In the evening, Qiong Ren waited for Secretary Jin to take him to register his business and apply for a visa. Having been bothering Secretary Jin too much, Qiong Ren found it most practical to burn paper money for him, hunting for tools and yellow and white paper, poking and prodding at the things in the house.



He had already understood the guidelines for exchange of paper money in the underworld, and the hand-made ones were worth more than the bought ones.


The plush rabbit was in front of the computer, the sound of the buttons moving were crisp. Qiong Ren couldn’t help but suspect that it was writing a novel, listening to this hand speed, he estimated that it could write ten thousand words in a day.


Once midnight arrived, Secretary Jin came to pick him up on time.




This was Qiong Ren’s first impression of the Ghost Judge Underworld’s scenery. The entire street was flooded with green, with green stone slabs, green lacquered pillars, and green bricks and tiles.



On the street there was a large pagoda constructed of green jade with big words written on it: benevolence and filial piety come first.


“If you want to be a ghost official of the Ghost Judge Palace, one of the important indicators is these four words; no matter how strong and dedicated you are in your work, if you lack this one, you will be directly deposed from your qualification.”



There was a time difference between the Ghost Judge Hall and the living world, they came early, the day had just dawned, and there were still not many people on the street. On both sides of the stone road was a light green colored brook and the entire street was shrouded in a hazy green light.



Without warning.


The sweet scent filled the street with enthusiasm, the green street suddenly burst into color, and flowers bloomed everywhere, regardless of the time of year.



Vine moonflowers climbed the roadside railings, cherry blossoms shook off their pink and white petals in a shower of blossoms, roses blossomed into big, red bones that couldn’t wait to open, and tall bluebonnets burst into a tree of blue and purple.



Qiong Ren and Secretary Jin stood still for a long time, unable to move.



“Is this a specialty of the Hall of Ghost Judges? Blooming flowers to welcome people?” Qiong Ren murmured and asked.



Secretary Jin was also a bit confused, “No…… it seems King Yan is in a good mood.”



So good that the plants in the entire Underworld Palace bloomed regardless of the season.



The process of registering a business went smoothly, and Qiong Ren named his small company Fudexpress Media Culture Limited.


Secretary Jin laughed when he saw it.


The next step was to apply for a work visa at the Hall of Ghost Judges, and when he got here Secretary Jin couldn’t accompany him.



He hadn’t met ghosts yet today, and once he entered the actual Hall of Ghost Judges, he was a little out of breath when he saw the ghosts lined up next to him waiting for judgment, and hurriedly hugged Rabbit a little tighter.


Various brochures were placed at the entrance, so Qiong Ren took a copy of the reincarnation process guidebook.



The manual described: after death, a person will be picked up by the Undertaker and sent to the City god of each province, who will organize the deceased soul’s merits and faults in life into a book and send it to the underworld together with them.


After entering the underworld, one first entered the Hall of Ghost Judges of King Qin Guang and went up to the Sinner’s Mirror Stage. If one’s merits outweighed one’s faults or if one’s merits and faults were offset, one could proceed directly to reincarnation. The slight difference between the two was that if the merits and demerits were offset in life, they would have to change gender in the next life, male to female and female to male.


Ghosts whose faults outweighed their merits would be judged in the second to tenth halls, and wouldn’t be reincarnated until they had served their sentence.



If there was a big disagreement among the great kings of the various halls about the sentencing of the same ghost, the life of this sinner and the opinions of the various halls on how to deal with it would be submitted to the Underworld Temple, where the king would make the final judgment.


As he walked around, he found the counter for visa applications, “Hello, I’d like to apply for a work visa.”



The staff looked up leisurely, a ghost in a miserable state of death, his head was like a slapped watermelon with the skull barely hanging on.


He said, out of habit, “Don’t be afraid, I’m a good person.”


Qiong Ren: “I’m not afraid.”



“Huh? It’s you.” The staff got excited, “Dr. Qiong, the Plastic Sage Living Goddess of Mercy!”


This was a huge misunderstanding, he was just a mediocre unknown idol.


The staff threw all the materials into a large mouth on a beige flat surface that chewed for a moment and spit out a small slip.



“The initial review is approved. Now you’ll have to wait to go to the Sinner’s Mirror Table to have your merits examined.” He was worried that Qiong Ren disliked the dirt, and explained one more sentence, “This is the HBL2003 Computer Essence that serves in the underworld, the information processing ability is very strong, it has also cultivated the WiFi function, the internet speed is very fast, do you want the password?”



Cultivated the Wifi function ……



There were so many slots in this sentence that he didn’t even know where to start from.


The rabbit moved a little, pointing at the computer spirit, and the two little short hands touched.



Qiong Ren: “Want to make friends?”



The plush rabbit nodded.



“Go ahead.” Qiong Ren had just let go of his hand when he felt like he’d been doused with an icy water mixture, so cold it stung his bones and he shivered with fear.



The ghost movie hadn’t been in vain, though, and he didn’t think he’d pass out if he lingered another ten minutes.



He wasn’t the same rookie who fainted at the sight of ghosts! Thinking about how much he had suffered from watching ghost movies day and night, Qiong Ren almost shed tears of relief.



It was just a little hard to breathe.


The rabbit hopped onto the beige plane and stomped his short legs a few times. A keyboard with wires attached to it floated out of the surface, and it typed so fast that it appeared as a stump.



A large unintelligible code appeared on the plane, and Qiong Ren felt like he was watching the rabbit version of The Matrix.


The staff outright froze, “How does a stuffed rabbit type? It doesn’t even have fingers.”


Qiong Ren didn’t know either, “It relys on perseverance.”



Staff member: “What are they saying?”



Qiong Ren: “Do you think I can read?”



The two were silent together.



Damn! A computer becoming a spirit that could write code sounded reasonable, what was with the fluffy rabbit!



He was now starting to worry that the fluffy rabbit wasn’t writing above-the-neck tangled love stories in Jinjiang, but was working as a darknet hacker.



“Where do I buy a stuffed bunny like that? I want one too.”



Qiong Ren: “I picked it up.”



After practicing dance one day, he saw a lavender-colored plush rabbit on the side of the road when he was going home. It was such a cute toy, but it was actually thrown away. He didn’t know why, but seeing the cute, clean toy rabbit sitting on the dirty side of the road, Qiong Ren suddenly felt very sad.


So he picked up the stuffed rabbit. A toy that had been thrown away could become someone’s treasure again.



But he never would have guessed that it was the stuffed rabbit that could only move, and he thought at the time that he had finally muddled his way into insanity and ran to the psychiatric department for a scale.


The scores proved he wasn’t sick, he’d just picked up a stuffed rabbit that had come to life.


After a while, the fluffy rabbit finished communicating with HBL2003 and jumped back into Qiong Ren’s arms. Qiong Ren’s whole body suddenly warmed up, feeling his lungs return to his chest.



[Please ask Qiong Ren #01 to go to the Sinner’s Mirror Terrace to take a look at his merits and demerits.]


The staff looked at the monitor with his one remaining eyeball, “Your turn, go in.”


The greenish walls of the Hall of Ghost Judges were plastered with bright blue directional guidance that was nothing short of mental pollution.


The Sinful Mirror Platform was located on a high platform on the right side of the Ghost Judge Hall, it was more than two people high, and the mirror was green and cloudy.



Above the mirror hung a red banner: there are no good people in front of the Sinner’s Mirror.


Qiong Ren was confident in his moral character: “Nonsense, I am the good guy.”


The mirror didn’t illuminate a human figure, just a golden light. A short slit cracked open in the upper right corner, and the zipping sound of a pin printer emanated from it. A short while later, a note was spit out.


[Audit opinion: deep merit, agree to the application.]


Qiong Ren took the note and was about to leave, when suddenly a hand reached out from the mirror and snatched the note back, and a large blood-red mouth appeared on the mirror, which shoved the note in and ate it.



The upper right corner of the zippy print sound again.


[Review opinion: this person is unfilial, application rejected].



Qiong Ren slowly frowned, how come the results were actually completely opposite twice?


Arms once again reached out from the mirror, snatching the note and tearing it to shreds. The mirror shook violently, protruding the shapes of two bodies, a hand poking out from the left and a foot poking out from the right, as if two people were fiercely beating each other inside the mirror.


Qiong Ren couldn’t help but look around behind the mirror, which was a mirror less than five centimeters thick.


The brawl in the mirror lasted for a few minutes before the upper right corner reopened with a small slit.


[Review comment: it has been handed over to the higher-ups, please proceed to the Hall of the Ten Kings.]



There were a few drops of blood on the paper.


Qiong Ren: “……”


Was this a bleeding fight? Applying for a visa wasn’t a big deal, how come he had to go to the Ten Kings.


If he were to switch to the situation in the living world, it would be almost like he wanted to apply for a foreign work visa, only to have the visa officer tell him that his visa would have to be voted on and approved by the five permanent members of the United Nations, it would be too outrageous.



A vine of petunias dangled from the ceiling, and the trumpet-shaped flowers peeked out in front of him, “Mr. Qiong Ren, please follow me.”



The little flower spirit spoke in a milky voice, sounding only three or four years old, with a bit of a lisp. Having to come out to work at such a young age, spirit life was really tough.



“Please come in, the elevator has no doors, falling down will take you straight to the deep underworld, please try to pay attention.”



The elevator whirred upwards, hot air with the smell of blood gushing out from below.





“You have arrived in the Hall of Ten Kings. Walk straight into the door. See you soon.”




Tomorrow ✌️

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