming took out a flying spirit weapon from his storage bag and gave it to the two junior brothers who hadn’t yet entered the sect.



“This is a flat boat, which can seat up to four people. There is a boundary protection on it to protect it from the wind and rain, and as long as people don’t go down voluntarily, they won’t fall off.”


Liu Weiming spoke carefully.


“Many thanks to senior brother Liu.” Chu Qi thanked him and then took a step towards the one-leaf flat boat.



When it wasn’t activated, it was as small as half a palm-sized blade, and after inputting spiritual energy, it could be transformed into a grass-leaf boat that could accommodate four people.



After Chu Qi sat down, he found Yan Jiuge still in place, with a pair of dark eyes hanging down, he wondered what he was thinking.


“Yan Jiuge? Sit down, we are going down the mountain.” Chu Qi shouted to him.



Yan Jiuge raised his eyebrow after hearing the words, and his expression changed a few times. At last, he looked unhappy, “You called me brother.”


Chu Qi: “…”


How could it be the same just now?

Just now, in front of so many seniors, so it was better to call Yan Jiuge brother.



Now should the 20-year-old reborn cultivator, call the 13-year-old Yan Jiuge brother? Besides, he didn’t call Yan Jiuge brother before his rebirth.



“… just now.”


Chu Qi made a dry explanation and tried to muddle through the matter.



“Turning the face faster than turning the book. There is no such thing as you.” Yan Jiuge was still dissatisfied with the decline of his treatment.



Chu Qi pretended to turn a deaf ear and quickly urged, “Come and sit in the boat.”



Only then did Yan Jiuge lift his feet onto the flat boat and sit down on Chu Qi’s side. He was tall and broad-shouldered, sitting in an upright position, he indeed looked very much like an “elder brother”.



Chu Qi silently retracted his gaze from Yan Jiuge’s shoulders, quietly soothing himself, he would grow taller in the future, this momentary gap couldn’t be counted.


“Then let’s go.”



Liu Weiming saw the two of them sitting firmly, then took out the spiritual sword to fly, while using spiritual energy to control the flat boat to follow him.



The daylight was perfect and the clouds were perfect. There were also a few pairs of immortal mountain spirit birds chasing after them until they were out of the immortal mountain range.


Under the blue sky, the mountains were undulating, and the sky and the earth were vast.



The nearest main city to the Immortal Mountain was called Yi City.


Yi City was located in the center of the Yunhua Realm, and its location was prosperous, with people coming and going.


Liu Weiming took his two junior brothers into Yi City, still struggling with how to take them to play.



Since joining the Tianxuan Sect, Liu Weiming’s daily routine was to practice his sword, take his junior brothers to practice, do sect tasks, and occasionally go on adventures with fellow disciples.


As for taking his brothers to play, it was Liu Weiming’s first time, and for a while he was at a loss.



So, Liu Weiming looked left and right and found a lively place, “Two junior brothers, there is a theater troupe singing, do you want to go see?”



Chu Qi looked around and politely responded, “Senior Brother Liu, we seem to be attracting a lot of attention like this.”



In fact, it was a little more serious than attention, as no one else came within three feet of them, creating a small empty ring in the lively street.



Because of Liu Weiming’s body, which wore the Tianxuan Sect’s sect robes, the people around them frequently cast their eyes, and even Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge were also watched the whole way.



In such an atmosphere, it wasn’t like they were going to the theater to watch a play, but like a theater troupe surrounded by people.



Liu Weiming understood, “I didn’t think well, or let’s go to the inn, I’ll change my clothes.”



Chu Qi: “But senior brother Liu, I don’t want to go to the opera, can I rest in the guest room?”


If it was when Chu Qi was ten years old, he might still want to go out on the street to get together. But now, after encountering this matter of rebirth, Chu Qi had no desire to play.





On the side, Yan Jiuge, who heard Chu Qi’s words, raised his eyebrows slightly, and a point of surprise flashed in his eyes.


“Then senior brother Yan ……”


“I don’t want to go out either, thanks a lot senior brother Liu.” Yan Jiuge replied in a good-natured manner.



Liu Weiming breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, his somewhat tense mood relaxed.



But he didn’t know why, when he heard that none of his juniors wanted to go out to play, inexplicable regret rose in his heart instead. Perhaps a new opportunity to try was lost?


“Then I’ll take you guys to the inn to rest first.”


Recently, the five major immortal sects were selecting disciples at the Immortal Mountain, and there were only a lot of people rushing to Yi City, and the inns and restaurants in the city were hard to find.



It was a good thing that the Tianxuan Sect had booked a place in the Yunlu Inn in advance, unless they wouldn’t have a place to stay.



Liu Weiming sent the two junior brothers to the guest room and instructed them, “I will meditate in the room next to yours, just come to me if you need anything.”



Chu Qi: “Okay, thanks a lot senior brother Liu.”



“You’re welcome, junior brother.”



After receiving the reply, Liu Weiming consciously walked out of the two junior brothers’ rooms, and closed the door for them before leaving.


The wooden door creaked closed and Liu Weiming walked away.


Only Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge were left in the room.



At this time, the careless expression on Yan Jiuge’s face faded away and he looked in Chu Qi’s direction, his eyes slightly deep, as if he was probing for something.




Chu Qi was a little nervous and was about to ask, but heard Yan Jiuge say in a confused and uncomprehending tone –



“Why are you so well behaved today?”



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