Line 9 reached the terminal.



Qiong Ren: “Get off.”



He had already called the Special Affairs Division after contacting Yan Mo, and hoped that the Special Affairs Division would come faster this time.



Gu Mengsang stepped with a vapid gait and almost fell straight down as he got off the train. His experience today was too magical, although it hadn’t caused any substantial damage yet, he already had the feeling of being drained of his essence.




The ghost was afraid that Qiong Ren would continue to beat him up, and said with a bitter expression, “I can’t get off, these flyers are tying me to death on line nine.”



Big Horse Face ghost also nodded sadly, “I haven’t gotten off the bus since I picked up the flyers.”



Qiong Ren stood outside the door and yanked hard, there was an invisible pull in the air, as if an invisible hand was fighting him.



So Qiong Ren pulled a little harder. Gu Mengsang nervously glanced around, afraid of being discovered by whoever noticed their strange behavior, if he was taken away as a suspicious person, then his face without makeup would be revealed!



Undershirt ghost: “We really can’t get out, don’t pull it don’t pull it, my hand will break, my hand, ah–”



Gu Mengsang looked at the Big Horse Face ghost and Vest Man ghost being pulled out of shape, and inexplicably thought of the rubber fudge sold in front of school when he was a kid.



The other ghost shouted at the top of his voice, “Help! Save the ghosts! A ghost’s life is also a life! I’m going to tear!”



Big Horse Face just silently wept, his face drawn even longer.



Qiong Ren frowned, turned around, and with a forced pull from an over-the-shoulder position, he actually did rip them both off.



The flyer in the undershirt ghost’s hand floated to the ground. The pedestrians going to and fro could not see the flyers and stepped on them.






Gu Mengsang actually heard the flyer emit a cry of pain as if in a trance.



The female ghost stood trembling outside the yellow line, her pretty eyebrows tightly wrinkled, “It hurts, I can’t walk.”



Her pain at this point was even more intense than earlier, her legs hurt more than her stomach, and she felt like she couldn’t move a step.



At that moment, a panda rushed over from the elevator in a hurry, because it was so round, it actually looked a bit like it rolled over.



“Hello, is this Comrade Qiong? I’m sorry, the Special Affairs Division has been so busy lately. I received your report, may I ask who the suspect is?”



Qiong Ren didn’t have the time to calculate why the panda was able to show up in a big way right now, it presumably used some kind of metaphysical means.


He casually pointed at Big Horse Face and Vest Man, “I’m in a hurry to send someone’s soul back to their body, so I’ll leave the rest to you.”



His tone was urgent and Panda immediately followed suit, “Okay!”



Qiong Ren passed by the pile of scattered flyers and stomped hard on the thickest part. A mournful scream emerged from the flyers, startling Panda.



Qiong Ren walked up to the girl, “Is it okay if I carry you if you can’t walk?”



The professionally dressed girl had actually slowly reacted to the fact that she seemed to be dead, but then she vaguely heard someone say that she wasn’t dead yet.



Gu Mengsang didn’t dare to meet her eyes at all, and as soon as he met her gaze, he immediately turned her head away.



Her brain was buzzing, looking at Qiong Ren stretching out his hand to her, knowing that others were afraid of her, she was also very afraid in her own heart, afraid of not only death, but also afraid of whether the car accident would make the baby in her stomach leave her, she was a little timid: “I’m bleeding, will your clothes get dirty?”



Qiong Ren: “It’s okay, the laundry detergent I bought can remove blood stains and wash it clean.”



He paused and added, “It’s mint strawberry flavor!”



Her: “Oh ……”




Gu Mengsang felt that something wasn’t quite right about this conversation, but was very touched and filled with admiration, he didn’t have the guts to take the initiative to ask to carry a female ghost.


Although the news said she was still being resuscitated, who knew if she had been resuscitated.



The young girl was dumbfounded by Qiong Ren’s extremely life-like answer, and fell onto his back in a daze. Qiong Ren carried her on his back like a piece of lightweight ice, and quickly walked out of the subway station.


Qiong Ren was worried that he might not be able to find the drop-off point and planned to ask Yan Mo at any time, but as soon as he got on the elevator, he saw a sign guiding the way to the drop-off point.



The words were large and bilingual. He hadn’t seen this guidance sign the last time he rode line 9, could it be that he automatically saw it because he was carrying a ghost that needed to go to the casting point?


If so, it was too smart.


After leaving the subway station, Qiong Ren turned on the life and death speed type of frantic running, and within two minutes, he saw the sign for the fourth defection point of the Dragon City Hell on a lottery store.



He rushed into the lottery store, “Please do me a favor, this one on my back is a living soul, I need to send her back, she keeps saying it hurts.”


The clerk at the lottery store looked up from in front of the computer, “Qiong Ren?”


This was actually a familiar ghost, the “White Impermanence” who his wonderful hands plucked out an axe from her head.


Although she was very excited to see her idol, she still maintained the characteristics of an employee of the underworld: she loved her job.


She didn’t take the opportunity to say more to Qiong Ren, but first comforted the girl, “It’s good that you feel pain, it means that your connection with your body is still very strong, if you don’t feel anything, then you are really dying. I’ll have the on-call Underworlder send you back.”



Qiong Ren put the girl down, “White Impermanence” used the walkie-talkie to call a real White Impermanence to come, Qiong Ren also felt that she looked familiar, then he saw that there was a red mark on her face, and suddenly remembered that this was the female ghost called Zou Rong in the haunted house.



Zou Rong saw that it was him and covered her mouth to stop herself from screaming, then she locked the girl with a soul chain, and softly said, “Don’t be afraid ah, I’m doing this to make it easier to take you back to the hospital, you’ll be able to go back soon.”



She looked at Qiong Ren reluctantly and tearfully led the girl away.


Yu Wei slowly woke up, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she was blinded by the light in front of her and got a headache. As soon as she moved a little, her stomach turned and her eyes became dizzy.



It felt like her brain had become a pot of millet porridge.



“Awake! She’s conscious!”



Yu Wei was in a trance and heard her husband bawling somewhere, calling out her nickname ‘Wei Wei’ as he cried.



Don’t cry, crying made her head hurt.



Yu Wei built up what little strength she had left and touched her stomach, “Ba …… by …… Ba ……”


Her throat was so dry that she could barely speak.



A man in white next to her bent over and said in her ear, “Don’t worry, the baby is fine. You and the baby are both strong.”


Yu Wei was relieved to hear her reassurance and fell asleep.



She remembered, it was as if she had died, but someone had saved her.



That person wore a mask, so she couldn’t see his face, but there was a tearful mole underneath his beautiful eyes.


Hopefully she would see him again when she woke up and she would say to him:


Thank you for saving me and my child.


“Your office in the living world is now a lottery store instead?”



The clerk cupped her round face and nodded.



“But if you work as a sales clerk, won’t people suspect that this place hires children?”


Clerk: “I just say that this is run by my father and I’m helping out.”



“Oh,” Qiong Ren nodded as he touched the sweaty hairs standing up on his arms, “I heard the haunted house went out of business.”



Clerk: “Not exactly out of business. That land was condemned to build a building, so I guess our boss, oh, that’s King Yan, will make many, many billions again.”


Qiong Ren’s ears quietly perked up, pretending to be unconcerned, he asked, “The King of the underworld has such a big business in the living world?”



Clerk: “Of course, I heard that in the beginning, he just bought some random houses, then collected rents, bought land, opened stores, and after thousands of years of accumulation, he became very rich.”


This really showed that time was the biggest wealth code, but ordinary people didn’t have this chance.


He was envious.


After Qiong Ren finished his business, he slipped back to Line 9 with his hands in his pockets and found Panda and Gu Mengsang standing at the subway entrance along with the two ghosts and a number of flyers.



Gu Mengsang’s eyes were practically staring through Panda.


“Why are you guys still here?”



The panda spirit said, “Can I give you a ride to work? There is something I would like to talk to you about on the way.”


Qiong Ren nodded, he actually wanted to have a good talk with the Special Affairs Division, this unit was too inefficient.



They weren’t required to go out often like the living world’s police, but these two ghosts were right on the ninth line, yet they actually hadn’t been dealt with for so many days, this efficiency was really bad.



The panda spirit brought them to the parking lot, opened the trunk and handcuffed the two ghosts to it. Then opened the driver’s door and started to climb up, his round body trying to squeeze into the driver’s seat was a bit difficult.


Qiong Ren picked it up by the flesh of its back, and managed to get it in.


The panda spirit started the vehicle, and Qiong Ren and Gu Mengsang sat in the back. Gu Mengsang kept looking at the panda’s back with rippling eyes.



One couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t.



It was a panda! You per-vert!



Gu Mengsang whispered, “She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, her face is small, her eyes are big, her skin is white, she’s small, she’s skinny, so perfect.”


Qiong Ren looked at Panda’s broad bear shoulders, “…… Good luck.”



The panda spirit spoke, “Has Mr. Gu had some bad luck recently?”



Gu Mengsang was surprised, “How do you know?”



Qiong Ren casually said, “These two ghosts are so weak, if it weren’t for your low luck, you wouldn’t have seen them at all.”



He picked up a flyer and looked at it, “Signature Substitution Method ……”



The panda spirit was anxious, “You can’t say it, just saying it is enough for it to take effect, it will haunt you.”



An eerie soft laugh came from the flyer and a small booklet emerged from it. The surface of the pamphlet glowed a disgusting yellowish-red color, like stale blood.



The flyer let out an eerie whisper, “You’re mine, I’m going to take your soul, ahhhhh-”



Qiong Ren clamped the flyer and the pamphlet in his palms, folded his hands together, and squeezed hard; he pressed both hands inward as he rotated them to make it easier to apply the force.



The flyer suddenly made a coughing sound that was choked to the bone, as if a person was struggling to swallow a large pile of paper down.



Gu Mengsang shook violently twice and quietly leaned towards the door, Qiong Ren was also too scary, could this kind of psychic product still be shoved back in by hand?



Qiong Ren felt that the flyer had swallowed back the pamphlet and let out a whimpering cry before he went back to reading the text on it.



The ugly typography and rough printing was similar to those cheap advertisments that claimed to cure all sorts of illnesses.



The main recommended items of this evil little gg were:


The Signature Substitution Method. Drunkenness on the body method. Pushing people off the subway stand-in method.



And so on.



Qiong Ren was puzzled, “Except for celebrities, who would be idle enough to give people signatures? Since they are celebrities, they don’t often take the subway. Moreover, even celebrities, as long as their agents are well educated, they will know that they can only sign in places like posters that can’t be used for any other thing. Why did you choose this method?”


Gu Mengsang, who almost gave an autograph, didn’t dare to speak.


Although Big Horse Face was sitting in the trunk, through the barred window in the center he was able to see the movement in the front row, and he was so frightened by Qiong Ren’s actions of torturing the leaflets that tears flowed out of his eyes, only his face was so long that they dried up before they reached his cheeks.



He cried, “Because other methods are harder to use, and we have no choice.”


Qiong Ren took a closer look at the flyer.



Drunken Possession Method: first, find a person who is so drunk that he is unconscious and ask him if he would like to be possessed, if the other person’s answer is yes when asked two hundred and eighty-seven times in a row, one will be able to succeed in getting possessed.



Longcheng subway security was very strict, it was basically impossible for drunk people to get on the subway, and since they were that drunk, their ability to speak was lost, so how could they even answer two hundred and eighty-seven times.



What was more, even if a person was sober, who had the patience to play 287 times with a ghost question and answer game, this method was indeed evil, it was enough to make a ghost shed tears.


Push people off the subway substitution method was even more unlikely to succeed, the scope of activity of ghosts that took the leaflet were limited to the subway, if the subway doors opened, they could only push people toward the platform, the other wouldn’t even fall, let alone fall dead to let them take the body.



Big Horse Face cried a lot, he didn’t expect the above method to be so bad before he took the flyer, and when he did, it was too late to get off the train.



Undershirt Ghost also wanted to take advantage of the situation to shout a few words of injustice.



“I’m really wronged, it’s all because of these flyers that hurt me, I’m so miserable.”



Gu Mengsang looked at Qiong Ren as he spoke while trembling delicately, feeling a little strange, “Why are you trembling, are you afraid?”



Qiong Ren looked at him strangely, “Of course I’m afraid, there are two ghosts sitting behind me, aren’t you afraid?”



Gu Mengsang shook his head, “I was scared, but I just saw how you dealt with that flyer, I think the two of them and the flyer combined times ten is not as strong as you, ahem, I mean you gave me a lot of security. You weren’t even shaking in the subway, why are you suddenly scared now?”



“The subway is low in ghosts.” Qiong Ren said with a straight face.


Gu Mengsang: “Low?”


Qiong Ren: “Yes. Today, there were a hundred people in the subway, and there are only two ghosts, so the ghost content is below two percent. Now the ghost content in the car is forty percent, so of course it’s scarier than on the subway.”



A scoffing-like sound came from the flyer, and Qiong Ren punched it down, instantly knocking the flyer out of tune.


Gu Mengsang: “……”



Where the hell are you scared, huh?



And why can someone be afraid of ghosts and still be so sane, being afraid by the amount of ghosts contained was too …… Gu Mengsang couldn’t comment on it, but he understood one thing, it wasn’t unreasonable for Qiong Ren to be able to press him on the music charts with his six million eight hundred thousand fans.



Sure enough artists were often crazy, he conceded.



“This …… lady,” Qiong Ren said, “I think your ability to serve the public is very bad, you should all find a police station or a unit in the underworld to further your education.”



The Panda Spirit was mortified, “I’m sorry, we’ve been really busy lately. And we don’t have that much manpower.”


Qiong Ren couldn’t help but ask, “How many employees do you have?”



The Panda Spirit, “There are more than seventy on staff.”



Qiong Ren then asked, “How many reports of paranormal incidents have you received today?”



Panda Jing was well deflated, “One, one.”



Qiong Ren was surprised, “Do you have to use the fact that there are fewer people to excuse even one?”



Gu Mengsang saw his dream lover hanging her head at Qiong Ren’s words and was very intolerant, but he didn’t dare to say anything. Everyone was in a car, they all had to look at Qiong Ren’s face to live their lives, beautiful young lady, you can only bear it.



Qiong Ren sighed deeply, “No wonder you guys dragged your feet so long on that one.”



The panda spirit said several more apologies, it was the first time it had seen a man who was still so unmoved in the face of a panda, and it suddenly felt weird, was it not fat enough lately, or was its face not round enough?



Wasn’t it the cutest animal in the world?



After the Rong Zhen incident and the publicity of Meng Qianshan, Qiong Ren has become a little famous among the Xuanmen in Dragon City. Yang Ling thought that Qiong Ren had the ability and was suitable to be absorbed into the Special Affairs Department to serve the people.


It was said that Qiong Ren also had an expert beside him, it would be better if he could attract the expert over, and it seemed that King Yan also had a relationship with Qiong Ren.



So today, after receiving Qiong Ren’s alarm, he specially sent Panda spirit.



Panda spirit cried helplessly in its heart: Master Yang, I’m sorry for your arrangement, you asked me to use the invincible cuteness of a panda to sensitize Qiong Ren and lure him to join the Special Affairs Division. But I failed, he is the kind of alien that doesn’t like pandas.



Seeing that it was depressed, Gu Mengsang couldn’t wait to introduce himself, “Beautiful lady, my name is Gu Mengsang, may I ask your name.”



The panda spirit tried to hold back its tears in order not to get into a traffic accident, “Xiong Miao.”




Gu Mengsang: “Good name!”



Xiong Miao instructed him, “You’ve had low luck lately, that’s why you’re seeing ghosts, when you go back, you should remember to find a temple to worship, any god will do. It would be safer if you can do a ritual at a Taoist temple.”



Gu Mengsang hurriedly thanked her and tried to take the opportunity to ask for a phone number, but Xiong Miao refused.



Qiong Ren, on the other hand, came to a realization and snapped, pounding his palm with his fist, “So it’s you, I knew you looked familiar.”




If there was any sentence that could break Gu Mengsang’s heart completely, it was this one. He couldn’t believe that Qiong Ren hadn’t recognized him.



When he thought that he had been able to accurately recognize Qiong Ren from his walking posture, curly hair, mole, and body shape, he felt a sense of shame that made him want to jump off the car.



Xiong Miao explained that the special affairs department had been facing difficulties in recruiting due to low salaries. In the past two years, employees had been allowed to openly take on private work, and the number of applicants only slightly increased. They were all eager for the five insurances and one fund, as well as mutual medical assistance for employees. After all, there were many dangers in this industry, and everyone also wanted to find a job as a backup.



But the problem with legalizing private work was that most of the time the employees were busy making money, and no one stayed in the Special Affairs Division to deal with the things that the Special Affairs Division was supposed to do.



It wasn’t like they’ve been understaffed for a day or two. It was hard to manage all the powerful people, and the ordinary people weren’t much use.



Qiong Ren coldly suggested, “You guys need to liberalize your thinking.”



Xiong Miao: “How?”




Qiong Ren: “Last time, my neighbor’s remote scattering hail was effective, you guys don’t always limit your vision to the same old thing, develop something new.”



“For example, engraving talismans and incantations on rubber bullets, when you encounter disobedient ghosts you don’t need to recite incantations on the spot, isn’t it good to just shoot them? If you can use this method, then you don’t need to be very talented in the field, shooting and fighting practice will always work, not to mention that most ghosts were ordinary people in life, if they want to harm people, they have to rely on some underworld tactics, and their ability to really fight is very weak.”



Xiong Miao froze at hearing this, “Will this work?”



Qiong Ren: “My neighbor can make the Hail Scattering Charm work via video call, what’s not to like. You guys can try it first, and we’ll see if it doesn’t work. There are always more solutions than difficulties.”



Xiong Miao was instantly energized.



The neighbor mentioned was checking the pictures of the residence provided by the Resident living Office with the video taken at the scene on his computer.


“Secretary Nan, help me see which courtyard building the living prefer to live in?”



Secretary Nan couldn’t help but freeze as she looked at the floor space first, then drew a breath of cold air, “I don’t think it matters, as long as you send it, the other party will definitely like it.”



Even if they didn’t like it, who would be picky about a five-entry mansion with a garden and lotus pond?



As King Yan’s secretary and Qiong Ren’s senior fan, Secretary Nan had mixed feelings at the moment.



There was a kind of trance like marrying two sons in one breath.



Qiong Ren basically didn’t have much confidence in the Special Affairs Division anymore, and instead of waiting for them to slowly solve the case, he decided to do it himself.



He simply picked up the flyer and started intimidating, “It’s like this, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of how my character is. You now have three options.”




The panda spirit couldn’t help herself, “Comrade Qiong, we have a full interrogation process and we need to warn him first.”



Qiong Ren: “Uh-huh, okay. I’m warning you, if your answers don’t satisfy me, I’m going to tear you up one by one.”



The flyer’s voice a little muffled after he’d just punched it in the face and asked in a shaky voice, “Which, which three choices do I have?”


Qiong Ren: “One, be honest and be beaten by me. Two, don’t give an honest account and get beaten up by me, three, get beaten up by me and then give an honest account.”



After saying that, he folded his hands in his lap, posture skillful and elegant: “You choose.”



The panda spirit was still defending the Special Affairs Division’s questioning process, “I think we should take him back first.”



The Flyer shook, “…… these three choices, is there a difference?”



“Of course there is,” Qiong Ren said, “The intensity of the beating is different. Personally, I’d recommend the third one.”



If the flyer had a head, it would have shaken it like a rattle, and as it watched Qiong Ren’s terrifying palm reach out, it shouted, “I’ll take the first!”



Qiong Ren withdrew his hand and his lips curved, “Account for it.”



The flyer said, “I was made by a scar-faced man.”



Scarface man?



Qiong Ren thought of the last time the Special Affairs Division called him and told him the results of Fu Jiaze’s processing, they specifically asked if he had seen a scar-faced man.



The Special Affairs Division said that the scar-faced man was the one who helped Fu Jiaze set up the Transit Array, and also had Fu Jiaze place the Transit Technique pamphlet in the hotel to lure Qingheng to learn it.



It sounded very much like the same person, and in addition to the scarface trait, this pattern of behavior of spreading bad things around was also very similar.



Qiong Ren turned to Gu Mengsang: “There are some things you’re not fit to hear, do you want to get off or do you want to ……”



Gu Mengsang: “Don’t knock me out!”


Qiong Ren took out two earplugs: “…… wear earplugs.”



Gu Mengsang smiled awkwardly, “Hiya, misunderstanding, then I’d better wear earplugs.”



He put on the earplugs and headphones, and peacefully turned on a loop of Light Chaser. Qiong Ren saw his own song, and felt a little happy, his peer also liked his song, it seemed that Gu Mengsang was good.



The original name of the flyer was Liu Chuandan, after he died, because of his attachment to the human world, he didn’t want to go to reincarnation, and became a wandering lonely ghost.



Most lonely souls and wild ghosts didn’t do well. They could only have a meal during the Qingming Festival and Spring Festival in a year. If their family didn’t have the habit of offering something, they couldn’t even make it. They could only go to places like temples and Taoist temples where they did supernatural rituals, eat their food first, and then run away before others did it.



Once he was too hungry and felt he couldn’t hold out, he wanted to go to the underworld for reincarnation, but on the way, he saw a kind-hearted person offering sacrifices to lonely souls and wild ghosts. The offerings were particularly good, and he even burned incense candles and paper money.


Liu Chuandan took a deep breath and then became unconscious. When he woke up again, he became a stack of flyers placed in the subway.



Then the undershirt ghost picked him up, and the two of them started launching flyers in the subway.


He had a clear feeling since he became a flyer, it was as if he had become the head of a pyramid scheme, and he was rewarded in some way for sending out flyers that took effect, and could feel that he had become a little more powerful.


If all the flyers were sent out and the people who got the flyers also saw the pamphlet, he would be able to regain his freedom.


Qiong Ren asked the other ghost, “Are the facts the same as what he said?”



Undershirt Ghost rolled his eyes, “Pretty much.”



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