When Yan Mo woke up, he barely reacted to the fact that he actually fell asleep last night.



He liked the sun of the underworld, so his bedroom faced the sun, and he intentionally didn’t pull the curtains. It was already autumn, and the morning sunlight was warm but not too strong, spreading over half of the bedroom.



Yan Mo got up and walked to the window, and saw that Qiong Ren had already woken up and was stretching in the garden.



The backs of his feet were tensed in a curved bow-like arc, and his waist and back were stretched into soft and beautiful lines. Yan Mo watched as his curly hair was illuminated by the sunlight in curving waves of brown and gold, and his honey-colored skin shone with a seductive luster.



Qiong Ren looked up and saw him standing by the window, so he waved at him, “Did you sleep well last night?”



Yan Mo jumped from the window, landing lightly and silently, and swept the man up in his arms, hugging him gently for a moment before quickly releasing him.



“Thanks. I slept well last night.”



Qiong Ren was stunned by his hug, and then it occurred to him that last night was the first time that Yan Mo had fallen asleep after a three-year-long gap, and that a hug probably wouldn’t have been enough if it had been him in his position.



But after all, Yan Mo was a very reserved person, perhaps this hug was his warmest expression.



After breakfast, Qiong Ren folded a bag of Yuanbao and burned it at home before going with Yan Mo to the grave site near the orphanage.



Martyrs’ graves were public places after all, and now that they didn’t even allow paper to be burned, he didn’t want to make things difficult for the administrators.



The Weibo hot topic of the day: #Dragon City Thunderbolt



[This morning in the southern suburb of Dragon City, there was this crazy thunder, the most amazing thing is that it was dry thunder, there was rain and no clouds, in the end what is the situation, is there no expert that can answer a little?]


[I heard it too!]


[No idea! Thunderbolt from the blue is a normal discharge phenomenon. In fact, lightning has already formed, but it does not immediately release energy. Instead, it walked a distance inside the cloud before splitting down. What a big deal!]


[As long as you are talented, as long as you are capable, I, the disciple of Shenxiao, will leave my words behind. This is a senior expert who is skilled in the Five Thunder Technique. If it’s a lie, I’ll stand upside down and eat my phone.]



[My home is in the southern suburbs, I don’t know if it’s my psychological effect, after the thunder today, I feel that the air in the entire southern suburbs has become clear and smooth, is this the ozone formed by the thunder and lightning?]



[This is of course Taoist friends that are crossing the threshold ah, what are you guys arguing about.]



Qiong Ren watched the chatter on Weibo and immediately opened the Dragon City Psychic Forum.


Only to see that Qiong Ren’s subsection was as quiet as a chicken, without anyone associating the southern suburb’s sunny day thunder with him.


Good Lord!


Qiong Ren inexplicably had the feeling that he had defeated his fans.



He stifled a half smile and suddenly reflected, what am I happy about?



At the end of the day, he nodded, this could be the fun of fighting fans.



But he hadn’t been happy for long before he was approached.


Meng Shen led three Taoist priests, a large one and two small ones, with the two smaller ones carrying a ham each.



Although Qiong Ren welcomed the people in for Meng Shen’s sake, he had a head full of questions, “Who are they?”



The older Taoist priest slapped the younger Taoist priest on the body, “Be smart.”


The two young Taoist priests immediately kneeled down and raised their hams, “Master, please accept us!”



Qiong Ren: “Our company has no intention of recruiting trainees.”



Even if he took in trainees someday, he definitely wouldn’t take in Taoist priests.



Meng Shen helpfully explained that these three were all Taoist priests from Qinglei Temple, and that they majored in the Five Thunder Laws, a branch of the Divine Heavenly Sect.



The so-called Divine Heavens Sect was said to have originated from the Divine Heavens, and was founded during the Northern Song Dynasty. The founder, Chong Hezi, claimed that he had been preached to by the gods, and that he could attract thunder and rain, and command ghosts and gods. Anciently, Wang Wenqing and Sa Shoujian were famous for their thunder method in Shenxiao.


Nowadays, there were daily weather forecasts and artificial rainfall, and the Divine Heavenly Sect wasn’t as popular as it used to be. However, the five thunder method wasn’t only rainfall, it could also drive away evil spirits, there were still many uses.



Today, the southern suburb experienced thunder on a sunny day, and the Taoist priests had seen a lot, so they could naturally see that this was a high-ranking person using the Five Thunders method.



These two young Taoist priests heard Meng Qianshan say that there was an idol called Qiong Ren who could use the Edictive Thunderbolt Charm, so they took his name and projected it, and the result was that the person who performed the thunderbolt in the southern suburb was indeed related to Qiong Ren.



They then begged Meng Shen to bring them to the door, wanting to worship a master.


This was a real misunderstanding, Qiong Ren quickly responded: “It wasn’t me that performed the thunder spell.”



The two young Taoist priests were very confident and insisted that their projections could not be wrong. They hoped that Qiong Ren wouldn’t think they were stupid, and he could even keep them to chop wood for the fire.



The two of them held the ham up high the whole time, and even though their hands were shaking from the soreness, they refused to put it down.



Burning fire and chopping wood were what era of worship language, these two were too rash.



As for their conviction that the person who performed the thunderbolt was Qiong Ren, it was actually quite explainable. Even if ordinary Taoist priests could project, they were probably not capable of projecting to the head of the King of the underworld, the result would be skewed to another person related to the line of thunder, that was, Qiong Ren himself.



The older Taoist priest was the master of Qinglei Temple , Taoist priest Wang Zhongying.



In front of the two young Taoist priests, he said, ”The two of them have a little talent in cultivation, they grew up in the Taoist temple but don’t have much insight. We got a reminder from Master Meng that you are short of assistants here.



“If you want, you can let them work for you. There’s no need to pay them a salary, just give them a mouthful of food.”


Taoist Master Wang said, suddenly revealing an embarrassed smile, “If you are willing to teach them both a tiny bit of skill, that would be their good fortune.”




It seemed Taoist Master Wang also didn’t believe that the person who did it wasn’t him ……



He was really short of people now, especially this kind of special talent that was used to seeing ghosts and monsters, and he couldn’t help but be moved.



He could accept them first while the recent work schedule was more, to see if they could be used, it could also solve his urgent need of an assistant.



The requirements of being a star’s assistant was actually not high, as long as they were obedient, could help run errands, and had a strict mouth.



But the words still had to be said clearly.


Qiong Ren said, “If you want to stay, you’ll be paid according to industry standards, with a probationary period of 4500 yuan. If you do well, it can be increased . But there’s one thing, I’m not as capable as you think. With me, you can’t get anything except for salary.”



Taoist Master Wang was overjoyed. He quickly urged the two little Taoist priests kowtow to him.



Qiong Ren hurriedly stopped them, “It’s just a job, it’s not so much.”


One of the two young Taoist priests was called Meng Qingxuan, a cousin of Meng Shen, and the other was called Wang Boduan, Taoist Master Wang’s nephew.


Both were second generation Xuanmen.



Sending the three Taoist priests away, Meng Shen hemmed and hawed and said with a shy expression, “That thunder strike this morning, it was really powerful, what exactly is the secret to learning thunder magic? Whisper it to me, I promise not to spread it.”



Qiong Ren: “……”


He said helplessly, “Think about who I live with.”



Meng Shen was creeped out and immediately stood up straight, his hands hanging down at his sides as he respectfully asked, “Is it King Yan?”



Qiong Ren nodded.



Meng Shen was instantly disappointed, the management of thunder and lightning counted as workers for the King of the underworld, how could this still be learned ah, he couldn’t learn.


Disheveled, he collapsed on the sofa, his body fluttered: “For those two children, their academic pursuits are second and their morale is too high. They don’t know if the sky is high or the earth is thick. Taoist Master Wang and I want them to be well beaten by society. So, you don’t have to mind us…”



Meng Shen wanted to smack himself in the face. Qiong Ren was living with King Yan, it wasn’t a stretch to say that in the future, he would have to call Qiong Ren a Queen of the underworld, was it necessary for him to instruct that he didn’t have to mind him and Taoist Master Wang?



“If you need to beat or scold, Taoist Master Wang and I will definitely not feel any pain, we will listen to you.”



The Underworld Chronicles – Black Rope had already finalized its launch date, while Zhou Mi’s Elevator was still in intense “post” production.



As the producer and biggest investor of the two films, Qiong Ren was very happy to see that he could make a small contribution to the cultural cause of the underworld.


The documentary was almost online, but the bluetooth headset hadn’t yet been made, Qiong Ren couldn’t help but go to urge, the boss said that it had been scheduled, but he had to go for a delivery, and when he came back, he’d immediately start work.



In the blink of an eye, the recording time of “Chuangqing 303” had also arrived.



Although Qiong Ren had been on the variety show twice, considering that he was on Li Kui’s variety show, it was equal to it being his first time.



Still, he went and asked Li Kui what he needed to pay attention to when recording at Youkiteng; after all, it wasn’t often the love of one’s life that knew a person best, but rather his enemy.



Li Kui’s advice was plain and unassuming: “Dad, you can record it however you want, it would be even better if you can make some kind of paranormal incident, Song Jiang is very timid, I want to see him scared silly.”



Song Jiang was the director of the show, Qiong Ren felt a hint of subtlety in the names of these two people, “Is there a conflict?”



Li Kui sneered, “What conflict? The one where he angrily accused me of betraying my movie ideals and then going to do variety shows to make money? To be honest, I don’t know him well at all.”



It looked like there was a lot of grudges.



“Chuangqing 303” was recorded in a water town in Jiangnan. Qiong Ren was watching the official Weibo account of the program team on the plane, and director Song Jiang said he wanted to open up new forms of talent shows, not the previous fundraising and voting system and asked the audience to supervise.



The fact that they didn’t engage in the collection of funds to get votes was certainly good, but if voting didn’t count, what was the process? The entire network of show fans were speechless.


The show team hurried to explain, of course, voting was an important part of “Chuangqing 303”, but this year they adopted a member voting system, non-members got a vote a day, members had ten votes per day, members had to use their real names, and their identify IP would be confirmed .


Wasn’t this another type of Li Kui’s Psychic 101.



Qiong Ren was suddenly especially curious about what fans would think, so he opened the Dragon City Psychic Forum Qiong Ren subsection, only to see today’s topic and the name of the post was “he came he came, Song Jiang really was ferried”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Song Jiang engaged in the new form of casting was influenced by Li Kui and had little to do with him.



But it was true that Li Kui’s determination not to do a rip-off variety show was again his reason.



Using this line of logic, wouldn’t his fans have realized the correct answer again?


Worthy of being my fans, they were all smart.



Qiong Ren silently puffed out his chest on the airplane.



It had been almost two weeks since Meng Qingxuan became Qiong Ren’s assistant.



He was very disappointed in his heart, what he longed for was to get rid of demons and defend the Dao, and he followed Qiong Ren just to learn the skills.


But so far, Qiong Ren, apart from being exceptionally good-looking, dancing exceptionally well, and singing exceptionally well, seemed to be quite ordinary, unlike a supreme expert who specialized in the Five Thunders Technique and was a great hermit.



If he hadn’t deduced that Qiong Ren’s connection to the Southern Suburbs Thrilling Thunder was him, he would have given up his job long ago.



After getting off the airplane, Meng Qingxuan was even more sullen, and the driver who came to pick up Qiong Ren couldn’t help but say, “The young man is so young, but his worries are still quite big.”


They arrived at the hotel and stayed for the night, getting up early in the morning to do their makeup and hair before being sent to the studio by the crew’s driver.



Meng Qingxuan had only gotten out of the car when he felt a coolness wrap around him.



The inexplicable coolness wasn’t a good thing, and he almost wanted to draw his peach wood sword immediately, but after fumbling around for half a day, he couldn’t touch anything.



Only then did he remember that he was now Qiong Ren’s assistant, and the only things in his backpack were things that Qiong Ren might use.






He looked at Qiong Ren’s calm face, not at all like he had realized that there was an abnormality here, and became more and more depressed. Was the person who performed the lightning spell that day Qiong Ren or not.



In case it wasn’t, weren’t he and Wang Boduan wasting their time?


The staff took the two of them to the lounge and introduced, “This is the movie and television city that we, You Qiteng, have invested in, the only thing that has been built now is this studio, the filming base is under construction, so maybe next year you might be coming here to film a movie.”



“If you have any dissatisfaction with the lounge, you can bring it up with us and we’ll try our best to fulfill your requirements.”



Qiong Ren silently surveyed the surroundings, dissatisfied, well, there was nothing particularly to be dissatisfied about, but ……


Qiong Ren: “It’s a bit crowded.”



The staff froze for a moment after hearing the words, and looked at this lounge that had to be thirty square feet, crowded?



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but sigh, there were ten or so ghosts stuffed in this room, he had to be careful when walking. Song Jiang was worthy of being Li Kui’s mortal enemy, even their tastes in choosing locations for variety shows were so similar.


They specialized in choosing places with lots of ghosts.



Was this what arch-enemies were all about?



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