It was really a ghost story.


Scarface Man – His move was a transmission technique. If the spell on the flyer was really arranged by him, there wouldn’t be an outrageous spell that required 287 questions to be applied.



Was this a villainous boss that was transformed to a low intelligence cannon fodder exclusively for male protagonists.



Xiong Miao, as a senior Special Affairs Department employee, also immediately realized that Liu Chuandan and the undershirt ghost didn’t tell the truth, she was about to use tactics to let Qiong Ren look at their Special Affairs Department’s interrogation strength, when she saw Qiong Ren pick up the flyer, without saying a word, he tore it off.



The flyer paper was wildly contracted and curled, letting out howls of pain.



“You are not normal! How can you tear off this flyer?” The undershirt ghost was so scared that he paced back and forth, he helplessly wanted to find a harbor that he could rely on, but when he looked around, there were either those who came to catch him or those who were weaker than him, so he could only hold on to the big horse’s face, which was better than nothing.



Qiong Ren thought to himself, “I’m not normal and you just now realize it? When have you ever seen another person who can beat up a ghost with his bare hands? Not to mention that you have never seen it, even the King of the underworld had never seen.


This ghost’s brain wasn’t very good.



“Stop torturing me, I’ll talk!” Leaflet cried.



Qiong Ren was dissatisfied, “How can this be called torturing? I am justly sanctioning.”



Liu Chuandan saw that Qiong Ren wasn’t easy to deceive, and he didn’t beat around the bush with anyone. He had to tell the truth.



What he said to Qiong Ren earlier wasn’t all false, the flyer and pamphlet were features created by Scarface Man, not being able to leave the subway was also set up by Scarface Man, but the content on it was something he had worked out on his own.



The purpose was to give the other poor ghosts – a home, so that they could return to the living world.



Qiong Ren was speechless as he listened, “Don’t put gold on your face, I know who you are.”



He showed Chuandan his cell phone search page.



Liu Chuandan, a native of Yang Cheng, came to Dragon City ten years ago. Because he ate, drank, and gambled his way out of everything, his wife divorced him and took the kids back to her mother’s house.




In order to take revenge on his wife, he broke into her house at night and tried to kill everyone, including his own son.



Fortunately, there was someone he didn’t expect to be there that day.



His father-in-law was a retired soldier. An old comrade who had been in the military came to see him and slept in his guest room that night. After Liu Chuandan broke through the door, the old soldier woke up at night and immediately got up to go out and catch the thief. He casually took a chair in the guest room as a weapon.



Liu Chuandan saw the old soldier and thought he was his ex-wife’s new favorite, even if he divorced her, she wasn’t allowed to be with other men.



He immediately moved to kill, he wanted to kill the old soldier, but he had been through a hundred battles, while his body was weakened from the alcohol.



Liu Chuandan – pushed his knife over, the old soldier with a bench – blocked, the knife stuck into the bench, Liu Chuandan wanted to pull out the knife, but it was too hard, he pulled with force, the back of the knife went straight to his own brow, the back of the knife went two centimeters into his face, and he fell down backward on the spot, then his head knocked in the marble coffee table, it was so hard that he died on the spot.



It could be said to be a model of self-inflicted suffering.



Because his ex-wife had cats at home, she had installed several pet cameras, which happened to capture the entire process of him hurting himself to death.



The old soldier got a medal for bravery and self-defense. His ex-wife quickly forgot the pain he caused and found new happiness.



Liu Chuandan was so bad that he couldn’t possibly think of helping other ghosts return to the world of the living.




Qiong Ren: “Those spells of yours are crap, but they do tie ghosts to the subway, you’re not even trying to make yourself stronger or help them catch a substitute, you’re just using making them catch a substitute as a gimmick to cut off their path to reincarnation. Am I right?”



Liu Chuandan never thought that he would have his mind figured out by Qiong Ren, he still wanted to make a few more sophomoric remarks, but – seeing that Qiong Ren’s fists were already clenched, he immediately changed his words, “You are right, you are truly the smartest person I have ever met.”



Xiong Miao was dumbfounded, although the Special Affairs Department often said “you do have the right to silence, if you are silent, I will withdraw your confessions by force”, but this kind of violent interrogation method had never been seen.



They had never seen this kind of violent interrogation method, and they couldn’t copy it.



Xiong Miao sent Qiong Ren to the set, it felt that in this trip, it learned a lot.



It wanted to go back immediately to discuss new working methods with its colleagues. People – an ordinary citizen- could catch ghosts without getting paid, so what reason did they have not to work hard?



The three ghosts were all taken back by Xiong Miao, waiting for their confessions to be clarified before they were lifted by the Undertaker and sent to the underworld for trial.



Gu Mengsang got off the car and was very confused, who was he and where was he? Why didn’t Xiong Miao send him to the studio? They were both citizens, why should they be treated differently?



Then Qiong Ren saw Yan Mo, his neighbor really loved to worry, those ghosts – one was weaker than the other, they couldn’t do anything to him at all.


“Why did you come over?”



Yan Mo: “I was worried that you’re scared.”



Gu Mengsang was first shocked by Yan Mo’s face, then speechless, who was afraid, Qiong Ren? It was clearly Qiong Ren who made ghosts afraid, okay?



Qiong Ren stretched out his index finger and thumb, making a pinchicng gesture: “I was afraid, but it’s okay. Maybe it’s because I watched a lot of movies, and the special training effect was better, right?”



Yan Mo sniffed and sighed inwardly.



So cute.



Although Qiong Ren wasn’t as scared as before, he also didn’t like this feeling, “Can I touch?”



Yan Mo nodded, so Qiong Ren touched the back of his hand, then raised his head and smiled, “Now I’m not afraid at all.”


Yan Mo couldn’t help but sigh.


So cute.


Could he snatch him back to the underworld right now and never let him back in?



He put his hand behind his back and condensed a knuckle-sized lotus petal in his hand, which was deep red and warm to the touch, as if it was carved out of a whole ruby.



Yan Mo put the lotus petal into Qiong Ren’s hand, “As long as you carry it, you will never be afraid again.”


“Qiong Ren appeared on the set of ‘Peach Blossom Fan’, Ming Chen’s role is confirmed to be in Qiong Ren’s bag, will this be another idol who turns into an actor?”



Qiong Ren woke up early in the morning and saw this post.



In his heart, he was happy and optimistic.


People actually pushed his news, rit showed that he really was a little popular ah, but now he was worried that people in the acting industry would throw olive branches to him.



He really didn’t know how to act, even if he wanted to use movie and TV resources to promote his idol career, it would only backfire.



It was all his fault, when he went to shoot Ming Chen’s scene that day, Zhang Hao boasted about him again, causing many people to misunderstand his true level of acting skills.



In the scene, Ming Chen heard that his cover of “Today’s Song Industry” had sold hundreds of thousands of copies, without any pride or excessive humility. He just smiled faintly, “It’s similar to what I thought.”



Zhang Hao felt that the emotional state of this phrase was difficult to pin down, but Qiong Ren’s interpretation was very precise.


Zhang Hao was very surprised and praised him. As a director who filmed a hundred different scenes and then used the first one again, his satisfaction with Qiong Ren was astonishing.



But for Qiong Ren, he was just recalling how he felt when he learned that The Book of Torture Devices had sold twelve million copies, and then acted as he did.



Hey, even Chen Ruizhe began to ask him to change his profession and become an actor everyday, but he couldn’t explain.



However, good things happened recently. Firstly, his underworld video platform wasrunning well and the number of online users was steadily increasing.



The documentaries he chose were mostly about cute pets and food as well as local culture propaganda, which was especially soothing.



He’d heard that even King Qinguang hadn’t escaped the charm of cute pet videos and was planning to buy a puppet.



The website received the first business partner, which actually didn’t come from King Song or King Yan, but King Chu Jiang.


King Chu Jiang wanted to compete with the Excellent King Yan. He took advantage of the fact that Emperor Song’s promotional song and promotional video were not yet online, and took the first -step to shoot a promotional video for himself and reached a cooperation agreement with Tengfei.



The advert was skippable, but just watching it in its entirety for eighteen seconds would allow the website users to receive Mao Yan meditation coins.



Although the current income of the website was still far from the expenses, but seeing the comments of the residents of the underworld joyfully watching cats and dogs and rabbits and drooling over the food, Qiong Ren felt that it was worth every -milliard of Yan coins that he lost.



And on the Qiong Ren subsection of the Dragon City Ghost Story Forum, netizens also began a heated discussion.



[Has my cub been up to something again lately? Last night I dreamed that grandpa asked me to burn two cats for him and said he wanted to eat beef noodles.]



[Why – does someone dreaming have to dump the pot on Qiong Ren? Well I think he did it too. My aunt said she wanted Alaska. Do you guys know anyone who can cut an Alaskan paper dog?]



[I’ve searched all over the internet and can’t find one that sells a paper-dogged Satsuma, so I bought the materials to make my own. Paper Dog.JPG]


[Upstairs ID is so familiar, aren’t you the young lady who met Qiong Ren twice in the subway catching ghosts?]



[It’s me.]



[Hahahahaha, laughing my ass off, the other day Qiong Ren caught two ghosts in the subway, he must have thought he was hiding it really well and no one realized who he was. In fact, that day was a gathering of sisters from the sub-page, and we watched him catching ghosts in the subway the whole time.]



[Really? I can’t wait to cross over, I want to see him catch a ghost too.]



[I was there too, there was a yin-yang-eyed young lady in our sub-page, she said the ghosts were all made to cry by Qiong Ren’s punch. I laughed my ass off, my cub is really fierce.”]

[TN: yin yang eyed — can see both living and dead]


[He really thought we wouldn’t recognize him if he covered his face and wore a hat, even if he was tied up as a mummy, I’d still be able to recognize his proportions, okay? We just want to watch him perform quietly.]



[That is, the young lady in the group explained the live process, but even if tmy cub waved a fist in the air, it’s also cute, ooohhhh. I wanted to rub his cute paws.]



[Upstairs wake up – wake up, cub already has the title of a puppy, don’t take the liberty of brainstorming him into a small cat, okay?]



[Cat paw! Cat ears! AWSL.]

[TN: AWSL — that’s so cute]



[I’d like to ask, where is the design of the cat in paper? I’m in desperate need of them.]


Dragon City Ghost Story Forum was originally the largest psychic forum, a few months ago because Qiong Ren’s hot search caused heated discussions, in the process many people started liking Qiong Ren, so the moderators opened up Qiong Ren’s sub-page.



He was considered the number one star with this treatment.



Gu Mengsang was used to going on the forum to brush up on the posts before going to sleep, and looking at the discussions in the subsection, he couldn’t help but feel sad.



It turned out that there were so many people quietly watching them on the quiet subway that day, and none of them recognized him.


Damn! Gu Mengsang was so angry that he couldn’t sleep, he silently turned on Light Chaser.


“Da da da da da da da da da da da da.”



Ahhhhh, why did he have to listen to his song to sleep after being defeated!


Wouldn’t that make him lose too thoroughly?



Gu Mengsang cried and wet his pillow, falling asleep with tears in his eyes.



The next day, Gu Mengsang received a notice slip from his agent and silently panicked.



“Why did you give me the variety show ‘Psychic 101’?”



Broker: “Li Kui’s variety shows have always had good ratings and discussion, haven’t you always wanted to be a top star? I think you’re still missing an explosive point, and the format of this variety show is very innovative. And it was also you who said to me that you wanted to go head-to-head with Qiong Ren, so I think this is a good opportunity.”



Gu Mengsang: “……”


He missed his old self, that simple and ignorant self.



Agent: “The biggest curiosity among the participants of the first phase is you, then Miao Zheyan and Qiong Ren, your fans are more than both of them, don’t worry, you’ll definitely be first when it comes to popularity.”



Gu Mengsang was uneasy.



A few days later, the large-scale supernatural thriller singing and dancing competition variety show originally titled “Spiritual Practitioner” and now titled “Spiritual 101” began.



Episode – 1, “Yin Bone Mansion”.



Before Qiong Ren and the other nine contestants could meet each other, they were each blindfolded and brought to – an abandoned building.





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