Fate collapsed like a tower of sand at the touch of a button.


When Wang Yaoqing first felt this, it was on the eve of his entry into the operating room. His film and television company partner said next to the hospital flatbed, “We were sued by Dinesh! Where did you get the image of the auspicious beast Qilin from in “The Legend of the Immortals Of The Mountains and Seas”? Are you trying to kill us all?”


Dinesh was a famous animation company, a copyright powerhouse, a copyright warrior forever fighting copyright lawsuits.



When it comes to messing with Dinesh on a copyright issue, it wasn’t about how many years the specific lawsuit would take, or whether it would be won or lost, but as long as Dinesh appealed, it was an unmistakable signal to the general public – the qilin in the Legend of the Immortals of the Mountains and Seas was a copy.



This was different from those plagiarism cases that were really and truly pulled off on the internet, Dinesh had a kind of authority in the public’s mind, and even if the court decided that plagiarism wasn’t valid, the public may not believe it.



What’s more, the partners had already compared the design of the two, it couldn’t be said to be exactly the same, but could only be said to be indistinguishable.



The creature in “Legend of the Immortals In The Mountain and Seas” had a heavy role, he appeared as a beast of prey throughout the whole process, and his character was so popular that the company took the opportunity to sell a lot of peripherals and boxes.



If Dinesh won the lawsuit, they would not only have to pay them a large amount of compensation, but also pay breach of contract fees to major websites due to issues with the film. If the film was taken down due to plagiarism…..



The partner’s eyes darkened and he wished they could lie together in the operating room.



What was even more frightening was that the qilin was still the male lead of the company’s current new movie “Lucky Beast Chronicles”, not to mention the props and costumes designed with the qilin as the design element. They were determined to make a big production this time and even spent money to build a palace, with qilin as the theme of the palace design. All this money was now in the water.



“Didn’t you say that you designed this thing yourself? It doesn’t matter if you lied, it doesn’t matter if you copied it, but why are you bad at copying? Why did you go and copy from them?”



Nurse Wang Jiajia sniffed and threw over a look of contempt.



Sure enough, snakes and rats, it turned out that this person wasn’t angry for Director Wang’s plagiarism, what he was angry about was not copying the right person.



If the one being copied was a little unknown, they would have been squashed by this group of shameless ones using power and money to keep things down.



She had also read The Legend of Immortals Of The Mountains and Seas, and had even bought a pillow of the Qilin at that time, and now when she thought that the Qilin had been copied, Wang Jiajia was sick to her stomach.



Warm liquid had been oozing out from underneath Wang Yaoqing’s body, and it seemed that his broken tailbone had been silently exerting force.



He finally understood the saying at this moment, even for someone with a cold heart like him, his rectum was warm.



But even if it was warm, it couldn’t warm his heart that fell into an ice cave.



He couldn’t figure it out, that qilin design was found in a garbage bag when he sneaked into Zhou Mi’s studio, shouldn’t it be Zhou Mi’s work? How could it be related to Dinesh?



From the moment the transit array was completed, he became impotent and at the same time contracted the strange habit of eating garbage. Subterfuge was no longer exciting enough for him, only eating garbage could make him happy.



Stolen garbage made him even more horny than his own.



His wife, children and lover all left him for this reason.



He couldn’t help but take away Zhou Mi’s garbage that day and was about to bury his head in it and eat it when he found a design in it.



How cute the qilin on this design draft was, with an overflowing aura, and the persona written on it was also very interesting, full of collisions and reversals.



Such an excellent draft was actually thrown away by Zhou Mi.


Wang Yaoqing and Zhou Mi were acquaintances, but they didn’t interact much, and most of the time they ran into each other at Su Huaizhang’s house.



Su Huaizhang always liked to talk about how good Zhou Mi was, how smart he was, and how he was sure to have a great career in the future, and he wanted the two of them to take care of each other.


Unintentionally, he had gotten to know Zhou Mi well as a person.



Zhou Mi had a bit of a perfectionist tendency, and whenever he wasn’t satisfied, he would throw it in the trash. This person paid no attention to anything other than what interested him.



Even if he took this design and used it, Zhou Mi, who never looked at ancient dramas, would not find out. Even if he found out, so what? He had already put the Transit Array and Jade Sculpture in this studio, and Zhou Mi would only get more and more unlucky.



In fact, he could also hide things more tightly, or make the transfer array and jade carving appear in the studio in the name of gifts.



But that wasn’t exciting enough. For the impotent him, excitement was much more important than making money.


He couldn’t figure out how this design became Dinesh’s thing.



Video sites and partners would surely come to the door one by one to claim compensation, waiting for him was a dark future.



As he was breaking down, he received a call from Master Lin.



His assistant put the phone to his ear.



“Hey, Mr. Wang, are you trying to get me killed?”



“Do you know who those two brats are that you’re trying to solve?”



“That’s Emperor Song and his secretary, Jin Xuecheng.”



Wang Yaoqing’s ass hurt like hell and he couldn’t speak, so he could only barely express his confusion with an upturned tone of voice.



Who was Emperor Song?



“If it wasn’t for the fact that this time I worked actively on my business trip, worked hard, and gained the recognition of the old woman, the City god. She saw that I’m an old bone and worried that I’d die without a burial place, so she kindly reminded me.”



“You even dare to target Emperor Song, what else do you not dare to do? I’m afraid you’ll even want to go after the King of the underworld!



“Surname Wang, from now on stick to your bridge, I’ll stick to my road. The money you used to pay me to see your feng shui, I will immediately refund it to you. If you want to die, don’t burden my whole family!”



The other side hung up the phone after roaring angrily, Wang Yaoqing signaled his assistant to hold the phone up, he stretched out his trembling hand and slowly typed out the words Emperor Song.



He saw the first sentence of the Encyclopedia and was about to faint.



Emperor Song, the third temple king of the underworld.



Why? What the hell was this for?



Why did you, a good King, come to be a playwright, and why did you give birth to Qiong Ren with a man from the living world ah!



Was this the secret of why Qiong Ren’s and Jin Xuesheng’s ages didn’t match up?



Because he wasn’t human, so like Ne Zha, he carried the child for years before giving birth?



Why did he mess with this second generation of gods.



Qiong Ren and Yan Mo’s house was busier than usual.



Zhou Mi picked up Yu Wei and the two insisted on giving Qiong Ren and Yan Mo a kowtow.



Qiong Ren: “You’re still on crutches ……”


Yu Wei was very stubborn: “You saved my family of three, to give you a kowtow is appropriate.”



Qiong Ren: “It’s really not necessary.”


It was nothing to kowtow to Yan Mo, he was a deity, so kowtowing wasn’t a disadvantage.



Yan Mo also shook his head, “No need.”


Yu Wei twisted on Zhou Mi’s back, Zhou Mi was like a mule that had been whipped, after wincing, he immediately remembered the main thing.


“Teacher Qiong, from now on, you are my boss, just give me a salary to support my family, if I also serve as a script writer, the scripts will be billed at market rate, and for the directing, I’ll do it for free for you, what do you think?”


Qiong Ren looked at him silently.


This wasn’t enough? But screenwriting was already a weak industry, and he had made a big concession. He gritted his teeth carefully, “Why not give the script at a 50% discount?”



Qiong Ren became more and more speechless.


“I’m not picky. You don’t need to sign such a contract. We’ll shoot the film and divide the amount according to our abilities.”


“Really, really?” Zhou Mi couldn’t believe it, although he rationally knew that Qiong Ren was a great man and wouldn’t lie to him, he still had the unreal feeling of a huge prize falling from the sky.



How could there be a conscientious boss who didn’t want him even if he rushed to sell himself?



Zhou Mi instantly had the urge to shed tears again.



Warmth flooded into Yan Mo’s pale gold eyes, Qiong Ren was like the sun, forever radiating warm light around him.



Qiong Ren: “Alright, the specific terms will be agreed upon with you by the people of our local studio.”


Su Huaizhang couldn’t help but feel relieved when he saw that things had come to an end.



However, he was also a little puzzled: “How could Wang Yaoqing copy Dinesh’s design, although he was bad, he was bad in a discreet way, I didn’t realize that he wasn’t a thing until I died.”


Qiong Ren relayed Old Su’s doubts.


Zhou Mi scratched his head, “It’s because of me, I guess.”



He had a college friend who worked at Dinesh, and the Qilin’s design script was actually his classmate’s work.



At that time, his classmate’s script and design was killed by the company, and he looked for Zhou Mi and cried furiously.



Zhou Mi listened to his classmate’s crying while he looked at the qilin and wrote some character designs he came up with.



This was also his habit, he would do characterization exercises along the way.


When his classmate was tired of crying and fell asleep, Zhou Mi threw away the finished draft.



It was estimated that the draft was in the garbage that was stolen by Wang Yaoqing.



In recent years, because the movie market in China was growing rapidly, Dinesh also wanted to do something related to China, so they turned over his classmate’s script and character design again.



Whether it was a company or a person, before making a certain kind of theme, most of them would conduct a market research to see what the audience really liked.



Once the people from Dinesh searched the Chinese internet, they immediately saw this design that was similar to their company’s work.



So they took him to court.



Wang Yaoqing was a repeat offender of plagiarism, and he had copied many works in the past, only to have them all covered up by capital.



Now that the victims had joined together to sue him for plagiarism, the Special Affairs Division and the police were waiting outside his surgery room and what awaited him would be a long prison term.



The prison cell of the Special Affairs Division was built by people from the underworld, and it was said that being locked up in it was more horrible than death.



The public opinion was in an uproar, Wang Yaoqing had always been striving for years to become a prominent figure. Everyone had a good impression of someone who had quietly worked in their own industry for many years and finally gained something.



Now that the filter was shattered, the reputation that Wang Yaoqing had worked so hard to build had become a cloud of the past.



The police waiting outside his operating room was a sign that made people speculate that the entertainment industry was about to have another fully collapsed criminal reservist.



“Let’s eat.” Qiong Ren said, “The big dishes are all takeout, and the small dishes are home made. Don’t be polite.”



Before he ate, Qiong Ren skillfully retrieved a small stack of gold paper from the dining room, folded the yuanbao, and prepared ritual water and rice for his staff.



He had a large incense burner specifically for burning the paper, and after the Yuan Bao was put in, Yan Mo remotely lit the fire, and a roaring fire leapt up in the incense burner, melting the Yuan Bao away in no time at all.



Zhou Mi and Yu Wei looked dumbfounded.



Old Su’s hand sank, and when he raised his hand, it was actually two ingots of Yuanbao.


“Please don’t think it’s too little, I’m used to burning two for each person.”



Su Huaizhang hugged the Yuanbao, moved to tears, and then he saw Qiong Ren splashing water in a basin and reciting words.



Immediately his mouth was filled with roast duck, small fried meat, stewed chicken, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, and tender baby greens and sweet potato vines that must have been grown in the garden.



Qiong Ren finished splashing water and watched Su Huaizhang crying and wailing, “You don’t like the roast duck?”



Su Huaizhang shook his head, “I haven’t had such a good meal in years.”



Qiong Ren was sympathetic, was this another old man whose son was unfilial?


When Su Huaizhang remembered it, he was filled with anger, “My son is opening a restaurant abroad. Shouldn’t he open a Chinese restaurant? He insisted on opening a creative internet celebrity store and even worshiped and burned incense for me every day. Oh, hey, he almost sacrificed my ghost life.”



Qiong Ren: “…… How creative is it?”



Su Huaizhang began to count.



“Clear soup xiaolongbao milk tea, cheese skin egg cover rice, fried mango, strawberry fried fresh meat moon cake. People die as ghosts, ghosts die as ghosts, I’d rather be a ghost than eat Hawaiian pizza hot dry noodles anymore! What kind of ghost dishes are these!”



Yan Mo said indifferently, “Ghosts don’t make such dishes.”



Qiong Ren: “Pfft.”



He shouldn’t have laughed, but he couldn’t help it.



Soon, the time for Love Encounter Starlight Night arrived.



Wang Yaoqing flopped miserably, his dramas had all been taken down from Aikuxun, and Zhou Mi had become the new candidate for the speech.



Li Kui and Rong Zhen really wanted to honor their teacher, they didn’t intend to engage in gimmicks, Zhou Mi was originally their first choice. It was Zhou Mi who felt that he had been silent for too long and instead embarrassed the teacher, so he refused.



Now Zhou Mi had changed his mindset, he immediately agreed.



Li Kui was especially surprised: “Why are you like a new person today?”



Yes, Zhou Mi thought to himself, isn’t he just a different person? Qiong Ren had pretty much given their family of three a second life.



“It all started with a strange experience.”



Zhou Mi narrated what happened, “Believe it or not, I swear in front of you that I will make good money for Mr. Qiong! Not only to earn money, but also to win awards and earn him face!”


Li Kui: “……”



There was a sudden sense of crisis!



By evening, Qiong Ren, Yan Mo, and the agent arrived at the Aikuxun building together.



The agent had been very busy lately, in addition to having to give himself special training, there were more and more resources that were actively looking for Qiong Ren to work with. Both he and Qiong Ren were not people who were in a hurry, and didn’t get busy picking up a project, not because they didn’t want to ask for money, but because they were afraid that if they picked up an inappropriate brand, it would in turn affect Qiong Ren’s image.


When the agent was busy, it was difficult to follow and take care of him as before. So Qiong Ren needed to hire a few assistants, but due to his special situation, it was really difficult to find suitable assistants. Yan Mo volunteered to serve as Qiong Ren’s assistant tonight and hung a work badge on his chest.


Although he had been labeled as an assistant, he felt like a company director conducting grassroots inspections no matter how he looked at it…..



Qiong Ren walked on the red carpet, while Yan Mo waited for him inside the entrance.




This was his first time walking on the red carpet, so he dressed simply in a black suit. If there was anything special about it, it was that the clothes were cut from the underworld, with master craftsmanship, and every inch fit perfectly.



Inexplicably there was a sense of high class.



As soon as Qiong Ren appeared on the red carpet, the scene was abuzz.


He was too handsome! How could any real person look like this! Was this reasonable?



Qiong Ren waved as he walked, and his fans came in quite a few. At first glance, there were actually two ancient ghosts supporting him with banners burned by someone unknown.



He specifically waved at the two male ghosts, who embraced each other and howled, then shouted to Qiong Ren: “Cub, mommy loves you!”


Qiong Ren: “……”


The male moms increased again.



Walking over to the autograph booth, after signing the autographs it was time to take pictures by various media outlets.



Countless flashes were intertwined, and the shutter clicked without stopping.



Qiong Ren smiled at each camera, and immediately heard a “wow” sound.



The fans on the red carpet, no matter where they were from, were all a bit stunned and turned into repeaters who only said he was handsome.


People who were not his fans also took a lot of pictures of him, and felt that this kind of beauty could not be enjoyed exclusively, so they have used their Weibo accounts to post his pictures.



At the same time, they silently confessed in their hearts: I didn’t mean to climb the wall, I just made the mistake that every fan makes.



After Qiong Ren walked the red carpet and went to the rest room to sit for a while, he entered with Yan Mo.



Li Kui lined up his seat with Yan Mo’s. Although Yan Mo wasn’t a star, he was a super handsome guy worth hundreds of millions of yuan, and no one thought he couldn’t sit next to Qiong Ren.



In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, Yan Mo used a small spell to make others see him as a human Yan Mo, but he didn’t cover the spell on Qiong Ren.


He keenly sensed that Qiong Ren liked his dragonman appearance.



When he thought of this, Yan Mo looked at Qiong Ren on his side, the day before yesterday, he clearly said that he would go home and touch his tail, but when he arrived home, Qiong Ren never mentioned this matter again.


Yan Mo lowered his eyes, could ……



Qiong Ren dislike his tail so quickly?



The two of them sitting together could be considered extremely conspicuous, and every time the camera couldn’t help but focus on both of their faces.



The CP fans of the two danced around in ecstasy, high on life.



Ah, he looked at him, he loved him so much.



Ah, he also looked at him, he also loves him so much.



Sharp-eyed people found the assistant tag on Yan Mo’s chest, and it was even sweeter to the point of fainting.



[The rich man is working as a small assistant for his star lover! I’m no longer here.]



[If the card is crooked, he will deliberately straighten it. It feels like being an assistant makes him very proud. I don’t want to admit it, but it’s so sweet.]



When it came time to commemorate Old Su’s special session, Qiong Ren glanced over and saw the commemorated Old Su himself floating on the stage.



Zhou Mi, as the representative of Su Huaizhang’s students, talked about the Su Huaizhang in his memory.



When he got to the part where the old man, in his eighties, appeared at the back of the classroom with a thermos cup and a cane to give the students a roll call, the audience laughed out loud together.

For the first time ever, Zhou Mi shared the embarrassing story of his fungus poisoning with the old man in front of everyone.


“At that time, I’m not exaggerating, I thought I was out of my mind. If I didn’t have a problem, how could I see colorful little people dancing?”

“Mr. Su was in a hurry, he wanted to carry me downstairs, I was also in a hurry, if I really let him carry me, I can’t say that we would have both been accounted for. I threw up and got dizzy, Mr. Su finally remembered that he should call 120, but he was too anxious, he asked me, ‘Xiao Zhou, how do you dial 120, why can’t I remember?'”

The audience laughed again, and afterward, many people’s eyes suddenly flooded with tears. Maybe it was because they remembered that they also had such a good teacher, maybe it was because they had never seen such a good teacher before, so they couldn’t help but be heartbroken.

The two middle-aged men, Rong Zhen and Li Kui, wrapped their arms around each other’s shoulders as their tears swished down.

“The incident of mushroom poisoning is too embarrassing. The words were all on the box, but I didn’t read it. Teacher Su and I stayed in the hospital room for a while, and this matter was hidden , so we couldn’t let anyone know.”


“So why did I want to talk about this today, I just think he would like to hear me tell these funny things. Mr. Su himself was a lovely old man, and I’m afraid he wouldn’t be happy if we made him sad in his memory.”

“He left us a lot of classics during his lifetime, and I think the best way to honor him is to watch more of his movies, and for us students, we’ll find ways to make better ones. Maybe he’s on the other side of the world, still waiting to see it. Right?”

Zhou Mi finished his speech with a smile, while many audience members on stage cried.

Su Huaizhang was so relieved with his old age that he floated over to Qiong Ren, “Now I can really walk away with no regrets. The man has taught me how to go to the underworld, and also instructed me not to pick up flyers and small gg, you guys don’t need to send me off. I hope I’ll have the chance to see you again in the future.”

Qiong Ren smiled and nodded.

Yan Mo said softly, “I’ll see you again.”

Tonight was suitable for a meeting.

Aikuxun gathered celebrities for a party, and the City god gathered the Xuanmen for a seminar.

A few days ago, the various sects received orders from the City god to go to Age City to capture the Scar faced Man, with Lin and Yang’s families, as well as Qinglei temple, contributing the most.


Unfortunately, the old methods were not even able to help them catch a glimpse of the Scar faced man.

Scar-faced man continued to do evil in Longcheng, and continued the use of vicious means, the “want your life three thousand” website even touched the core of the interests of the Xuanmen.

If all the spells and talismans could be downloaded from the Internet, their business would be reduced by half.

Recently, the Department of Special Affairs, not knowing if it was inspired by the website, created a lot of new things, which made them feel a sense of crisis, so they wanted to look for a support here in City god.

However, after several days of searching and finding nothing, these people had all become wilted vegetables.

Meng Shen attended the meeting as an Impermanence, and his main job was to serve tea and water. At the moment, he was outside the conference room, secretly looking at his cell phone.

Tonight Qiong Ren would be premiering his new song, “The Order of the Folding Laurel”, and the official version would be online simultaneously, Meng Shen was now an iron fan of Qiong Ren and was especially looking forward to being the first to hear the new song.

He had been watching the muted live broadcast, and when he saw the words “Order of the Folding Laurel” typed out on the screen, Meng Shen immediately took a furtive glance into the conference room.

No one should care about him, the tea-brewing Impermanence, right?

If he hadn’t left his headphones at home, he wouldn’t have to be so careful. Meng Shen cautiously pushed the volume bar upwards.

“Meng Shen, come in!”

Meng Shen’s hand shook, and the volume bar instantly pushed to max.


“Eye break~”

Qiong Ren’s voice came out of the cell phone’s speaker, echoing in the empty conference room’s outer room.

Meng Shen directly hit the mute button, “I’m sorry!”

If he wasn’t an Impermanence, these Xuanmen family’s would have been cursing.

But the City god wasn’t angry: “Qiong Ren has a new song? Bring it in and play it.”

Meng Shen froze, yeah, the City god was also a Qiong Ren fan.

The City god said, “No one has made any suggestions worth discussing anyway, so why don’t we listen to the song for a change.”

Meng Shen took his cell phone in and raised the volume bar.

Most of the attendees were in their fifties and sixties, and many of them were old-fashioned in their ways, and were disgruntled to see Meng Shen actually play a song.

Along with that, they all developed some ill feelings towards Qiong Ren.

If it was in the old days, this poor man called Qiong Ren would be labels a sellout, how could he play his song in a serious meeting where they were discussing the capture of the Scar faced Man.


It was so disrespectful.

Although Qiong Ren didn’t control who watched his performance, these people didn’t dare to hold a grudge against either the City god or the Impermanence, so they could only go on to hate the idol who had no background in the underworld.

Meng Shen raised it just in time for the interlude, and when the sound of the Xiao came together, the bleak and mournful tune captivated these old guys.


“You remember the half-mile bridge across Green Creek, there wasn’t a single old red board.”

The singer had no knowledge, but the listeners did.


Wasn’t it on the half slope bridge that they lost the Scar faced man? The bridge’s boards were tattered and torn, and someone stepped on it and almost fell into the river.

This was the worst failure of their career, dozens of experts chased the man for a few days, and fell into his designed traps several times, in a trance, they actually felt that they were the one being chased.


The only gain was that they going out that the scar-faced man’s surname was Guo, the city god applied for access to the book of life and death, but also failed to find out this sinful man surnamed Guo.

This man’s tactics were so powerful that he was able to hide from even the life and death book.

Thinking about what happened a few days ago, everyone’s emotions immediately blended into the pathos of the scenario.

When Qiong Ren’s voice trembled, their hearts trembled with it, and when Qiong Ren’s voice stopped, their breathing stopped with it. Without realizing it, they forgot the frustration of failing to capture him and the annoyance of not being able to think of a capture plan.

They were only left a cavity of sadness, they couldn’t even cry.


When Qiong Ren sang “left a willow bending”, tears welled up in Master Lin’s eyes. They chased after him on the bridge and found that the person had been chased away. Wasn’t there a weeping willow at the end of the bridge , bending over and facing the water?

Every word of this was poking at his old heart!

Was this a song? It was like an iron arrow stabbing him.

When he cried, Yang Ling couldn’t stand it any longer.

Was it easy to arrest someone who was out of town at such an old age? He fell while crossing the bridge, but fortunately, due to his round belly, he was stuck between the bridge boards, but it felt like a layer of skin and flesh was forcefully cut off.


Having suffered but gained nothing, Yang Ling, who was determined to lose weight, was mocked by his colleagues for having a lucky belly and that being fat saved his life. This made Yang Ling, who was determined to lose weight, feel very sad.

The Taoist priests were all calm, after all, they were cultivators so they were more stable.

“Master Meng play it again, it’s a good song,” Taoist Master Wang from Qinglei Temple looked at Cheng Huang, “Lord Impermanence, is it okay?”

City god looked at these people blaring their sorrowful voices and revealed a little smile, “Play it.”

Meng Shen connected his phone to the sound of the conference room for the sake of the playback effect, and the old men received a 360-degree surround sadness attack, and one by one, they cried even more.

After Qiong Ren sang “The Order of The Folded Laurel”, the live version was immediately circulated like crazy.

[It’s so good, I’m not the only one who cried, I couldn’t help but open the single song loop.]

[The music and production were all by Qiong Ren, I feel dull, look at someone else’s twenties and my twenties.]

[I went online and searched for the original words, and I recommend that you read the entire set of Mourning Jiangnan, it’s so well written! The original Kunqu version is also superb! But Qiong Ren really …… I can’t describe it, in short, not listening to “Order of the Folded Laurel” is like losing the first prize lottery ticket.]


[Toward the end of the song, I saw Qiong Ren’s eyes were red too…don’t cry…don’t cry…don’t cry…don’t cry…don’t cry…]

[I think he’s going to raise the price of toilet paper with this song.]


[The studio version is now online! You guys, charge!]

As a party initiated by Li Kui, the Love Encounter Starlight Night naturally adhered to his spirit of making things happen. All the winners of the Love Encounter Starlight Night would automatically become candidates for the Love Encounter Popularity Award, and the winner of the award would of course rely on the traditional method: fan voting.

At 21:00, the host announced the official opening of the voting channel.

In this fan wa.r, where no smoke could be seen and the core temperature was actually comparable to the surface of the sun, the fans who had the power to compete began to vote crazily.


The fans who specialized in tallying vote differences and formulating voting strategies saw the real-time vote count and found it unbelievable.

Why were Qiong Ren’s votes so low …… He’d been popular lately.

Could it be that he is brewing some kind of Jedi counterattack drama?


These wa.rlord type fans ran to Qiong Ren’s forum and CP forums and were speechless.

All of Qiong Ren’s fans were wooing over “Order of the Folded Laurel”, listening to the live version once, then the official version, and so on in an infinite loop. Because the song was so tear-jerking, they had even discussed the technique of wiping their tears.

In between, they also had to lick Qiong Ren’s beautiful pictures, as well as kowtow to Qiong Ren and Yan Mo’s CP. They were very busy, so no one called for a vote.

A fan complained that she didn’t know how many people had been compelled by Qiong Ren today, they uploaded countless unedited pictures, and she had to build seven or eight folders to organize them.

Every single one looked so good, every single one was impossible to part with, and in the end, she had to pay for a cloud disk.

What a sweet annoyance.

The people who infiltrated the forum were shocked, what kind of fans were these, don’t you guys know that there’s a poll?

Qiong Ren with such a low number of votes was going to be ridiculed ah, they looked at it and felt anxious, why were Qiong Ren fans so bland?

Inside the conference room, Meng Shen downloaded the perfect sound quality version of “Order of the Folded Laurel”, seeing Qiong Ren’s vote, he immediately voted, reposted, and liked all in one.

Only after turning did he realize that he was logged on to a large account that was followed by many of his colleagues in the metaphysical world, but it didn’t matter.

Meng Shen, as a living Impermanence, was of special concern to all the masters, and as soon as he posted, everyone’s cell phone received a reminder.

The grandmasters cried their eyes out in tears, opened their phones and immediately became angry.

“Are you kidding me, why isn’t Qiong Ren number one? My presbyopia is crying out myopia.”

“Such a good work should be vigorously promoted, I can’t be the only one crying, everyone has to cry.”

“A scar-faced man is just a scar-faced man, why in the world is it so hard to chase, he’s even harder to chase than my wife, I’ve been chasing my wife for eighteen years.”


“I’m reminded of the first time I confessed to my first love thirty years ago, and she turned out to be the female ghost I wanted to catch.”

The old men hugged and cried, not forgetting to vote for Qiong Ren before they fell down crying.


Meng Shen had wanted to explain that this was a popularity vote not a song vote, but thought better of it.

So ……

Those who paid more attention to the metaphysical world of Longcheng City noticed a strange thing.

These grandmasters, who whenever they appeared, were only posting some small knowledge of home feng shui, were enthusiastically canvassing for Qiong Ren.

The young metaphysical practitioners who liked Qiong Ren were too shocked to speak, they were all too embarrassed to use their personal accounts to canvass for him for fear of being lectured by their elders and for fear that their clients would think they were unprofessional.

Unexpectedly, these thick-browed old men rebelled first!

This matter was quickly discovered by netizens, and everyone rushed to hahahahahahahahaha, and bloggers quickly made a summary.

Shocked! Master canvassing for fans?

We have compared the current situation of Weibo, where Xuanmen individuals are carefully voting but Qiong Ren fans are seriously lying flat.

Xuanmen people: we need to support such a good singer more, please vote for Qiong Ren.

The reposts that followed were all from people in the Xuanmen community, and a few Taoist masters who were little known on Weibo.

Qiong Ren’s fans: the song is so good, the photos are so good, CP is so high, I can’t open my eyes from crying. Tonight is so busy!

The onlookers had mixed feelings.


[This Qiong Ren, really ……]

[I’m speechless having just cast dozens of votes for my favorite star.]


[The idol world mudslide is none other than him.]

[Other idols take the flower road, but he probably takes the living and dead road. ……]


Meng Shen looked at the room full of crying old men and felt that their emotions weren’t quite normal, and said with a headache, “My lord, what’s going on with them?”


“This group of fools got caught in a spell there at the Half Slope Bridge, they didn’t realize it themselves,” City god lightly opened her vermilion colored lips and said in a low voice, “This spell isn’t powerful, it just makes people listless and can’t raise their spirits, I’m afraid that it was set up by the scar-faced Man specifically to demotivate them.”


This spell wasn’t hard to lift, and it was good to wash it down with other emotions, of which great joy and great sorrow had the best effect. When she had called these people together for a meeting, she had originally meant to lift the spell in passing.

Unexpectedly, the mood and lyrics of Qiong Ren’s song were just right for what these people were going through, and the effect was a bit better than her pre-prepared means.

The host of Love Encounter Starlight Night broadcasted the real-time vote count every twenty minutes, and the director cut to the face of whoever was on top.

Some of the stars originally didn’t care, but under the catalyst of such an atmosphere, their good nature gradually calmed. Fans even didn’t want their idols to see bad results, so they voted harder.

Qiong Ren: “This is too much of a mind play, the director is a personal disciple of Li Kui, right ……”

Li Kui was sitting right in front of him and immediately turned around, “I’ve long since cleaned up my mind and stopped messing with this. Besides, if it were me, I would have kept the votes on the big screen the entire time.”

Qiong Ren:”……”


The hosts received a request from the director to play around, and after a segment of the show, they came down and interviewed the stars, asking them how they were feeling. Who they thought would win the award tonight.

Some were cursing in their hearts, but still kept a twitchy smile, “Whoever takes the award is sure to be happy, friendship first, we’re just having fun.”

When asking Qiong Ren, the host smiled, “You’re now in twenty-fifth place with a low number of votes, are you sad? Is there a feeling of being abandoned by your fans?”

[Qiong Ren’s fans should quickly to get up, how can there be such a lazy fan ……]

[I’m heartbroken, no, I’m going to vote for him.]

[I’ll go too!]

Qiong Ren slowly said, “Not disappointed, they are listening to the song.”

Voting victory wasn’t as happy as having a new song recognized by listeners.


Host: “You’re really good at understanding your fans, you don’t even blame them, so let’s go for it next time, okay?”

Qiong Ren silently opened the All of Aikuxun Music, and “Order of the Folded Laurel” had clearly risen to the number one spot on the sales daily chart.

For a new song that was released less than two hours ago, it was a very counter-intuitive result.

Qiong Ren could have released this song for free, except that the people who listened to the song wanted to support him too much, so they forced a wave of purchases.

One of the most common comments in the comments section, besides various compliments about how good the song was, was “It’s so good, even if he made it free, I just have to buy it!”

The free songs from Aikuxun could also be purchased, priced at a flat rate of two yuan.

Qiong Ren proudly displayed the sales chart rankings, “They’re really listening to the song.”

The host gives a few dry chuckles, “You and your fans are really special.”

Probably because Qiong Ren was too difficult to handle, the host actually turned his head to ask Yan Mo, “This handsome guy, who do you think can take this award tonight?”

Yan Mo: “Before tonight, I never knew that a song could be so moving.”

He turned his head to look at Qiong Ren, “You will always be my number one.”

Qiong Ren’s eyes curved in a smile, “Uh-huh.”


[I declare you two first place in the dog food contest]

[The first place in the “Kick Me in the Ass” contest.]

[Standing ovation, salute!]

The host didn’t get what he wanted at all, and was even given a small smack in the face by Qiong Ren, he could only turn his head resentfully.

It was at this moment that he saw Qiong Ren’s votes suddenly move forward by a gap.

“What’s going on? A bug?” Actually, what the host was thinking in his heart was that the votes had been bought.

Qiong Ren remained calm; “It should be that they cried their faces off and decided to take a break, then remembered that they hadn’t voted for me yet. Either that or passersby thought my fans were too lazy and kindly gave me sympathy votes.”

[Crouching …… Turn the camera off]


[Doesn’t that say something about me? I’m so busy tonight, I have to watch the live stream, save photos, and listen to the song, I even took time to cry, I almost forgot to vote.”]

[Me too]

[Are you guys really idol fans?]

[I don’t know, I used to be enthusiastic, but when I became a Qiong fan, I started to lie down, lying down is really comfortable, I don’t want to get up.]


[Me too …… lying down to follow a star is really cool.]

[Friends, although lying down is good, vote, vote and then lie down.]

Qiong Ren’s vote count began to soar rapidly, moving up one place later and looking particularly satisfying.

After a whole hour.

Not only had Qiong Ren’s votes bucked the first place, but he had already formed a break with the others, and the number of people who had voted for him had doubled to kill the other stars.


The expression on the host’s face mixed with three parts: indescribable, unbelievable, terrifying, and the host’s self-cultivation. He said in a rhythmic tone, “Let’s welcome tonight’s Love Encounter Popularity Award winner: Qiong Ren!”

Qiong Ren walked onto the stage and received the golden trophy.

He was silent for a moment then said, “Thank you to all the people who voted for me who aren’t my fans; without your efforts, I definitely wouldn’t have gotten this award.”

The stage laughed, a few stars who had a chance to take the first place suddenly felt much better, tonight this vote was indeed too exciting, and the whole direction was twisted and strange.

Qiong Ren should be the first star in this kind of voting w.ar that ended up being voted high by the passersby because the fans were too lazy and the metaphysical world was inexplicably involved, right?

The host coyly added, “If they become your fans, next year’s Starlight Night might still have you as the winner.”

Qiong Ren: “……”

The host was still too naive, if these people became his fans, they would learn to lie next year too.

Host: “Anything else you want to say to your favorite fans?”

Qiong Ren: “Don’t wipe your tears, gently press with a tissue, and you can put a little extra cream on your face so that you have a protection when you cry, and you can alleviate the feeling of your face hurting from being marinated in tears. It is best to choose a face cream that has anti-inflammatory and calming ingredients.”

Host: “Why do you know this technique ……”


Why else? It was just that the recording engineer cried his face off when he recorded the song, his agent cried his face off, and the people who handled the song cried their faces off when it was put into the library at Aikukun Music.

The method was summarized by them, he was just a porter.

On the day of rehearsal, he only rehearsed it once, just because he was worried that the staff would cry too much and affect the rehearsal arrangements for the others to follow.

Unfortunately, no one was able to appreciate his understanding at that time.

Hey, it was really lonely.

After the party, Qiong Ren and Yan Mo returned home.

Yan Mo set up Qiong Ren’s two trophies, a little nervous, and asked him, “Do you still want a reward?”

Why give him a reward all of a sudden, he didn’t seem to have done anything. Qiong Ren widened his eyes a little and asked haughtily, “What kind of reward?”

A dragon’s tail emerged.

Yanmo turned into a half-dragon figure, more advanced than the day the cover picture was taken.


The dragon’s horns, tail, and claws were all in place, dragon scales covered half of his face, his hair was short and stubby, and his pupils looked white at first glance, but when looked at closely, they looked like they were mixed with countless crystalline particles, glittering with a glittering luster.

Yan Mo’s tail reached out towards Qiong Ren, curling gently around his waist.

Qiong Ren caught the tip of his tail, the fin-like dragon hair was smooth and neat, slippery to the touch, Qiong Ren found it amusing and rubbed it messily with his hands, but as long as the tail was shaken, it could be restored to its original state.

He rubbed it lovingly for a long time, completely oblivious to the fact that the tail under his hand had stiffened.





Sooo long, but I ain’t complaining ¯⁠\⁠(⁠◉⁠‿⁠◉⁠)⁠/⁠¯



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