Qiong Ren thought to himself, “This is what is called truly being on the same page.”



Zhou Mi saw Qiong Ren’s expression become grave, and he became apprehensive, “What’s wrong?”



Qiong Ren: “Have you ever felt that you seem to have gotten unlucky from a certain moment? You are different from others when you are unlucky, and it was especially abrupt. To use an analogy, the rice was at the edge of your mouth and fell down hard by itself.”



Zhou Mi’s heart thumped, and his expression immediately became ugly.


Some things weren’t unnoticed by the parties involved, they just needed someone to point it out.



Looking at his face pale, what could Qiong Ren not understand: “When?”



“Several years ago, the specific day I forget ……” Zhou Mi said, “I originally rented a studio on the second floor, the landlord was abroad and not particularly concerned about the rent, that is, he just worried that the house would be empty and have problems, so he rented it to me for a long time at a very cheap price.”



Zhou Mi was an all-in-one director, and almost all of his films were scripted by himself, and when he wrote them, he even drew up some of the subplots in passing.



When he wrote a script, he tended to turn the day and night upside down. His wife worried about his health, so she forced him to commute to work like an ordinary person, he also needed to write an overtime note and apply in advance when working overtime.



Not to mention, it really saved his routine.



Once, his studio was suddenly robbed, the door lock was broken, the computer and air conditioning were not lost, and the money he put in the drawer was not lost. On the contrary, the garbage he forgot to throw away was missing.



Qiong Ren was puzzled, “Are you saying that the thief stole your garbage?”


Zhou Mi also found it odd and frowned, “Yeah, when I called the police at the time and told them, they speculated that there were two possibilities, either I remembered it wrong or the thief might have a cleanliness fetish or obsessive-compulsive disorder and couldn’t tolerate garbage in the house, which is why he took the garbage with him.”



“At the time they took this information as an important screening lead and I was told that they did find a similar case of burglary, they just couldn’t tell me about the other victim.”



“But both over there and in my case, the thief was discreet and left no fingerprints footprints or anything like that. And essentially no property was stolen, so there was no way to find the killer through the means of them selling the stolen goods.”



“I could only change the locks and admit bad luck. I don’t know if it was because I admitted it as bad luck, it really became bad luck.”



“Not even three days after the theft, the investor of my new movie pulled out. When we make a movie, the budget and the actual expenses don’t always match, and can even differ by several times.”


“Funders sometimes don’t make payments in one go, but in batches, increasing or decreasing depending on the situation. At that time, the biggest funders withdrew first, and the next few may have seen them withdrawing funds and worried whether the movie had no future, so they also followed.”



“Later I realized that it was actually the big investor’s company that was in trouble and he wanted to recoup funds, not that he didn’t think highly of me, and he still felt sorry for not putting that film through to the end.”


This was the beginning of his misfortune, and he had been getting more and more unlucky since then. He talked to someone about starting a post production company and they agreed, but he just ran away with the money, he had chased the person for a few years, but still hadn’t recovered it.



Every time he finally found a new investor, he inexplicitly failed.



“Not long ago, my wife got pregnant, I thought it was really hard for her to always squeeze in the elevator to and from work. The two of us discussed it and decided to temporarily live in the studio, her company is not far from the studio, it’s just a short walk away, and she can also move around in the meantime.”



“Is it that your wife has become unlucky too?” Qiong Ren asked.


Zhou Mi nodded.



“She even got hit by a drunk driver’s car while she was at work, luckily she was resuscitated, otherwise I ……”


Zhou Mi choked, he couldn’t say it.


Qiong Ren, on the other hand, slightly widened his eyes, it couldn’t be …… near the second ring, the drunk driver hit the pregnant woman who was crossing the road, it was ……


It was really fate, it seemed that heaven arranged it and wanted him to help this unlucky couple.



The transmitter array plundered specific aspects of fortune, and the careful wife didn’t have the fortune to become a director. The array was unwilling to return empty handed and coveted her life.



Fortunately, the person was saved.



“Where does your wife currently stay?”



Zhou Mi wiped a tear, “She’s still in the hospital.”



Qiong Ren nodded, “Fortunately, can you take today off? If you can’t, give me the address and key to your studio, I’ll go and take a look for you, there’s definitely something wrong with your studio.”


Not only that, but he could also ask the people from the Special Affairs Division to help check for similar cases, if there was a relationship between the studio’s problems and the thief, they might be able to find more victims just through this clue.


Qiong Ren was so enthusiastic, Zhou Mi hesitated instead, “This ……”



Old Su knew that he couldn’t see or hear him but he eagerly circled around Zhou Mi: “Could it be that Xiao Qiong will want to harm you? You are already miserable like this, what can he get? You’re so poor now, those who engage in pyramid schemes won’t even develop you as a downline!”



Qiong Ren stopped the old man and said softly, “You don’t have to be anxious, what I said today is really beyond the imagination of ordinary people, you lived more than ninety years old in your lifetime, you have seen a lot of things, but you didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, it’s just the same, it’s normal for him to need a little bit of time to accept.”



He turned his head to look at Zhou Mi: “Whether you believe me or not, please listen to my advice and don’t return to the studio.”


Qiong Ren and his agent left the Aikuxun building with Old Su, the agent was still scared at the thought of having a ghost following him around, even though he had once watched Ask the Sword eighty times in his childhood, and almost had a brainwave in high school to join the directing department.




But he didn’t show it. Qiong Ren was afraid of ghosts yet he often traveled alone between the underworld. This was his artist, and he was like his growing child. How could he escape because he was afraid?


Qiong Ren could do special training, so could he.



Seeing as how Zhou Mi had hopes of becoming a member of the studio, he might as well watch “Turn on the Lights” a few times first to get to know his future employee while practicing his guts.


The agent planned very well, and when he arrived at the underground parking lot, he saw an extremely domineering SUV parked next to his little red car, and in the driver’s seat sat a very handsome man, with a refined and fierce aura.



With a cold sweep of his eyes, the agent shivered, feeling that he was being stared at by a fierce beast.


“Mr. Yang.”



The man said as he looked at him.



The agent froze for a moment, was he calling me? Crap! This man looked like a foreign mercenary in a movie, he couldn’t be here to kidnap Qiong Ren?



He subconsciously stepped in front of Qiong Ren and was about to tell him to hurry and escape when he saw the object of his protection look at the man, “Hey? Why did you change this to come?”



The man’s demeanor didn’t change, but he inexplicably exuded a chilling aura, “Don’t like it?”



Qiong Ren: “No, no, don’t talk nonsense. Brother Yang, this is Yan Mo’s Dragon humanoid incarnation, handsome, right? Look at this body, I couldn’t train like this even if I died in the gym.”



Agent: “Yan Mo?”



Eyes as wide as bronze bells, that was the expression of the agent at this moment.



So that’s how it is, the agent suddenly understood.



No wonder Qiong Ren couldn’t resist the temptation.



He had heard Qiong Ren say that King Yan had seven incarnations, and since the Dragon humanoid incarnation and Yan Mo looked different, wouldn’t Qiong Ren be equal to having seven super handsome men of different flavors at the same time.



Hey, he couldn’t blame Qiong Ren.


The enemy was too cunning.



While the agent was thinking, Qiong Ren had already climbed into Yan Mo’s passenger seat, “You don’t need to see me off since he’s here, go home and rest early, bye bye Brother Yang.”



Su Huaizhang floated in and sat in the back row, although the agent couldn’t see him, he still said goodbye to him.


The agent stood in place, watching the SUV slowly leave with Qiong Ren, smelling the faint odor of car exhaust, his eyes were sad.



Qiong Ren looked at the old man sitting upright in the rearview mirror and asked, “Elder Su, what are your plans, do you want to go to the underworld first to go through the process, or do you want to stay and look at the matter of Zhou Mi?”


Su Huaizhang: “I can’t let go until Xiao Zhou’s matter is resolved. It’s been delayed for several years anyway, so let’s wait.”


Qiong Ren: “Then you should go home with me first.”


Su Huaizhang: “This, will it be too intrusive?”



Qiong Ren: “It’s fine, my home is huge.”


When Su Huaizhang entered Qiong Ren and Yan Mo’s home, he finally felt the exact meaning of my house is big.



He happily drifted around the garden, and when he saw that there were green vegetables and tomato seedlings planted next to the garden, as well as tender sweet potato vines, his eyes revealed a clear message of “This is paradise, right?”.


Qiong Ren: “You like gardening?”


Su Huaizhang: “Yes, the price of housing in Longcheng is too expensive, my small apartment is full of books, and the little space on the balcony is only enough to grow small onions and cilantro.”


Su Huaizhang suddenly worried, “When I go down there, can I grow vegetables in that place that is full of ghosts?”


Qiong Ren smiled, “Don’t worry, not only can you grow vegetables in the underworld, but the land is also fertile and grows exceptionally large, right?”



After all, the black soil of the underworld was made with the burnt souls of sinners.



He turned his head to look at Yan Mo and even bumped his elbow.


Yan Mo nodded.



Su Huaizhang circled around the vegetable field as if he couldn’t wait to personally plant each and every vegetable again.


Qiong Ren looked at Yan Mo: “Why did you come to pick me up?”



Yan Mo: “It’s not peaceful lately, and those with some skills in Dragon City have all gone out of town to catch someone’s. You said you’d be home late today, so I got worried.”



He said that he’d gohome late just to catch King Yan, but he didn’t expect that Yan Mo took it seriously and came to pick him up.


He was touched by the good neighbor of Dragon City!



Qiong Ren: “To catch who?”



Yan Mo: “That scar-faced man, they haven’t found out his name yet, but that person’s appearance is very distinctive, someone from the foreign Xuanmen branch reported it, and the city god ordered for him to be tracked down, so they all went over there.”


“Can we catch someone this way?” Qiong Ren straightened up and frowned, how come these lineages were suddenly preoccupied with public safety, “Why don’t they listen to the Special Affairs Division but listen to City god?”



Yan Mo: “For the sake of money.”



“If City God is dissatisfied with their work efficiency and recruits a large number of black and white Impermanence to deal with the ghosts that were doing evil in Dragon City, these people’s reputation and business would suffer. After all, the Undertakers don’t want honorariums for saving people.”



The underworld was actually not willing to cross the line, and it was best for the living and dead to do their respective jobs.



Yan Mo said, “When you first suggested that the Special Affairs Division develop scientific ghost-exorcism, the Special Affairs Division listened, and they are researching special products that can be used by ordinary people. City god applied for the secondment of old Taoists who hadn’t been reincarnated yet to help out at the Special Affairs Division, and I heard that their psychic research lab was very fruitful, and that remote lightning was just around the corner.”



“That research lab has also developed the ghost repelling bullets you mentioned, killing ordinary ghosts with a single shot. If such research continues, the Special Affairs Division doesn’t have to rely on the Xuanmen family to maintain law and order in Dragon City.”



On top of that, they really went to the police station for further training, learning how the police enforced the law and handled cases.



Unexpectedly, after studying at the police station for a period of time, a part of those dangling second-generation ancestors had the idea of serving the people, while the other part felt that the Special Affairs Division and their philosophy didn’t match and had resigned.



Qiong Ren listened to Yan Mo talking about the Special Affairs Division and suddenly glanced at the empty lotus pond and felt shocked, “You didn’t plant yourself?”


Yan Mo’s light colored eyes looked at him, “The Red Lotus and the human incarnation are in the underworld, they can’t leave.”



“Something happened?” Qiong Ren asked.



“Nothing,” Yan Mo said, “Just daily inspections of the underworld, nothing special. Red Lotus and the human are better at inspections.”


King Yan probably used seven incarnations to turn himself into a hexagonal, no, heptagonal warrior!



When the dragon incarnation was fully humanoid, it was a little different from the half-dragons that Qiong Ren had seen in the underworld, with a skin tone that wasn’t as dark as that of the dragons, and an iris that wasn’t silver-white in color, but was still noticeably much lighter than a normal human’s, approximating a pale gold.



Although he wore clothes that were on the casual side, his figure and temperament were there, especially like a soldier in an interstellar movie who had just returned from an otherworldly battlefield.



It was as if there was still a hint of dried blood.



There also seemed to be subtle differences in the voices and personalities of the different incarnations.



This incarnation’s voice was much more low and magnetic, and every time he spoke Qiong Ren went a little weak in the knees.



His voice obsession was really bad.



If only the dragonman incarnation could have stayed for a few more days ……


Maybe he could have touched the dragon’s tail!


And dragon horns!


Dragon claws!



Qiong Ren’s hands itched, but Yan Mo wasn’t his, so he couldn’t just touch it, so he could only go back to hugging the fluffy rabbit.



The rabbit was hugged and ruffled, although its expression was one of confusion.


The rabbit was on its own cell phone – that’s right, the plush rabbit already had its own cell phone, produced by the underworld, solid and durable, not broken by a hundred smashes, it was called the Nokia of the underworld.



It typed, “Master is scared again?”


Qiong Ren shook his head, “It’s not that I’m afraid, it’s that I really want to ……”


No, he couldn’t say it, how sad the plush rabbit was like this. He combed the messy fur neatly, “It’s just an itch.”



The plush rabbit rubbed its soft fur on his hand.



Zhou Mi felt that Qiong Ren was fooling him.



Although he couldn’t think of a reason for him to fool him, he couldn’t think of a reason for him to help him even more.



Was there really such a good person in the world?



At their first meeting, he was willing to invest in his movie project that had been on hold for a long time, and he was also willing to help him solve the paranormal incident.



Even if Qiong Ren was really this good, he was now just a director who had passed through the ranks, so what value did he have in being helped?



The long blow had caused Zhou Mi to lose almost all confidence in his own abilities.


Qiong Ren was slim, and he seemed gentle and obedient, it didn’t seem like he had fought ghosts, much less like a celestial teacher, Taoist priest, or monk, and he didn’t have the mysterious aura that they had.



Although he could say things that only him and Mr. Su knew, this only proved that he could see ghosts.



Being able to see ghosts was not a rare skill in horror movies, and generally the easier it was to see ghosts, the easier it was to die.



Thinking about it, it still didn’t seem plausible.



He finished his sigh at the hospital entrance and went in with a relaxed and happy face to see his wife who was still hospitalized.



When he entered the ward, Yu Wei was chatting with the aunt in the next bed, and both of them looked happy.



Seeing him coming, Yu Wei’s eyes lit up, “Finally, you’re here, I’m tired of sitting, help me out for a walk.”



Yu Wei’s calf was fractured in the car accident, she had to walk on crutches and didn’t quite dare to go out on her own. She had a disasterous pregnancy, so it was better to be careful.



The auntie teased the young couple about how they had to stick together when they met, and both Yu Wei and Zhou Mi laughed.



“How was work today?”



“Pretty good.”



In order to reassure Yu Wei, he even turned over the photos with Qiong Ren: “Look, I met a popular idol today, he said he’s a fan of mine, and he’s watched ‘Turn on the Light’ so many times alone.”

Although he was still annoyed about the studio, when he mentioned what happened today, Zhou Mi’s first reaction was still joy.

There was nothing that could make him happier and more satisfied than having the work he created appreciated by the audience.

Seeing that he was genuinely happy, Yu Wei was also relieved in her heart and went to look at the photo he was offering like a treasure.

Once she looked at it, she stood still and couldn’t walk.

Zhou Mi sourly said, “Is he that handsome?”

The person in the photo was very good looking, but that wasn’t the reason Yu Wei was surprised, her eyes fell under his eyes, on the tear mole that added a seductive touch to this person’s face.

Yu Wei grabbed Zhou Mi’s arm and scratched him raw, excited and happy, covering her mouth and unable to speak, only knowing to grab her husband’s arm and desperately shake it.

Zhou Mi immediately came up with a hundred and eight possibilities: “Stomach pain? Legs hurt? Tummy and legs hurt? A bout of pain?”

Yu Wei laughed, and slapped him on the arm, “Paroxysm, my ass! I’m only a few months old, how can I have a bout of pain?”

He was guessing, why didn’t he guess something good!

“Then what’s wrong, quickly tell me, if you don’t tell me I’ll panick.”

Yu Wei was just about to open her mouth when her tears gathered again, she choked for a while, scaring Zhou Mi before she calmed down a little.

“He’s the one I told you about, the one who saved me and the baby on the subway, his eyes and tear mole were very special, I recognized him right away!”

Yu Wei said and was about to cry again, Zhou Mi thought about what happened today, his brain felt like a string of cannonballs exploded, making his whole head buzz.

“But somehow going to the subway after the car accident and being saved by a young man, wasn’t that a hallucination when you were in a coma?”

Yu Wei’s tears instantly stopped flowing, she coldly glared, “At that time when I talked to you, you said, ‘Wei Wei won’t lie, if you said you saw it, you must have seen it, thank you to that kind person’, what, it turns out that you’ve been thinking that it’s because I was hallucinating and babbling, right? ”

Zhou Mi didn’t dare speak.

He accompanied a smile, “Are you sure it’s Qiong Ren?”

“Poor man?” Yu Wei slapped her palms in succession, each one slapping Zhou Mi’s body, the sound was loud and clear, one could tell how much it hurt, “It’s him! I wasn’t too conscious at the time, and when I vaguely heard poor man, I thought I was saying he was poor.”

Since she knew who the benefactor was, Yu Wei fely that she must repay him, although their family’s current situation was a little bit harder, but ……

“I remembered, don’t you have a jade sculpture in your studio? That jade carving is very nice, give it to our benefactor.”

Zhou Mi froze, a layer of fine goosebumps rose on his body, and he even got a few cold shivers.

He had never displayed any jade carvings in his studio.

Zhou Mi couldn’t help it, he told her all the things he encountered today, Yu Wei sat on the flower bed of the hospital, holding the crutch as she listened to Zhou Mi slowly.

Zhou Mi finished the matter, wiped the tears on his face, filled with worry: “That jade carving could be the cursed item that made our family become unlucky. Either that or it is possessed by an evil spirit.”

The more he spoke, the more anxious he became, seeing Yu Wei’s crutch and thinking of the things Yu Wei had suffered, he twisted his head and was about to go find the jade carving and smash it.

Yu Wei hurriedly dragged him to hold him back, “Come on, you’re a horror movie director, think about it, what’s the difference between what you’re doing now and sending a cannon fodder to death?

“Obviously there’s someone actively willing to do you a favor, and he’s also a super beautiful person, of course it doesn’t matter. This person also saved your wife, his moral character and personal abilities are trustworthy, and by the way, he knows the ghosts of the underworld. What’s the point of going blind on your own if you can ask him for help?”

“Are you worried that the audience will think there are too many characters to remember their names, so you’re killing yourself off early? You’re so considerate.”

What Yu Wei said was a common horror movie stunt.

When watching a horror movie, there were too many debut characters, what if you couldn’t remember their names? Don’t worry, there was no need to memorize them, most of them would die soon anyway.

Zhou Mi was unable to lift his head from Yu Wei’s words and silently sighed in his heart that his wife was really too powerful.

He was prouder to be married to this kind of wife than to be a great director.

Yu Wei: ”It just so happens that Qiong Ren wants to invest in your movie, so we’ll count more shares for him then. Doesn’t he still want to make movies down there? You can go and help him, take less money and do more, there’s no shame in asking for help when things go wrong. We’re not the kind of people who don’t know how to return favors, so why are you so vain?”

Zhou Mi gritted his teeth and said solemnly, “Then I will call him now.”

Yu Wei: “Let’s forget about it now, it’s meal time, how annoying is it to answer the phone when you’re eating, call tomorrow. Don’t go to the studio, go home.”

Zhou Mi nodded.

Yu Wei: “And ……”

Zhou Mi: “And what?”

Yu Wei: “Did you record Qiong Ren’s new song? Show me. I want to hear how moving a song that can make you cry is.”

Zhou Mi strictly refused: “Shame on you for pirating.”


The next day, Zhou Mi waited and waited until ten o’clock, which he thought was the perfect time to call.

The phone didn’t ring for more than a few minutes before it was answered.

Qiong Ren: “Figured it out?”

Zhou Mi sighed in his heart, he was really a smart person na.

“Teacher Qiong, yesterday it was my eyes that were too high and I had eyes that didn’t recognize the true dragon, please forgive me. We are actually very destined, you may not know it but the pregnant woman you saved in the subway is my wife Yu Wei, this great kindness, I, Zhou Mi, will never forget it.”

Qiong Ren on the other end of the phone also felt amazed, it seemed he didn’t guess wrong yesterday. However, he wasn’t a real dragon, the real dragon was frying eggs in the kitchen.

It would be nice to see the dragon incarnation wearing an apron and then tying a big bow in the back!

A small gulp of saliva escaped as a deep longing came into his eyes.

“Send me the address and meet me at eleven. Don’t go into the studio until we get here, it’s insurance.”

Zhou Mi hesitated and hesitated, but still opened his mouth, “In the end this is my burden, if Mr. Qiong goes and then thinks that something is too fierce and dangerous, just run, don’t care about my life or death.”

Qiong Ren listened to him speak sincerely and involuntarily revealed a little smile, “Don’t worry, I (with King Yan) guarantee that there will be no danger.”

Zhou Mi has been distracted since he got up in the morning, and now that he heard the quasi-tone, the apprehension that was clogging his chest finally melted away.


He casually ate a bowl of wontons in front of the hospital and rushed to the studio.

When he arrived at the studio was just a few minutes short of eleven o’clock, Zhou Mi stood in the doorway, but he felt that the house was spreading cool air to the outside.

The security door seemed to be a black hole that could swallow a man, with a wide open mouth and fangs, and he had already been chewed on several times, only he was blissfully unaware of it.

“You got here fast.”

Zhou Mi heard Qiong Ren’s voice, and before he could see the face, his emotions immediately lifted upward a great deal, and he turned his head once with his head held high, ” Panda?”

A gu.n with an engraved pattern hung on the panda’s plump waist, a new product from the Psychic Research Laboratory.

It nodded its panda head towards Zhou Mi, “Hello, my name is Xiong Miao, a staff member of the Special Affairs Division.”

Qiong Ren was truly unfathomable! He actually knew a panda spirit. Ah, this was too cute!!!

Zhou Mi took out his cell phone, “Can I take a picture with you?”

The panda suddenly had tears in its bear eyes, it was expecting this kind of reaction!

It was okay if Qiong Ren didn’t take it seriously, and the big guy who was with Qiong Ren didn’t take a long look at it. It was constantly frustrated with Qiong Ren, and he suspected that the the world was abnormal.

How could anyone not like pandas?

Luckily, the only ones who were abnormal were indeed Qiong Ren and that fierce big man.

“Open the door.” Qiong Ren said.

Zhou Mi opened the door, “Yesterday Wei Wei said she had seen a jade carving in my place, I’ve never bought a jade carving before, I think this must have been put in by the person who harmed me.”

Jade carving, Qiong Ren’s eyes twitched, another classic element.

Yan Mo scanned the room, “On the bookshelf?”

Zhou Mi: “How do you know?” Even he didn’t know that his studio had been dropped off with this stuff until Yu Wei said so.

Yan Mo: “Saw it. It’s been emitting black gas.”

Zhou Mi just thought about the scene that Yan Mo had seen, and his teeth chattered as he kept wincing. His bookshelves were very high, already close to the ceiling, and the top layers were still empty, and he, being lazy, was never interested in going up there to wipe off the dust.

The fact that they would put something there instead of a more private place meant that there was some understanding of his character.

Yan Mo didn’t talk nonsense, he was tall, and with a tiptoe and a hand he took down the jade carving. Qiong Ren leaned over to look, and now Qiong Ren could recognize it. It was a light green and nearly white jade, and the price was much lower than his was based solely on the material. However, the carving craftsmanship was a true and delicate continuation.

Zhou Mi’s carved pattern and his piece was almost the same, with only slight changes to the mountain shape and waterway based on the material.

Although the man on it was only a vague figure with no facial features, his body proportions were very similar to Zhou Mi’s, with a long upper body and a short lower body.

The base of the jade carving also had silk with a transit array painted on it.

The effect of this transit formation was slightly weaker than Qiong Ren’s, mainly because Zhou Mi’s fate and fortune were not as heavenly as Qiong Ren’s, so the caster could just take inferior raw materials to make it.


Zhou Mi didn’t have Qiong Ren’s merits and virtues of golden light, naturally, there was no jade carving becoming a dedicated network to the underworld.

Yan Mo pressed all of these things into dust.

The panda spirit opened its mouth with a confused expression. Who exactly was this tall man who hadn’t even been introduced to it? This was something that even the King of the underworld probably couldn’t touch. He actually used his hand to rub the cursed object into a pile of dust!

Zhou Mi looked at Yan Mo, his eyes flashing with deep admiration.

It seemed that only false masters wouly set up altars and practice, and real masters often used plain physical removal to directly destroy the cursed object.

Learned, he hurriedly memorized this material.

Xiong Miao was distressed, “The evidence can’t be touched, so how are we going to find clues?”

Qiong Ren: “Yesterday I asked you to look for a theft case similar to the one Zhou Mi encountered, did you find it?”

Xiong Miao nodded, “Yes. The person’s name is Ai Yinyue and he’s dead.”


Ai Yinyue ……


Wasn’t this the male ghost musician who had gone to Rong Zhen to collect his debt? He was now an employee of his studio, and had already released his new song, “Bastard Pay Back the Money” in the underworld, he heard that it had gotten rave reviews.

If Ai Yinyue died because of the transit array, wouldn’t his home be in danger?

Zhou Mi had a moment of fear: “Dead? Then I ……”

Qiong Ren comforted him, “The thing has been destroyed, you’ll be fine.”

Saying this, he sent a message to his staff at speed, asking what was done with the house he lived in after he died.

After a while Ai Yinyue replied that the house was empty. Qiong Ren finally relaxed.

Zhou Mi: “Who exactly is the person who harmed me?”

The person who harmed Zhou Mi should actually not be difficult to find.

Qiong Ren analyzed one by one.

First of all, this person must be in the same profession as Zhou Mi and have a certain level of familiarity with Zhou Mi, and secondly, the time of his career rise should coincide with the time when Zhou Mi started to have bad luck. Because of the influence of the fortune-telling technique, this person would also have quirks.


It can’t be …… garbage bags ……

Qiong Ren’s face turned blue and he couldn’t think any further!

He silently tugged on Yan Mo’s clothes and looked at the tall Yan Mo pitifully, “I just thought of something terrible, can you coax me?”

Yan Mo was silent for a moment and cleared his throat, “How to coax?”

“I’m very uncomfortable right now, especially especially uncomfortable, in short, I must touch your tail to get better.” Qiong Ren folded his hands with a begging look and kindly whispered, “I can still bear it for a while, I can go home and touch it.”

His movements and expression and tone of voice were all very well-behaved.

Yan Mo thought for a moment, looking at Zhou Mi and Xiong Miao squatting on the ground, he turned his back and turned his hand into a dragon’s claw.

“Is it okay to touch the claw first?”

Qiong Ren quickly reached out and touched the sharp dragon claws.

The feeling was marvelous, like touching a piece of cold black jade, but underneath the jade was blazing magma.

It made one feel like something was boiling inside the dragon’s claw.

The scales on the claws were slightly different from those on his face, smaller and denser, and Qiong Ren tickled the center of his claws and whispered, “Does it itch?”

Yan Mo swallowed and his voice was very tight, “No.”

Qiong Ren was a little disappointed.

After he sneakily finished touching the dragon’s claw, Zhou Mi also figured out the correct answer.


“Wang Yaoqing,” Zhou Mi gritted his teeth, “It must be him. All the things you said are right on, and I know that it’s because of his sudden weird fetishes that his wife divorced him, and I heard that even his lover couldn’t stand it, and climbed up to a bigger name director to run away from him.”

It was him? Surprisingly, Qiong Ren didn’t find it strange.

The method of verification was also very simple, he’d just see if Wang Yaoqing would follow Fu Jiaze’s old path.


Qiong Ren also informed Ai Yinyue of the situation, telling him those rules of judgment and letting him think about who the person who harmed him could be. As for Ai Yinyue’s room, Yan Mo directly instantly went over to take a look, and there was indeed a jade sculpture and a transit array, which he destroyed in passing.

Ai Yinyue thought and thought and said that there was no musician around him that could match up.

Qiong Ren raised his eyebrows and suddenly thought of a possibility, “Have you ever rejected Wang Yaoqing?” After all, it was unlikely that there would be two bad guys with a garbage-stealing quirk at the same time.

Ai Yinyue: “Boss, you’re really wise and intelligent, comparable to Di Renjie reincarnated, how can you even know this?”

“He approached me to write the soundtrack for a TV show, but I was so busy with my own album at the time that I turned it down. Did …… I die because of this?”

Then he was too wronged!

Wang Yaoqing was currently lying in the hospital.

Qiong Ren’s sentence “don’t break your tailbone” seemed to be a curse, by the time he went home, the more he laid down the more pain he was in, he couldn’t lie or sit down, and hurriedly let his assistant drive him to the hospital.

Upon arriving at the hospital for examination, it was found that the coccyx was indeed broken, and the fracture was still in the last segment. That area was difficult to reposition, and even if repositioned, it was easy to fracture again.

He could only pay attention to his living, sit and lay down carefully, and wait for the tailbone to slowly grow well.

The doctor also instructed that, when going to the toilet, he had to pay attention and observe, if he aaw red, it meant that a broken bone had punctured his intestines and he needed to be operated on immediately.

Wang Yaoqing was scared to death every time he went to the toilet and suffered physically and mentally.

He didn’t know if he had eaten something bad today, but he had already run to the toilet several times, and he was looking for the least painful position, cautiously squatting down, when suddenly a gust of cloudy wind blew by, and he couldn’t help coughing as his back went cold, his chest choked, and his throat was strangely itchy.

As soon as he coughed, he couldn’t stop, and a sickly, fishy sweetness rose in his throat, splattering the white floor of the bathroom with stars of blood.


He didn’t know why, but the blood he coughed up was so foul smelling that it was unbearable. Wang Yaoqing was instantly scared to death, thinking that he was busy filming and making money every day, yet he even had a terminal illness.

He scrambled to stand up, forgetting that he was currently a fracture patient, as he struggled to get up, there was a sudden sharp pain in his tailbone, he suddenly stumbled and fell into a double palms and feet kneeling style.

At the same time, Wang Yaoqing clearly heard a “click”.

The soft sound of the click was transmitted through the bone conduction, along the tailbone, lumbar spine, cervical spine, until the skull, the auditory receptors fully functioned, generating nerve impulses, forming the sense of hearing in the brain.

An unbearable pain came from one part of his body, followed by a burning heat, and looking down, he saw bright red.

The brain integrated all the information and in his mind it felt like a demon whispered, “Hello, your broken tailbone just pierced your rectum.”



Ouch 😬


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