When Qiong Ren returned to Dragon City, he immediately took a taxi and rushed to the orphanage, the director had been sick for a few days and was still not well, he was quite worried.



On the way, Secretary Jin called him and said that The Book of Torture Devices wanted to ask him to shoot the cover.



Editor-in-Chief Wan was really an honest person, he thought she was being polite, but he didn’t expect the cooperation to come when she said it would.



However, to sign a contract with this magazine, he needed to have an official work visa issued by the underworld.


Secretary Jin said that he and Emperor Song had discussed that it would be best for Qiong Ren to open a studio in the underworld in order for him to better develop there.



There was a tax rebate policy for small and micro enterprises, and after registering and paying taxes for more than a certain number of years, they would also be able to enjoy the four insurance policies of the underworld.


As an enterprise legal person in the underworld, naturally, one could obtain the legal right to reside in the underworld for a long period of time, or one could get a work visa.



Qiong Ren listened with a blank stare, “What are the four insurance policies and one pension in the underworld?”



According to Secretary Jin, the four insurances and one pension was for unemployment insurance, work injury insurance, reincarnation insurance, medical insurance, and residence grave provident fund.



The reason all ghosts wanted to take the civil service exam was because only employees of the underworld were eligible to get the reincarnation insurance.


Reincarnation insurance was the most special type of insurance. As long as one continued to pay it for a hundred years, one could move up one level in the specification for reincarnation.



For example, if one was supposed to be reborn as a pig in their next life, with the reincarnation insurance, they could be upgraded to the humane world.



Reincarnation insurance was renewed once a year, and compared to other types of insurance where money was enough, for an reincarnation insurance, one needed to go through an end-of-year assessment by the underworld, and only those with a good rating or above were eligible for renewal.


Qiong Ren suddenly realized, no wonder the motivation of the employees of the underworld to go to work was so high. It turned out to be like this.



There was another benefit to the reincarnation insurance, if one was reincarnated in the wrong fetus, one could still be reincarnated, avoiding a tragedy.



“What about work injury insurance?” Qiong Ren asked.


Secretary Jin continued.



For example, the employees of the Underworld’s Office needed to live and work in the living world all year round. If they were accidentally thrown a faceful of black dog blood head-on, this would be considered a work-related injury.



According to the provisions of the Regulations on Workers’ Compensation in the underworld. Eighty percent of the medical expenses would be compensated for being hit by black dog blood, and ninety percent would be compensated for being hit by a black donkey’s hoof.



The underworld medical insurance was similar to the medical insurance in the living world, and the hell employees could also enjoy the famous doctor channel.


There were countless famous doctors in the underworld, and the two factions of the north and south, led by Sun Simiao and Li Shizhen, competed for supremacy. Both of them had gone to study Western medicine and had the qualifications to practice medicine. They tried to combine traditional Chinese medicine with western medicine to create a fusion.


“Who won in the end?”


Qiong Ren had the feeling of watching a Storyteller and listened with great interest.


Secretary Kim: “Shimeji and Bai Ze won. No matter how powerful the human’s famous doctors are, they still learnt medicine. Divine beasts heal without any reasoning at all. When the divine light clatters, all diseases are cured.”



The cab arrived at the orphanage, Qiong Ren had brought a lot of things with him and simply packed it in a suitcase. The cab driver helped him carry the suitcase down from the trunk and looked at him with a hesitant expression.



Qiong Ren was a little excited, did he recognize him? Uncle, have you seen my face on the Weibo hot search list? Is it to ask for an autograph for your star chasing daughter, go ahead, be bold!



The driver hesitated for a moment and looked at him lovingly, “Young man. Have you not been sleeping well lately? My son is working at the Longcheng Medical University Hospital, his name is Ren Biao, I’ll give you his phone number. You can chat with him.”



Ren bang …… Wasn’t this the name of that famous psychiatrist on the note that Dr. Lu wrote to him? He had been chatting with Secretary Jin in the car about things in the underworld, and had been taken for a mad person.



Qiong Ren explained seriously, “Thanks for your kind words. But I’m really not mentally ill.”



He dragged his suitcase into the orphanage.


The driver sighed continuously, he said he wasn’t sick, but how did he know that his son was a psychiatrist?


“Brother Qiong Ren!”



Qiong Ren walked into the orphanage and a group of children darted over like little cannonballs, thumping into him, Qiong Ren carried one in each hand, the suitcase was grabbed by two little boys, and eventually the bigger one won.



The dean was sunbathing in the yard, he covered the top of his head with a book and laughed, “Every time you come, they go crazy with joy.”


The dean was a big-boned, thin and tall clean-cut man. The agent was beside him like a small, full-bodied ball of leather, serving medicine and water.



He couldn’t even follow Qiong Ren to his first heavyweight variety show, the agent was upset: “How did the variety show go? You didn’t say anything over the call, those two fools, Fu Jiaze and Qingheng, didn’t find you trouble, right?”



“Just wait and watch the program, it won’t be as exciting if I narrate it.” Qiong Ren took out the plush rabbit from the suitcase, “I came back to stay for a few days, I can help watch the kids, just give a bed and a computer.”



The children heard that he was going to stay, cheered and went to help him clean up his room, Qiong Ren was happy to be free, stretching his long legs and sunbathing.


The dean saw him hugging the stuffed rabbit and couldn’t help but laugh, “When you were a kid you liked to hug dolls to sleep, how come you’re still like this when you’re older.”



“Yes?” Qiong Ren was puzzled, “I don’t even remember.”


“It’s ……” The dean hesitated, “When you were picked up by Lian Qingquan that year, the doll was lost on the train, and he said you couldn’t sleep without it, and called me to ask where I bought it. ”



“He even called me a few days ago, saying he wanted to meet you and wanted your contact information, which I rejected.”



Qiong Ren lowered his thick lashes, “Hmmm. I don’t want to see him.”



The children made his bed, Qiong Ren took out all the fruit snacks and stationery he brought for everyone to share, and pulled out a big red envelope.


“I made money, take it.”


The dean frowned: “How can I take your money?”



“Who can if you can’t? Lian Qingquan ah, does he deserve it? I’ll be angry if you don’t take it.”



Qiong Ren shoved the red envelope into his hand and was pulled by the children to play eagle and chicken.


The dean sighed softly.



“Such a good child, how could Lian Qingquan give him up? I think he regrets it now, but it’s no use regretting it, Qiong Ren’s mind has been right since he was a child, it’s impossible for him to forgive Lian Qingquan.”


Lian Qingquan was Qiong Ren’s biological father. When Qiong Ren’s mother died of a disease, Lian Qingquan threw Qiong Ren, who was still a baby, in front of the orphanage. He ran off to be with a rich woman.


Later, when he found out that the rich woman couldn’t have children, he adopted Qiong Ren back as a normal orphan in the name of adoption. However, his wife found out that Qiong Ren was his son.



So Qiong Ren was returned to the orphanage.


The agent laughed: “His rich wife stomped on him, and Qiong Ren was in the hot search list, so he remembered he was a father again. He’s not as good to Qiong Ren as Emperor Song.”


The dean: “Who is Emperor Song? The name sounds familiar but I don’t think I recognize it ……”



“Qiong Ren’s dad fan.” Of course it sounded familiar, one of the ten kings of the underworld, the agent changed the topic, “Qiong Ren is now popular, so don’t worry about it.”



It was already late at night, but the lights were still on in Sincere Culture’s conference room.



Fu Jiaze’s face was disheveled, and after seeing the executive director of Sincere Culture, also the actual person in charge, Shan Cunhao, he could no longer control his calm surface.



He even ran forward, and his leg was hit by the corner of the table, but he didn’t care about the pain: “What did Li Kui say?”


Li Kui was the director of Let’s Go, Friends.



Shan Cunhao shook his head, Fu Jiaze couldn’t stand, his legs went limp, and he sat down on the chair.



What happened the night of the performance in Yuhu Village was too fatal. He went with his manager that night to discuss with the director, hoping to delete all the clips after he and Qiong Ren shared the stage.



However, Li Kui was adamant and unwilling to cut the material. Fu Jiaze’s agent immediately informed the company of the situation, hoping to coordinate from a higher level.


They asked all the executives who had contact with him, but no one was willing to help them.


Fu Jiaze hammered his fist on the table, bruising his knuckles as he roared uncontrollably, “Why? Do they want to force me to die so badly? What’s in it for them to bring me down?”


Shan Cunhao tiredly rubbed his temples, “I looked for quite a few people and sent gifts before people revealed that the person who sent word back to us was Rong Zhen.”



Hearing this name, Fu Jiaze only felt ridiculous in his heart. Rong Zhen was the chairman, how could he interfere with a variety episode that hadn’t even been aired yet, it couldn’t be that he was standing up for Qiong Ren, could it?



“We can’t contact Meng Qingheng right now. Jiaze, you have to make up your mind. If you want to get out of this trouble, both Qiong Ren and Qingheng will have to be your stepping stones, and when the time comes, don’t be soft.”


His people were set up too perfectly to tolerate a single flaw, or else they would be met with a strong backlash.



Fu Jiaze slowly rubbed his sharply aching knuckles and said softly, “I won’t.”


Sleep couldn’t come!


Yan Molu’s eyes snapped open. After returning to the bedchamber again after many days, he still couldn’t sleep. As soon as he closed his eyes, the dreadful song his Secretary played echoed in his mind on cue.



He smelled a very light scent, ghostly roaming towards him. Yan Molu got up and followed the scent.


The source of the scent was a gray suit. The suit he wore when he went to the living world.


He had smelled the strange, lingering and biting aroma when Qiong Ren had held him that day, and when he had taught Qiong Ren how to shoot arrows.


He buried his face in it and inhaled deeply; the scent was already very, very faint.



If he could let the scent of Qiong Ren’s body saturate every part of this bedchamber, or use Qiong Ren’s clothes to build a nest for himself ……



In that case, even if he couldn’t sleep, he would not feel disturbed. Yan Molu thought seriously about the possibility of the above two things, not having the slightest idea that he was acting like a per-vert.



At seven o’clock in the morning, he got up and changed into his imperial crown and went to work at the Fifth Hall.



It wasn’t yet time to start to work when he entered the temple, but Secretary Nan was already here.



She showed King Yan the work schedule for the day, “Editor-in-Chief Wan has written again, she says she wants to invite you and Qiong Ren to join her in the cover shoot for The Book of Torture Devices.”



Yan Molu instantly froze, and his heart skipped a beat, “Is that so?”



Secretary Nan: “I’ve already given the usual rebuff. But your handwritten rebuff is pretty much used up, and with Wan Man’s perseverance, you may have to write a few hundred more ……”



Yan Molu interrupted her with a raised hand, “Where is the reply letter?”



Secretary Nan: “Sent, sent ……”



Yan Molu raised his hand and grabbed a handful of wind, finding out exactly which direction the letter he had personally written was in, and his figure instantly disappeared from the spot.



In the next moment, he appeared in the office of the editorial office of the Book of Torture Devices, and took the letter back before it reached Wan Man, clutching it so hard that it turned to dust in his hands.


Dressed in imperial robe, red hair and red eyes, there could only be one such person in the underworld.



The editorial team of The Book of Torture Devices never thought that the King of the underworld was actually so good looking that people couldn’t take their eyes off him.



The melon held in Wan Man’s hand clattered to the ground.



King Yan casually sprinkled the paper ash into the half-dead moonflower potted plant next to him and extended his hand to Wan Man, “You are very persistent. It is an honor to be invited by you.”



Wan Man dully shook King Yan’s hand, as if her usual shrewdness and competence were feigned.



“Please contact my secretary for details. I hope to see you again soon.”


He finished, nodded toward everyone in greeting, and dissolved into the air like a puff of smoke blown by the wind.



Wan Man pinched her face and muttered with a lax gaze, “I feel as if I saw King Yan, and he even agreed to go on our cover. This must be a hallucination, I was ready to let Qiong Ren appear alone on this issue, what should I do about the clothes, I haven’t prepared King Yan’s clothes yet, shoot na.ked? That’s impossible.”



“Blossom!” Someone exclaimed.



The half withered vine moonflower that had been next to King Yan suddenly climbed up the decorative wall and bloomed a wall full of orange-pink flowers, the petals trembled slightly against the wind, spreading out a sweet and strong fragrance.




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