There were about several hundred people on stage, filling the seats to capacity. The cheers that erupted when they saw Qiong Ren were like raging waves lapping at the shore.


It shook the little idol, who hadn’t seen much, to the point of dizziness.


This couldn’t all be his fans, was it too greedy to think so ……


The backing track then came on – “Light Chaser”


The shortest of all his songs and his debut song.



It was a song he had rehearsed a thousand times in the practice room.



How to deal with the emotions of the lyrics, how to change his breath in between dances, how to control the level of singing and manage facial expressions in the midst of high-intensity dancing.


Every detail had been etched into Qiong Ren’s instincts.



This allowed him to maintain a near-perfect performance level despite the extreme state of shock.



The audience was like overpriced actors, and with his inears on, he could still hear the crowd’s supportive voices.



“Only those who follow the light can see the light, woo~”




“Save me. Save me. Sa, Sa, Save me, eiei~”


Sa, Sa, Save me, eiei~


“I don’t want to wander anymore, woo~”


“Take me, take me, take me, take me, take me, take me, take me, take me, take me.



“Take me, take me, Ta, Ta, take me away ei~”



Ta, ta, take me away ei~



The chorus ended and it was time for him to do his high-flying maneuvers.



Qiong Ren did an in-situ straight body flip, instantly igniting the audience’s enthusiasm, he heard the audience screaming his name, the satisfaction in his heart was simply unspeakable, and he felt that it was worth it even if he had to work hard in the past.


[TN: in-situ — on the same spot]


Qiong Ren held back his tears and looked to the world’s most adorable fans ……


He saw a skeleton.



Skeletons to be exact.



The part that couldn’t be depicted below the neck was a clean skeleton, and above the neck stayed intact.



Was this cosplay too? So real.


Qiong Ren was in admiration of this out-of-this-world technique.



His eyes moved away from the skeletons and scanned the audience.


Why did some of the audience not have feet?



Could it be that the clothing material utilized optics? It was just attending an annual meeting, the technology didn’t need to be this high.



That beautiful man’s snake costume was so unique, how did he maneuver the snake’s tail that wrapped around on the ground? It was too flexible.



What kind of company was Black Rope Culture, did they have to make their cosplays so realistic?


The tail of the beautiful man’s snake seemed to get a little agitated and threw the audience member next to him off.



Qiong Ren: “!”


The person! Flew! Up!


Qiong Ren locked eyes with the girl in the first row in horror.



The girl cries out in excitement, “Ahhhhhhhh! I locked eyes with Qiong Ren, I’m dead I’m dead I’m dead, hey? I was already dead hahahahahahaha!”



Qiong Ren thought he might have fallen into a hallucination, thing were the way it was supposed to be, he was just so happy to see many fans at first glance that his heart was tachycardic and he was deprived of oxygen, and the deprivation of oxygen created a hallucination.



Right, that was it, logical.


He definitely wasn’t seeing ghosts.



There was a little sixteen or seventeen year old girl in the front row who lifted her hand to pluck her head off and gave it a hoity-toity swing.



“Cub is so handsome today! Plucked mom’s head to give her son a boost!”


The head landed right at Qiong Ren’s feet, and the girl’s beautiful eyes looked at him lovingly.


Qiong Ren: “O_O”


Qiong Ren’s heart trembled and his hands trembled and his body trembled.


His consciousness had left his body in fear, and what drove him to continue performing was his strong idol instinct.



In order not to step on the head at his feet, he used his life’s work to walk in position.



Suddenly, his toes seemed to touch something.


Soft, round, double ponytails.


The soles of Qiong Ren’s feet cramped and his entire body went numb.



The head gurgled and rolled offstage, and the girl resettled her head back down, carefully squaring her bow.



The ghosts onstage were still cheering in passionate solidarity, and no one realized that Qiong Ren had been so scared that he was on the verge of fainting.



His voice was slightly shaky, his vocals were slightly fluttery, and his movements were slightly sluggish. What was a perfect performance for the audience was a car crash by Qiong Ren’s own standards.



He wondered for a moment which was more terrifying, a car crash during a performance, or a performance where the audience wasn’t even human.


Thankfully, the song was almost over.



The lights suddenly all went out, and Qiong Ren’s clear voice rang out in the darkness, like a breeze blowing across a summer pond with water murmuring in its place.


“Da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da.”


Suddenly a beam of light lit up and shone on Qiong Ren.



“Da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da.”


Like summer fireflies, faint but still beautiful, in the darkness, bringing courage and hope to those who follow the light.


He once fantasized that when he was able to sing this song on stage, the audience under the stage would wave the glow sticks in their hands, creating a sea of fireflies belonging to Qiong Ren and his fans in the arena.


He could never have imagined that his wish would be fulfilled in such a way.


The fans on stage sang along with the da-da-da-da-da while waving their shiny-


human heads!


Two ghostly flames burned in the human head’s eye sockets, leaping warmly in the darkness.


Was this scene of waving a head as a glow stick real?



Damn it, why did he have to be so dedicated!



How nice it would be to simply pass out!



Fans waving their heads was scary enough, please don’t throw any more at the stage, please.



Qiong Ren’s gaze swept over, Emperor Song didn’t wave his head, and he felt slightly comforted in his heart. At least the gold father was still reliable.




The ghost beside Emperor Song pulled off his head and pleasingly handed it over, “Your Majesty, you use this.” Emperor Song gleefully waved it.


Qiong Ren: Destroy it, tired.


The long two minutes and fifty-nine seconds finally passed, and Qiong Ren looked to the stage with an unimpeachably bright smile.


“Thank you all so much for coming to my show and meeting you,” he said with a straight, uncontrollable giggle in his throat, “I’m very happy. I look forward to seeing you all next time.”



“Ahhhhhhhh, mommy loves you.”



“Qiong Ren you’re the best!”


“Qiong Ren! Qiong Ren! Qiong Ren!”



He couldn’t help but burst into tears. Half moved, half frightened.


The fans got more and more excited at the sight of his bright eyes.


“Cub don’t cry, mommy loves you.”



Amidst the shouts of the fans, Qiong Ren clearly heard a chunky “Hubby”.


Hubby was hubby.


Qiong Ren wiped his tears expressionlessly, looking like he’d seen it all before.



Compared to the fans on stage who weren’t people, what was calling him husband, even if they called him wife ……



“Wife! Wife you are so beautiful! Oooooooh, wife is too beautiful, I don’t deserve to be your husband oooooooh~”



Qiong Ren took a deep breath, smiled brightly and waved, walking backwards towards the backstage.


As with every idol who didn’t want to part with his fans.



Secretary Jin was already waiting backstage. He looked thin, but his strength was terrifying, carrying the two hundred pound manager with one hand.


Qiong Ren’s eyes was fixed on his slim wrist, almost crying out.


No more pretending? Really no more pretending? Secretary Jin, you might as well pretend to be a human being please.



“Your agent fainted, uh …… fell asleep. Come on, let’s go to the rest room first.”


Without a word, he followed Secretary Jin to the lounge and watched as he set his agent down on the couch to get situated.


He sat down securely as well, pressing his spine against the backrest of the couch and spreading his arms out, arranging himself in a position where he wouldn’t fall over even if he suddenly passed out.



With a lump in his throat, he asked the question whose answer he wanted to know the most.


“Is the Bank of Heaven and Earth …… the same, Bank of Heaven and Earth ……?”


[TN: He means Tiandi Bank]


Secretary Jin was a bit flustered, “Ah, that ……”


Qiong Ren understood as he nodded, “No wonder it feels familiar. Then the money ……”



“Don’t worry, our Tiandi Bank has joined CUP, there won’t be any problems with the money, the final payment will arrive tomorrow.”


Joined UnionPay ah, Qiong Ren nodded again.



As soon as the tight breath in his heart was released, he grabbed the time to pass out.



Not knowing how much more time passed after falling into unconsciousness, Qiong Ren gradually regained consciousness and heard several people talking beside him.


“It’s my fault, the incense in the car went out, but I didn’t realize it. They didn’t inhale enough to not see the ghosts in their true form. Great Emperor, dock my wages.”



Emperor Song: “Have you made a mistake? The key for us workers is to do more and work less overtime, so we won’t lose any money. Who allowed you to apply for salary deduction without authorization? If you continue to do this, I will send you to the King of the Underworld.”



Unexpectedly, Emperor Song, who was a leader, actually did this, the fear in Qiong Ren’s heart was instantly reduced by two thousandths.


Secretary Jin: “Shhh, don’t wake Qiong Ren up. He was scared just now, so let him have a good rest.”



“My son’s performance was really great,” Emperor Song choked in a small voice, “Did you record it, Secretary Jin? I’m going to play it on a loop at home.”



Secretary Jin lowered his voice, “Don’t worry, Your Majesty, our Third Hall backup group divided ten cameras, you can see ten straight shots at the same time.”



What? Today’s performance was in such a bad state yet it was actually divided into ten camera positions, was this a public execution?



Qiong Ren completely sobered up, “I don’t want a public execution!”


Emperor Song immediately came over to shush him, “Cub, how are you?”


Qiong Ren silently shrank back.


Emperor Song comforted him with warm words, “Don’t be afraid. All the people you met today have an establishment, rounded up to civil servants in the underworld, and are very trustworthy. Anyway, you will see us again after you die, and we will all be old acquaintances sooner or later. Thinking like this, isn’t it that you’re not afraid anymore?”


Emperor Song crossed his fingers.


Qiong Ren: “……”


He suddenly wasn’t so keen on recognizing the Golden boss as his father, he couldn’t accept a father who took the above paragraph as comfort.


Qiong Ren’s arms and legs were weak and he couldn’t muster any strength, and he flopped around a couple times before he was successfully transferred to a sitting position with Emperor Song’s assistance.


Hus agent was still sleeping on the other couch.



Emperor Song turned to Secretary Jin, “Get Li Shizhen here, didn’t he just qualify as a physician in the living world? Ask him to come and give Qiong Ren a look.”


Qiong Ren’s heartbeat instantly shot up to two hundred.


“No I’m fine, I’m just ……” He lowered his head in embarrassment and said in a small whisper:


“Scared of ghosts.”


Soft compassion welled up in Emperor Song’s eyes.


Ah, my cub is really cute, I want to rua his head.


Emperor Song couldn’t help but reach out his hand and before he could touch it, he was slapped on the back of his hand by Secretary Jin.



After beating his boss, Secretary Jin immediately changed to a gentle expression.


“This is our mistake. We apologize for scaring you, and we are willing to make moral compensation.”


Qiong Ren barely controlled his voice, “No need for compensation. I’m so, happy to meet my fans. The manager’s, you guys can ask him if he wants it when he wakes up.”


From the stage, his strong idol instincts disappeared, and he churned out two hundred wave signals in just a few words.


Emperor Song, however, came to his senses.




It was still Secretary Jin who was smart.



Although the salary was limited to death by King Yan, he could stuff the cub with money in other places, such as giving Qiong Ren ten million dollars of mental compensation ……


Secretary Jin saw his king’s thoughts at a glance and reminded him, “If an accident occurs during the performance that doesn’t cause significant harm, the compensation can’t exceed the remuneration itself at most, as stipulated in the Implementing Rules.”



He sincerely exclaimed, “Worthy of being King Yan, you were not given the opportunity to exploit any loopholes at all.”


While they were talking, Qiong Ren had already searched for the name Emperor Song on the internet.


This place was actually connected to 5G, and the internet speed was still fast.


The first paragraph of the Thousand Degrees Encyclopedia said this:


“Emperor Song, the head of the third temple of the underworld. Surnamed Yu, born on the eighth day of the second month, he is in charge of the Black Rope Great Underworld under the southeast fertile reef at the bottom of the sea.”


Since he was the head of the third temple, theoretically, he wasn’t a ghost, but a god.


The indoor ghost content dropped steeply from 60% to 40%. With this thought, Qiong Ren’s breathing was much smoother.


Seeing that his face was still white, Emperor Song instructed, “Secretary Jin, it’s better to invite Li Shizhen here.”



“No need!”



Qiong Ren explained apologetically, “I’m really fine, my fear of ghosts is similar to some people’s fear of blood, I can’t control it.”



“We still wanted to invite you for a signing.” Secretary Jin was very considerate, pulling the driver to stand by the door, his words full of regret.




Qiong Ren’s ears perked up!


Was that the kind of event where you sold your album while having a close and friendly conversation with your fans?



Could even an unknown star like him, whose album sales were only forty-nine, do it?



He was so excited!


Although the fans who came to a signing event here would most likely be ghosts ……



But underworld fans were also fans, and he couldn’t engage in species discrimination.



Fear of ghosts and whatnot could totally be overcome in some way!


There was no difficult work, only a brave Qiong Ren!



Emperor Song had fatherly love in his eyes, “Just forget about it, don’t force yourself.”


Qiong Ren clenched his fist with one hand, “One must be brave enough to break through, to meet difficulties, to face challenges, so that one can grow.”


“Please, you must give me the opportunity to grow.”





‘morrow, ‘morrow, see ya ‘morrow ✌️ [new fav word: ‘morrow]

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