The first day of the move.


Yan Mo didn’t come back. Qiong Ren understood very well. The pain caused could be said to be deep in the bones, and it was difficult to eliminate in just a moment.



Although he ran away, his neighbor was after all a very considerate person, and all of Qiong Ren’s heavy things had been set up for him according to his habits.



Even to escape, he had to finish his heavy work before running away, Qiong Ren wanted to write him an award for being a top ten neighbor.



His current bedroom was larger than the cramped little apartment he used to have, and it was divided into two rooms, the real-bedroom where he slept and the small study.



A shrine was set up in the small study, and a statue of King Yan had been set up on it, the statue was dressed in an ancient outfit with a crown covering his face.



Qiong Ren: “……”



It seemed like his neighbor really, really wanted to be enshrined and had taken it upon himself to put himself up there. Before he dropped his vest, he was probably afraid that he would recognize him, so he even chose such a special style.



It was really ……



“Pfft.” Qiong Ren couldn’t help but hold his stomach and laugh.



It was really a bit cute.



Qiong Ren put his own statue of King Yan on it as well, since his vest had had already fallen off, of course he could make an honorable offering.



The two idols were placed, Qiong Ren lit incense, for their relationship, kneeling wasn’t appropriate, so he stood and bowed three times.



After getting up, he felt that it wasn’t quite right, why did it feel like a posthumous farewell?



But he instantly gave up dwelling on it.



Forget it, don’t think too much.



Having moved, naturally he had to spread the word. He then made a post to both his living and underworld circles of friends.



But after posting it, his agent’s call came.



“Where’s Yan Mo? Put him on the phone,” the agent’s voice was high, “What did you promise me, didn’t you say it was acting? He’s not grounded at all with this building and mansion, you dare to take this kind of rich handsome guy?”



Qiong Ren: “Although he isn’t down to earth, he is down-to-earth ah.”



The agent instantly gasped: “Earth, underworld?”



Qiong Ren: “Well, Yan Mo is the King of the underworld. You see, Yan Mo, Demon King, Yan Molu, King of the underworld, isn’t there a feeling that the answer is surprisingly right on the title yet you didn’t even guess it?”



Since Yan Mo had already dropped his vest, it was better to hurry and tell his agent, lest any further misunderstandings occur.



The agent was silent for a minute, remembering that he said front of Yan Mo that no one worshiped the King of the underworld. He felt a bit uneasy.



But despite this, the agent didn’t give up, he said bitterly, ”This is all the more reason for you to be careful, what if he takes advantage of you? It’s such a big house, you can’t even run out. Even if you can run out, can you outrun the King of the underworld?”



King Yan must have bad intentions towards Qiong Ren, or else why would he move in next door to Qiong Ren for no good reason.




Qiong Ren was surprised, “Why can’t it be me taking advantage of him? He’s so good looking, why do you presuppose the victim to be me.”



What to do? Qiong Ren had a good point.



Come to think of it, the King of the underworld was a powerful man, handsome, rich and a god, such an outrageous characterization would only appear in a fictional work, if the two of them were together, it did feel a bit like he had taken way someone else’s King of the underworld.



So the agent got even angrier: “You still want to take advantage of him?”



Qiong Ren: “……”



He couldn’t talk anymore.



After the agent finished being angry, he suddenly calmed down.


In fact, he knew that Qiong Ren wasn’t the kind of person who would be fooled into being taken advantage of, but the difference between Yan Mo and Qiong Ren’s social status was so great that he was inevitably worried.




He sighed, “Just think clearly on your own.”



Think clearly about what, did he want to raise flowers? Did he want to make offerings to King of the underworld? Did he want to send the King of the underworld a little bit of clothes on a regular basis?



Why did he feel that this mode of getting along was a bit strange ……



It seemed that his agent had a deep misunderstanding of Yan Mo, it was no wonder that even the people in the underworld talked about King Yan’s cold and upright behavior every day.



“Old Yang, I know you and Dean love me and worry about me. I have no problem, you guys shouldn’t worry.”


Agent: “But no matter what, as long as Dean and I are there, even if it’s the King of the underworld, we will …… try to back you up.”



Qiong Ren smiled and nodded, “OK.”


It was really just living together and raising flowers. It was a pure and innocent relationship. It was all because the King of the underworld was too serious. When he played the role of giving away a house, he actually gave it away, which made people misunderstand.



The agent sighed again: “In fact, you living there is also good. You’ve only just become popular, you’re not a top star, yet demons and monsters are popping up.”



Qiong Ren: “What’s wrong again?”



The agent was a bit annoyed, “Wang Yaoqing is causing trouble again. I’m contacting marketing numbers and PR companies to help you suppress public opinion.”


Rabbit hurriedly tugged on Qiong Ren’s pants leg.



Qiong Ren stroked the rabbit’s head, “Old Yang, you’re approaching your six-month review date, take a good rest, I’ll deal with the matters on the internet. You forget, my plush rabbit and home grown computer opened a marketing company.”



The agent was silent on the other end of the phone for a moment, as an ordinary person, no matter how hard he tried, there was no way for him to get used to all these gods, ghosts and demons, unlike Qiong Ren, who almost immediately accepted and immediately integrated, and whose mental quality was so good that it made him marvel.



“Then …… pay more attention to yourself.” The agent felt a little sad, Qiong Ren was growing too fast, he was a little unable to catch up with Qiong Ren’s footsteps.



But he couldn’t just admit defeat like this!



The agent said to himself in his heart, he also had to speed up his steps and become a better agent.



After hanging up, Qiong Ren looked at the public opinion summarized by Rabbit. Ever since Qiong Ren had gradually become popular, Rabbit would help him monitor the internet public opinion, the rate of increase in fans, and the social evaluation every day.




At noon today, when Yan Mo and Qiong Ren were having dinner, Wang Yaoqing sent out a post.



[Director Wang is watching you: I, Wang Yaoqing, apologize for my inappropriate remarks about Qiong Ren a few days ago. I have no intention of taking up public resources, and my criticism of Qiong Ren was indeed inappropriate, but it was also out of a piece of devoted love and care for my juniors, and I hope that you can understand my dedication to the quality of my work as a middle-aged TV person.]



What happened between him and Qiong Ren didn’t make it to the top 50 of the hot search list, so a lot of people were heartbroken for Wang Yaoqing in the comments, saying that it was a conscience director being pressed by capital to apologize to the newcomer.



That line about his dedication to quality, did it mean that Qiong Ren was going to act in a TV drama, and because his acting was so bad that was why director Wang couldn’t help but criticize a thing or two?



Rabbit typed on the computer.



[I checked, it’s all paid comments. There aren’t many people being brought up to speed. What does master want to do about it?]



[Rabbit can have his colleague and his water army strangle the other, while linking up the marketing numbers at the same time.]



Qiong Ren shook his head, ”No way. Haven’t you noticed? My fans are all especially Buddhist.”



He opened Wang Yaoqing’s apology microblog, it wasn’t that his fans weren’t below, it was just that these fans didn’t pinch with the water army or Wang Yaoqing’s drama fans, and the replies all had a sense of laziness in them.



[I know, kneel down and be at peace.]









He kind of understood that his fans were very active in liking his pictures, listening to songs, watching dance videos, and not at all active in quarreling.



Even if someone else’s fans knocked on their door, they were still lazy. If they could reply with “roll”, they would never type the second word, and often they didn’t even type the first word.


Like a bunch of sloths.


However, they were very diligent.



When it came to output, they could be considered a tentacle monster. If it weren’t for the fact that the protagonist was himself, they would been quiet, since there were too many beautiful pictures for them to look at.



How lazy were these guys? Until now, Qiong Ren didn’t have a fan name.



Whether it was called Qiong Fan or Ren Fan or Qiong Ren Fan, it didn’t sound very auspicious. There had been a large vote in Supernatural, and then it failed because the votes were spread too thin.



Qiong Ren had gone to see the fan names nominated by the fans at the time with the expectation that he might be able to copy the fans’ answers.



How could he put it, to describe it in a nutshell would be to slightly underestimate the awesomeness of these fan names.



The ones he saw alone were as follows.



Cosmic Beauty God Earth Division. He had no idea what it was trying to say at all, but it was outrageous as a fan name, but it actually got 8,800 or so votes. Qiong Ren really wanted to know what the hell these eight thousand eight hundred people were thinking.



Qiong Fans. Succinct and clear, to the extent that Qiong Ren almost haf a heart attack just by looking at it. Because it was too lackluster, yet it unexpectedly gained twenty thousand or so votes.



Get Rich, the name that Qiong Ren was most satisfied with, but had an extremely low number of votes, only getting fifty.



There were two fan names that received a higher number of votes, Qiong’s mom and Qiong’s dad.



A close second in votes were Qiong’s Husband and Qiong’s Wife.



Qiong Ren failed in his attempt to copy the answers, which left none of them reliable.



But Qiong Ren didn’t blame them, he couldn’t figure out what to call it himself anyway.



Mom, why did you give me this name in the first place?






Precisely because his fans painted a clear picture, if he really let rabbit’s company get down to a chokehold, it wouldn’t necessarily have an effect on Qiong Ren’s persona, but it would definitely affect the view of his fanbase, and he didn’t like that.



It was better for him and the director to fight without it spilling over to his fans.



Although Rabbit said that it hadn’t caused any negative impacts yet, it wouldn’t be good if it was left to fester.



One person and one rabbit were thinking hard, and Rabbit was always keeping an eye on the situation, and when he saw that Qiong Ren’s searches suddenly skyrocketed, he hastened to let Qiong Ren look at it.



When Qiong Ren took a look, he was instantly silenced.



He couldn’t help but sigh, Yan Mo, this person was really a prosperous neighbors, when the agent worshiped him as the god of Wealth, he really didn’t make a mistake.



That day, Yan Mo helped him fix the lotus petal necklace in the variety show, and a person with a fiery eye discovered that the form of the lotus petal was very similar to the red lotus in the photo.



Fans turned to more video clips of lotus petals, and then decided on one thing: either the lotus petals were customized according to the red lotus, or the red lotus was made according to the feeling of lotus petals.



That lotus petal literally looked like it was plucked from a red lotus.



A fan said that the red lotus in the photo was obviously artfully processed and wasn’t the same thing as the real red lotus, that deep and sultry color was even more peculiar, and only Qiong Ren’s lotus petal had the same color as the red lotus.



The lotus petal was again sent by Yan Mo, this point was a real hammer in the live broadcast at the time.



What did this mean? It meant that the red lotus represented Yan Mo himself, otherwise why would he give his wife such a special accessory as a lotus petal.



Why was the photo of Qiong Ren kissing the red lotus full of amorous feelings, because he was, in fact, kissing his husbands ah.



Once this analysis essay mixed with videos, photos, and high-definition details came out, the fans and anti fans that were originally grabbing rankings in a frantic output as well as the onlookers were stunned.



One after another, they wrote small essays to sing the praises of absolute love, exclaiming that it was so sweet, since Red Lotus and Yan Mo were one person, wouldn’t that be ……



Heh heh heh.



Qiong Ren once again fled from the chaos of the fan forum, humans were really terrifying.



The fans were really awesome though, in a way they totally got the right result with the wrong inference.



Wang Yaoqing was about to be pissed off, he spent money and hired the best water army.


These paid accounts completely had normal usernames, with no signs of being paid, as if each was a perfectly ordinary and righteous passerby.



Posted comments and articles were paid by the word count, and it was very expensive.



He had planned to let the water army and Qiong Ren’s fans pinch each other first, after all, the public hated it when fans attacked people, especially when the one being attacked was a dedicated director like him.



It was easy for people to be overly emotional when arguing, as long as Qiong Ren’s fans start to attack him as a dedicated director, no matter who was right or wrong originally, passersby would hate Qiong Ren’s fans and hate Qiong Ren along with them.



In the past few years, Wang Yaoqing had carefully studied the marketing routines of major websites, and he had long been familiar with the matter of fans and anti-fans.



However ……



Wang Yaoqing was deeply confused, why in the world, were there such lazy fans in the world, Qiong Ren had personally disliked him, yet they actually didn’t follow the idol to scold him, and didn’t fight with the water army.



A pair of you scold, I let you scold, I just pass by to watch.



They even checked and saw that he didn’t Ait Qiong Ren, the they took the initiative to help him add Ait in the comments.


Couldn’t these fans see that he was teasing? His apology was full of accusations and sarcasm ah.



For the first time, he hired the most expensive water army to sell himself short while smearing Qiong Ren, and he did what he promised the ghosts and apologized to Qiong Ren.



He had also hired Master Lin to sit in on the situation, so if the ghosts dared to come to his door looking for trouble, Master Lin would make the two little ghosts fly away.



It was supposed to be a happy night watching Qiong Ren fall into the mud.



But why ……



Why did it turn out like this?



Yet the blow to him wasn’t over yet.



“Yan Mo is Red Lotus, with the real hammer inside!”


The name of this article was so plain and unadorned, but it ignited the passion of Qiong Ren’s fans, they discussed, they laughed, they crushed the public opinion atmosphere that the water army had worked so hard to build.



For a while, if you searched for Qiong Ren’s name, you could only see the words knocked me out.



Why ah, Wang Yaoqing scratched his hair, confusion seeping out from inside every pore.



If an ordinary idol was discovered to be in love, shouldn’t they shout “house collapse” and then stop being fans? Why did Qiong Ren’s fans not react aggressively at all.



They must not have reacted yet, Wang Yaoqing immediately arranged for the water army to attack Qiong Ren for being in love and that the idol was out of line.


The fans did react a bit this time, but the reaction was:



“What’s wrong with him? He didn’t just come out today. Besides, he relied on his dreams, his face, and his professional skills to entertain us. Apart from licking the screen, listening to music, and watching him dance, I don’t care about anything.”



[Passersby repost his Weibo page more diligently than I do. I feel ashamed that when I entered this circle, I became a useless person lying down and watching my idol soar to fame.]



[I would like to object, but I looked at the face, and then looked at the bank card balance. I can only endure the pain of giving up my wife to Yan Mo, it’s me who’s not worthy, tears.]



Wang Yaoqing was so breathless that he gasped three times before he felt relief.



Okay, this round, count it that you won.



He sneered a few times and called the master he had made an appointment with, “Hey, Master Lin, have you come over yet?”



Master Lin: “Ouch, ouch, sorry, I suddenly had to travel. Brace yourself on your side first.”



“Hold up ……” Wang Yuxing gulped down his saliva, his throat felt tight, and he repeatedly swallowed several times before he could get the words out, “How do I brace myself~”



The last word had already taken on a crying tone.



If it wasn’t that Master Lin promised to exorcise the ghosts for him, he wouldn’t have set up this series of plans, apologizing, selling misery and pouring dirty water, and by the way, solve the two ghosts, Master Lin was the most critical link, how could he suddenly travel?



Master Lin thought for a moment and encouraged him, “Cheer up and hang in there, don’t worry, generally speaking, ghosts don’t kill on the first night.”



Wang Yaoqing was even more scared, “Tonight is already the second night ……”



“Oh, that’s so.” Master Lin pondered for a moment and said, “The mortality rate is a little higher on the second night.”



Wang Yaoqing choked, “How much higher?”



Master Lin: “Not much, anyway, it won’t get to one hundred percent.”



Wang Yaoqing didn’t get any comfort: “Can you introduce a master here, I’m afraid I won’t make it.”



Master Lin: “This …… Old brother Wang, not to hide it, recently there’s been a little thing, so the dignified people in the city have traveled out, the ones at home are juniors that don’t have much ability, if I send someone over, he may die earlier than you. Cheer up, I’ll hang up first.”



Master Lin who was in a hurry hurriedly hung up the phone.


Looking at the upcoming night, Wang Yaoqing was suddenly in a deep panic.



His wife, who had already divorced him, his son, who had also severed his relationship with him, and his lover, who had found an even bigger director, kicked him out.



He was a popular director, but he couldn’t find someone to spend the long night with.


He was scared, he was terrified, so he decided to go out and stay in a hotel.



If the ghosts couldn’t find him, then he was safe.


Wang Yaoqing packed a little luggage and went to his favorite five-star hotel.



He checked in at the front desk, carried his things into the elevator, and the sharp-chinned, big-eyed elevator lady swiped his card and pressed the floor for him.






The elevator lady turned her head and smiled at him sincerely, the kind of sincerity that the corner of her mouth cracked through her head. Wang Yaoqing was so scared out of his wits that he didn’t even dare to scream.






“The seventh floor has arrived.”



Wang Yaoqing opened his eyes alertly, the elevator lady in front of him smiled gently and said goodbye next time to him.



It seemed like it was just an illusion just now.



Wang Yaoqing wiped a cold sweat from his forehead and went out the elevator when he saw a round-faced woman wearing the same clothes hurriedly enter the elevator and stood in front of the elevator panel.



Before she closed the elevator door, she noticed that Wang Yaoqing had been looking this way and asked, “Are you going downstairs?”



It turned out that the first elevator lady was really a ghost!


Wang Yaoqing shook his head in horror and turned to run to his room.



His heartbeat was fast and disorderly, he swiped his room card with his hands and feet trembling, rushed into the room and stuck himself directly into the quilt, but he soon felt that it was scary without light, so he lifted the quilt again and came out to turn on the light.


As soon as the room lit up, Wang Yaoqing, who was used to staying in hotels, felt something was wrong. Normally, after entering the room and receiving electricity, the hotel room must be lit, otherwise it could easily cause safety issues.



He wanted to see what exactly was going on in the room, but he didn’t dare to really look, he could only close his eyes and silently tell himself that it would be fine if he got through it, just get through it until tomorrow’s dawn, just get through it until Grandmaster Lin returned to Dragon City.



However, not long after his eyes closed, the sound of a man singing a song came from his room, like a 3D surround sound effect, floating around between his two ears.



Wang Yaoqing opened his eyes in fear, and the voice immediately disappeared.



He was sleepy, tired and scared after a busy day, and his eyes were fighting, but as soon as he closed his eyes, either the strange voice rang out, or he saw in his mind’s eye the elevator lady in the elevator who had smiled her head in half.



Wang Yuqing was scared to death, and even though he was sleepy and tired, he didn’t dare to close his eyes.



He stared hard like this until the next morning, and swayed twice when he stood up, almost fainting on the spot.


He went to the bathroom to wash his face, took his luggage and slowly walked to the elevator room.



As he pressed the down button, he suddenly hesitated. What should he do if he met that ghost again? Or he’d take the stairs? But the stairs were also very scary, he thought and thought, the elevator was at least faster, his heart thumped as he pressed the button light.



The elevator quickly arrived at the seventh floor, Wang Yaoqing strode in and saw that the elevator lady was the round-faced girl he met on the seventh floor, he suddenly took a long breath of relief, smiled and said, “You’re on the night shift ah, it’s quite hard.”



The elevator lady smiled at him, “It’s okay, it’s not like I get tired anyway.”



Her smile grew more and more sincere.



Wang Yaoqing’s smile froze.



Won’t get tired …… was that what he thought it meant?



He immediately twisted his head and stiffly stared at the doorway.



In a flash, the elevator reached the first floor, and he frantically ran outside until he saw the people coming and going in the lobby and felt a little safer.



Everyone else was looking at him strangely, but he couldn’t care less.



As he returned his room card he couldn’t help but ask, “What the hell does your elevator lady here look like?”



He wanted to know which one was the ghost.



The front desk looked up in confusion, “We don’t have an elevator lady in our hotel.”



Wang Yaoqing’s psychological defenses completely collapsed, he threw his room card away, didn’t want the deposit, and pulled his legs and ran.



Underworld, the third hall.




Emperor Song used his spell to look at Wang Yaoqing that looked as if he had aged ten years in just one night and marveled, “This method of torturing people really works, how did you come up with it?”



Secretary Jin looked pale: “King Yan’s insomnia is so painful, Wang Yaoqing is just an ordinary middle-aged man, yet a few hours less sleep made his hair fall out in the morning, how could he stand not sleeping for a night.”



“The ghost in the elevator is a bit of a godsend,” Emperor Song sighed, “It wasn’t arranged by us, but the method of scaring people is similar to yours.”



He saw Secretary Jin’s cold glare and immediately looked for a complement, “But, and but, it’s not as good as yours.”




Secretary Jin: “……”



Men really were all stupid, except for himself and Qiong Ren.



Yan Mo didn’t come back the next day either.



Emperor Song told Qiong Ren that King Yan had locked himself in a bronze coffin since he returned to his Temple.



Qiong Ren thought it was outrageous: “He cares so much about his work, how could he lock himself up? Does he work in his coffin?”



Emperor Song: “I heard from Secretary Nan that he gets up in the middle of the night to go to work, and when others go to work he lays back down again. There’s no delay in work, it’s just that Secretary Nan is worried about his mental state.”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Yan Wang really had a workaholic persona that never went down, he didn’t forget to get his work done even when he was escaping reality. How fortunate the Underworld was to have such a good king.



“Qiong Ren,” Emperor Song thought of the thing Qiong Ren had posted, “Are you really going to live with Yan Molu?”


Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh.”



Emperor Song didn’t say anything more, “He’s a good man, I’m relieved to leave you with him.”



What was this married son’s tone, he said that they were just neighbors living together, yet they were all thinking about it in such a complicated way.



“Secretary Jin is also very happy for you,” Emperor Song said, “I will watch over Yan Molu for you, don’t worry.”



The two of them spoke a few more words before Qiong Ren dutifully said bye-bye to Emperor Song on the video call.




He had to go to the rehearsal for the Love Encounter Starlight Night today and might not be home until late.


Qiong Ren walked to the front of the small shrine and lit the descending incense, purple smoke curling up.



He folded his hands in prayer and said, “I have to work late today, so if you’re home, there’s braised pork in the refrigerator to eat with noodles. I’ve also left you hot green vegetables!”



The prayer was finished!



After Qiong Ren left the house, Yan Mo immediately appeared in the kitchen, he opened the refrigerator and had just brought out the braised pork when he heard a cough behind him.



“Like braised pork?”



Qiong Ren just stood in the doorway, trying to hold in his laughter. He actually really used this method to fish Yan Mo out, no wonder the fans said that he was a fishing beauty, so he was really good at fishing.



Yan Mo slowly turned around and nodded, “I like everything you do.”



Qiong Ren put a ticket on the table, “This is the family ticket given to me by the Love Encounter Starlight Night crew, do you want to go?”



Yan Mo immediately put the ticket away, “Uh-huh. I’ll go.”



“Oh, and, can you do me a favor?” Qiong Ren said.



Yan Mo: “What kind of favor?”



Qiong Ren casually pointed his finger in the direction of the lotus pond, “Plant yourself.”



The neighbor’s red lotus incarnation was so big that he had no way to plant it ah, so he could only ask the neighbor to plant himself into the lotus pond.




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