In the cultivation world, seniors with high cultivation would use their divine sense to measure their juniors, simply because the divine sense swept past much faster than walking to see them.


This was clear to Chu Qi.


But being sized up by hundreds of divine senses at the same time meant that he and Yan Jiuge carried the attention of almost all the immortal masters in the square as soon as they appeared.


To have such an honor.


Could it be that the two of them were the only ones arriving at the top of the Immortal Mountain right now?



Chu Qi’s guess was true, the people from the various great immortal sects were incomparably shocked.


They knew that the examination of the Staircase had only begun this morning, and it wasn’t even noon yet, and someone had arrived at the top of the Immortal Mountain.



This kind of talent was rare to find in a thousand years. If they got under their tutelage, not to mention carrying forward the sect’s legacy, taking their legacy to a higher level was also very possible.


After the initial shock, the crowd came back to their senses and withdrew their divine sense, converging in the direction of the square entrance with great joy.



The Chu Qi on Yan Jiuge’s back didn’t know what was in the minds of the great elders. He saw the divine consciousness disperse and his tense emotions also relaxed.



Then, Chu Qi realized that they were in public, he whispered to Yan Jiuge, feeling embarrassed, “You don’t need to carry me, put me down ……”



Yan Jiuge didn’t move, but instead he asked, “Can you stand firmly?”


Chu Qi’s eyes were full of doubt: “I can stand.”


He was a good person, with no illness or injury, how come he couldn’t stand steadily?


Hearing this from Chu Qi, Yan Jiuge lowered his body to help Chu Qi get down from his back.


From the corner of his eyes, Chu Qi saw the young man’s sharp face, his expression was calm and relaxed.


Chu Qi was in a trance.


While getting down from Yan Jiuge’s back, the tips of his ears were dyed scarlet.


Whether from getting on or getting off Yan Jiuge’s back, as long as he thought that this person was willing to carry him, it felt like falling into a dream.



When he was on his feet, Chu Qi breathed a sigh of relief, he was more confident that what was happening was real.


However, Chu Qi didn’t wait long to secretly rejoice.



A palm covered his forehead without warning. The palm was warm and slightly calloused, the roughness of a hand that had been holding a sword for years.




“Why is your face so red?” Yan Jiuge’s voice was filled with suspicion at this moment.


As he spoke, he took a step closer in Chu Qi’s direction, as if to carefully measure Chu Qi’s abnormality.



“Your forehead is also very hot, you wouldn’t be suffering from heat stroke and then fever, right?”


The difference between Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge was three years, and Yan Jiuge was taller than him, so when they stood opposite each other, his head only reached Yan Jiuge’s chest.



Chu Qi was thin skinned. Now that Yan Jiuge touched his forehead to check his temperature. The blush on his face didn’t diminish, but it got hotter.


“I don’t have heatstroke.” With a big red face, Chu Qi whispered to justify himself.


“Then let’s first find a physician to help you look at the fever.” Yan Jiuge naturally took over the conversation. Heatstroke was usually a body weakness, and Chu Qi’s red face was obviously not convincing.



Chu Qi: “……”


He was even less feverish.


He just had a thin skin!


Seeing Yan Jiuge take back his hand, he obviously planned to go to a healer to show him his fever.



Chu Qi was shocked and wanted to explain to Yan Jiuge.



Unexpectedly, a voice came from the side.



“Do you want to see a healer? I’m the healer of Fuyao Palace. If it’s convenient, I can help you?”



Chu Qi looked up and realized that when he and Yan Jiuge were talking, there were people standing around not far away. These people were all the elders or disciples of the great Daxian sects who were responsible for recruiting newcomers.



The person who spoke was a gentle-looking woman, wearing a goose yellow dress, with the emblem of Fuyao Palace embroidered on her chest, and a small white medicine bag tied around her waist.


Before Chu Qi returned to his senses, after the person of the Fuyao Palace spoke, an immortal with a full head of white hair took a step forward from the crowd.



He said with a smile, “I am not talented, but I have attainments in the art of medicine. Why don’t you let me also check this little friend’s pulse?”


The immortal elder had a kind face, with kind brows and good eyes, his aura was collected but not revealed, and he had long since developed the rhythm of immortal style and daoist bones through the years.



Chu Qi recognized this immortal, he was Elder Zhu Hua of the Qingling School, proficient in medicine, and he was famous in Yunhua Realm.



There were five major immortal sects in Yunhua Realm, the Fuyao Palace, the Qingling Sect, the Imperial Beast Sect, the Bodhi Sect, and the Tianxuan Sect.


Once every ten years, the selection of immortal sects was held jointly by the five major immortal sects.



The Fuyao Palace medical cultivation strength was excellent, the disciples were also easy going. Every time the immortal sects recruited disciples, more than half of the people selected Fuyao Palace.



Under the Qingling Sect, medical cultivation, art cultivation and sword cultivation were all present, a rare and balanced school.



And the remaining three great daxian sects….



Bodhi Sect was for Buddhist cultivators, although there were disciples that focused on medicine, they were healers that didn’t actively seek karma, so they wouldn’t be forced to cultivate the Buddha.



All things were fate, being less involved in the cause and effect, was the Bodhi Sect’s style of action.


And the Imperial Beast Sect was practicing the art of the Imperial Beast, their proficiency in the art of medicine was mostly related to the healing of spiritual beasts and pets, they weren’t refined in the art of healing people.



Lastly, the Tianxuan Sect, which was famous for its sword cultivation, featured a whole sect that was intoxicated with sword practice.



Under the Tianxuan Sect, even the maiden disciples were proficient in the basic sword techniques of the Tianxuan Sect. As for the few Tianxuan Sect medical practitioners, they didn’t follow along to recruit new disciples.



But if there was an extra medical practitioner, their Tianxuan Sect wouldn’t have been so passive!!



The Tianxuan clan elders wrinkled their brows and for the first time in their lives, they regretted not having a medical practitioner behind them.



Although there was no medical cultivation, but the three great Daxian Sects still had dreams in their hearts.


They missed the chance to impress their future disciples, but their skills were specialized. What if they want to learn how to control animals/cultivate Buddha/practice sword?




Being surrounded by the elders of the Immortal Sects in such a manner, Chu Qi was flattered.



In his previous life, when he and Yan Jiuge had finished the Qing Shi staircase and reached the top of the Immortal Mountain, there were already many disciples who had passed the Qing Shi staircase test lined up in front of the immortal sects to test their talent.



At that time, the seniors of the Immortal Sects were busy recruiting disciples, each in their own way, it wasn’t like this today, now they surrounded Yan Jiuge and Chu Qi with eager eyes.


The two medical practitioners who spoke earlier were waiting for an answer, and Yan Jiuge was about to say something when his sleeve was gently pulled by the person beside him.



His open lips pursed again, Yan Jiuge finally stopped talking, he turned his face sideways, lowered his eyes to look at Chu Qi, his gaze silently asked the reason.


“Thanks to the kindness of the two elders, my body is not seriously hurt. Just now it was …… me getting my face hot from the sunlight, which made my brother worry, so …… it was all a misunderstanding.”


With the pressure of many eyes, Chu Qi struggled to defend himself.


In any case, it was better to make things clear now than to be embarrassed after his pulse was taken.



But Chu Qi lowered his eyes so he didn’t notice, when he said the words “my brother”, Yan Jiuge’s eyes brightened up in a flash, like stars.


“So that’s how it is, it was also us who were abrupt just now.” Hearing Chu Qi’s explanation, Elder Zhu Hua of the Qingling Sect took the lead to cheerfully say, “No disease and no disaster is a blessing.”



It was a pity that he had no use for his art of healing, he wanted to use his medical skills to get closer to the two prides of heaven.



The people of the Qingling Sect and the Fuyao Palace had a slight regret in their hearts, but the other three sects brightened up.



“In that case, would the two young friends like to come to our Royal Beast Sect to learn the art of imperial beasts?”



After Elder Zhu Hua of the Qingling Sect finished speaking, the disciple wearing the red and white Imperial Beast Sect’s costume eagerly threw out an invitation to the two. Her words were crisp and clear, not forgetting to introduce the advantages of the Imperial Beast Sect.



“Join my Imperial Beast Sect, you can get a small white tiger pet, this white tiger as young as a cat is as agile and cute, and when it becomes an adult, it can be as powerful as a mountain!”


With this discipline’s voice dropping, the little white tiger on her shoulder gave a very cooperative “whine”, and a pair of blue animal eyes looked at them, it was pretty cute.




The Imperial Beast sect was really good, last time they recruited disciples, they didn’t see them use this trick.



The crowd glanced at each other and saw the silent smoke from their eyes.


“Although the imperial beast Sect’s little white tiger is cute, but to take care of it day by day is laborious. We are different in Fuyao Palace. We take the cultivation hand in hand, and enough pills are administered to avoid the bottleneck of cultivation and the disaster of injury, so that you can have a smooth journey.”



The medicine cultivator of the Fuyao Palace who spoke out earlier opened his mouth.



The Qingling sect’s Elder Zhu Hua raised his hand and stroked his beard, and said in a calm tone, “Our Qingling School doesn’t have as many spiritual pills as the Fuyao Palace, but we have several veins of spiritual stones, so if you join our Qingling School, you will no longer have to be burdened by things outside your body. Although spirit stones are vulgar, there are many things that can be bought.”






After they finished speaking, they coincidentally turned their gazes to the two remaining great sects.



The Bodhi Sect master spoke up consciously, “Amitabha Buddha, the two young friends have deep roots and have no relationship with my Buddhist sect. We of the Bodhi Sect will not be involved in this matter.”



He only followed to take a look at the faces of the two prides of heaven, the recruitment of disciples couldn’t be forced if there was no fate.



Bodhi clan consciously withdrew from the competition, but there was still the Tianxuan clan!


As they all knew, the sword cultivators were mostly silent. Few sword cultivators were good at communication. The only thing that could be achieved was the three-foot blue blade that had been hardened a thousand times around their waists.



The elders of the Tianxuan Sect were worried in their hearts, their Tianxuan Sect was actually not bad, their strength could even be the top of the Immortal Sect. But how could they persuade the children to come to sword training and suffer?



Listening to the seductive words of the competitors in front of them, the Tianxuan Sect was silent.



But right now, he was being watched by so many pairs of eyes, including the two children he wanted to recruit for initiation. Seeing this, the Tianxuan Clan elder had to speak with a stiff upper lip, “You guys have said so much, why don’t you ask the two young friends about their wishes?”



What if they just want to come to the Tianxuan Sect to practice sword?



The Tianxuan Sect elder thought silently.



At these words, the other three great Daxian Sects shook their heads in their hearts, knowing in their hearts that the Tianxuan Sect had no other choice but to die a duck’s death.



However, it was true that the wishes of the parties concerned should come first.


The crowd’s eyes converged back on Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge.



The Qingling Sect’s Elder Zhu Hua kindly asked, “We all want to take in two young friends, I don’t know what you two young friends want?”



Chu Qi: “……”


He still hadn’t recovered from the “tit-for-tat” drama of the great Daxian sects.



This scene was really wonderful.



In his previous life, Chu Qi had never seen the cold-eyed Tianxuan Sect’s elders show such a sad expression.



It was true that with Yan Jiuge’s qualifications, no matter where he was, he was the object of competition for the Immortal Sects.



It was a pity that in his last life, Yan Jiuge accompanied him for two days and two nights, and froze from the outstanding pride of the sky into the ordinary cultivator who disappeared into the crowd, and finally entered the Tianxuan Sect with him to practice sword.



In his previous life, both Chu Qi and Yan Jiuge chose the Tianxuan Sect, both of them were sword cultivators.



“Thanks to the love of all seniors, my younger brother is in contact with cultivation for the first time, why don’t we test our talent first and then we can make a decision?”



While Chu Qi was thinking back, Yan Jiuge offered to test their talents instead of choosing an immortal sect.




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