“Let’s Go, Friends” was too difficult to edit because of Fu Jiaze’s sudden exposure, and the website decided to just take it off the air and the program stopped filming.


Li Kui was extremely enthusiastic about the new variety show in order to heal the wounds of the program’s suspension.



“I’m going to break away from the previous model of people tearing themselves up and open up a new world.” Li Kui paused and suddenly looked deep in thought, “I’ve thought it over, the new variety show must be thrilling, exciting, and adrenaline-pumping. The audience will be thrilled to watch, and the participants will be scared. In short, thrill and spirituality is what we’re looking for in this singing and dancing program.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



Did Li Kui even know what he was talking about ……


Especially the last sentence, Qiong Ren didn’t even know how to connect it. Even the underworld didn’t have such a underworldly singing and dancing program, okay?



Of course, there was no singing and dancing program in the underworld at all.



Qiong Ren had already found out that the entertainment industry there wasn’t well developed, and most of the industry workers were demons and ghosts. The fact that he was able to attract 1.014 billion followers in the underworld by relying on his Weibo content was a visual manifestation of the fact that the inhabitants of the underworld were eager for a life of recreation and entertainment.




The fact that he had been writing an album in seclusion and hadn’t rushed to go on a living world variety show to get more fans was because he wanted to let his fans in the underworld to listen to his new songs quickly.



Thinking of this, Qiong Ren’s heart slowly moved.



In fact, there were a lot of excellent literary works and variety shows in the living world, it was entirely possible to buy the copyrights to broadcast in the underworld through formal means.



He believed that as long as enough money was given, the producers would not care whether the copyrights were sold to humans or ghosts.



He, Rong Zhen and Li Kui’s relationship were still good, they could take the lead, so that the new variety show would be broadcasted in the underworld to test the water, if the ghosts loved to watch, they could gradually introduce more works.



From TV series, movies to variety shows, it was more than enough to enrich the lives of the people in the underworld.



With this thought in mind, he became interested in the variety show.



“What is the form of this variety show of yours?”


Li Kui spoke in detail.



He temporarily named this variety show as “Psychic Practitioner”, and each phase selected ten practitioners and ten singers, and drew lots at the beginning of the program.



After the draw, the trainees wouldn’t know what song they’d drawn, and then they’d enter locations with psychic legends to look for clues, and after they found the song they were going to sing, they’d adapt and rehearse the song and perform it at midnight.



Each episode took a split-camera live broadcast, and in the end, only four people would be able to enter the performance session, and the people with the least popularity would be eliminated.



Qiong Ren choked just listening to it.


It was creepy, sure, but the reason for the creepiness had nothing to do with being psychic!



Just thinking of this battle royale style of competition, where a trainee was in an eerie haunted house and shakily flipped to what song he was going to sing. It’d been rearranged and rehearsed, and you were about to sing it……



The Broadcaster notifies you: xxx trainee, you have been eliminated, please leave the murder house.



This was too miserable ……



It was for nothing that Li Kui was said by so to be selling dog meat while hanging a sheep’s head.


[TN: Selling dog meat while hanging a sheep’s head —– false advertising.]



Qiong Ren: “You’re going to hell. This show format of yours is too sinful!”



Li Kui, however, wasn’t impressed, “The real showbiz is like that, there are newcomers rushing up all the time, and people being pushed down all the time. And I assure you, this show is at least better than the talent show that Rong Zhen loves to run.”




Qiong Ren: “Better in what ……”



Li Kui put up his index finger: “Firstly, there is no “false data”. The popularity only depends on the actual number of people online in the live broadcast room, and refuses to falsify the results. One person watching it is 1 , and two people watching it is 2. Only people with real name authentication that watch online will be counted. Don’t you think I am a good person compared to Rong Zhen?”



Qiong Ren: “In that case …… indeed ……”



After going far away to the Longcheng Temple to clear the mind and cultivate, Rong Zhen suddenly sneezed.



He raised two fingers, ” No backroom operations, never artificially manipulate the rankings. If the audience likes the person, they’ll stay, if not, they’ll leave. The whole thing is live, everything depends on the person’s ability. And just because it is live, everyone’s weight is the same, so it’s more fair. Based on this alone, it’s better than all the talent shows Rong Zhen has done, right?”



Rong Zhen sneezed again, he was suspicious, was it because he had been eating veggies lately and didn’t have enough nutrition, so his immunity was down, and he caught a cold?



“You said Rong Zhen is worse, isn’t he your good friend and backer?”



Li Kui: “It’s okay, he knows he’s not a good thing himself.”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Qiong Ren was a bit moved, this variety show for him could simultaneously satisfy the three most pressing needs at the moment of getting fans, practicing, and performing, it was almost like it was tailor-made for him.



“If I go as a trainee how much money can …… be given for one episode?”



Li Kui was alarmed; “Dad, you’ve misunderstood.”



Qiong Ren: “?”




Li Aoi: “How can you go to be a trainee, in my variety show, you must be a mentor. Don’t worry, mentors also have exclusive airtime and showcase sessions. Wait for the trainees to finish their performances before you come out to overwhelm the crowd.”




The two of them roughly agreed to work together, and Qiong Ren also mentioned his idea to him, but didn’t explicitly say so, only hinting if he could sell the rights to some places that Li Kui might not be able to visit until a few decades later.



Li Kui was mad with joy at that time, if he could sell his variety show to the underworld, then he would be very proud. So what if the ratings were high, and he was scolded every day for causing trouble, did he not have artistic pursuits in his heart?



The audience loved to watch it, and after watching it, they scolded him for being vulgar.



“If this can be done, Rong Zhen and I will work hard, and we’ll have to lower the cost for you. For my other variety shows, you can also help me ask if they’re interested?”


Qiong Ren agreed flatly.



Qiong Ren first revealed his idea to Yan Mo, who also thought it was good and said, “Most of the residents of the underworld are dead souls who have completed their sentences and are waiting to be reincarnated. When purchasing copyrights, it is best to choose works that entertain and edify at the same time. If they can reform their mistakes when they’re a dead soul, perhaps they’ll be less likely to repeat them in their next life.”



With Yan Mo’s support, Qiong Ren became more and more certain that his idea was valuable. He then explained the matter to Du Yuan, the owner of HBL2003, the flat-headed employee (ex) who had successfully undergone plastic surgery by Qiong Ren.



Du Yuan was worthy of being the former right-hand man of the Ghost Judge Hall, and within a few days, he ran down the formalities of structuring a video website in the underworld, with the house computer providing technical support, and the website cover designed by the rabbit, with the video progress bar being a plush rabbit running forward, which was very adorable.



Emperor Song and King Yan as well as King Qinguang expressed their willingness to inject capital, the first two Qiong Ren felt that it wasn’t strange for them to support his endeavors, but how come King Qinguang also wanted to get involved?



But with the financial support of the three great kings, Qiong Ren had more confidence.



Originally, he wanted to name the website Wealthy Fast Video, but it was rejected by all of them, so Qiong Ren could only settle for the second best and used the name Teng Fei.



Anyway, it was also very auspicious.



The site was still relatively simple at the beginning, Rong Zhen generously sent a batch of his own copyrighted documentaries over, Teng Fei immediately them on the shelves, all documentaries could be watched for free.



Even if they wanted to charge, they had to trick the ghosts into it before they collected it.



While Qiong Ren was busy with the website, the new issue of “Book of Torture Devices” began to promote.




As one of the main characters on the cover, Qiong Ren of course had to cooperate with the magazine for publicity. When he received the big picture of the cover, even if it was his own photo, Qiong Ren was so shocked that he almost lost his words.




He immediately asked Wan Man if this one could be posted in the living world’s Weibo, it would be a shame if his living fans couldn’t see this photo.



Wan Man readily agreed.



Qiong Ren thought for a long time about what text to add to it, and after meditating for half a day, he felt that everything he needed to say was already in the picture, so he didn’t need to say a word more.



So he directly posted the picture.



Tong Xiaotong had become Qiong Ren’s loyal fan since she had interned at Let’s Go, Friends.



She set Qiong Ren’s Weibo as a special follow, and there was a sound alert when Qiong Ren posted anything. She was working when she suddenly heard the reminder and immediately put down her hands and opened the page.



The new post didn’t have captions, only a picture, Tong Xiaotong didn’t look at it carefully and directly clicked on it, and then she was stunned.



This was a photo, colorful and heavy, with a kind of oil painting feeling.



In the center of the picture was a brilliant and eye-catching red lotus, its flower shape was far from the reality of a lotus, more like an abstract product that had been processed artistically.



Qiong Ren’s toes stepped into the water, his neck was raised, and his fingers lightly touched the lotus petals, about to kiss it.



The background was dark and the ground was a large piece of black rock, but the beautiful young man and red lotus had a different atmosphere.



Tong Xiaotong subconsciously held her breath.



She also didn’t know how long she had been looking at it before she was woken up by the pinned work message.



The usually immediately crowded comment area, seemed unusually cold today. After a fan posted “I lost my words”, everyone followed suit.



Tong Xiaotong wanted to say something, but after thinking for half a day, she couldn’t think of the right words. She quietly groped the search bar and typed down a few words, Qiong Ren, space, red lotus.



The CP fan page had already been built and its name was Lian Caiqian Ren.



Tong Xiaotong solemnly focused on the CP group and stroked her heart reassuringly, “I’m really not the only one who’s out of place.”



# Qiong Ren Red Lotus # this topic rushed to the top fifty of the hot search.



Other than “I’m not right”, there were surprisingly few long-winded boasts. Tong Xiaotong could very well understand that in front of truly mind-blowing beauty, it was hard for people to say anything decent.




[After looking at it, I wanted to compliment it, but my language skills seem to have been returned to my elementary school days. I can’t believe I’m worthy of looking at this kind of thing ……]



[Can he send the account number directly, I want to send him money.]



[Send account number +1]



[I hate so much, why I can’t type out a sentence, I so want to tell the world how beautiful this picture is, but I really can’t explain ah! Cat Frenzy.JPG]



[O beauty, do you visit from the sky. Or the abyss?]



[Baudelaire? I remembered that line too.]



[Qiong Ren: I kill with beauty.]



In addition to those who were shocked, there were also those who questioned how Qiong Ren was marketing beauty every day, finding it annoying as hell.



Fans weren’t happy, he was good-looking ah, it was a fact that he looked good, did it still need marketing? Besides, every time Qiong Ren’s topic rushed to the hot search list, fans had nothing to do with it, they put in no effort at all, it relied on Qiong Ren’s face alone.



This could be scolded too? They were really speechless.



However, in the end, it was ignored because Qiong Ren’s fans were all in a state of being so happy that they couldn’t even arouse interest in engaging in meaningless online insults with others.



While there was a lot of talk on the living world’s Weibo page, the fans in the underworld were much happier than those in the living world, who not only had Qiong Ren and Red Lotus, but also the humanoid Dragon incarnation of King Yan and Qiong Ren.



The happiness was doubled.



Even the ghosts who were originally not interested in The Complete Book of Torture Devices were now waiting in agony for the magazine to go on sale.



Waiting for the magazine to hit the shelves, the purchasing website was immediately paralyzed by the crowd, the situation was comparable to the double eleven.



Technicians were working hard with their computers as they approached their reincarnation. After finally expanding and stabilizing the website, they grabbed the last second and jumped into the reincarnation channel.



Underworld, a place filled with workaholics. A place that made all the living world’s workers ashamed of themselves.



In less than two days, six million copies of the magazine were sold out, and no matter whether it was the newsstands of the major underworld spots or the websites that had agency contracts with the magazine, they could not buy The Book of Torture Devices anymore.



Because of the inability to buy new copies, they even accidentally drove up the sales of old magazines that were not sold.



It was a Chinese traditional culture, since they came all the way here, they bought a copy before leaving.




Inside the office, they held a meeting to negotiate the print run, and it was certain that they would increase the print run, because money was a good thing.



Besides, there were only so many happy residents in the underworld, how could they bear to deprive everyone of the happiness of getting a magazine with many high-definition pictures of King Yan and Qiong Ren.



Even if they were bitter and tired, they would still have to make this money with tears in their eyes!



“I think an additional printing of two million is more appropriate.”



“Two million is not enough, right, I think two and a half is more stable. I’ve already heard from several of Qiong Ren’s hardcore fans, and they’re all planning to buy three books each.”



“Why buy three books?”



“It’s like this, one to read for yourself, one to collect, and one to keep or give away. It’s good to develop fellowship offline, so that everyone won’t be alone in chasing their star together.”



“In that case, two and a half million seems reasonable. There are quite a lot of people who worship King Yan, so we have to take this part of the purchasing power into consideration.”



Wan Man had been listening silently, she knocked on the table and the conference room immediately fell silent.




She crossed her arms, resting a finger against her lips, and after a long period of contemplation, she categorically said, “I’ve decided to print an additional six million copies.”



“Six million? This …… this can’t possibly be sold out!”



Wan Man slowly nodded, “I know.”



“Then why?”



Wan Man: “Now it’s unsold, what about later?”



The editors of the magazine were instantly enlightened, Wan Man was worthy of being the editor-in-chief, he really did have a long term vision.



Although The Complete Book of Torture Devices was a monthly magazine, the inhabitants of the underworld stayed here longer than in the living world, and the cover was taken by King Yan and Qiong Ren, two stormy figures of a very legendary nature, and had a value that transcended time.



Ordinary stars would go out of fashion, but the influence of the superstar of the times and the King of the underworld would last for a long time.



Even if they didn’t sell out for a while, the new issue would always be bought by people just like those fine classics. Considering the future earnings, it was certainly more cost-effective to print additional copies at once now than to reprint them in small batches.




And anyway, books and magazines from the underworld didn’t have to worry about insects and decay.



The editor-in-chief was indeed the editor-in-chief.



“Does everyone still have any different opinions?”



The editors shook their heads.



“Okay, I’ll contact the manufacturer now.”



Three days later.



“Editor-in-Chief, it’s sold out again!”



Wan Man’s eyes were sad as she looked at the distant mountains, stroked the vine moonflower by the window, and sighed, “Ai, it’s sold out again.”




She made up her mind, gambled on her dignity and future as the editor-in-chief, gritted her teeth and printed an additional six million copies, and even mortgaged her residence in the Hall of Ghost Judges, just to prove that there was nothing wrong with the way she, Wan Man, looked at people.



She wanted to prove to those old-fashioned people who felt that living people could not be on the cover of the magazine that times had changed.



Wan Man had weighed over and over again how she would be ridiculed by the ghosts of the underworld if she threw herself at the risk of printing six million additional copies for her vision, and if they didn’t sell by then.



She had also thought about how her big house would become the residence of other ghosts if it sold too slowly and the money wasn’t made back in time.



She had prepared herself for a long battle and built up enough determination and courage for herself, but why, exactly, did she sell out in three days?



Didn’t this show that her business decisions and business vision were completely wrong? She thought that the additional printing of six million confirmed her boldness, and the facts proved that she was still too timid.



She had greatly underestimated the commercial value of having Qiong Ren and King Yan combined on the cover.



She made a lot of money for the magazine and a lot of money for herself, but she lost.



Qiong Ren wasn’t too surprised to hear about the magazine sales.



It was a magazine with the incarnation of the King of the underworld printed on it, so it was impossible to live in the underworld without buying a copy.




Du Yuan said that recently, the ghosts in the underworld were saying “Did you buy it?” “Did you buy it?” “Did you buy it?” “Did you buy it?” “Did you buy the red lotus or the dragon?” “The red lotus is just a flower, how can it be compared to the incarnation of the King of the underworld?”



And so on. It seemed that even the inhabitants of the underworld didn’t know that King Yan’s true form was the Red Lotus.



On a whim, Qiong Ren went into the underworld Weibo CP fan page to take a look, and then exited with a blush on his face.



Ghosts were really scary. He guessed his earthly fans would be much more normal.



He searched Weibo with hope but was automatically led to the Lian Caiqian Ren Co page.



Inside, Qiong Ren couldn’t read it, he was greatly shocked.



Qiong Ren then thought painfully that idols should indeed distance themselves from their fans, and that distance started with not prying into the inner life of the fan’s brain.



How could it be so yellow that there was no other color at all?


[TN: yellow in Chinese slang — sexy; erotic; obscene;]


King Yan, separated by a wall, looked at his phone with trembling pupils.



So it could still be like this!



He was very shocked and felt the artistic charm of human literature and painting.



It was true that the creativity of the people of the living world was many times better than the ghosts of the underworld, and Qiong Ren’s idea of introducing works from the living world was really prescient.



After a few days, the cast of Peach Blossom Fan started filming, most of Qiong Ren’s scenes were independent, but there were also a few scenes with the two main characters.



The notice sheet lined up a night scene for tonight, and he left the house early in the morning, wanting to wander around the set first to get a feel for the atmosphere.



Qiong Ren took a taxi to rush to the filming location in the eastern suburbs, but there was a car accident on South Y Ring Road, and the traffic was so jammed that even a dog couldn’t get through.



Qiong Ren simply told the driver to turn right, there was a subway entrance there, public transportation travel was fast and environmentally friendly, and the driver was able to escape the big traffic jam.



Worried that he would be recognized, he first put on a ducktail hat and covered his face with his hair then put on a mask.



Next he just had to walk with his head down and he shouldn’t be noticed.



Qiong Ren cautiously got on the subway, and sure enough, he didn’t attract any onlookers. Today, he didn’t know if it was a good time or not, but there weren’t too many people in the car.



He casually found an empty seat and sat down, anyway, it was also boring, so he took out the original “Peach Blossom Fan” novel to read.



Qiong Ren always feel that such a twisted and bleak work wasn’t quite like something secretary Jin or Emperor Song could write, but the two of them confirmed that the author was the other.



Qiong Ren looked at the novel, turning the page, his eyes drifted, inadvertently glanced at his toes in front of five or six drops of blood.



He raised his head to look, a young girl in professional clothes was pale and covered her belly, with a look of excruciating pain.


Shouldn’t it be ……



Although Qiong Ren didn’t have any close female friends, he did take his physical hygiene classes seriously.



Remembering that he still had a very thin jacket in his small backpack that he could put around this girl’s waist, Qiong Ren unzipped the small backpack and looked inside for the thin jacket that he had rolled up into a roll.


By the time he found his jacket and looked up again, the girl was gone.



Qiong Ren thought of her pale face and was a little worried, the pain was like that, she couldn’t be in any danger, right? He saw online, some women would even pass out from the pain.



In the blink of an eye, the train stopped, Qiong Ren arrived at the station, he hesitated for a moment, then concluded it was better to go to take a look at the girl’s situation, the big deal was to sit for a few more stops to make a round-trip, it didn’t hinder anything.



He got up and was about to walk towards the train in front of him when he suddenly stopped and moved a little to the side, looking towards the floor.



The blood that had just been in front of his toes had disappeared.



He happened to be sitting on Line 9 today.


That was bad.



Qiong Ren pressed his hat down. Standing in the middle of the station and looking to both sides, he didn’t see the girl’s figure, but instead saw a vicious-looking man.



The man stopped and took a flyer, seemingly to hand it to someone. He was at the head of the train and was focused on the passengers in the corner, Qiong Ren couldn’t see well from his position.



Qiong Ren immediately thought of his last experience with the devourer ghost that he had caught on line nine.


She had picked up the pamphlet on Line 9, and had made the mistake of abandoning her reincarnation and turning to ambush Line 9 in search of a substitute.




Qiong Ren hurriedly took a few steps that way, and sure enough, he saw the girl with blood dripping from her body sitting on the corner seat, about to pick up the leaflet in the man’s hand.



This kind of robbing the ghosts of the underworld and luring ghosts to be evil should be firmly combated!



While he was bent on saving the female ghost who hadn’t yet committed a crime, he didn’t realize that someone was also sneaking a peek at him.



Gu Mengsang had been staring at Qiong Ren for a long time.


He had a nickname on the internet, Millennium Old Y.



When Gu Mengsang had just burst into flames through the talent show, he felt that he was on top of the top stream, and was in high spirits.



But then Chen Ruize came out of nowhere and quickly took him down, becoming that year’s top star. The timing of their releases always collided, and every time Chen Ruize’s new song scored a head-to-head victory over him.



Later on, Chen Ruize transformed into an actor, and Gu Mengsang felt that he could finally catch his breath and continue to push for the position of top star idol singer.



However, Fu Jiaze had risen to become the top star of the new generation at an inexplicable speed.


The feeling of longing for something close at hand but just not being able to hold it was too bad.



Recently, Fu Jiaze had gone to prison, and Gu Mengsang felt that it was about time for him to take his turn.



As a result, there were still people who mocked him for being a thousand years old, and he realized that although Qiong Ren’s fan base was still 20 million short of his, his song chart results had already silently stood on top of him.



The most annoying thing was that it wasn’t even Qiong Ren’s new song, but a track from an album released three years ago.



Gu Mengsang’s perception of Qiong Ren was also quite complicated, he was a senior spiritual story enthusiast, his favorite thing to do was to soak in a supernatural forum.




When Qiong Ren was on the hot search because of the dream-care incident, he spent the whole day in the forum, fighting with all the people who said that it wasn’t a marketing strategy, and standing firmly on the side of the dream-care incident being fake.



Although he felt that Qiong Ren’s marketing tactics were questionable, his business skills were really strong, and he was a little impressed and a little jealous.



Today he was going to the studio in the eastern suburb to shoot a magazine, but there was a very serious car accident in the Y ring, a drunk driver hit several cars in a row, and also hit a pregnant woman who was crossing the street, causing a big traffic jam in the Y ring.



If he wanted to go to the studio in the eastern suburbs, he had to take the No. 9 line.



He didn’t put on any makeup before he left the house because he had to apply the planned makeup for the magazine shoot. He was worried about being photographed on the subway with his haggard face without makeup, so he could be said to be fully armed and covered himself up.



As soon as Qiong Ren got on the train, Gu Mengsang recognized who this was. Although Qiong Ren had also done a certain amount of covering up, he was such a distinctive person that Gu Mengsang couldn’t even think of not recognizing him.



However, today Qiong Ren’s behavior was a bit strange, he first rummaged around in his backpack, then looked left and right, and went towards the front compartment.



Gu Mengsang was curious and pretended to change compartments and followed.



Qiong Ren walked to the carriage link, suddenly reached out and yanked as if he was grabbing something from an unseen person, and cupped his fists and blasted a fist into the air.


Gu Mengsang’s rich imagination immediately mobilized.



Was it possible that Qiong Ren had hysteria ……


If you have a disease, cure it early, get out of show business early.



As he was thinking, he heard a man say behind him, “Hello, may I have an autograph?”



Gu Mengsang said yes offhandedly, instinctively wanting to turn back with a business smile and give the person an autograph, but he caught a glimpse of Qiong Ren looking this way and immediately turned his head and pretended that nothing was happening.



He had been inexplicably upset in recent days, he hadn’t eaten well or slept well, his dark circles under his eyes were heavy like a panda’s, and his person had become ugly, he could not appear in front of Qiong Ren with this appearance.



Qiong Ren passed straight by him and didn’t look at him, Gu Mengsang heard the sound of tearing paper, and then saw pieces of shredded paper falling down.



What was Qiong Ren doing tearing his fan’s paper?



Gu Mengsang was in a daze when he saw that the pieces of paper actually disappeared after they landed on the ground, and a wave of cool air ran up from his heels.



No, no, no, no it can’t be ……



Although he liked supernatural stories, he was a staunch atheist ah!



Gu Mengsang slowly turned back in shock, and what came into his eyes was a tall and strong but sad-faced man, clutching a pen in his hand, with a big white face longer than a horse, roughly estimated to be over fifty centimeters.



It wasn’t a human appearance at all.



Qiong Ren was scolding in a low voice: “You better stay honest, if you dare to cheat people to sign and grab a substitute again, I’ll knock your head off!”



The look was very menacing, and the horse-faced man nodded his head coyly.



Gu Mengsang instantly felt his three views crack.



Qiong Ren glanced at him, and Gu Mengsang subconsciously shivered and held his head.



Qiong Ren’s attitude calmed down, “Wait here for me for a little while, don’t be afraid, as long as you don’t sign, nothing will happen.”



After Qiong Ren finished speaking, he walked back to that place between the two carriages. Gu Mengsang suddenly saw an extra woman with a pale face there.



She was holding the small of her back and blood was dripping down. After that blood dripped onto the ground, it disappeared in a short while.


Although Gu Mengsang claimed to be an atheist, he had spent so many years in psychic forums and was very familiar with the various means by which legendary ghosts harmed people.



As far as his experience today was concerned, it must have been Big Horse Face who wanted to capture him as a substitute, and although he hadn’t signed the contract, he had subconsciously agreed to the word “yes”, a promise that was equivalent to pulling him one step closer to the underworld.


So he couldn’t see the bleeding girl just now, but now he could suddenly see her.



Gu Mengsang was about to cry, why did he meet such a thing?



Qiong Ren was also furious, that undershirt ghost was really the guy who handed out illegal small gg’s on the subway, and was bragging about how powerful his spells were when he handed out flyers to that girl.




He grabbed the man and punched him a few times, and was about to notify Meng Shen to come over and escort the ghost back to the underworld, when he heard that ghostly voice asking for a signature.



The man still said “good”, so Qiong Ren had to rush over and tear off the paper first. Although he could make a sound to remind him not to sign, most people actually found it difficult to immediately realize that they had been haunted. If they were to be fooled by the ghost again, they would sign in confusion.



By the time he tore up the signature paper, the ghost also took the opportunity to run away, Qiong Ren felt a little chagrined.



The young woman was shivering, Qiong Ren saw that her state was very different from that of ordinary ghosts, as if she hadn’t reacted to the fact that she was dead, and not wanting to startle her rashly, he asked, “Where are you going?”



The young woman said blankly, “I was just hit by a car and wanted to go to the hospital, but I couldn’t get a cab. An old woman talked to me and told me to get on line nine, so I came over here in a daze.”



She frowned and covered her stomach, “It hurts.”



Gu Mengsang suddenly remembered today’s accident in the Y ring, took out his cell phone and glanced at the local news, and quickly found the girl in the photos.



The clothes and shoes all matched. He took another look at the official release and his eyes rounded.



“She’s not dead,” Gu Mengsang was a bit agitated, “she’s still in the hospital for resuscitation, maybe she just left her soul and couldn’t find her body.”



Qiong Ren was stunned, directly dialed Yan Mo’s video call, and he quickly answered.



Qiong Ren briefly said the situation, Yan Mo said that since her soul had already left, she just had to go to the terminal and find the casting point, where the employees would send her soul back.



He didn’t know if it was because her soul had left the body or because she had just experienced a car accident, she seemed a little confused.



Qiong Ren, looking at her appearance, really didn’t feel comfortable letting her go to the casting point on her own, since the filming was scheduled for the evening, it would be a bit late for him to personally send the girl to the casting point.



He was about to tell Chen Ruize that he would be late when he saw the vested ghost in the carriage in front of him, slowly walking forward and looking back furtively.



As soon as the two of them locked eyes, the vested ghost panicked and looked around, realizing that his invisibility spell had failed, and knowing full well that he couldn’t beat Qiong Ren, he began to desperately run forward.



But the flyer in his hand seemed to weigh a thousand pounds, and the vested ghost was dragged by the flyer and couldn’t run fast at all.



Running at five centimeters per hour with an extremely hard expression.



The ghost was so anxious that he wanted to get rid of the flyers, but those flyers were stuck on his hands, no matter how much he moved, none of them could fall off.



Seeing the ghost’s movements, Qiong Ren immediately reacted that this ghost, like the devourer ghost, couldn’t get off the subway!



Otherwise, as long as he left the subway, Qiong Ren, even if he was able to fight, as a living person, it would be impossible to go through the wall to chase him.



Fearing that the girl’s living soul would run away again, Qiong Ren said to Gu Mengsang, “Please help me take care of her for a while, I’m going to catch a ghost.”



Gu Mengsang was given such a heavy responsibility after he saw a ghost for the first time, he didn’t feel so good, he met two ghosts back and forth, so he felt cold and stiff all over.



Gu Mengsang shivered, although there were other people in the carriage, only Qiong Ren could make him feel safe at the moment.



He wanted to go with Qiong Ren, but that vested ghost looked so much scarier than this girl and Big Horse Face that he wimped out again.



Nodding his head wiltingly, there was a little hitch in his voice, “Then you have to come back early.”



Qiong Ren: “……”



He turned and strode towards the ghost.


Seeing Qiong Ren getting closer and closer to himself, the ghost knew for sure that he couldn’t run away, his eyes rolled them he turned around and kneeled down and cried, “I’m wronged, I was also framed by someone, I had bitter feelings before so I did these dishonorable things, I ……”



Qiong Ren punched him in the jaw.



“I don’t want to hear it.”





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