“Get out of the way, get out of the way ah poof!” The Underworlders muttered under their breath.



The Black and White Impermanence were followed by a group of ghosts, although they also had yellow skin and black eyes, Qiong Ren felt that they looked slightly different from ordinary ghosts.



A female ghost covered her heart, “OMG! What happened, why are there so many living people?”



A fat old man next to her looked around, “Are they shooting a TV show?”


A burly man looked at Qiong Ren with marvel, “Wow! He is such a beautiful boy, like Narcissus.”


The expression of Qiong Ren, who silently stuck to the wall to give way to the ghosts, almost cracked.


Why were they speaking English?



A uniformed male ghost who was also close to the wall to make way could see the shock on Qiong Ren’s face and kindly explained, “These are all overseas people, and even though their nationality is outside the country, as long as their belief system is the same, their souls will still return to their homeland after death.”



“Our underworld will uniformly go abroad to pick up the souls of the overseas compatriots, and before they are sent to hell for trial, they will be taught some simple Chinese at the Office, to make it easier for them to live in the underworld in the future.”



How humane! When alive, the country packaged the evacuation of overseas Chinese, and when dead, it also packaged to receive the souls back home to the underworld!



Jiang Yiming watched Qiong Ren suddenly turn around and stick to the wall when he was talking to him, he was flabbergasted for a moment, and then felt a coldness all over his body, as if he had jumped into an unheated swimming pool.



He watched Qiong Ren’s eyes gaze at some empty point with a serious listening face, and the bravery he had feigned before entering the building began to crumble.



He was actually really afraid of ghosts.


At this time, Xia Hui walked out.



Xia Hui rubbed his wrist that had been pinched red by Jiang Yiming, and his eyes were vaguely aggravated with a feeling of enduring humiliation.


His live broadcast room was filled with comments of fans excitedly abusing Jiang Yiming.


[He grabbed his wrist and hurt him, Jiang Yiming is really disgusting, can’t he quickly go to death ah.]


[I’m so heartbroken Xia Xia, every time it’s clear that he’s crazy resisting, Jiang Yiming and the company are dead!]



[Did Jiang Yiming die today? He’s dead.]


[Baby Xia is just too good-tempered, that’s why he’s always bullied by these people.]



Even if the trainees couldn’t read the comments, Xia Hui knew roughly what was going on, and he lowered his eyes to hide the smugness in his eyes.


He had always cooperated with Jiang Yiming’s business and would deliberately amplify the point of having no choice but to cooperate.



This would not only make people feel sorry for him, but also enable him to quickly cut ties with Jiang Yiming after he lost his usefulness. At that time, as long as some materials such as Jiang Yiming pulling him to get popular was exposed, he could package himself as a victim.


Xia Hui also had his own ambitions when he participated in the program this time.


He was already used to the dividends that came from pushing their CP, and seeing that Jiang Yiming was getting mushier and mushier after the show, he had his eye on a new business target.


Qiong Ren.



Qiong Ren was able to make his CP forum with the painted Red Lotus rush to the top ten with just one picture alone, and the refined quality of the output of fans in the group was such that it made Xia Hui so jealous. He had observed that Qiong Ren’s exposure was not high, but the rate of fan increase was well-balanced, and the fan loyalty was much higher than the fans who changed their idols once every three months.


He would definitely create a sense of fatalism with Qiong Ren in the variety show, and to that end, he had even prepared a Red Lotus necklace for himself, just waiting to reveal it at the right moment.



Feeling that he was wise to the situation, Xia Hui quickly walked towards Qiong Ren and glanced at Jiang Yiming with a somewhat timid gaze before smiling and reaching out his hand, “Hello, my name is Xia Hui. I’ve seen your videos, you dance so well.”


Qiong Ren: “Thank you, you too ……”



He really didn’t know what Xia Hui’s masterpiece was, and was meditating on what he could say when Jiang Yiming spoke up.


“It’s not bad,” Jiang Yiming said, “but I think that among the dancers in senior Qiong Ren’s style, the strongest should be PP who won the world championship at sixteen.”



Jiang Yiming’s natural talent was relatively poor, and he had been trying hard to set up a day and night training persona for himself, with sleeping only two hours a day for a month straight in order to train, having injuries all over his body, and practicing singing until his voice was hoarse.



This set was still useful, so unknown passers-by had a good impression of him.


The comments also praised him for his motivation and that he would definitely have a future.


Jiang Yiming: “Although PP and senior Qiong Ren’s styles are similar, they both belong to the XX genre, which was created by XX and gradually became popular in the country. Although senior Qiong Ren’s dancing ability is also good, PP is more juvenile and senior Qiong Ren is too refined when he performs.”



Saying that Qiong Ren was too refined was actually the same thing as scolding him for dancing with a heavy artisanal air and not enough spirit.



“Some of senior Qiong Ren’s movements are also very similar to his, do you admire him?”



Dissatisfaction flashed in Xia Hui’s eyes, Jiang Yiming preferred to pick this time to cause trouble. What was the difference between this sentence and accusing Qiong Ren of plagiarism?



Seeing Qiong Ren’s gradually subtle expression after hearing his words, Jiang Yiming felt that he had struck Qiong Ren with precision, and continued, “PP is the dancer I admire, respect, and love the most. It’s a pity he hasn’t danced for many years now. My heart aches every time I think about it.”



Qiong Ren scratched his head, “It’s okay, I don’t think PP is that great, he had a lot of problems with his dancing a few years ago, maybe you can consider liking someone else, I don’t think his style suits you very well.”



The comment screen in Jiang Yiming’s live broadcast immediately opened up.


[This unknown person is so funny, advising my husband to like someone else, who do you think you are?]


[I’m sure he doesn’t even know who PP is, after all, he’s a marketing guru.]


[Tell a joke, the marketing guru said that there is something wrong with the world champion’s dance.]


Jiang Yiming still wanted to continue to act again, but how could Xia Hui sit back and watch his future business partner being bullied, he didn’t know who PP was, but it didn’t delay his sly words.



“Since he hasn’t danced in years, that means his love for dancing has disappeared, how can someone like that be a role model for us?” Xia Hui’s fawn eyes fluttered, “I think the way senior Qiong Ren works hard for his dream is especially dazzling, I adore you.”



After he finished, he looked at Jiang Yiming again and smiled, “Haven’t you always worked hard too?”



Now, he should be able to brush a wave of goodwill in Qiong Ren’s heart. Xia Hui thought confidently. Just by creating some more physical contact and honeyed glances, this CP will be able to stand up! What should I call it? Qiong Xia? Qiong Hui?


Xia Hui’s live broadcast room howled, furiously calling him the Entertainment industry’s only angel.



CP fans were also excited, they analyzed: on the surface it looked like Xia Hui was praising Qiong Ren, but in fact, he was beating around the bush and praising Jiang Yiming for his efforts, Xia Hui, you love him so much.



Qiong Ren, who was in the center of the storm, deeply felt that compared to ghosts, it was really hard for living people to communicate.



He smiled sweetly at the two.



He knew that he was very good looking, and especially good looking when he smiled, so he could take advantage of the moment when the two people looked dumbfounded to silently slip away.


Xia Hui and Jiang Yiming were indeed dumbfounded by his smile for a moment, and Qiong Ren immediately ran quickly up to the second floor.



After he rushed to the second floor, he instantly showed a thank god expression.


Variety fans were overjoyed.



[Hahahahaha, Qiong Ren is so real, I want to run away even when I hear other people’s fake talk.]



[Xia Hui and Jiang Yiming needs to be locked up.]


[Want to see their faces when they realize that Qiong Ren is the mentor.]


The trainees had already learned the importance of mentors from the rules, and even if they asked for help and clue hints off-site, the worst thing was that the mentor could deduct time.



It was so hard to be able to participate in a program that showed 100% of their faces, so if their hours were deducted, it was a loss.



According to the general rule of the talent show, the mentor was either a big celebrity or a highly respected person.


Everyone’s guesses for the mentor were pretty much the same, either Gu Mengsang or Miao Zheyan.


Ordinary viewers looked happy, looking forward to Qiong Ren revealing his identity, fans were so anxious that they wanted to rush to the building to tell their brothers, ‘the mentor is Qiong Ren you don’t need to flatter the wrong one!’



Qiong Ren continued to pretend to be a trainee on the second floor, and this time he was very cautious before entering the door.


The uniformed male ghost floated up from the first floor, after spectating, he understood very well what Qiong Ren was afraid of and immediately went in to take a look, then floated out, “There’s no one inside.”



Only then did Qiong Ren feel relieved to go in.



There was a group photo of ten people hanging in this room, Qiong Ren took the photo down, and on the back it said Zhao Yi, Qian Er, and so on, all the way up to Chen X in order.



These ten people corresponded to each of the ten trainees, and the program group had named them according to the hundreds of surnames and numbers in order to make it easier for viewers to remember, so that it would be friendlier to viewers who weren’t good at remembering people’s names.



Qiong Ren turned the photo around and began to observe the people in the photo, and it was at this moment that the electric light began to flicker brightly and dimly.





The door suddenly slammed shut, and the windows in this room turned out to be just for show, not letting in any light at all, and the whole house became very dim, with only the ghostly flickering old-fashioned electric lamps bringing in a bit of light.



Many of the spectators were startled.



A soft laugh rang out, and a figure suddenly appeared behind the curtains, she was walking slowly to the side, her silhouette moving slowly.



The soft laughter echoed repeatedly through the room.


[Fu-ck! Why am I wearing headphones!



[I’m human-less.]


[I’m dead. Do Not Look for Me]



Qiong Ren observed the situation for a moment and thought that he probably still had to be politely afraid.



So he took two steps backwards, covered his chest, tried to look scared, and stick-read in an unruffled tone:



“Ah. I’m so scared ah. Is there really a ghost here. Ah. So scary.”



The actor playing the ghost froze.



What do you mean, is this mocking my poor acting skills?




See ya tomorrow ✌️


Edit: tell me why two chapters were staring at me in the drafts, did I not schedule it or am I just dumb 😪?

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