Qiong Ren entered the unreasonably high black rock giant door at the end.



The rabbit seemed a little scared and stuck its head in his arms, he slowly stroked the fluffy soft head softly comforting, “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay.”



The ten Kings took their seats in turn, their upper bodies hidden in the shadows, Qiong Ren used the patterns on their clothes to barely distinguish between King Yan and Emperor Song.



King Qinguang coughed, “I have summoned you all, all because of a strange event that has occurred in my hall today. This person’s name is Qiong Ren, and he came to my temple to apply for a visa. This person is extremely unfilial, and my Ghost Judge Palace prioritizes benevolence and filial piety, and those who are unfilial are not allowed to receive visas. However, this person’s merits and virtues are profound, and if we consider his merits and demerits, he should be granted a visa according to the rules. Therefore it is difficult to make a decision, and according to the procedure, the ten kings should be summoned to vote on the decision.”



“Now I will play for you the evidence of unfiliality provided by the Mirror Spirit.”



King Qinguang began to play the footage of Qiong Ren’s life.



For the first time, Qiong Ren watched the process of his father and son turning against each other from the perspective of a documentary camera, and he was no longer sad, he only found it refreshing.



Huh? Qiong Ren’s eyes widened slightly, he seemed to see a lavender colored stuffed rabbit in one of the clips. It looked similar to his rabbit, only much older than this one he had.



Emperor Song couldn’t help but get cranky as he watched. He had always thought that cub was also everyone’s beloved in the living world. How could he have imagined that not only was Qiong Ren as poor as his name implied, but he had also gotten into the hands of such a superb piece of trash as Lian Qingquan.



After Qiong Ren’s birth mother died of illness, Lian Qingquan abandoned Qiong Ren. After years of childlessness in his second marriage, he adopted Qiong Ren as a stranger with no connection to him. After the adoption, Lian Qingquan did not take any interest in the child, instead, his adoptive mother contributed both money and effort.



As Qiong Ren grew up, father and son became more and more alike, and the adoptive mother felt something was wrong and secretly did a paternity test. And then a family w.ar broke out, and the wa.r ended with Qiong Ren being returned to the orphanage and the foster mother divorcing Lian Qingquan.


Lian Qingquan, the ultimate loser, gave himself up after the divorce and became a lousy gambler. When Qiong Ren was sixteen, he won a street dance competition with a prize of twenty thousand yian. He didn’t know where Lian Qingquan found out about this news, but he smelled the money and came.



He asked for 20,000 yuan.



Of course, Qiong Ren refused to give it to him and decided to sever the father-son relationship with Lian Qingquan, who had asked him for money many times since then, but he refused. In order to avoid further harassment, he simply changed his phone number.



All of the above was what King Qinguang said was unfilial.



King Yan said in a deep voice, “Nurturing comes before filial piety. How can this person ask Qiong Ren to be filial when he is acting in such a manner. I do not think he should be denied a visa on the grounds of unfiliality.”


King Chu Jiang and the other kings slowly nodded.



King Qinguang, however, insisted that the Ghost Judge Hall’s benevolence and filial piety were important, and that if he was benevolent but unfilial, the Ghost Judge Hall would not issue a visa to Qiong Ren.



The Sins Mirror Stage originally only assumed the role of severing merits and demerits, if Qiong Ren died and went to look at the Sins Mirror Stage, he would naturally get the result that his merits outweighed his demerits and he would be reincarnated directly. However, he had come to get a visa, with the additional judgmental criterion of benevolence and filial piety.



Although Lian Qingquan wasn’t a human being, if filial piety was the criterion of judgment, Qiong Ren really couldn’t talk about filial piety to Lian Qingquan, and no one in the world was willing to be filial to this kind of father.



The two Mirror Spirits in the Sinful Mirror Terrace disagreed with each other, and after fighting for a while with no result, they reported the matter to the Ten Kings for judgment.



Although nine of the ten kings agreed that Qiong Ren should be granted a visa, King Qin Guang, as the head of the Ghost Judgement Hall, did have a veto power over whether to grant a visa or not.



It was unreasonable, but it was in line with the procedure.


Emperor Song, enraged and heartbroken, jumped up, “His father is me, go ask around, who doesn’t know that Qiong Ren is the only Prince of my Third Hall. I see that he is filial to me, and he still burned paper money for me today. If I say it’s okay, it’s okay!”


“He’s not biological or adopted, how can he be considered a son.” King Qinguang remained unhurried and said slowly.



King Yan knocked on the table. The Hall of Ten Kings immediately quieted down.



King Yan’s tone was flat: “Since you want to discuss filial piety, I will ask someone to discuss it clearly with you.”



A quarter of an hour later.



Qiong Ren looked at the scene of chickens flying and dogs jumping, and profoundly realized one thing, even if you are thousands of years old, even if you have become a god, if your mother wants to beat you up, then there is nothing you can do about it.



Mother Jiang was hale and hearty, dressed in cheongsam and high heels, with snowy skin and red lips. She held a cane in her hand and forced Qin Guang to run around the pillars.



“Stupid! The Qing Dynasty has died, why do you still have the feudalism shroud stuffed in your head. Forcing people’s poor little children to be filial to a rotten gambler, has your brain been eaten by a gorilla?”



Qin Guang was hammered by his own mother, tears spilling down his beard and stubborn eyes.



“You can’t interfere with my ruling policy through such means. I am not going to give in.”


King Yan said to Mother Jiang, “Do you think today’s King Qin Guang is filial?”



The ten kings all wore the faces of those who were watching.



Mother Jiang shook her head.


King Yan’s tone was still calm, but it revealed a bit of ill will: “The Ghost Judge Hall is benevolent and filial first, and those who don’t conform to this article, no matter who they are, can’t serve in the Ghost Judge Hall. It seems …… that the Ghost Judge Hall will have to change a King.”


King Qin Guang never expected that the boomerang would hit himself.



“Wait! I think this matter can be reconsidered!” King Qin Guang rolled and crawled, wrenching a life out from under his mother’s club, “Visa, right? Fine, I can give it. But I have to respect the opinions of all the employees of the Ghost Judge Hall and let them vote! You guys always have no opinion in a democratic vote, right?” He just didn’t believe that Qiong Ren could pass the vote, his employees were all filial sons and daughters who were benevolent and filial first!



Qiong Ren simply nodded, “Okay.”



The Complete Book of Torture Devices was the first magazine to approach him for a cover shoot, and he wanted to live up to the other party’s expectations. Although the process of getting a visa was too convoluted and bizarre, he would never give up until the end.


Emperor Song looked at King Qin Guang, who thought he had gotten the better of him, and pity slowly grew in his heart. This was the tragedy of an old fart being out of touch with the times. To actually try to defeat Qiong Ren on the polls, this was ridiculous.



Tremble, today you will see, what the top star of the underworld is.



“How could this be ……” King Qin Guang looked at the real time voting results, his hands shaking slightly.



Anyone who looked at it would feel two words written on his face: disastrous defeat.



The voting process had just passed the halfway point, and with Qiong Ren’s vote share as high as ninety-seven percent, flipping the game in the second half was almost impossible.



“Ahhhhh! Cub, I finally saw cub with my own eyes. When they said that cub came to our first temple, I thought they were lying to me. The cub is too good looking bla.”



Emperor Song greeted from the side, “Don’t ah, vote first and then take a group photo. Those who want to receive plastic surgery please vote first as well.”



The flat-headed staff member who received Qiong Ren apprehensively went up to the stage, “Can I have plastic surgery even if I’m broken like this?”


Qiong Ren had already pieced together several heads today, but this was a bit complicated. He frowned, “I’ll try.”



He couldn’t hug a stuffed rabbit to help someone get a facelift, he also had to be in skin contact with the ghost. The ghost’s skin was cold and felt like some kind of slippery, thick paper to the touch, and Qiong Ren got goosebumps one after the other, and his sweaty hairs didn’t go down after they stood up.



Yan Molu silently played alongside, and when the flat-headed staff member realized that the one who was helping Qiong Ren hand over the bone fragments was most likely the legendary King Yan, the ghost started to shake.



The fear was even greater than Qiong Ren’s.



Several other kings and Mother Jiang sat under the green pergola, accompanied by a beautiful young girl in a green dress.



Mother Jiang was worried, “Little Aunt, how long has Ziwen been like this?”



This person, who was called Auntie, was Qingxi, the third sister of King Qin Guang. In Li Shangyin’s “The career of a goddess is originally a dream, and the residence of a little aunt is originally without a groom”, the little aunt referred to this goddess Qingxi.



The two mirror spirits in the Sinful Mirror Terrace were both incarnations of King Qinguang, and it was unknown if it was because the incarnations had been separated for too long and gradually gained their own consciousness. The personalities of all three incarnations began to go to extremes.


On the outside, King Qinguang was certainly just and filial, but very often he seemed extremely pedantic and unknowing.



The drastic increase in the Earth’s population in recent decades not only caused the workload of the underworld to skyrocket, but the Sinful Mirror Stage also became sluggish and aged due to overuse, and in order to maintain the Sinful Mirror Stage’s normal use, King Qin Guang had to throw his two incarnations into it to provide energy to the Sinful Mirror Stage in the form of Mirror Spirits.



Little Aunt Qingxi: “It feels like it’s been these past three or four years. King Yan has also helped think of some ways. However, they were of little use, it seemed that it’s still necessary to make the incarnation return to one in order to work, but big brother is stubborn and refuses to agree. The kings, they all just want to work their lives away.”



Several other Kings laughed awkwardly.


“Alright.” Qiong Ren looked at the round head in front of him with satisfaction.



The staff member looked at his head that had regained its shape and was touched beyond words, it was just a pity that he had lost an eye when he was run over by the car in the first place, and now even if he was put back together by Qiong Ren, he was still missing an eye.


Qiong Ren looked at it and also felt quite sorry.


It suddenly occurred to him that a paper nanny van could be driven to pick him up, so an eye made of paper might also work.


He took out a piece of gold paper from his pants pocket and turned his head to look at King Yan, still unable to see what King Yan looked like.



What a pity, why did King Yan still refuse to let him see the face today.



Every employee who came to vote had a look of horror when they saw King Yan, and then their expressions gradually froze. Did the King look scary? But Qiong Ren didn’t think there were any looks in this world that could scare him.



But if the King of Yan was really not good looking, it didn’t seem too polite to say to him that I don’t care about your looks.


“Great King, can you change a pair of scissors for me?”


He flipped his wrist and held a pair of paper-cutting scissors in his palm. As Qiong Ren took the scissors away, his fingertips gently scratched at his palm, and although it was unintentional, it was like gently scratching at the tip of his heart as well.



Qiong Ren cut a circle out of the gold paper and drew pupils and irises on it with the neutral pen he had brought along.



“Lend me some fire.”



Qiong Ren held up the drawn eyeball piece of paper to show it to King Yan, who pinched his fingertips and moved over to exhale gently.



A not-so-hot fire flared up on the piece of paper, reducing the small piece of paper to ashes in moments.


Flat head (former) staff suddenly felt a burn in the eyes, it had been how many years, now the disappeared vision actually came back.



Only the color was a bit strange, like a yellow filter had been added.


He couldn’t wait to look in the mirror. There was an extra eyeball in the empty eye socket, and unlike the other eye, this one’s pupil was yellow.



It looked quite foreign.


He didn’t expect to get a free facelift plus sight restoration just by casting a vote. Although there are all kinds of ghosts who had died weirdly, who wanted their head to be out of shape?


It was really hard to sleep with a flat head when his head was like a knife cutting into the pillow.


“Dr. Qiong,” the flat head (former) staff member was moved to tears, “I want to work for you, HBL2003 is my home grown computer, I can bring it with me to work at your hospital. I will resign now if you will have me.”



Qiong Ren: “That’s not necessary.”


It had been said that he was just a mediocre unknown idol, who wanted to open a plastic surgery hospital!?



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