The results of the Ghost Judge Hall’s staff vote finally came to an end with Qiong Ren winning a big victory with 98.6% of the votes.



King Qinguang looked disheveled with sadness, loss, and a hint of disbelief.


The Hall of Ghost Judges was full of filial sons and daughters, yet they were actually confused by an unfilial son like Qiong Ren.


King Qinguang was pained.


He even saw his mother and third sister running to take a picture with Qiong Ren and taking out an album for Qiong Ren to sign. Going together once was enough, why did the third sister run over there again?


Little Aunt Qingxi walked over to Qiong Ren:


“I didn’t introduce myself just now, are you interested in being our Ghost Judge Hall’s cultural promotion ambassador?”


Qiong Ren: “?”



Did the Ghost Judgement Palace have more money than it could spend? Why would it ask a little idol with no fame like him to be a promotional ambassador.


Emperor Song rushed sharply to Qiong Ren’s side and said to Little Aunt Qingxi, “It’s not quite appropriate for you to ask the only prince of my Third Palace to be a cultural promotion ambassador for the Ghost Judgement Palace, is it?”



He was serious on his face and ecstatic in his heart.



He found another opportunity to stuff the cub with money ah!



He almost forgot. The “Outstanding Underworld King” competition that was held once every thirty years was coming up. Ever since this competition began, Yan Molu had been the champion.


If he asked Qiong Ren to be the ambassador of the Great Black Rope Great Underworld’s cultural promotion, he could not only get Qiong Ren to help him canvass for votes, but he could also use this opportunity to spend money on Qiong Ren under various pretexts.



When the cultural promotion song and videos were all arranged, a starting fund for creation could be given first. After being launched, the money would paid according to the playback volume. With his popularity, billions of views wasn’t a problem.



Not only did he promote himself, but he was also able to spend his wealth on his offspring.


It was really killing two birds with one stone!



Emperor Song’s happiness was so simple and fulfilling. His face wore the joy of finally being able to spend his money:



“Cub, the title of Great Black Rope Underworld Culture Promotion Ambassador is yours.”


Qiong Ren didn’t expect that there were actually two gods who were willing to spend money, and he wondered from the bottom of his heart, “But I’m an unknown star, what do you guys want by asking me to be the cultural promotion ambassador?”



Even Emperor Song, the daddy fan, couldn’t help but feel that this was too much. If he was unknown, what were the other idols?






Unexpectedly, Qiong Ren continued, “I asked Secretary Jin, he said that I barely have 10,000 live fans in the underworld, and isn’t the population of hell already on 60 billion? Ten thousand fans can’t start much of a publicity effect, right?”


For a while, there was silence all around.


Eh? Did he say something wrong? Why was it suddenly so quiet!


Emperor Song: “Do you think that you only have ten thousand live fans in the underworld?”



It was hard to believe that for so long, Qiong Ren didn’t know how popular he was in the underworld …… Damn, after so many visits,.no one said a word to the cub?



Huh? It seemed that he himself didn’t.



“Secretary Jin said barely there, and barely there means no, but close.” Qiong Ren was also confused as to why everyone was reacting so strangely, “Did I misunderstand?”



Emperor Song discovered his secretary’s logic and understood where the misunderstanding came from.



“Secretary Jin hates the entertainment industry, he most likely doesn’t understand the meaning of living fans. When he said barely, he meant barely counting ten thousand living fans, not barely ten thousand active fans.”



“Then how many fans do I actually have in the underworld?” Qiong Ren got curious.



“Can it add up to a million?” Qiong Ren looked at the Little Aunt’s expression and boldly added a little more, “Two million, no, three million!”


Little Aunt Qingxi opened her mouth, then simply took out her cell phone, opened the netherworld version of Weibo, clicked on followers, and held up the screen for Qiong Ren to see, “I suggest that you mentally prepare yourself first.”



What psychological preparation, Qiong Ren was very confident.


He had been on the hot search list once and had seen the world, even if he had five million netherworld fans, he would definitely not lose his temper.



Qiong Ren’s eyes swept over and saw his name and avatar, the number of fans under his name was ……



He rubbed his eyes, his entire face almost buried in the screen.



Below his name, the number of fans displayed was clearly 1.013 billion, and he suddenly felt like he didn’t recognize the word billion.



Qiong Ren stood frozen in place for a full half a minute before slowly coming back to his senses, revealing a bashful smile, ”The units of the number of fans were displayed wrongly, right, I almost thought it was real. How could it be. A billion, my eyes are so bold that I actually dared to see it as such an exaggerated number.”




Qiong Ren refreshed the page and took another careful glance, and the number had indeed become different.



It was now 1.014 billion.


Qiong Ren: “……”



Emperor Song and the others looked at the changing, sometimes puzzled, sometimes confused, sometimes happy, sometimes sad expression on Qiong Ren’s face, and they all expressed their understanding.



With a billion fans falling from the sky, one would be considered strong-minded if they didn’t fall apart in disbelief.



Qiong Ren struggled to understand this news half a day and realized that he just couldn’t. He looked to King Yan and asked with a sincere expression, “Can you take a look at the cell phone page for me?”



“You didn’t read it wrong. You have over a billion followers on the netherworld version of Weibo, and you’re the superstar of the underworld.” King Yan’s tone was smooth as usual and particularly convincing.



Just as the King of the underworld said superstar in a serious manner, Qiong Ren became slightly dizzy, it was like magic turning into reality.



Qiong Ren folded his hands with a pious expression, “Where can I find the installation package for the underworld version of Weibo?”



“You can download it from the app market, but you have to link to the underworld network first.” The flat-headed (former) staff member raised his hand enthusiastically, “Me me me! I can connect you to my home made computer’s Wifi.”



After Qiong Ren connected to the underworld network and loaded the underworld version of Weibo, King Yan suddenly covered the screen with his hand. He had to say, King Yan’s hands were really beautiful, the bones were distinct but not abrupt, even his nails were long and full.



“Occasionally, there will be ghosts who like to play pranks jumping out along the network to scare people.” King Yan explained softly, not moving as he forced back a freshly emerged internet ghost.



This was a new breed of ghost in the age of the internet, they had little interest in reincarnation and practically lived inside the internet, skulking around along it from time to time.



Qiong Ren subconsciously trembled in fear, silently holding the cell phone away from him, then he looked up at King Yan and slowly smiled, “Thank you.”



Yan Molu’s eyes stopped on Qiong Ren’s face once more. He was so cute when he smiled, his eyelashes were so long. The tear mole on his face was a little smaller, and his lips curved into a smile that made people want to poke the shallow pear vortex around his lips.



Qiong Ren quickly logged in to Weibo, his account was interconnected between the Yin and Yang world.

He casually took a selfie and sent it, with the text: thank you all.



After successfully sending it and refreshing the page again, the comments already exceeded 10,000, and the likes were running towards 200,000 people.


Qiong Ren’s pupils quaked.



So fast, was this the strength of the underworlders?



The underworld fans were using brainwave input, right? How could they instantly type out so many words!



[Crap what did I just see? Isn’t this the Hall of Ghost Judges? I recognize the ghost officials. Hubby when are you coming to our fourth temple ah, crying.]



[Lick the screen before commenting.]



[Wife is beautiful again today.]



[I’m a ghost on the scene, I’ve post 20,000 beautiful pictures in my Weibo page, sisters quickly go and see, he’s so good looking in real life oooh!]


[Son, mom loves you! Mom is waiting for you in the Yellow Springs!]



[I was originally not a fan, but today he spent a lot of time in the Ghost Judgement Hall to help my colleague organize his flat head that had caused him pain for many years. Thanks to Qiong Ren, my colleague not only regained his original appearance, but also regained his sight. I’ll be his fan from now on, Qiong Ren is worth it.]



[Dr. Qiong’s medical skills are really great, my arm which was broken into five pieces is all connected. I wish Dr. Qiong good health and a long and safe life.]



[Would Dr. Qiong consider practicing at the Ninth Temple? Would you please see if there is any salvation for the likes of me? Long Tongue.JPG]



The comments were gradually going off the rails.



Qiong Ren was completely confused, “Helping ghosts with plastic surgery is just putting them back together as they were, doesn’t the underworld have this business?”



It was fine to do a favor in passing, but it would be too much pressure if everyone put their expectations on him.



After Qiong Ren finished speaking, the scene relapsed into silence.



Qiong Ren: “……”



He was a bit flustered, “You guys shouldn’t be silent, it’s not like I’m the only one in the entire underworld who can do it.”



King Yan: “It isn’t that bad.”



It was just the difference between everyone else being spell shaped and Qiong Ren physically putting them together.



“I told you, after all, I’m just a mediocre …… top star of the underworld.” His toes curled when he said those words, and his heart was soaring with pleasure again.



Awkwardly cool and so topsy-turvy! Was this what top stars felt like?



A little gentle smile spread in Yan Molu’s eyes. The ability to restore the ghost to its original appearance was a reflection of the power of the golden light of merit on Qiong Ren.



He was obviously trembling with fear. Yet, he would still earnestly put the ghosts together piece by piece, in fact, even if he didn’t do so, those ghosts would still vote for Qiong Ren.



“To be able to help so many ghosts, you’re amazing.”


“Ah ……” Qiong Ren felt embarrassed, “It’s not very impressive.”



As he spoke, his little curly hair shifted along with him. Yan Molu felt his fingertips tingle as he watched the lightly jumping tresses.



If only he could touch it, his hair must be so soft.



After passing the final tally and notarizing the votes, King Chu Jiang officially declared that Qiong Ren had won by an overwhelming margin.



King Qinguang stamped the official seal of the Ghost Judgement Palace on the visa, and his expression remained cold: “Take it.”



“Don’t think that getting the visa means ……”



“Thanks.” Qiong Ren took it and left.



King Qinguang had a mouthful of sermons stuck in his throat. How could there be such an unlikeable living person, he was the head of the Ghost Judge Hall! Couldn’t he be treated with some basic respect.



Why was the person who was trembling with fear of his employees not afraid of him, was he not as scary as his employees?


He was in charge of the Sinful Mirror, and he had the authority over the length of life on earth ……



King Qinguang was severely criticizing Qiong Ren in his heart when he saw that Qiong Ren suddenly come back.



He handed King Qinguang a small note: “I heard from King Yan about your situation. This Ren Xiu is a very famous doctor who works at the Longcheng Medical University Hospital, and I heard that he is very good at treating schizophrenia. I think you can find him to take a look. His department and phone number is on the note.”



“You’re saying I’m mentally ill?” King Qinguang was trembling with anger.



Qiong Ren was also surprised, ”Don’t you have any? The three incarnations each have different thoughts, this is considered a split personality. When I looked at the sin mirror table today, the inside was bleeding. The sinful mirror table is a copper mirror, and if it is often beaten with blood, the mirror will easily rust.”



“Is, is it?” King Qinguang was weirdly convinced.



“I wish you a speedy recovery.”



Qiong Ren nodded at him and ran towards King Yan’s dragon carriage. He had been delayed in the underworld for too long today, and Emperor Song had asked King Yan to take him home. He heard that the dragon carriage was faster than an airplane.



King Qinguang secretly put the note away. He’d just, just go and take a casual look. To test the level of medical care on earth, definitely not because he was mentally ill.



The dragon carriage was light and smooth. But Qiong Ren didn’t see the dragon.



Seeing his confusion, King Yan explained, “The living would lose their life span if they saw the underworld dragons, so they became invisible.”



So that was how it was, what a considerate master and dragon. Qiong Ren had come into contact with the people of the underworld a few times down and realized that at least the first half of the sentence in the saying that the king of the underworld was easy to see and the little ghosts were difficult to deal with is true.


No wonder in those novels about monsters and ghosts that he read when he was a child, any wandering soul could find the King of the underworld to cry out their grievances, after all, that was how reality was.



Qiong Ren leaned on the window and watched for a while as the dragon carriage swept past the Three Way River and passed by the Yellow Spring. He yawned softly, “So sleepy.”



He rummaged around in his small backpack and muttered in a small voice, “Forgot my headphones. But I wanted to listen to something and sleep.”


King Yan looked over at him, “I’d like to revise a document, do you mind if I read it out? It’s easier to find things that don’t read smoothly that way.”



Qiong Ren: “Of course I don’t mind. Am I holding up your work?”


He whispered, “No.”



He took out the document and read it softly.



His voice was low and pleasing to the ear, like mellow wine laced with honey, slowly flowing into his ears. Qiong Ren hugged the stuffed rabbit and slowly closed his eyes.



“Next, the Underworld is going to build a new administrative ecology with the theme of Informatization, data, and electronization, and simplify the process of reincarnation ……”



Yan Molu watched him fall asleep but didn’t stop. The space in the dragon car was filled with the scent of Qiong Ren’s body. A thought popped into his mind, it might not be easy to get Qiong Ren to reside in the underworld, but he could move to the human world.


There was no delay in going to work wherever he lodged anyway.



Qiong Ren woke up with a start and found himself lying on a bed in the orphanage. The plush rabbit was sitting at the head of the bed.



“King Yan carried me in?”



The plush rabbit nodded.



Qiong Ren stretched and ruffled the rabbit’s head.



“You can actually write code ……”



Fluffy rabbit and code, it was so out of sync, it was outrageous no matter how he thought about it, and it was outrageous when he saw it with his own eyes.



The rabbit typed to tell him.



[The owner picked up the rabbit and rabbit learned it online from the domesticated computer. Rabbit is just learning python and doesn’t know how to use it yet.]



[The domesticated computer started an internet marketing company, and rabbit is the customer service.]


[Rabbit wants to make money, owner is too poor.]



Qiong Ren: “……”


He hugged the rabbit and ruffled its fur vigorously, “I’m sorry oooooooooo, I’ll make good money.”



On the last day of July, “Let’s Go, Friends” released its first teaser.



Opening with a nice empty shot, the narrator slowly spoke, “How long has it been since you’ve been out traveling with your best friend?”



Ren Yisheng was a loyal fan of Li Kui, he was usually too tired after work, so he liked to watch tearful variety shows to pass the time. As soon as he saw the preview of the new variety show, he couldn’t wait to click in and watch it.



Li Kui, the director, was particularly annoying, any major celebrity in his variety show may have a disastrous accident. He also particularly enjoyed drama, and the variety show was cut like “Legend of Concubine Zhen Huan”.



However, each of his variety show had high ratings and had given birth to all kinds of variety show disciplines. With just sent the preview, a support group had already been built.



Guests appeared in images with their names. There were top stars, up and coming movie kids, and veteran stars and athletes. Sort of a common variety show configuration.


If you just looked at the face, the brightest was undoubtedly Qiong Ren, even a big straight man like Ren Yisheng, when he saw the camera cut to Qiong Ren in a big close up, he drew a breath of cold air and called out that he was too handsome.



The director’s loud voice rang out, “Today we are going to hold, archery competition.”



Ren Yisheng knew that there was no way that Li Kui’s travel variety show would actually go according to plan.


The screen was also full of “Here we go again”, “I knew it”, “All sit down, Director Li’s regular operation strikes again”.



The camera cuts to Fu Jiaze, who shot an arrow, and cheers erupted. It seemed to signal that Fu Jiaze had won the archery competition.



The next shot was of a teary-eyed Qingheng, and close-ups of the other guests’ embarrassed and bewildered faces.



“The first episode of a new series is going to be a tearjerker? He used to use a harmonious and hilarious teaser to first trick viewers who didn’t know him, why is the new variety so subdued?”



The hospital’s registration system prompted a new patient signing in. Ren Yisheng startled then threw his cell phone into the drawer, pressing the button to call the number.



“Please 047, Jiang, Ziwen, enter consultation room 7 for treatment.”



Jiang Ziwen was middle-aged and wore a suit, he looked very elegant, and shook his hand as soon as he saw Ren Yisheng.



“Doctor ah, can split personalities be cured?”


Qiong Ren stayed at the orphanage for a few days, waiting for the director to heal before returning.


The two employees he hired for the small studio in the underworld were HBL2003 and its owner, Du Yuan. Hiring an employee from the understand was straightforward and economical by burning paper money. He paid tribute in passing when he ate, reaping the rewards of grateful tears from his employee.



Qiong Ren had always wanted to have a concert, before he was too unknown to have one, but now since he had so many fans in the underworld, Qiong Ren put it on the agenda.



He figured he’d record songs and release a new album first, then do a tour. The fans of the underworld had listened to the last album over and over again for who knows how many times.



When the time came, all the staff would be hired in the underworld, creating GDP for the underworld.



He compared the number of fans on the Yin and Yang apps. The difference was too great.


There were certainly a lot of fans in the underworld, but he couldn’t just let go of the living world fans, he had to treat them equally.



Qiong Ren ignited the cause!



Rabbit was serious about customer service, Qiong Ren was serious about writing songs, one person and one rabbit worked hard in the room.



The clattering of keyboards suddenly stopped. Rabbit ran to his side and pointed at the screen for him to see.



“It’s not good, isn’t it a basic operation for a marketing company to keep secrets?”



But Rabbit was insistent, and Qiong Ren had to go over and look.



On the screen was an open Excel, Qiong Ren looked at it for a few moments and found that it was an order requesting the organization of a water army to smear Qiong Ren. The point in time was chosen after the official broadcast of the variety show, and the point of hacking him was to make him withdraw from the program, they wanted to use an excuse that Qiong Ren had major character issues when he was a teenager.



Rabbit clicked on another Excel to show him. This order was asking them to ‘expose’ Qingheng’s lying nature, exposing that Qingheng wasn’t a Taoist priest at all, that he didn’t have a Taoist priest certificate nor had he become a monk in a Taoist temple, and was just using this persona to get fans, and being a white lotus and a green tea.

[TN: white lotus — someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside.
Green tea —–the term is used to describe ambitious person who “pretend to be very innocent”.]



Qiong Ren: “Ah, isn’t Qingheng himself like that? It’s not considered false.”



[My colleague went to WeChat to see, both orders are under Fu Jiaze, vut he used Meng Qingheng’s WeChat account to place the order].



Qiong Ren: “What should I say to this ……”



In order to preserve his perfect persona, Fu Jiaze was planning to cook him and Qingheng in one pot, except that the one who took the order was actually the plush rabbit.



It seemed that Qingheng and Fu Jiaze had made up. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be that easy for him to get Qingheng’s cell phone and use it to place the order.



Qiong Ren was considering how to fight back when someone knocked on the door.



Qiong Ren looked towards the cat’s eye and his eyes widened slightly.



Why was it that sick friend?



The person standing outside the door was tall and leggy, wearing a beige and white linen suit, with slightly longer black hair, he seemed out of place in this cramped hallway.



“Hello, I’m new to the neighborhood. The house is so messy, can I have a drink at your place?”



The movers were delivering furniture to the apartment next door.


Qiong Ren had intended to welcome people in, but suddenly remembered the eerie haunted house and felt a bit nervous.


“It may be a bit presumptuous of me to ask this, are you a human being? The ones in the haunted house the other day seemed to be ghosts and called you their boss ……”



Patient: “I am indeed their boss, but I am not a ghost, you can rest assured.”



Not a ghost, but he could get ghosts to work for him as employees. Qiong Ren understood.



“You’re a Taoist priest, right.”


Sick man: “Not really, but there are some means to use.”



Qiong Ren nodded and scratched his cheeks, “Come in, I’m sorry, I’m afraid of ghosts, so I asked more questions. But I don’t have species discrimination, ghosts are also good friends of humans.”



And good fans of mine.



The patient smiled, looking a little milder in temperament than the last time he saw him.


“I didn’t have time to introduce myself last time, my name is Yan Mo.”



He felt that Yan Mo’s voice was very similar to King Yan’s, even his name was very similar.



“My family has been serving in the underworld for generations, my voice is very similar to King Yan’s, and with his light, I can give orders to the lonely souls and wild spirits in the living world.”



Before he could ask, Yan Mo finished his explanation. This sharp insight was also very similar to the King of the underworld then.


“Can I take a look at your house?” Yan Mo spoke unusually directly, “Drinking water is just an excuse, I saw an abnormality in this direction of your apartment before I took the liberty of interrupting.”



Qiong Ren silently looked at the stuffed rabbit.


“I’m not talking about that little demon.”


Qiong Ren: “……”



This person called Yan Mo was too perceptive, as if he knew exactly what he was thinking.



“Is there too much Yin energy in my house?”



Recently, he had been connecting with the underworld every day and remotely directing his employees to work, so maybe the yin qi had crawled along the network cable.



Yan Mo shook his head.



When he followed the moving company over today, he noticed downstairs that there was a strange wisp of black qi hovering outside the residential building.



Looking at where it was hovering, it was the floor where Qiong Ren lived.



He covered Qiong Ren’s eyes with his hand, “Blink.”



Qiong Ren obeyed and did as he was told, his long eyelashes scraping against Yan Mo’s palm then he lowered his hand as if nothing had happened, “Look again.”



In front of him was still the familiar home, but there was a gust of black gas emanating from the cabinet, which was draped into wisps and swam towards him like small snakes.



Only there seemed to be something on his body protecting him, and the black qi dispersed when it touched him.



Qiong Ren had been living here for four or five years, and for the first time, he knew that there was actually something dirty in the house. He walked over towards the cabinet and realized that the source of the black aura was a small stone landscape ornament.



Yan Mo separated his hand that wanted to touch it and shook his head, Qiong Ren was too bold except for his fear of ghosts, it was really worrying.


“Who gave you this?”



Qiong Ren recalled, this little ornament had been in the house for a long time. It was probably a gift from the more familiar trainees in the company three years ago to celebrate his debut. There were quite a few things in bits and pieces that he brought back together.



“A trainee from our company gave it to me, but I can’t think of who exactly.”



Despite saying that, if this thing was used to harm him, the candidate was already obvious.



Yan Mo picked up the pendant, it was a jade carving with a white background and red skin, the motifs carved on it looked ordinary at first glance, it was a landscape and a lone pedestrian in a boat.



“The raw material of this pendant is Hetian seed jade, so big and so delicate, the raw material selling price should be a million. Master labor was used, although I don’t know exactly who carved it, but the labor cost was at least tens of thousands of yuan.”



Qiong Ren listened dumbfounded, the implication of Yan Mo’s words was clear. He wasn’t the trainee’s father, how could someone send him something so expensive for no reason.



When he saw the pendulum releasing black strands, he knew that this thing must have a problem, but he didn’t expect that the other party actually spent so much money, what did he …… do?



What’s wrong with having millions to spare! Take it to eat hot pot.



Yan Mo went on to say: “But this pendant, the most valuable place is not the jade material is not the carving skills, but the subject matter. He carved the red color of the jade skin into a river, and the lighter color of the jade skin into a road. Red river and yellow road.”



Red river and yellow road, this color scheme Qiong Ren had seen in King Yan’s dragon car not long ago.


A vicious chill arose in Qiong Ren’s heart, “You’re saying that this river is the River of Three Paths, and this road is the Yellow Springs Road. Does this carving mean that I am to die?”



Yan Mo shook his head, “That’s not true.”



This kind of carving couldn’t directly kill a person, but a living person stepping onto the path to the underworld naturally couldn’t help but suffer and have bad luck. The real evil purpose was still behind.



Yan Mo casually put aside the seed carving worth several million dollars and held the base, “Can I break it open?”



Qiong Ren hurriedly nodded, “You can break it at will.”



The base of the pendant was carved from wood spliced together, lacquered in black and red, it was exquisitely made. Yan Mo gently broke it open and pulled out a silk from inside, on the silk were ghostly symbols that Qiong Ren couldn’t understand.



Qiong Ren: “What is this …… again?”



What kind of contraptions did he keep in his house!



No wonder he had been out for three years and muddled his agent’s materialistic beliefs to the point of crumbling into slag.



Yan Mo: “This is a spell for transit. Your fate and luck are both very strong. It’s probably because of this that you’re being targeted. The carving is to suppress your life, and if your life is weak, they will be able to suppress your luck, so he’ll be able to take advantage of the opportunity to steal your luck away with the transmutation array.”



Life and luck complemented each other, if the life was weak, it could suppress the luck, people would get sick easily, the sicker the body was, the weaker the life would be, and their luck would run away more easily, such a vicious cycle, the consequences were unimaginable.



This kind of spell was very sinister, if ordinary people encountered, they’d already be poor, sick and starving to death. Fortunately, Qiong Ren cultivated a body of merit and virtue golden light, it protected his body, although some of his luck was stolen, it didn’t harm Qiong Ren’s life.




Yan Mo’s heart stirred, “Wasn’t this pendulum sent three years ago on the half of July?”



“You know this too?” This date was so special that Qiong Ren remembered it especially well.



Yan Mo: “Your Weibo page appeared on the underworld network on the half of July three years ago. There’s no need to be so surprised, my family has an underworld connection and an underworld router. I know you are very popular there.”



The jade carving was originally meant to receive and guide the living to the underworld. However, Qiong Ren had the Golden Light of Merit to protect his body, and the jade carving failed to guide Qiong Ren’s life to the underworld, but it couldn’t return without accomplishing something, so it brought something else with it.



It was equivalent to opening a separate net line to the underworld for Qiong Ren.




Qiong Ren couldn’t say what exactly he felt in his heart. Before discovering this pendulum, the most vicious fellow and the worst person he remembered was Lian Qingquan.



His evaluation of Fu Jiaze had always stopped at him being obnoxious and characterless and having brain problems. He never expected that he would be targeted three years ago.



Not only did he want his life, but he also wanted to steal his luck, and at that time, he was naive enough to think that all the trainees were his friends.



Such pure, insidious malice made him physically sick to his stomach.



“Sorry.” He rushed into the bathroom.



After a moment, Qiong Ren came out, a wet redness at the ends of his eyes, and after a few seconds of looking at the pendulum, he whispered:



“I’ll go get a basin and burn these.”



Yan Mo quickly stopped him, “Any such harmful thing, in order to prevent the victim from damaging the cursed object, will have a very powerful curse or formation on it. If you dare to touch it, your life will be shortened, or it can be as severe as instant death. From then on, you can only become an idol in the city of Wasted death.”



As long as it had nothing to do with ghosts, Qiong Ren was surprisingly bold. Yan Mo felt that he must give Qiong Ren a good safety warning education. The greatest fear in this world was the eventuality.



Qiong Ren organized himself and began to fret, “What then? This can’t be thrown in the trash, in case someone picks it up, so it won’t harm others.”


Yan Mo dragged over the trash can, picked up the jade carving and silk, put it between his two palms, and gently pressed it, the white jade and silk burnt into ash and rustled down, and was received by the trash can as much as it could be.



Qiong Ren heard a mournful scream in a trance, he tensed up, will the other party fight back to the death?



But he saw Yan Mo patting the ash on his hand, “It’s done.”



Qiong Ren: “???”



Just this ……



Just this?




He had been ready to call the underworld hotline for help. And it just turned out to be one hand and a click of ash?



Yan Mo emphasized again, “I can touch it, you can’t. I’m a professional.”


Qiong Ren hurriedly tied up the bag opening of the garbage bag and put a few more layers on the outside. Yan Mo’s hand strength was not scientific at all, could this be a powerhouse?



It was really terrifying!



Meng Shen’s family had also been dealing with the underworld for generations, but Meng Shen’s living form was so ordinary that he couldn’t even beat him as a weak idol. Perhaps this was the world’s senility.




Yan Mo very consciously went into the bathroom and washed his hands, and sat down on the chair obediently, “Can you give me a glass of water? Thanks.”



“I have ice cream and yogurt here besides water, coconut milk too.”


Yan Mo asked for ice cream, scooped two balls out and ate them one spoonful at a time, squinting cozily. Qiong Ren stopped by to deliver a couple bottles of water to the movers. When he came back, the one kilogram box of ice cream was empty.



Qiong Ren: “……”



Yan Mo: “I accidentally ate it all, I’ll buy you a new one later.”



“That’s not necessary ……”



That was the cheapest bucket of strawberry ice cream from the supermarket, was it that good? And how did he eat a kilogram of ice cream? Didn’t it hurt his stomach?



Yan Mo’s movements of wiping his mouth were also characterized by elegance, only that the empty bucket of ice cream in front of him was extremely destructive to this elegant feeling.



“In these few days you can pay more attention to the people around you, if any of them suddenly became seriously ill, they should be the ones who harmed you.”



Qiong Ren looked at the original position of the pendulum and thought to himself that that person must be Fu Jiaze.



No wonder he spoke coldly every day, yet Fu Jiaze was still always coming to the door. In the name of looking after him, he actually came to check if the pendulum was still there and if it was working properly.



“You can also think about whether there is anyone that suddenly has strange fetishes. For example,” Yan Mo’s white face reddened a little, “indulgence in things that aren’t human, a sudden perversion of emotional orientation.”



Yeah, that was Fu Jiaze.



A top star frequently changing boyfriends, deliberately kissing underneath his flat, deliberately provoking his boyfriend’s jealousy of him, this could no longer be said to be strange, but rather odd.



Yan Mo: ”But even if you can’t think of it, it doesn’t matter. The consequences of a transmutation technique backfiring are not something a normal person can bear. There’s no way for him to harm anyone else.”



It was Sincere Culture’s yearly practice to invite Master Yang Ling to look at feng shui, and in the process, tell the fortunes of the company’s artists.



Fu Jiaze, as the company’s most popular artist, was naturally the focus of the fortune-telling.



Master Yang looked at him, his long eyebrows quivering like an old immortal.



Hey, money is hard to make and sh.it is hard to eat, what’s there to see in this kind of little man’s face. One look at him will cause insomnia for half a night. Do you still think that his sleep as an old man is not short enough?



Yang Ling had a unique talent and was an empathetic heavenly master. People with different faces would make him smell different flavors. A disgusting face like Fu Jiaze, at first glance, it felt like being confined to the restroom for a whole day, with a smell of feces in his lungs.



It made him nauseous.



Meng Qingheng was slightly better than Fu Jiaze, but it wasn’t much better, it was the smell of tea that had been rancid for half a year.






The odor level of Mr. Shan was similar to that of Mr. Meng Qingheng, but the category was different. Mr. Meng Qingheng was vegetarian and Mr. Shan Cunhao was like moldy fat meat that had expired 30 years ago.



He was even more nauseous.



He blamed it on Mr. Shan for giving too much money, or he couldn’t come to suffer this crime.



Shan Cunhao: “Master, recently Jiaze has encountered a little trouble, is there a villain hindering him? This villain, could it be Qiong Ren?”



Meng Qingheng bit his lip, it was all Qiong Ren’s fault. If it wasn’t for Qiong Ren dancing too well that day, how could he have blurted out something he shouldn’t have said in a panic, and now he had brought Brother Jiaze so much trouble.



Although Brother Jia Ze lied to him, it was all because Brother Jia Ze liked him ah, and only then did he accidentally tell a little lie.



Qingheng was worried, “Yes, Qiong Ren’s face seems to clash with Brother Jiaze.”



Yang Ling already knew that this Meng Qingheng was a grass bag, he was like an empty container with the Meng surname, he actually didn’t learn anything.



Fu Jiaze smiled, “It’s just a little trouble, I’m already working on it.”



As soon as the words fell, Fu Jiaze, who had just been talking with a smile on his face, suddenly turned red, and the Master smelled a scalding hot breath that burned straight into his lungs.



Not good!



Although he was old, he practiced Tai Chi and square dance every day. His skills were even more agile than Shan Cunhao, and he quickly ran away from Fu Jiaze.



Like an athletic and fat sled dog.



Fu Jiaze violently spat out a mouthful of blood, spraying Qingheng and Mr Shan all over their faces.



The master ran far enough away that he wasn’t affected at all.



The blood spat out by Fu Jiaze was foul smelling. As soon as the master smelled it, he knew that it was the backlash of an evil technique.



He didn’t realize that Fu Jiaze wasn’t only a villain, but he actually secretly used this evil technique of heavenly strikes.



Fortunately, he ran fast, and the foul blood spewed out by this backfire could contaminate the true fire on a person’s body. If he caught any of it, he would be unlucky for ten and a half days and a month. These two were hit in the face.









The master took a closer look and found that the blood was vomited in a very regular manner. Although there were many people around Fu Jiaze and he sprayed it heartily, the blood only reached Mr Shan and Meng Qingheng.



It seemed that the one who broke the curse had very high means to control the scope of the backlash so accurately.



Yang Ling was so impressed that he couldn’t wait to get to know this person immediately, so that they could get close to each other.



Yan Mo guaranteed that Fu Jiaze wouldn’t jeopardize Qiong Ren’s ability anymore. But there was still a doubt.



This cursed object was very skillful, Qiong Ren could see ghosts, and the plush rabbit was even a small demon, but the two of them had never known that the ornament that was thrown on the cabinet to eat dust actually had such a mystery.



If it wasn’t for Yan Mo moving over and becoming his neighbor, and discovering something unusual in his home, there was no telling how long this ornament would have to stay in his home.



With Qiong Ren’s character, even if he made money to move to a new home, he wouldn’t throw away a gift from a friend. Didn’t that mean that this thing would have stayed in his house until the end of time.



As for the culprits, the first thing that could be ruled out was Qingheng. The timing didn’t match up, and Qingheng’s face had one word written all over it: useless. Even if he wanted to harm Qiong Ren, he wouldn’t be able to make something this powerful.



Fu Jiaze was even worse. He was bad, but he wasn’t bad enough to use Xuanmen spells.


Who was the person who gave Fu Jiaze this kind of underhanded idea to help him make the pendulum and transit formation?



Yan Mo pondered for a moment, ”I’ll call the police on this matter, so you don’t have to worry about it. If someone comes to the door to find out what’s going on, just tell them the truth.”



Call the police ……



It wasn’t that Qiong Ren didn’t trust the police, it was just that the word ‘report to the police’ appeared in this kind of metaphysical scene, it didn’t seem to fit.



“The living world has a special affairs division that specializes in special affairs. How else would they restrain the metaphysical Taoist priests and the various elves and monsters? They are very specialized, don’t worry.”



Qiong Ren nodded.



“Yan Mo, you’ve done me such a great favor, I don’t even know how to thank you? As long as I can do it, feel free to mention it.”



Yan Mo’s eyes quietly brightened.



“Really anything?”


Yan Mo reconfirmed.


Qiong Ren nodded without hesitation.



“Then, can you give me the clothes you’ve worn?”



Qiong Ren nodded, suddenly feeling that something wasn’t quite right, “Worn, worn?”


Yan Mo: “Uh-huh. I’ll buy you new clothes to make up for it.”



The room here was small, so about two or three pieces would be enough to fill every inch of space with Qiong Ren’s scent.



Qiong Ren silently took a step back and picked up the stuffed rabbit to cuddle and hold it tight.


A good person, handsome, rich, and could also metaphysical means, was simply a novel hero.



Why, on the contrary, was he a pe.rvert?



Ah, no. Per.verted male leads seemed to be popular now.



Qiong Ren became even more vigilant, “What do you want my clothes for?”



Yan Mo looked into his eyes and said very seriously, “The scent on your body smells good, I want the room to be filled with your scent.”



Qiong Ren didn’t know what to say for a moment.



His face suddenly reddened and his cheeks burned.



But why should he be shy, when Yan Mo’s words were thought about carefully, wasn’t he just thinking of him as a scent?


He was the aroma bottle, and the clothes were the diffuser.



Qiong Ren lowered his head, “I have a very common smell. Because I’m poor, uh, turned out to be poor, and haven’t used perfume, if you like the smell, I can give it to you.”



A while later, Yan Mo stood blankly in the hallway holding two 5KG buckets of family-sized laundry detergent.


“I heard that Sincere Culture has had bad luck recently. Fu Jiaze threw up blood and sprayed the silly face of Shan Cunhao, “Li Kui gloated, “you see, I said Qiong Ren has a connection to the underworld, I have seen him and monsters of the underworld talking and laughing. Luckily you listened to me and didn’t make a deal with Sincere Culture. Otherwise, we might be the ones in bad luck right now.”



“Hmm.” Rong Zhen reluctantly agreed, but he was completely drained. His face turned yellow, as if covered in a layer of wax paper.




At first glance, he looked like a yellowed living wax statue.



Li Kui and Rong Zhen had been friends for many years. When Rong Zhen founded Aikuxun, he switched jobs from a major television station to shoot online TV shows, the friendship between the two was profound.



Seeing Rong Zhen’s appearance, Li Kui couldn’t help but frown, “You should also let go of those little lovers, you’re almost empty.”


Rong Zhen rubbed his temples, “I don’t have the strength to engage in that. Recently, I don’t know what’s wrong, my body is very weak, I’ve tried both chinese and western medicine, it’s all useless. The doctor said that I am physically healthy, but I may have a mental problem. But look at me, do I look healthy?



“It’s all quackery!”



“The doctor said there’s no problem?” Li Kui’s heart jumped, “Did you ask a master to take a look?”



“Invited. Master Zhang is not at home, you know the temperament of these masters, if I find someone else, he won’t give me a heartfelt look in the future.”



Rong Zhen’s face wrinkled into a ball with difficulty, and those bulging folds turned out to be a bit unlike human skin. It seemed to crumble at the slightest pinch and dissolve at the slightest touch.



Li Kui looked a few more times, and his heart beating like a small drum. A large fly circled in the air and landed on Rong Zhen’s forehead, slowly crawling, but he looked like he didn’t feel it, and continued:


“In fact, I secretly searched, but Master Yang is not at home, they said that he went out to travel. What’s the matter, the whole Dragon City masters picked the same day to travel ah.”



The fly crawled to Rong Zhen’s lips, but he was still constantly complaining about not being able to hire a high ranking person.



Li Kui’s bones were trembling at this moment. He made an excuse to say goodbye and sat in his car before calling Qiong Ren.



“Qiong Ren, Dad, Master, help!”


Qiong Ren: “?”




This was sooo long, but I decided not to break it into two parts.


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