Li Kui hid in the car and narrated what he had just seen, his thick and majestic voice trembled slightly, “Master Qiong, Rong Zhen is my backer and my good friend, you must save him.”


“He is the president of Aikuxun, ‘Let’s Go, Friends’ is the exclusive variety show of Aikuxun. You don’t want to lose the website owner before your variety show debut is even aired, how unlucky would that be?”


Qiong Ren sighed sadly.


He just wanted to quietly be a mediocre little idol of the underworld and the living world.


Why did life always have to play jokes on him.


He wasn’t happy with all these people calling him either Dr. Qiong or Master Qiong.



The unhappy Qiong Ren hurriedly looked at the number of followers on the underworld’s Weibo.



Ah, 1.014 billion.



What a healing number.



After discovering the secret of the pendulum, he was depressed for a while, but after checking the underworld’s Weibo a few times, his mood calmed down.


Sure enough, idols and fans just ran in both directions, and any big hurt could be soothed by the number of fans.



He became calm again, “Director, I’m really not a master.”



Li Ki: “Don’t you have a dispute with Sincere Culture? As long as Rong Zhen opens his mouth to speak, Shan Cunhao will surely terminate your contract immediately and won’t dare to ask for a single penny from you.”



Qiong Ren: “Send me the address, I’m coming.”



What did it matter if he was called Master Qiong, as long as he could help others, he, Qiong Ren, was obliged to do so.



He put on his small backpack and as soon as he opened the door, his neighbor also happened to come out of the house.


Yan Mo smelled of fragrant minty strawberries, and it seemed that he had already used the laundry detergent he had sent. This scent of laundry detergent was rare, he took advantage of the promo to stock up on a lot.



Hey, he blamed the neighbor for being too handsome, obviously the neighbor meant that he liked the smell of laundry detergent on him, but it still made him blush for a long time.



Qiong Ren looked at himself every day, and his threshold of amazement at appearance was passively adjusted to a value that was difficult to reach. However, every time he saw Yan Mo, he still couldn’t help but surrender in his heart.



Qiong Ren: “What a coincidence, you’re going out too?”


Yan Mo: “Uh-huh. I wanted to give you something.”


He handed over a copy of the Code of Safety for Supernatural Forces.



Qiong Ren: “……”



It wasn’t long ago that he grabbed the fruit fox cubs and read them the summer safety instructions, he didn’t expect the boomerang to come back so soon.



Qiong Ren: “Thanks, thanks.”



What to do, suddenly he got weak. His current behavior should have already violated Yan Mo’s safety code, right?



Let’s just slip away as if nothing happened.


Qiong Ren thought so, but his mouth said, “The director I know is experiencing strange things, do you want to go together to see it?”



Yan Mo: “Sure.”


Why did he agree so quickly, shouldn’t someone who was the boss be busy?


Qiong Ren: “It won’t disturb your work?”



Yan Mo: “There’s no work. I’m broke, that’s why I moved here.”



“Eh?” Qiong Ren asked, “What about your haunted house?”



Yan Mo: “It went out of business.”



“……” Qiong Ren: “Okay.”



Rong Zhen’s residence was in the suburbs, the city center with a large flat with a garden couldn’t satisfy his obsession with fish farming. He needed fish ponds, bridges, and lake pavilions.



When Yan Mo saw the rolling grass, he didn’t react to anything superfluous, as if such an exaggerated courtyard made sense. Worthy of being someone who had once had money, he had seen the world.



In Qiong Ren’s mind, there was only the plain doubt that such a large grass field could or could not raise cattle.



Just as he was thinking so, he saw a flock of ducks walking by on the other side of the fence, as well as a few chickens, two sheep, and a cow.



Qiong Ren: “…… “The happiness of rich people was really beyond his imagination.



Li Kui led the two of them inside and couldn’t help but keep glancing at Yan Mo on the way. Qiong Ren felt that his neighbor didn’t like being stared at so frequently, and silently walked up and blocked Li Kui’s gaze.



“Don’t look, he isn’t a star and won’t be on your variety show.”



Li Kui laughed dryly, “Then this one is?”



Qiong Ren: “This is my friend Yan Mo, from a Xuan Men family, he is particularly specialized in exorcising ghosts, catching demons and getting rid of evil spirits. I went through a lot of trouble to invite him here.”



His neighbor had just gone bankrupt, so this was the right time since he was short of money. Since he brought the neighbor here, of course he should try his best to raise the money for the neighbor!



Li Kui understood in seconds, “Don’t worry. Rong Zhen is rich, as long as you can take care of his problems, the price is whatever you want.”



Walking along, Qiong Ren couldn’t help but slowly frown. This villa must have specialized people to take care of it, and the number of people would not be small, and every place was exquisitely clean. However, he could vaguely smell the stench of rotting meat.



And ……



“Yan Mo, do you feel that there are an abnormal number of flies here.”



Yan Mo nodded and whispered, “Don’t leave my side in a while.”



Qiong Ren’s ears felt numb, it was a shame that he wasn’t a voice actor.


Outside the European style villa with white stone facade, there were quite a few stocky flies surrounding it, making it very uncomfortable to look at.



Walking to the door, the stench became even stronger, and there was also a choking smell of joss sticks and paper ash.


Qiong Ren felt it was unbearable and took out two masks from his small backpack, one for Yan Mo and one for him.



Li Kui: “Why do you need to wear a mask? There’s no bad smell. Hiss-”



He remembered those disgusting and weird flies, eyes widening in panic: “Did the flies and you both smell the foul smell? What should we do? It shouldn’t be that Rong Zhen has already rotted inside.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



Please ……



You’re a variety director, not a psychic thriller director, don’t take the liberty of making such horrible brainstorms, okay?



And don’t put them in a sentence with flies either!



No wonder Li Kui’s last variety show had clips of him being beaten up by a group of guests, this man deserved it all.



“Rong Zhen, I brought you someone!”



Li Kui started yelling before he even entered the living room.



Qiong Zhen went in and saw that there was a man in black inside who was practicing, holding a mahogany sword and stepping around the room in a circle. There were some strange words drawn in vermilion sand on the floor.



It looked like a Taoist ritual, but the person doing it wasn’t wearing a Taoist robe.



A middle-aged man who looked like a yellow wax statue was sitting in the center of the formation, with a circle of incense and candles beside him, and a young red-haired man was squatting and burning paper at his feet.



Hearing Li Kui’s loud voice, the red hair looked up and made a “shh–” gesture toward them.



The man in black used a peach wood sword to pick up a piece of vermilion paper, the tip of the sword shook, the paper burned without fire. He recited under his breath, “Lamps and candles splendor with haze. Illuminate the ten directions. Lamps and lanterns shine together to release millimeters of light. All the nine ghosts and underworlds are bright.”



The mahogany sword poked into the water and the clear water turned into a grayish-black cup of talismanic water, “Drink it quickly!”



The red haired man jmmediately fed Rong Zhen the talisman water, the man in black bit through his middle finger and pressed it on the center of Rong Zhen’s eyebrow and shouted: “Nang Mo Siddhi Siddhi Siddhi Siddhi Siddhi Gala Ye Club Diem Sen Mo Siddhi Ajahn Siddhi Shabaha!”


After a few more sentences of gibberish, Qiong Ren still didn’t understand a word.


After a round of operation, the old yellow-faced Rong Zhen’s yellow breath gradually dispersed, and he felt that the feeling of being too weak to speak on his body was much better.



He tried to stand up on his own, jogged around in the same place, and rejoiced, “Useful useful! It’s really much better.”


The red haired man, with a smug look on his face, leaned on his side and praised himself, “Is it because I’m good to you?”


“Okay, okay, you’re the best.”



Li Kui was a little embarrassed, he brought people all the way here, now the problem was solved.



“These two are?” When Rong Zhen saw Yan Mo and Qiong Ren, he immediately pushed the red haired man away.



Only then did the redhead see Qiong Ren and Yan Mo standing at the entrance of the living room, he looked around at the two of them, his face immediately turned pale, revealing a resigned expression that read “Failed miserably”.


Li Kwai hurriedly introduced, “This is Qiong Ren and his friend Yan Mo, both of them are related to the underworld.”



The man in black snorted coldly, “Playing god. Is there a second family in Dragon City besides my Meng family that has ties with the underworld?”


It turned out to be someone from Meng Shen’s family.


Qiong Ren silently shook his head in his heart, this quality of the Meng family was really uneven.


Li Kui: “You are?”


The man in black held his head high and didn’t say anything, and the red haired man immediately came over to introduce him, and he respectfully bent slightly towards Meng Qianshan: “This is the high ranking person of the Meng family in Dragon City, Master Meng Qianshan.”



He acted as a qualified comic relief, introducing Meng Qianshan’s one thousand and eighty glorious deeds in passing.



Yan Mo couldn’t help but reveal an expression of disgust.



Had the Xuan Sect of Humanity already become like this? No wonder someone dared to use the transmutation technique again.


Qiong Ren: “What?” He thought that fancy looking man was quite impressive ah.


Yan Mo frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “He first recited the first few lines of the Zhengyi Sect’s Underworld Breaking True Section, and then recited the Immovable King Mantra later on, Buddha is Buddha, Tao is Tao. The talisman spontaneously combusting is a magic trick, used to pretend to be a god. The middle finger is connected to the blood of the heart, Yang energy is sufficient to disperse the evil spirits. Burning paper money and burning joss sticks is used to bribe the dead souls.”



Good lord, Qiong Ren thought Meng Qianshan was demonstrating the Xuanmen’s professional ghost-expelling techniques, but it was actually a hodgepodge of Buddhism, Taoism, and folk beliefs plus folk remedies.



“After he recited those Sanskrit phrases he said something else I couldn’t understand, what was that? Is it Latin?” It seemed like one had to recite Latin to exorcise a spirt, and English didn’t work.



Yan Mo looked at him with some helplessness in his eyes, “Dialect profanity. It’s inconvenient to paraphrase.”



Qiong Ren: “…… The Meng family is really talented, their family has only one reliable person, Meng Shen.”


However, if he thought about it, Meng Shen didn’t seem too reliable either ……


But how didn’t Yan Mo know everything, even foreign language and dialects, he was so powerful.


Qiong Ren asked in a low voice: “Do these methods work?”


Yan Mo: “This person is haunted by a color-eating ghost. Only the middle finger blood is slightly useful, but it can only withstand it for a moment. When the yang energy on that little bit of heart blood is depleted, his condition will be worse than it is now.”


Qiong Ren silently looked towards the corner of the living room wall, where a thin man floated, looking at Meng Qianshan and shaking his head uncontrollably.



The male ghost looked miserable, “I thought I had finally invited a celestial master back, but it’s a fake. My life is so bitter.”



Qiong Ren listened inexplicably and said in a low voice, “Is the ghost who committed the crime him?”


Yan Mo gently shook his head.


On this end, the red haired man praised Meng Qianshan as the first Heavenly Master of Dragon City.


Meng Qianshan looked arrogant as he held his head high, “If I had known that you didn’t trust me, I wouldn’t have come.”



Rong Zhen’s body was now much more relaxed, and he also had strength, he hurriedly walked over, “Misunderstanding, Master, this is all a misunderstanding.”



The bodyguard next to him immediately offered a thick pile of banknotes with both hands, and Meng Qianshan’s eyes looked straight.


Rong Zhen cunningly squinted his eyes, the sound of money arriving was nice, but what was as shocking as cash?



“Master don’t be offended, Old Li is also worried about me, he didn’t know that Xiao Hong invited you first.” Rong Zhen laughed, and then said to Qiong Ren and them, “Don’t be offended, the two of you came late and didn’t get to show off your skills, a small road fee will be offered as a token of disrespect.”


The bodyguard again presented two piles of money, only looking much thinner than Meng Qianshan’s.


“No merit, no reward.” Qiong Ren smiled, and looked at Rong Zhen who was dumbfounded, “Mr. Rong had better take it back.”



Yan Mo, however, said, “It’s fine to take it back, but add money.”


Meng Qianshan sneered. He was trying to portray the image of a master with a strange temper but superior means. But he was born lewd and had an unpleasant voice, his laugh sounded like a crow cawing, which made one’s teeth hurt to hear.


“You want to take money without doing the right thing, and you have to add money. Kid, what kind of rules are you following?”


Yan Mo didn’t look at him, he was born tall and his person was noble, naturally he had a feeling of condescension.



He looked at Rong Zhen and said indifferently, “If you want to live, you have to agree to one of my conditions.”


Rong Zhen was a CEO of Aikuxun. He had always hated beauties playing tricks in front of him, and he wasn’t the type of boss who said, ‘Girl, you caught my attention’.


His face immediately became not very good.



The redhead was hostile to all people of the opposite se.x and the same s.ex who looked better than him: “What are you talking about? What living, you don’t need to intimidate people even if you want to cheat money.”



Yan Mo said, “Mr. Li, give him a hand.”



His tone was calm and inexplicably had a kind of power, Li Kui went up to help Rong Zhen without even thinking about it, and the next second, Rong Zhen slid down like a limp noodle, and his face was so yellow and scary in a flash that the skin on his face looked like it was going to melt away.



Li Kui almost threw up at Rong Zhen’s bizarre appearance.


The peach wood sword in Meng Qianshan’s hand clattered to the ground.


He was a person with rare Yang energy and was a man. The heart blood from his middle finger should have been able to drive away the ghost directly.


Could it be …… Meng Qianshan panicked, this was a severe ghost haunting?



He said with a forced smile, “It seems that this ghost is very powerful, why don’t I do it again?”



If it didn’t work, he would have to call for outside help, he hoped that Meng Shen wasn’t busy lately.



Rong Zhen was already out of breath, he struggled to point at Qiong Ren, “You, you, come.”



Qiong Ren glanced at Yan Mo and obediently didn’t move, “If you want to live you have to agree to his condition.”



Rong Zhen: “What …… what …… condition ……”



Yan Mo said in a deep voice: “From now on, clear your mind, and don’t be close to men or women.”



Rong Zhen at this moment was unable to speak, he could only nod in small movements, his head swole and a burst of blackness spread in front of his eyes, he wanted to take a big breath, but his throat and lungs were paralyzed, he simply couldn’t breathe.


He was afraid that Yan Mo wouldn’t be able to see that he was nodding, he was so anxiously that he was ho-ho-hoing in his throat.


Seeing that he nodded, Yan Mo intended to directly dispel the Yin energy from his body, but after thinking about it, he felt that this wasn’t very scientific.


Even if there was a relationship with the underworld, there was no celestial master who could exorcise evil with his mind.



He took out his cell phone and operated it for a while, handing it to Qiong Ren: “This is the spell to attract thunder to drive away ghosts, read it accordingly, it can attract thunder to break the yin qi on his body.”



“I’m not a Taoist priest, will it work if I recite it?” Of course Qiong Ren knew that there was something unusual about him, he wasn’t stupid, the ability to give plastic surgery to ghosts couldn’t be done by just anyone.


But he wasn’t a Taoist priest, he didn’t even know who the Three Purities were, and he didn’t have any magical power, if this could work, then wouldn’t masters be everywhere?


Yan Mo looked like he could see his doubts, “It works, read it.”



Qiong Ren trusted his new neighbor, since the neighbor said that it worked, then it should indeed work, so he took the phone and read it: “The essence of the horns and mines …… deludedly seeks blood food, and coolly harms the living souls …… The group of devils swims in the knowledge that all the thunder is solved …… against my order, against the Shangqing.”



A long paragraph, he read it without emotion. But he felt something wasn’t right, there was no thunder movement in the sky.


Rong Zhen’s eyes gradually filled with despair, it seemed that his life was going end today.



What should his company do, he hadn’t yet become the leading boss of the film and television industry, he still had many projects in hand that hadn’t been completed.



He didn’t want to die! He must have been framed by his opponents to end up in this situation, he would definitely come back to take revenge when he turned into a ghost!



Qiong Ren slapped his palm. No wonder it felt awkward, it turned out that the soul of the spell hadn’t been added yet.



He recited the soul of the spell out loud : “Haste is like a law!”






The sound of thunder rang out, a small thunder crossed the roof and struck directly on Rong Zhen, the living room was instantly filled with the smell of burning.



The sound of thunder startled the male ghost, and a hopeful glow reappeared on his face.



“These two seem reliable, please, Rong Zhen must not die.”



The male ghost cried sincerely, Qiong Ren was really curious about what kind of person Rong Zhen was to him.


Meng Qianshan was stunned. He used to think that Meng Shen, who was chosen to become a Wuchang, was the most powerful and fierce person, but he didn’t expect anything more exaggerated.



Meng Qianshan couldn’t help but stand in awe. He bowed his head: ”Master! Do you still lack a disciple? I can recognize you as my godfather.”


Li Kui wasn’t pleased, “What are you screaming about!”



He turned his head and smiled at Qiong Ren and the others, “The two dads are really good at what they do!”



Qiong Ren: “……”



Rong Zhen was struck by lightning and immediately felt his body lighten up. That feeling of being so weak that it was hard to bear also disappeared, he took a few deep breaths of the air filled with the smell of paste, and surprisingly, he had a feeling of being a different person.


The waxy feeling on his body had almost disappeared, and his skin looked similar to that of a normal middle-aged man.



Though with saggy, wrinkled, and with large pores. But at least it wasn’t like a wax statue.


“Masters, you are the real masters!” Rong Zhen pounced up and wanted to shake hands, but was held back by Li Kui.


“Not to be near men and women, you just promised and then forgot.” Li Kui roared loudly next to Rong Zhen’s ear, causing his eardrums to buzz.



Rong Zhen dizzily rubbed his ears for a while and looked at Qiong Ren and Yan Mo with awe in his eyes.



This Yan Mo was certainly a powerful character, but Qiong Ren wasn’t simple either na, this kind of golden light, his whole body filled with a master’s aura, Rong Zhen didn’t find it unfamiliar.


Old Li did variety shows every day and saw many people with accuracy. At the beginning, Sincere Culture wanted to remove the shots of Qiong Ren, and even entrusted someone to meet his little lover.



He was asked by his delicate and alluring young mistress, and originally wanted to agree, but Li Kui said that Qiong Ren wasn’t simple, so he didn’t agree to Sincere Culture’s request.



At that time, Li Kui even let slip that for the sake of a Qiong Ren, it was worth not cooperating with Sincere Culture’s artists from now on.


At that time, he didn’t know who Qiong Ren was. He only agreed as a favor to Li Kui. Qiong Ren’s materials weren’t allowed to be deleted, and Aikuxun wouldn’t trade with Sincere Culture.


Now it seemed that Old Li had a knack for understanding people!



Rong Zhen ordered the servants to clean up the pile of joss sticks and paper fires at home, and didn’t drive people away because Meng Qianshan couldn’t do it, and had the good manners to invite everyone to the study.


The male ghost also uneasily followed to the study.




The red haired man wanted to act coquettish again, so Rong Zhen quickly dodged, “Xiao Hong, you heard it too. I can’t be close to men or women in the future. Let’s break up. Don’t worry, I will pay the breakup fee as much as possible.”


He immediately and obediently sat far to the side.



“Master,” Li Kui asked, “what exactly was haunting Old Rong?”



Yan Mo: “It’s a lust-eating ghost.”


A Lust Eating Ghost loved lustful people, and would visit from time to time after seeing who it liked, and if it encountered a lustful person who was acting out, it would eat the filth, and it would also suck their essence.



This kind of ghost became entangled for a long time and gradually replaced its appearance with the object it was interested in.



It didn’t want to be a double, it just admired lascivious people and wanted to get close to them in person.




Those who had been haunted by such ghosts, even if they succeeded in escaping, would be marked on their bodies. If he didn’t clear his mind from now on, he would still be haunted by other lust-eating ghosts.



When Rong Zhen was half dead just now, he had already determined in his heart that his opponent had caused him harm. Unexpectedly, it was brought in by himself……



Rong Zhen was lascivious, but he can’t be blamed for it. He had always been clear and honest, and traded it for money.



Li Kui: “Was this thing already killed by the lightning?”



Yan Mo: “It’s still there, and it will come back at night.”



The stench hadn’t gone away.



At night, Qiong Ren and Yan Mo stood guard, while Li Kui carried a video camera, intending to follow the whole thing.


Not only was he not afraid, he had a kind of maniacal excitement.


“I’m tired of filming ordinary rip-off variety shows. It’s time to venture into psychic variety arts. Today is my first take, I hope Buddha blesses the ghosts to come.”



It was scary how obsessive literary workers could be, completely putting life and death out of their minds and only wanting to get material.



Rong Zhen slept in the living room as the designated victim, and Meng Qianshan, not knowing whether he wanted to learn a hand from Yan Mo or to wash away his shame, took the initiative to stay and help out, giving cover to the real ghost hunting force.



The three of them waited for the ghost to come in the glass flower room next to them, and Meng Qianshan rearranged a spell formation in the living room that was similar to the one in the daytime and inserted incense and candles.


Twelve o’clock at midnight.



Qiong Ren suddenly smelled a terrible stench, the three of them crouched outside the window, the place where they could move was so narrow that it was hard for Qiong Ren to lift his arms without getting up.



He endured it for a while, couldn’t stand it anymore, and directly buried his face in Yan Mo’s back and inhaled deeply.



It was full of the scent of mint strawberry candy.



Was this the ability of a metaphysical big brother? Why was it that when he buried his face here, he couldn’t smell the stench at all.



In the Hall, the King of the Underworld, who was retrying the sinners, suddenly looked stunned, and his ears slowly turned red.


Secretary Nan: “……”


Secretary Nan: “Your Majesty?”



King Yan forced a smile and said faintly, “Continue.”


Secretary Nan felt that recently King Yan was very off! Was it because there was too much work, i.e., after King Qinguang, this king was also crazy from work? He heard that King Qinguang was treating it on earth with good efficacy, should she suggest that the Great King also go to take a look ……


While Qiong Ren was seriously saving his respiratory organs, he completely failed to notice how tightly Yan Mo’s back was tensed.


“It’s coming.” Yan Mo warned in a low voice.



A gust of cloudy wind blew by, the candle flame went out, and paper dust filled the sky.



A pile, yes, Qiong Ren felt that this kind of thing could only be described as a pile.



A pile of yellowish, oily substance, like soft yellow wax crawled out of the sewer. Slowly, slowly, it crawled towards Rong Zhen, who was sleeping in the living room.



The skinny male ghost suddenly rushed over, holding a shiny piece of something inside his hand, crying as he smashed it on the pile.



“Ahhhhhhh! No one is allowed to move him! Help, two masters come and help!”


Qiong Ren: “So, so brave.”


Yan Mo, however, frowned gently, “City god Order?”



The pile of stuff rose against the wind and turned into a man who resembled Rong Zhen to the nth degree, with a lecherous expression, and a grip on the male ghost’s neck.



Even so, the male ghost didn’t retreat and still tried his best to tangle with that pile of stuff, not allowing him to get close to Rong Zhen for a single minute.


Qiong Ren wanted to rush out to save the ghost, but was held down by Yan Mo.



He opened the window and pulled out a handful of talismans in his hand and threw them at the pile. The talismans instantly pasted all over that pile of stuff, and even before it had time to put in a few harsh words like all villains, it went up in smoke.



Yan Mo looked melancholy.



How could it be so hard to pretend to be an ordinary Xuan Men person, this lust-eating ghost was supposedly too strong, how could it die at the touch of a button.



He had clearly tried his best to act weak today.



The male ghost was so scared by the power of the talisman that he crouched down holding his head, “Master don’t hurt me by mistake, I’m a good ghost, I was specially authorized by the city god to go through the official channel to return to the living world.”



Qiong Ren and Li Kui also ran in.



Li Kui couldn’t stop tsk-tsking when he saw the ghost captured in the camera.



Rong Zhen got up in a flash and anxiously asked, “Was it caught?”



Li Kui looked at the camera display in awe, “Old Rong, you may have met true love. There was a very brave man who defied the odds to save you just now. I didn’t expect it ah, I thought you can only find people that wanted your money, but there’s actually someone else.”



Rong Zhen immediately revealed a moved expression, “Is it Zhen Zhen? Or Tian Tian? Xiao Huang, it must be Xiao Huang, it can’t be Yun Yun.”


Qiong Ren: “……” This person was hopeless.



That male ghost angrily stood up, “Who would be related to such an old lustful lot? I was licensed by the City god of Dragon City and came back with the City god’s order to ask Rong Zhen for money! He owes me money!”




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