The dragon scales were smooth and hard, and as they reached the tip of the tail, the scales became smaller. The scales were like black jade carvings, faintly transparent, with a hint of gold on the bottom, shimmering with a low-key luster, it gave off a strange beauty.


Qiong Ren set up the camera, set the time and continuous shooting mode and held up the whole tail, he wanted to take a group photo.


The tail was a bit stiff and it was slightly hard to hold it, he turned his head to look at Yan Mo, “okay, be serious ……”



Qiong Ren held the tail with his hands together, a posture of worship, the tail blocked most of his face, he struggled to raise his face over the scales and said to Yan Mo, “Smile a little bit, I want to frame the picture at home.”



Yan Mo was about to explode from his rubbing!



He couldn’t laugh, rather, it took all his strength to keep his sanity.


Surely he shouldn’t have let Qiong Ren touch his tail.


“Yan Mo?”



Because of his excessive absentmindedness, Qiong Ren also felt something was wrong, “What’s wrong with you?”



“Nothing.” Yan Mo breathed deeply and smiled a little to the camera.


Qiong Ren also immediately smiled at the camera.



The clicking sound was continuous.



Qiong Ren put down his tail and ran over to look at the photo, unable to stop exclaiming, “The tail is too cute! You’re so handsome!”



Living with such a handsome god, he felt that he could live for many more years.



Yan Mo also went over to look at the photo.


Where was the tail cute, it was clearly Qiong Ren who was cute, from his toes to the strands of his hair.



Qiong Ren’s eyes flickered and aimed at the dragon’s horns, “Can I touch the horns too?”



Yan Mo bent down and immediately got up again, “Not right now.”


“Oh ……”



Although a little disappointed, Qiong Ren knew how to exercise restraint, If he got annoyed, there wouldn’t be another time.



He silently withdrew his hand.



Yan Mo slowly exhaled, this process of not knowing whether it was a reward or torture was finally over.



He couldn’t give the reward all at once, the dragon horn was better left for later.



Yan Mo felt that he had mastered the correct technique of fishing.



Not to mention …… that the dragon horn was more sensitive than the tail, so he usually didn’t let the horn come out when he used this incarnation.



Today was already dangerous enough.



He was glad that this incarnation’s skin was dark enough, so even if he blushed ……



“Ah …… why is your face so red? Fever?”



Qiong Ren pressed his hand against his cheek, the area from under his eyes to his chin was not covered by dragon scales, so he could touch the skin.



He was instantly scalded and retracted his hand, “You can boil an egg at this temperature! Are you alright?”


Yan Mo took a step back and shook his head, “The incarnation has finished inspecting the Cold Underworld, I’ll come back in a different person.”



He was fine, he just needed to go to the Great Cold Underworld to calm down.



The dragon man instantly disappeared, and human Yan Mo suddenly appeared, his white face was faintly red, his expression was serious: “Do you like it or not?”



Qiong Ren: “?”



Yan Mo: “Tail.”


Qiong Ren: “Super like it.”



Yan Mo hesitated, “Will it feel mundane to look like this now?”



Because Qiong Ren was overly enthusiastic about the inhuman image, it caused Yan Mo to have a faint face value anxiety.



Qiong Ren: “……”


What exactly was your misunderstanding of ordinary ah ……



Qiong Ren gave a thumbs up, “The flavors are different, but each one of them is amazing!”



He added the other thumbs up as well: “This incarnation is the best looking of the Earthlings.”


Yan Mo: “But I think you’re the best looking.”


His expression was serious and natural, and every word came from his heart.



Qiong Ren accepted the compliment without any hesitation, “I am indeed good looking.”



He thought out of the blue, “Don’t people have names for their courtyards? Let’s name our house too, write King Yan Temple above the door and annotate: Handsome man resides here.”



Yan Mo really couldn’t help but reveal a smile when he heard this, he shook his head, “Temple names can’t be written casually. Your name is Qiong Ren, Qiong is beautiful jade, Ren is a very important moral concept in the underworld.”


“It’s better to call it Yunyu Garden, which means” carrying pearls and jades “. Lu Ji once said in” Wen Fu “, ‘jade shines in the mountains, while water carries pearls and the rivers are beautiful’, you are talented and virtuous, the name and the person complement each other.”



Qiong Ren looked at him fixedly, unable to speak.


Yan Mo: “Don’t like it?”



Qiong Ren shook his head, the corners of his mouth pursed tightly and tears welling in his eyes.



Yan Mo panicked, pulling out a handkerchief from his suit pocket, his fingers lifted Qiong Ren’s chin, helping him gently press the tears dry.



Qiong Ren raised his eyes to look at him, the tails of his eyes were red, and his eyes were soaked with tears, they looked extra bright:



“I was named by my mom, I’ve never met my mom, and I don’t know why she gave me this name, because of the harmonies, I’m always mistaken for poor person, and sometimes it’s annoying.”


“But you made my name sound so good, it doesn’t seem to matter if I get misunderstood again in the future.”



Yan Mo looked at him genuinely, “It’s not that I said it well, it was already good.”



Qiong Ren held back his tears and nodded, the ends of his eyes red, “Then can I touch the dragon’s horns?”



Yan Mo instantly calmed down, “No, that incarnation is in the Great Cold underworld and can’t come out for the time being.”


Qiong Ren: “Oh ……”


He really wanted to touch the dragon horns while crying.



The next day, when Qiong Ren was eating breakfast, he finally remembered to ask, “Why did you reward me? Did I do anything very special?”



Yan Mo calmly peeled the eggs and took out the excuse he had decided on after careful thought, “You sing well.”



“But I’m also considered a singer, singing well is a required, there’s no need for a reward,” Qiong Ren took the eggs, “Of course, I didn’t mean to refuse you rewarding me.”


Such a reward pleased him.



Just after Wang Yaoqing’s anesthesia, the Special Affairs Division fed him a truth potion in the ward.



Through interrogation, they learned that Wang Yaoqing had victimized a total of two people, Zhou Mi and Ai Yinyue. Both the jade carving and the transit array were ordered from Scar face Man.


The scar faced Man was very mysterious and they still didn’t know his name.


The transit matter was initiated by Scarface, and Wang Yaoqing had no idea how he had located him as a customer. Originally he was also skeptical, but the scar-faced man said, you can try before payment, it was very humane, so Wang Yaoqing placed an order.



Both the deposit and the final payment were paid in cash.



The special affairs department had investigated a lot of dirty matters, but none of them were related to the Scarface Man, which had made the interrogator Panda, Xiong Miao, very frustrated.



They gave both Zhou Mi and Qiong Ren portraits of the scar faced Man, and told them that the man’s last name was Guo, so that they would pay more attention in their daily lives, and in case they thought of any news related to this man, they should contact the Special Affairs Division as soon as possible.



Xiong Miao also exchanged more with Qiong Ren, it wasn’t worried about leaks, Qiong Ren had a great expert like Yan Mo by his side, Meng Shen and the City god were his fans, and he seemed to have a great relationship with King Yan.


His information sources should much more complete than theirs.



“Scar-faced man’s surname was projected by an old celestial master based on the traces he left behind, and there should be no mistake. However, I can’t find a great sinner with the surname Guo in the Book of Life and Death. I don’t know if the Underworld’s side didn’t look carefully.”



“Of course not,” Qiong Ren immediately righted the Underworld’s name, “They’ve changed to an informationized office management system, and the search function of the book of life and death works very well. Especially those who have committed a lot of crimes are specially marked in the book of life and death, because these people are prone to deform into evil spirits after death, and have to be guarded by a bunch of Impermanence in advance. I’d like to think that the celestial master made a mistake.”


The panda spirit listened with admiration, look, this was a great connection.


He was so young, yet he already knew the underworld’s office system.



Hanging up the phone, Yan Mo said, “I don’t think it may be that the Heavenly Master is mistaken, but that this person is not in the Book of Life and Death.”



Qiong Ren immediately thought of Journey to the West, “Erased his name like the Great Sage?”



“Of course not,” Yan Mo said, “He might not necessarily be a living person, or even a human being, but just has high magical power that makes it impossible to feel any other aura. Thinking of him as a living person, naturally makes him impossible to find.”



Qiong Ren held up his cell phone, “Can I tell them?”



Yan Mo nodded his head, but he didn’t mean to check it himself. He could make a slight mention, but he could not overstep his authority.



After the Special Affairs Division received this news, naturally, they again exchanged discussions with each other and people from all sides without mentioning it.



The Mid-Autumn Festival was approaching, Qiong Ren’s small studios in both the living and underworld were on track, and Old Su had also joined FDD Media, and when he heard it, he praised the name for its freshness and naturalness of meaning, Qiong Ren was greatly relieved, and he felt that he had found a confidant.



Since there was a director, the shooting of the underworld culture propaganda film was also on the agenda.



Yan Mo would look at him with a mixture of condemnation, condescension, and coldness whenever he heard him talking to Emperor Song about this matter.



It made it difficult for him to fight.



Fortunately, the ten kings of the underworld suddenly decided to make a propaganda movie together, which could both educate the residents of underworld and be released into the underworld to show these guys who were still doing evil things what they would be like in the future.



It could be said to be very educational, and could also be considered an educational movie on evil deeds.



Qiong Ren gave this propaganda movie a name, it was called “Underworld Chronicle”.


In the underworld, it was a documentary style propaganda and education film. In the mortal world, it was an essential education documentary, but it was claimed to be a horror film disguised as a documentary effect, which could be called the ultimate nesting doll.



Zhou Mi began to prepare for the completion of the “late stage”, Qiong Ren asked Ai Yinyue to take him to the Ghost Judge Hall to apply for a work visa.



FDD Media expanded for the second time, and there were many more employees in the company that Qiong Ren didn’t recognize. Du Yuan and HBL2003 cooperated with each other and managed the company well.


On the eve of filming, the Ten Kings sat down with Qiong Ren and Su Huaizhang for a meeting.



After discussion, everyone felt that it was better to start filming from the Great Black Rope Underworld, after all, in this matter, Emperor Song was here first, and he was the one who first invited Qiong Ren to the underworld, so it was only right that he should be the first to have his turn.



After the rendezvous, King Qinguang suddenly stopped Qiong Ren.



Now that he had lost his taut and stereotypical expression, his Chinese character face was as loyal and kind as possible: ”Ever since you introduced me to Ren Sheng’s place to treat my mental illness, my whole body has become much more refreshed. Now the doctor said that my treatment effect is very good, the possibility of cure is very high, I gave him a banner, I also made one for you.”


Qiong Ren: “You are too kind, where is the brocade banner?”



King Qinguang wanted to send him a brocade banner ah.



Just thinking about it made him feel so dignified!


King Qinguang’s hand made a move and a pole appeared then he shook it, only to see that the brocade banner read:


Presented to Qiong Ren


A benevolent and virtuous heart, which has benefited the underworld.


—- Ghost Judge Hall King Jiang Qinguang.


King Qinguang presented the brocade banner with both hands, “This brocade banner was hand-woven by my mother and my sister sister-in-law, the words on it were written by me, and the flowers on this heeled stick on the brocade banner were carved by me, the craftsmanship is ordinary, but hanging it in your room can drive away evil spirits and bring good fortune.”



“At that time I was biased in my assessment of you, I have been ashamed in my heart, I hope you can accept my apology.”


King Qinguang slightly bowed, “I’m sorry, please forgive me.”


Qiong Ren was no longer angry since he knew that King Qinguang’s personality was becoming increasingly radical and rigid because of the problems with his incarnations, but he really didn’t expect that King Qinguang would apologize to him in front of all the other kings.


To know one’s mistakes and be able to change them was a good thing, he took the banner, “I accept your apology.”



King Qin Guang was overjoyed at his words, “In that case, can you sell me a disk of your old album?”


How the hell did things turn around between those two sentences ……



Qiong Ren: “The original stock is sold out, the new ones will be sold in the underworld when they’re ready, so you’ll be able to buy them on the streets of the Hall of Ghost Judges then.”


A certain god who had hoarded several thousand albums was silent.



Slightly disappointed, King Qinguang sighed, “I listen to your songs every time I do psychotherapy, and now your songs have become our Ghost Judgement Palace’s office designated BGM. Are you free during the Mid-Autumn Festival? Our Ghost Judge Hall is planning to organize a small internal party, and all the staff and I are looking forward to your participation.”



He also wanted to listen to the live version of Order Of The Folded Laurel.


Qiong Ren: “I have to go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, sorry lah, next time.”


King Qinguang left sadly, his back was very lonely. King Yan walked over to Qiong Ren and said very naturally, “You don’t have to hang a banner if you want to exorcise the evil spirits, there is a statue of King of the underworld in your room.”



He paused and emphasized, “Two.”



Qiong Ren stifled a laugh, where did this competitive heart come from: “I plan to hang the brocade banner in the living room, so that guests can see King Qinguang thanking me as soon as they arrive, isn’t it very dignified?”



King Yan nodded in satisfaction.



A few days later.



In the common lounge of the Ten Kings Hall, the ten kings gathered together and watched the television in front of them.




“I remember that the promo starts shooting today, right, Emperor Song, why don’t you follow along?”



Emperor Song was calm: “What do you know, we as parents can’t put too much pressure on our children. We have to give him the space to play freely, if I goes, what should I do if he gets nervous considering that I’m the one running the Great Black Rope Underworld?”


Little Aunt Qingxi: “That means he won’t let you go right?”



“Right ……”


Emperor Song hid his face and cried.



Why did he refuse him, wasn’t he Qiong Ren’s favorite dad anymore?



“Now, let’s watch the live news.”



“Famous idol, musician, and singer Mr. Qiong Ren has entered the Great Black Rope Underworld today, and he will be filming cultural promos for all the Great Underworlds. Please see the report sent back by the front line reporter.”



King Yan silently looked away as Emperor Song wiped his tears and looked at the TV screen.



The reporter’s miserable face appeared on the screen.



Reporter: “Hello, can you hear me?”



Host: “Hello, Xiao Yan, this is the studio, please give us an overview of how Qiong Ren’s documentary is going, is everything going well?”



Xiao Yan pressed her headset and kept nodding her head, nodding for twenty seconds before saying, “Yes.”



The camera cut to Qiong Ren as she did, “As we can see, Qiong Ren is currently filming at the Waiting Call to Suffer.”


“The Waiting Call to Suffer Place is one of the more punishing prison in our Black Rope Underworld, the sinner who is punished here will be bound with blazing black ropes and pushed off a cliff that is covered with red-hot iron blades, and after he is poked with lots of cute little holes by the iron blades, he will be bitten by a lot of dogs, all of which have burning iron teeth.”



“Qiong Ren is trying his hand at the job of a jailer. That is, tying up sinners and pushing them down. Please follow my camera as we go along.”



Qiong Ren was standing on the edge of a cliff that was so unnaturally high that the bottom of the cliff could not be seen.


Zhou Mi and Su Huaizhang were both here.



Recently, Zhou Mi had been working closely with real ghosts to have them do ghost movie special effects for him, and it couldn’t be called special effects anymore, it should be said that real ghosts were shooting camouflage special effects on the scene, and it was very hardcore.



When he heard that Qiong Ren was going to make a propaganda movie about the culture of the underworld, he was also interested and wanted to follow the crew to get inspiration.



Qiong Ren agreed, and as for the director, it would certainly be Su Huaizhang and Old Su. Before he became famous for his animated films, he had a background in making documentaries.



Zhou Mi watched Qiong Ren calmly tying the black rope to the tortured ghost, and inwardly admired him.



This was his boss, a man of both the living and underworld, destined to make great reforms in the entertainment industry of both worlds.



Look at him, even the action of tying the rope to the ghost and pushing the ghost off the cliff was so skillful.



It scared him a little.



Qiong Ren fell into deep thought after pushing the sinner down.



Reporter Xiao Yan took the opportunity to interview, “Hello Qiong Ren, I’m Reporter Xiao Yan from the Underworld View Hell Daily Express, I saw that you just experienced the work of a jailer, may I ask what you think?”


Qiong Ren: “My thoughts are …… Since you have to push someone down a cliff to be stabbed by a knife and bitten by a dog, and according to the jailer, you have to tie the person up to make it work, what is the significance of tying a black rope?”


“Could it be to fit the theme of the Great Black Rope Underworld?”



Reporter Xiao Yan: “……”


She couldn’t answer!



Qiong Ren: “I’ve seen bitten sinners are automatically resurrected then appear on the cliff for the next round of torture. So the black rope isn’t meant to pull them up either, so isn’t …… the step of tying the black rope a bit redundant?”


In the Hall of Ten Kings, the other nine kings silently looked at Emperor Song and asked in unison, “Why?”


Emperor Song: “How should I know, the Great Black Rope Underworld already existed before I was even a King, you’d have to ask Yan Molu about that.”



Together with the eyes of the other eight kings, he turned to King Yan, “Why the black rope?”



King Yan thought carefully and said dryly, “Forgotten.”



“Forgot, you forgot?”



He faintly said, “At that time, I needed to immediately plan out the punishments for the entire underworld, devising different methods of torture for each of the major and minor underworld, and the contents of the punishments involved were extremely complicated, so I can no longer remember the details.”



“It’s probably just to fit the theme.”



King Yan took a sip of tea and continued, “The Great Black Rope Underworld has been handed over to you for more than a thousand years, have you not reorganized and planned the specific arrangements for the punishments? Times are progressing, the underworld should also have a new atmosphere, we can’t stick to the old rules, what do you all think?”



Shit, this dumping skill is so pure.



I’m your father-in-law, what are you dragging me for?



But Emperor Song didn’t dare to actually say these words out loud, “I’ve remembered, I’ll organize the specifics of improving the punishments.”



The other eight kings also began to silently think about whether there were any punishments in their own hells that were too outrageous, and if they were filmed by Qiong Ren into a documentary, wouldn’t they be public outcry.



King Yan, who gently and coincidentally wreaked havoc and also urged the reform of underworld’s penalties in the process, was so satisfied that he decided to have an extra ice cream at night.



Strawberry flavor.



After the interview with Underworld Vision, Qiong Ren continued recording with his production team.



The jailer who led the way for him was called Xin Lu, a petite and cute girl.



She introduced, ”The sinner you just pushed down is called Zhang Chuan, and he has been tortured here for more than five hundred years. In his lifetime, he compelled others, saying that he was the descent of the God of Heaven, and that if they believed in him, they would be rewarded with good fortune, and if they didn’t believe in him, they would be sanctioned by the God of Heaven. He coaxed many girls to be his divine consorts, and one of them, because she had once been married, was denounced by him as an impure person; that girl was so deeply affected by him that she sank into a pond and killed herself.”



“Sinners like these go into the place of equal living misery to be punished.”






Qiong Ren: “If such a person is reincarnated, where will he go?”



Xinl Lu: “He will be cast into a human fetus. He will be alone for the rest of his life, forever spurned, despised and resented, and live a life worse than death. If he still doesn’t behave well in his next life, then such a life will cycle many more times.”



Xin Lu took Qiong Ren to the bottom of the cliff in a lift car.



“These dogs are called Iron Tooth Dogs, they are very fierce, with blazing iron teeth in their mouths that can easily tear ghosts apart.”



Qiong Ren couldn’t help but shudder at the sight of the dense forest of crimson blades on the ground, and felt hot at the sight of it.



The sinner he had just pushed down had been torn to pieces, and the dog that had torn him to pieces ran towards Qiong Ren, and immediately Xin Lu bellowed, “Sit!”



The dog sat down at her words, but kept looking at Qiong Ren wagging its tail furiously with blood on its mouth.



Qiong Ren: “……”


The dog was lying two meters away, round dog eyes looking at him, Qiong Ren surrendered, went up and casually gripped the dog’s head, the dog was immediately happy, circling around him, but also lying down on the ground to reveal his belly.



Qiong Ren immediately exercised the rights of the boss: “Zhou Mi, touch it.”


Zhou Mi trembled, “Why me?”



Qiong Ren couldn’t say, but he inexplicably had a deep-seated intuition that if he touched any creature too many times, the dragon man might not let him go.



So he had to manage his hands well and not lose the dragon because of the dog.



Su Huaizhang pushed him away with a disgusted look, “I’ll do it.”



The old man played with the dog.



Xin Lu looked dumbfounded, “It can still be like this …… These dogs are very fierce, we don’t quite dare to approach them, fortunately they are all obedient and won’t harm the jailer.”



Qiong Ren: “If they are obedient, why are you afraid? Dogs all love their masters.”



“But this is a dog with iron teeth, its teeth are red-hot iron.”



Qiong Ren: “Isn’t that still a dog?”



He gave Xin Lu an encouraging look, Xin Lu bravely went forward and touched it, the dog immediately grinned, revealing a mouthful of red teeth.



Xin Lu took a violent step backwards, “How scary.”



She turned her head and saw that almost all of the Iron Tooth Dogs were running this way, and was so scared that her calves cramped up, “Run, run.”



Qiong Ren: “Rather, there is no need for that ……”



He looked at the dogs running this way in packs.



Looking at the appearance alone, there were Shih Tzu, Pekingese, an aggrieved Pug, and Lhasa Apso. The Shih Tzu and Pekingese had pigtails and were tied with cute, soft pink bows.



The most formidable of them all was the awkward-looking one.


Other than eating a mouthful of blood, where exactly was the terror ……



Weren’t these all dog breeds famous for their cute looks?



At this moment, Xin Lu’s heart held nothing but admiration.



This terrifying iron tooth dog that had eaten an unknown number of sinners, Qiong Ren actually looked at it flatly from beginning to end, he was worthy of being the man who had defeated the Scarlet ghost.



When the dogs saw their little friends being petted, they all rushed over with anticipation, lining up according to their breeds and waiting to be pet with good behavior, reflecting a strong sense of self-management.



Qiong Ren looked intolerant: “They work hard every day, and still have to eat these sinful ba.stards, you guys can’t show yourselves and play with them a little?”


Although Xin Lu was scared, she was soft hearted, so she called a number of jailers to play with the dogs, although the whole time she was worried about being bitten by their red-hot iron teeth, the process was indeed unexpectedly delightful.



She felt that even the hard work of torturing the sinners had been alleviated a lot.



The dogs that played with the jailers were significantly more motivated to work, and within a few bites they were chewing the sinners to pieces.



Don’t look at the fact that most of them were small dogs, they could open their mouths to three hundred and sixty degrees, and their iron teeth were extremely long.


So the jailer and the dogs played happily together ……



With the jailer, the iron-toothed dogs, and the howling sinner in agony in the background, Qiong Ren faced the camera:


“The punishment is for those villains who use their evil views to lure others to commit suic.ide. They poisoned others with evil words during their lifetime, and after death, they’ll suffer from the suffering of waiting for life. No matter how far their pain cries spread, no one would come to save them.”



“They used their evil vision to lure people into darkness, and now they will also taste the same pain. In the midst of waiting for life, their hearts will have no light, forever lost, forever painful, until their evil karma is exhausted before they can escape from here.”



The camera turned to the cliff, where there happened to be a sinner being pushed down again.



Su Huaizhang was excited, “I have a feeling that this documentary of ours will be a big success, I can’t wait to make a movie about karma right now.”





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