Miao Zheyan suddenly felt moved.


This girl was obviously a pure music lover, not mesmerized by superficial skin.



He immediately signed his name with a pen, but only made it to the -halfway point before the paper was taken away.



Miao Zheyan was angry, and when he looked up and saw that the person who took away his signature paper was Qiong Ren, he became even more angry.


“What are you doing?”


Qiong Ren also wanted to ask what he was doing, he gestured to the bracelet in disgust, “Look carefully.”



Miao Zheyan fixed his eyes – only to see, cold sweat flowed directly into his eyes.



This hand, was just a hand, there was nothing behind it at all. He hadn’t even thought that this was a strange thing just now.



He remembered the unbelievable underworld hot search that Qiong Ren had once been on, and even if he didn’t want to believe it, he could only believe it.



He had hit a ghost.



Qiong Ren looked at the paper, and things were pretty much as he’d guessed in the morning. Written on the paper was the deed for the substitute, and the worst part was that Miao Zheyan had already signed -half his name on it.



That hand was thin, and after being caught by Qiong Ren, it began to struggle desperately. Qiong Ren rolled down the bracelet and forcefully folded it into a V with his palm, then forced the jade bracelet onto it.




That hand instantly quieted down, muscle twitching – and then didn’t move. He didn’t know whether it dared not move or was stunned by Qiong Ren.



Miao Zheyan didn’t feel good, if a few seconds earlier he knew Qiong Ren was so – ruthless, he would have shown absolute respect to Qiong Ren.



If Qiong Ren could pinch a ghost so easily, wouldn’t it be easy to pinch him to death?



When the fans saw Qiong Ren suddenly squeezing away from the crowd, they all curiously looked this way.


Qiong Ren didn’t want to make a big deal out of it, nor did he want to create panic, and when he heard the announcement of the stop, he said in a low voice, “Get off the bus with me.”



Miao Zheyan immediately stood up.



Qiong Ren turned back to his fans and smiled, “I’m going to talk to Mr. Miao about some work matters, so I’ll get off here, so be careful on your way.”



Yan Mo must have already helped him call the police, how come no one came to deal with this hand?



Fu Jiaze’s villa had been sold and he could only stay at Meng Qingheng’s house.



He was now a street rat and everyone was shouting at him. Since he spat out that blood, he had been more unlucky than ever, and had been sick more often than not. Sincere Culture didn’t want him anymore, and the brands and variety shows related to him offered to terminate their contracts, and he also has to compensate for the damage to the brand’s image that was caused by him.


Fu Jiaze now really had a kind of feeling of being at the end of his tether. He looked at Meng Qingheng who was taking care of him, as long as Meng Qingheng was willing to pay for him, maybe he still had a chance to turn the tide.


Someone rang the bell outside the house.


“Who is it?”


“The delivery guy.”


Meng Qingheng went to open the door without thinking.


“Don’t move. You are surrounded by the Special Affairs Division and you have the right to remain silent!”


Outside the house was – a panda.


A real panda.


She was only as big as Qingheng’s waist.


No amount of authority in her voice could change the fact that she was a panda that made people want to hug and make meaningless “ahhhhhs”.



Qingheng was frozen for a second before the panda handcuffed him in a skillful manner.



He saw another rushing to the bedside in his uniform holding his round stomach, “Fu Jiaze, you have violated Article 17 of the Special Affairs Public Security Ordinance for abusing the Transit Array, and we will now be placing you in special affairs detention. You have the right to remain silent, if you speak, we’ll feed you a confession agent, you can protest, but protests are invalid. Do you understand your rights?”



Fu Jiaze really didn’t hear exactly which word in the paragraph above mentioned that he had rights.



Meng Shen floated in with the Soul Locking Chain, and Qingheng- seeing him- began to cry, “Brother, you have to save me.”


Meng Shen was disappointed with this younger brother, but he really hadn’t expected that Qingheng would actually be stupid enough to learn transit spells.



He went straight up and slapped Qingheng a few times, cracking the corners of his mouth.



Qingheng was dumbfounded by the beating, and it took a good long while before he howled out, “How can you hit me, I want to file a complaint.”



Meng Shen: “I’m a death messenger, if you want to complain, you’ll have to die first.”



Don’t look at him coming up and slapping him and looking ferocious, this was actually already the result of him enduring and enduring. If he could, he simply wanted to directly hook Qingheng’s soul away and educate it in the underworld for a few decades before releasing it back.



A few days ago, the city god notified him to assist in the investigation of the transit array case, and he realized that Qiong Ren had been suffering from the transit array and cursed object for the past three years.



The Transit Array and the Cursed object were so dangerous that all those who came into contact with them could be victimized, and had been destroyed by the King of the Underworld.



However, the King of the Underworld had left them a clue, which was the beneficiary of the transit array – Fu Jiaze.



The Special Affairs Division had been busy investigating a matter during this time. Because Qingheng and Fu Jiaze had a close relationship, people from the Special Affairs Division also investigated Qingheng.



The results were a big surprise.



“As a Meng family member, even if you can’t learn anything else, don’t you even know the iron law of not touching a transmutation technique?” Meng Shen forced down his anger, “I asked City god to help me apply to check your life and death book, do you know that your lifespan has been shortened by a few decades and you can only live for another five years or so.”



Qingheng cried out shrilly, “I don’t believe you, you’re lying! You just hate me. I just used a little spell that can make luck better, and I didn’t do anything harmful, how could my life be short?”



Meng Shen was too lazy to dwell on the details with him and directly asked, “The Meng family never teaches the art of transmutation, where did you learn it from?”



Fu Jiaze had already been forcibly grabbed up by Yang Ling, he didn’t realize that this old fat man who came to the company regularly to look at feng shui was actually some kind of Special Affairs Division officer.



He looked at Qingheng anxiously, afraid that Qingheng would say something he shouldn’t.



Unfortunately, he was able to utilize Qingheng just because Qingheng had a love brain, and it was naturally impossible to get Qingheng to make up a decent lie to cover up the truth now.



“I picked it up in a hotel room when I went out traveling with Fu Jiaze one time, and at home you all refused to teach me any decent spells, so I casually learned it.”



Qingheng said, completely unaware of how outrageous it was to pick up spellbooks in a hotel, heartily holding out for himself, “I’m obviously very talented! I just don’t know how to read faces, I could learn those transmutation spells just fine, it’s all because you hate me so much that everyone in my family treats me like a fool. If you guys were willing to teach me properly, why would I learn from others!”



The more he said, the more he felt justified in his anger and aggression, and he cried so hard that it was hard for him to speak.



Meng Shen was chilled by his stupidity, his tone was icy cold: “Time, place and the specific experience, tell us in detail.”


Yang Ling looked beside and sighed. It wasn’t easy for Meng Shen. In this generation of the Meng family, apart from Meng Shen, each one was inferior.



Why was it difficult for Qingheng to learn other spells yet he easily learned the transmutation spell?



Because other spells required hard practice, Qingheng learned to use his life as a source of energy, so of course it was easy. The idiot still didn’t get it. He was like a candle that has lit itself up.



He was so young yet he was about to burn out.



Fu Jiaze heard Qingheng tell the story of how he learned the art of transmutation and knew that not only would he be investigated by the Special Affairs Division, he would also face the wrath of the Meng family.



Even if Qingheng was a failure, the Meng family would retaliate against him, Fu Jiaze, for Qingheng’s sake in order to keep their prestige from falling.



But what he was most afraid of was not the Meng family. Because Meng Shen looked like a good person, a good person no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t do anything too out of the ordinary.



It was the person who did the spell for him that he was most afraid of.



Thinking of that person’s rugged face, Fu Jiaze couldn’t help but tremble.



Seeing the look of fear on Fu Jiaze’s face growing stronger, the Panda Spirit said at the right time, “Confessing leads to leniency and resisting leads to severity, for some people, prison is the safest place. Our Special Affairs Division’s prisons guard against ghosts and evil spells.”



Fu Jiaze immediately spoke, “I’ll explain! But you guys have to guarantee my safety.”



Qiong Ren stepped across the yellow line, and understood in his heart that the deed should have taken effect, so he was only able to take the man down to the subway.



Miao Zheyan followed behind Qiong Ren with trepidation: ”Am I being haunted by a ghost? Should I go back and use pomelo leaves to exorcise the evil spirit? Or should I invite someone to perform a puja?”



Qiong Ren turned back, “You signed the deed of substitution with her, although the name wasn’t fully signed, I’m afraid the contract has already been established.”


“A substitute?” Miao Zheyan’s face went white, no wonder he had been cold since just now, his voice immediately weakened, “Am I going to die? What about my business show?”



Qiong Ren: “…… You’re quite dedicated.”


Miao Zheyan sighed with a bitter expression on his face, “What if I don’t work hard? I can’t compete with you talents. If I don’t work hard, where should I go to beg for food?”



As the two of them walked to the subway entrance, Qiong Ren saw a familiar figure.


Yan Mo stood under the shade of a tree, a small piece of sunlight shone on his cheeks, his skin was crystal clear and pale, his black hair was like ink, and he had a very high rate of drawing attention, in a short while, Qiong Ren had already seen two people looking at him so much that they bumped into electric poles.



“Yan Mo?” Qiong Ren ran over, “Why are you here?”



“To pick you up.” Yan Mo said, “The Special Affairs Division has been very busy lately, they don’t have time to solve such a weak ghost.”


Qiong Ren, “Is it about that?”


Yan Mo nodded.


Qiong Ren sighed. Even so, Yan Mo appeared at the subway entrance, exactly when he got off the subway, this wasn’t scientific at all.



Things like covering the vest couldn’t just be left to his personal efforts, really.



Miao Zheyan had already written a will in his heart, but listening to them mention solving a ghost and Special Affairs Division, he suddenly remembered his beloved teenage manga “all-powerful idol Dora”.



Dora was a popular idol during the day, but at night she took on the role of a teenage warrior who fought against the forces of evil, captured demons and monsters, and protected the peace of the city.



He looked at the superior appearance of these two, Qiong Ren’s occupation, and suddenly realized.



This was the real-life version of the all-powerful idol Dora.



All the fear and worry in Miao Zheyan’s heart suddenly disappeared.



With Dora here, it would definitely be fine.



There was a KTV next to the subway, they went in and asked for a small box for an hour.



Qiong Ren put the hand wearing the emerald bracelet on the table, brightly smiled and said: “Fortunately it’s only a hand, if it was a proper ghost, I wouldn’t dare to touch it.”



Miao Zheyan didn’t understand this logic, wasn’t a floating hand more terrible?



Qiong Ren slapped the signed paper on the table, shocking the hand enough for it to jump: “Come out and solve the problem yourself, or don’t blame me for not being polite.”



The hand moved fearfully and from the elbow, it gradually gave form to a pale shadow, a thin girl.



Qiong Ren’s expression was stern: “Name and origin, why are you looking for a substitute, and how can you release the deed? Honestly explain!”


She wailed, “My name is Shen Xiaoyun, I was pushed under the subway a few years ago and died a horrible death. My severed hand was stuck in the tracks and was never found, the body was incomplete and couldn’t be cast into the womb, nor could I leave the subway, so that’s why I wanted to catch a substitute. But I really didn’t have any intention of harming anyone. I just wanted to borrow his body to tell my family where my hand is, and I’ll return the body to him when it’s done.”






Qiong Ren and Yan Mo spoke in unison.



After Qiong Ren’s angry rebuke, seeing that this was really a ghost, his heart grew a little hairy, and he silently reached out and tugged on the corner of Yan Mo’s coat.



After tugging for a few seconds, feeling that tugging on the corner of his coat was useless, he secretly touched Yan Mo’s hand.



He wasn’t afraid anymore.



Yan Mo glanced at his hand, the corner of his mouth slightly upturned.



The hand continued to wail aggressively, “I didn’t lie.”



Yan Mo responded, “Corpse bones have nothing to do with reincarnation.”



Broken Hand was unconvinced, “How do you know, you haven’t died, how do you, a living person, know about reincarnation?”



Qiong Ren silently thought, “This is where ignorance gives one courage.”




The documents for reincarnation were approved by this person. The rules of reincarnation were also made by this person. If this one didn’t know about it, then no one would know.


Qiong Ren: “Don’t be sophomoric, I checked after I saw you for the first time today, there has been no accidents on this line at all.”



Broken Hand stiffened: “Then it must be the people at the subway station who deliberately hid the truth.”



Miao Zheyan, as the victim, but couldn’t intervene the entire time, could only shake his leg anxiously.



“Your hand is indeed broken, but it wasn’t run over.” Yan Mo said, “The marks at the elbow are a tiger’s teeth marks, you are – a devourer.”



Legend had it that a person bitten to death by a tiger would turn into a devourer ghost and be enslaved by the tiger, who in turn went on to lure more victims and make them food in the tiger’s mouth.



This was the origin of the idiom “to be a tiger’s accomplice”.



Qiong Ren: “I don’t think the tiger would instruct the ghosts to capture a substitute, right? The substitute can’t be eaten.”



Broken Hand: “Yes, it can’t be eaten.”



Yan Mo: “After the tiger dies, the ghosts are free. The underworld has hundreds of orphaned souls and wild ghosts defection points all over the country, if she is willing to go through the formal process of reincarnation, she can go to the defection point, and naturally, there will be a shadowy messenger to take them to the underworld.”



Qiong Ren had already guessed the cause and effect more or less by listening to Yan Mo.



The sins committed while working for the tiger would definitely be dealt with after arriving at the underworld, this ghost was afraid and in order to avoid punishment, it wanted to catch a substitute, just to stay in the human world.



Qiong Ren sullenly threatened: “Don’t make things up again, the fact that you grabbed someone to be a substitute is clear and understandable, evidence of the crime is still on the table.”



Broken Hand harbored a deep hatred in her heart. He looked so good-looking yet he was easily fooled. She grimaced: “I know it’s wrong, I beg you to be lenient. I’m really a fan of yours, the gg screen in the subway always broadcasts the promo of ‘Let’s Go, Friends’ recently, and I fell in love with you. I really just wanted to ask for an autograph with you, so I specially kept the back for you to sign.”



Miao Zheyan’s heart moved, could it be that the female ghost was also his fan? She didn’t really want to harm him, she just wanted to ask for his autograph, he got up to look at the piece of paper.



Oh. He signed the front side. It was clearly written on the deed, voluntarily providing his body for Party A’s use.



Miao Zheyan was so jealous that he was about to lose his mind, “Can you people who are ghosts treat everyone the same?”



The female ghost rationalized, “You look so much different from Qiong Ren, how can I treat you the same?”



Qiong Ren was very strict, “Is it honorable to have fans like you? I’ll nullify your fan status right now!”



The female ghost took a long breath, “Your heart is like iron.”


“I see that you will have to go through the nine-year compulsory education again after you go down to the underworld,” Qiong Ren was unmoved, “hurry up and explain, how did you come to the subway to look for a substitute?”



This devourer was indeed very weak, since it was so weak, it should have cast a wide net to catch a substitute, rather than confine the location to the subway, and the means to find a substitute was still to ask for a signature.


Except Miao Zheyan, which decent person would give autographs in the subway ah!



The ghost devourer had to give an honest explanation.



Because she lied to her relatives when she was alive, no one sacrificed to her after she got free. She was so poor and hungry that she thought she could just turn herself in, but she found a pamphlet in the subway with several methods of substitution written on it.



She was a bit stupid and only learned the method of asking for a signature. After picking up the pamphlet, she couldn’t leave the subway, and could only find a substitute for herself every day.



Qiong Ren: “How is it that there are still such criminals who go around spreading sinful methods ……”



Yan Mo, however, was thinking that the terminus of line 9 was one of the Underworld’s defection points in Longcheng, so this pamphlet was intentionally placed on line 9 so that if any ghosts rode the train, they could possibly see the pamphlet and pick it up.



This was robbing the ghosts from the underworld.



Female Ghost with Broken Hands: “I’ve explained everything I need to explain, what do you want to do with me?”



Qiong Ren: “Notify the officers to take you to reincarnation.”



She was overjoyed. She thought Qiong Ren was going to be ruthless. Today, she was completely terrified. Unexpectedly, Qiong Ren’s heart softened, “You are really the kindest and most beautiful person I have ever seen.”




Qiong Ren said expressionlessly, “It’s too cheap for you to die if you do something bad. If someone like you always lies and wants to harm others, you should go and repeat the punishment in every part of the underworld.



The broken-handed female ghost’s tears soared out.


Qiong Ren informed Meng Shen, who seemed to be busy and said he would ask his colleague to come and take away the soul.



Idle anyway, Qiong Ren pulled out his cell phone and slowly read the punishments in the underworld to Broken Hand.



Broken Hand then realized what a horrible future she was about to face.



Miao Zheyan also shivered as he listened, he had done quite a few of the things Qiong Ren recited. He had always felt that it was immoral at best, and he wouldn’t even be punished by the law, not realizing that the punishment after death would actually be that heavy.



The Underworld officer came quickly, and the one who came was a White Impermanence. Yan Mo turned his back, so the worker didn’t realize that King Yan was here.


After the worker took away the female ghost, the piece of paper with the deed written on it burned without fire. The soul once returned to the regular reincarnation process, so the substitute deed automatically became invalid.



Miao Zheyan thanked him profusely and couldn’t wait to worship him as his godfather on the spot.



Qiong Ren deeply felt that the evil trend of worshiping dads in the entertainment industry had to be destroyed.



After helping, of course, money should also be received, after all, his neighbor was still using his bankrupt persona well.



Hearing the crisp Wechat sound effect, Qiong Ren felt relaxed and happy.



When the two went home, Yan Mo asked him, if he didn’t come, how would he have solved the problem.


Qiong Ren made a gesture of wringing out a wet towel, “Twist-twist, and twist-twist again, I think she’d have given in.”



Yan Mo watched his wringing grip and silently thought: if his statue could live in Qiong Ren’s house, Qiong Ren would light incense, burn paper, and wipe the ash for him with such lovely hands.



Damn the god of Fortune.



That night, Miao Zheyan sent a post from the airplane.



Handsome Miao Zheyan: It is the most honored thing in my life to get to know the two gentlemen Qiong and Mo. Thank you for your help.



Fans just didn’t understand what this meant, after – a while, Miao Zheyan edited the post, changed Qiong and Mo to Qiong Ren and Yan Mo.


A few minutes later, Miao Zheyan sent out another post, deeply repenting from his former small-mindedness, vanity and other problems, and decided to be a new person from now on.


He also made a string of apologies, including to Chen Ruize.



Netizens couldn’t help but feel that these celebrities weren’t quite normal these days.



[Is the showbiz world being cleaned? Is it because Rong Zhen took the lead? I heard that he has cleaned up his act and converted to Buddhism, becoming a lay disciple of Longcheng Temple.]



[I have a sister who works under Li Kui, and she said that Li Kui now thinks that variety shows of stars tearing up themselves is useless except for triggering more resentment, and has decided to do a spiritual variety show instead, and has already collected a lot of material. I don’t think they’re being cleaned, they’re seeing ghosts.]




[After seeing ghosts, they realized that they really aren’t good human beings and urgently need to be corrected, it’s very educational and I’m touched by it.]



Not two days later, the Peach Blossom Fan crew notified the agent that a contract had been drawn up and he could come over to sign.



When Zhang Hao called him, he also asked him if he had read the information.



Qiong Ren really forgot about it, and he returned from the audition and continued to work on the arrangement in the dark. ‘Asshole Pay Me Back’ had given him a lot of inspiration and made him think that songs could actually carry more themes.



Emperor Song asked him to write a cultural promotion song for Great Black Rope Underworld.



Emperor Song wanted the song to be cautionary and suitable to be played over and over again while the sinners in hell were being tortured, so that they could realize from the bottom of their hearts what they did wrong.



Qiong Ren already had some ideas so far, and the title of the song was all thought out, it would be called “You Won’t Have a Good End”.



After hanging up with the director, Qiong Ren was deeply ashamed. Although he wasn’t an actor and didn’t want to be one, but since he was going to star in ‘Peach Blossom Fan’, he should have read the material properly.



The first page of the information was the photo of the two protagonists of ‘Peach Blossom Fan’, Chen Tao and Song Yuncheng, the prototypes of Xu Li and Jin Xuecheng.



Qiong Ren looked at the photo and almost smashed his cell phone.



What Xu Li and Jin Xuecheng.



Wasn’t this Emperor Song and Secretary Jin?




I posted 3 chaps in total, each really long, but worth it since I haven’t been able to update well 🥺

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