After removing the blindfold that covered his eyes, Qiong Ren saw mostly new faces. There were two familiar faces, one was Miao Zheyan and the other was Gu Mengsang. As soon as they saw him, it was like they saw a relative and silently leaned towards him.



There were also two other faces that Qiong Ren recognized, the first and second place Star Movement trainees from the same year as Meng Qingheng, Xia Hui and Jiang Yiming.


The two of them also had a CP that was rumored to be very popular.



Everyone had a cell phone that the trainees could use to watch their live broadcasts, they could see the popularity but not the comments or the rankings.



Li Kui says it was more exciting that way.


From the time these ten people got on the bus, the live broadcast room had been open to the general audience.



The popularity of each live room was clear at a glance.



The current top four in the live broadcast room were Gu Mengsang, Xia Hui, Jiang Yiming, and Qiong Ren.



The fans of the first three had all been battle-hardened in various hit casting activities, and they all crowded in as soon as the live broadcast room opened and began to frantically leave comments.



Li Kui turned his back to the building with an eerie expression and a low voice, and began to introduce the background of the story of the first episode of the program.



[Legend has it that the building in front of us was once used as the Yin Bone Mansion.
What is a Yin Bone Mansion? It is a house specially bought to hold urns.
With the rising property prices in Longcheng, a cemetery costs tens of thousands of yuan or hundreds of thousands of yuan, which is also a heavy burden for the living.]



[Thus, a special category of housing suddenly jumped into everyone’s view.
These are homes that are stalled and can only be sold at low prices because of their remote locations and odd house types.
Although most of these houses were more expensive than graveyards, the property rights were longer than graveyards, and although they were currently inexpensive, they always had room for appreciation.]



The building in front of them was once used as a shady bone house.



At the beginning, the building wasn’t without normal residents living, but with the occupation of more and more corpses and bones, the building was thick with yin energy, the residents began to feel that life was increasingly bad, their bodies were cold, and they had to use winter quilts during summer, or else it would be so cold that they couldn’t sleep.



The building often resounded with mournful music, the smell of burning paper money floated in each floor, over time, the ordinary residents could no longer stand it and could only gradually move away.



The building completely became a cemetery.





Li Kui suddenly raised his voice, scaring the trainees who were listening to the story attentively with a shiver, he smiled with satisfaction, seeing Qiong Ren’s lack of reaction, he mentally consoled himself with the thought that this one didn’t count as a human being, and that it not frightening him was in no way due to the fact that he wasn’t good at storytelling.



He continued.



However, the people who placed their ashes in the building gradually realized that their lives were getting more and more uneventful, and many of them dreamed of their departed family members at night.



The content of the dreams of their loved ones was more or less the same, they all said that the feng shui here was extremely poor, breeding a terrible evil spirit, the evil spirit enslaved them, if they didn’t want their luck to be lost, they had to move their bones out.



The homeowners didn’t believe in the evil at first, they had already bought a house in order to store the ashes, if they moved the ashes away, wouldn’t they have to buy another cemetery?




The tormented dreams didn’t stop, and the loved ones gradually became maniacal from their initial kind words of advice, and the homeowners would even wake up on their own to find bruises and finger marks on their bodies.



Now, no one dared to disbelieve.



The ashes were relocated and no living person dared to live in it.


The building was completely abandoned.



But there were still some wandering tenants in this building.



They are waiting for you to visit.



After Li Kui finished speaking, Gu Mengsang and Miao Zheyan were already shaking, and everyone else was a little scared, Jiang Yiming deliberately showed a look of not being scared, and mouthed to the camera, “Haha, it’s good that I’m an atheist.”



Qiong Ren’s face was expressionless as he looked at the building in front of him, remembering Li Kui’s sworn assurances.



Before the start of shooting, Li Kui said that the shooting place of the thrilling legend were all made up due to the emergency, after all, it was only a variety show, there was no need to really go to the murderous mansion, what would happen if it took a human’s life?



The building in front of him, to say that it was a murderous mansion, that was indeed a bit farfetched, but ……



Qiong Ren looked at the sign densely hung all over the building.



The first temple of the underworld’s capital in the Yangmai office, the second temple of the underworld, the underworld’s man office in the Dragon City, etc., totaling no less than a dozen pieces.



The top of the building hung a huge sign, which was the sign of the ten kings in turn.


Li Kui could really be a talent.



In so many empty houses in Dragon City that no one lived in, he chose the fixed assets of the underworld’s government.



The building in front of him was abuzz with ghostly voices, ghosts coming in and out, Qiong Ren couldn’t help but touch the bracelet, which was made from the lotus petals given by Yan Mo.



In this tidal wave of ghosts that no one but him could see, only the bracelet could bring him the slightest bit of warmth.



“Qiong Ren! It’s Qiong Ren!”



“My cub has come to the Resident Yang Office, my head is still not settled, will it scare the cub?”



“I can finally see my husband with my own eyes too, wiping my tears.”



“Don’t put pressure on him, he’s here to shoot a variety show, don’t bother him you guys!”



Reminded by their coworkers, the ghosts were silenced in unison and walked gently through the door.



They turned back in unison at the door, shaking their fists and cheering him on.



Qiong Ren: “……”



He gave a little smile and nodded softly at the gate.



The ghosts were thrilled.



“Aaaaahhhh, cub responded to us!”



“What kind of variety show is cub making, I want to watch it so badly.”



“I can only go on the underworld network, I can’t even watch cub’s variety show, I just see his publicity posts, so sad.”



Hey, Qiong Ren couldn’t help but sigh, it was all because the camera was limiting him. Otherwise, he would have immediately told them, there’s no need to worry, this variety show will be online on Tengfei Video. You can all see me da!



As soon as he sighed, Gu Mengsang and Miao Zheyan immediately tensed up, Li Kui had assured them that nothing would go wrong during the filming process, but the fact that even someone like Qiong Ren sighed meant that not only was this place haunted, the ghosts were also fierce!



After Li Kui finished his story, seeing the scared expressions on everyone’s faces, he said with satisfaction:



“What we mean by ‘Psychic 101’ is that we are going to decide on a psychic star out of 10 trainees. Each contestant has a unique identity, so please find out who you are and find out which song you’re going to sing. When midnight comes tomorrow, only four people will be allowed to sing their own song here. Now, the competition begins, and good luck to everyone.”



With some real fear and some fake fear, the trainees made their way to the building.



Qiong Ren walked slowly and fell to the end, with Miao Zheyan and Gu Mengsang following him step by step.



He turned around and said helplessly, “What are you guys following me for?”



Gu Mengsang looked victorious: “Waiting for you to save my dog life!”



Miao Zheyan nervously pinched the Dora keychain that he kept in his pants pocket, “Big Brother, please help.”



The fans in the two’s live stream were confused.



[What is this?]



[Are they related? I’m a Passersby begging to know.]



[I’ve been Gu Mengsang’s fan for five years, it’s also my first time knowing that the two of them know each other.]



[Sang Sang is very scared today, he used to be bold eh.]



[It’s not like there’s really something going on in this place.]



Gu Mengsang nervously asked: “Say the truth, this building, is it clean?”



Miao Zheyan nodded nervously, he felt that this building was particularly eerie.



Qiong Ren watched as a dozen shady people floated out of the window, “I can’t understand, what is clean?”



Gu Mengsang: “It is that kind, the very special kind …… that floats and is translucent.”



Qiong Ren looked at them kindly and guided them, “This is just a variety show, how can a variety show really let us go to a haunted mansion? Besides, there are no ghosts in the world at all, please don’t propagate feudal superstitions.”



Miao Zheyan bit his knuckles, “Then why did you sigh?”



Qiong Ren: “I’m hungry, it was a random sigh.”



“Is it really okay?” Gu Mengsang confirmed again and again.



Qiong Ren nodded, “Really.”



[Holy shit, what’s going on? Have they taken Qiong Ren for a guru?]


[Can that marketed person stay away from my brother, Evil Smoke.]



[ I’m tired of seeing him.]


The three of them walked into the building together.



At this time, different text alerts appeared on each live room.



The upper left corner of Qiong Ren’s live room showed:



All players have entered the building, the match has officially begun.



Name: Qiong Ren



Identity: Psychic 101 Mentor



Because the format of this variety show was very special, it took the form of ten people broadcasting live on separate frequencies, and there was also an official summary broadcast, with the director himself acting as the narrator.



Variety fans opened a special forum in order to facilitate the discussion.


As soon as Qiong Ren’s identity was typed out, a long row of question marks was brushed out.



[This weird program actually has a mentor? What can a mentor do, help them catch ghosts?]



[Qiong Ren originally used feudal superstitions to get to the top, so he probably wants to take this persona to the end.]



[I think he’s trying to whitewash himself and switch to the atheist persona.]



[No wonder Miao Zheyan and Gu Mengsang’s attitude is so strange today, both of them are bigger than Qiong Ren, right, and still so respectful, is it that they know he is a tutor?]



[Wait a minute, don’t you guys think something’s wrong? Why can Qiong Ren be a mentor?]



[I do think it’s wrong! If Qiong Ren is the mentor, who’s the tenth contestant?]



[Crap… …… Could it be Li Kui …]



[The tenth contestant is not a ghost in the building, is it?]



[ I’m dumbfounded.]



Variety fans strolled through the various live rooms, confirming that everyone’s identity information was a psychic practitioner except for Qiong Ren, who had a three-hour countdown on his live room, while showing three chances to ask for help, but the words for these three chances were grayed out.



The viewers were very smart and immediately reacted to the fact that they had to fulfill certain conditions before they could use the opportunity to ask for help, and only then would the word “help” turn into a solid black color, just like the other fonts.



Qiong Ren entered the building and looked at the two people who wanted to tag along, “I’m going to the left and you’re going to the right.”



Although Miao Zheyan and Gu Mengsang were reluctant, they didn’t dare to object and could only nod in resignation.



Qiong Ren could only emphasize again, “It’s really nothing, don’t worry. We’re a living world program aren’t we?”



Miao Zheyan muttered in a low voice, “But Li Kui is a famous underworld director.”



A female ghost holding a document floated by and glared at Miao Zheyan, “What’s wrong with the underworlders, did we eat your rice? Sooner or later, you’ll be a underworlder too! Bah!”



She turned to see Qiong Ren, and her face instantly turned bright, smiling like a flower, shyly, “Baby, record and I’ll cheer. Mommy loves you.”


Qiong Ren nodded his head quickly.



The female ghost walked away beautifully.



Qiong Ren immediately went to the left, Gu Mengsang and Miao Zheyan were very reluctant, but they could only go to the right.



Li Kui commented in the live broadcast, “There is a mentor and a hidden contestant in this match.”



“The mentor has a very important role in the match. He has three rights.”



“First, the mentor will randomly start a test on the trainee, and if the trainee fails the test, the search time will be deducted, and the content of the test will be decided by the mentor himself.



“Second, the mentor can randomly prompt the trainee for song clues, the mentor has three chances to prompt, and each trainee can only be prompted once at most.”



“Third, the mentor is the only person for whom the trainee can make off-site requests for help, and the mentor has the right to refuse the trainee’s off-site requests for help.”


“The hidden contestant is in the middle of this building, and if the trainees don’t find the hidden contestant, then the hidden contestant will automatically become the top four. In other words, the other nine trainees will compete for three performance opportunities.”



Li Kui watched the comments and smiled with satisfaction, “Please work hard to win over the mentor and find the hidden trainee.”


The comments were posted like crazy.


[Unexpectedly, Li Kui is still Li Kui, I originally thought that this is a secret room escape plus I’m a singer program, but he actually came up with this kind of play.]


In addition to the fans who were worried about their brother, the audience who came for the variety show were completely excited.



And the Dragon City Psychic Forum Qiong Ren subsection also opened a discussion post.


The name of the posting was instantly recognizable: “Click just to see cub pretending online


Any place with an open door could be searched. The program team had specially marked the room number for the door that wasn’t open but could be searched. As long as the key was found later, you could enter the corresponding room to search.




Qiong Ren as a mentor, didn’t need to search for clues, but he more or less had to pretend, after all, to find who the mentor was, was also a test for the trainees.



He walked into a room and looked to his left, his eyes couldn’t help but widen slightly.



Jiang Yiming was pressing Xia Hui against the wall, his big hand holding Xia Hui’s thin waist with reddened eyes, and he whispered, “What’s the point of giving you clues, I’ll give you my life.”



Qiong Ren walked back expressionlessly.


Too spelled out.


Now light CP business was no longer enough, they still needed to prepare a complete script, portraying a love hate, separation, sorrow, and joy mixed together, causing fans to scream and say they were really good, in order to be considered successful.



Roll, roll to death.



Jiang Yiming immediately caught up with him. His height was also considered high in the entertainment industry, and he had always been known as an idol model with a god-given body.



Qiong Ren took a few critical glances, tsk, no comparison to his neighbor.



But you couldn’t blame Jiang Yiming for not being able to, even if it was really god-given, it couldn’t be compared to god after all.



“If you dare to tell what you just saw.”



Jiang Yiming looked fierce, and Qiong Ren looked at him in disbelief.



Good beautiful eyes …… Jiang Yiming was shaken, and his tone immediately softened: “I hope you don’t go out and talk nonsense.”



Qiong Ren fought from the bottom of his heart to be confused, “But …… aren’t we live?”



He pointed to the ubiquitous cameras, “I think the people who should see it have already seen it, it can’t be considered me talking nonsense.”



【 Puhahaha, I’m laughing to death. Jiang Yiming was thinking of getting popular to the death, but his intelligence is too low. He’s too much in a hurry. 】




[I went to their CP forum and took a sneak peek. I was browsing Jiang Xia CP true love, but instead I got comedy.]



[He that posture and lines are copied from Jinjiang, right, recently it seems that the true and false young master troupe is the hottest, I hope that Jiang Yiming will arrange to act it out on TV as soon as possible, I’m willing to fill up money to watch it.]



[My friend asked me to watch a comedy movie, and I laughed my ass off, which comedy can be as good as this one?]



Jiang Yiming’s fans were frantically swiping the screen in the live broadcast, trying to remind him that Qiong Ren was a mentor, but unfortunately, trainees couldn’t see comments.


“So,” Qiong Ren said, “can you move over? You’re in the way.”


Jiang Yiming reddened angrily, “It’s just me and you, who can I block?”



Qiong Ren looked behind him at the long line of ghosts that swelled behind him, “It’s true that you’re not in the way of anyone, but you’re in the way of the ghosts ah.”





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