Qiong Ren walked over to Chen Ruize, leaving the stage for Qingheng and Fu Jiaze to perform to their hearts’ content.


Chen Ruize was so confused that he unknowingly started clapping.


Qiong Ren was worried that he would be targeted by Fu Jiaze and pressed his hand down.



Chen Ruize suddenly had a blessed feeling of enlightenment:


“I wondered, why is it that you’re so good, but your company doesn’t promote you, but instead goes to promote Fu Jiaze and Qingheng, now I understand, it’s just garbage categorization. Look at you, you don’t even have an assistant and your agent doesn’t follow you. There’s no need to stay in this company, terminate your contract, don’t worry about the money, I’ll lend you as much as you lack, you’ll definitely be able to pay me back soon.”



“My agent is quite good, his lover is sick so he can’t leave.” Qiong Ren’s heart was warm, he whispered, “Thank you very much. But I don’t need it for now, I won’t be polite with you if I need it.”



Chen Ruize nodded, “Do you want to reconsider the movie, there is a role in it that is particularly suitable for you. Zhang Hao said that that role doesn’t require acting skills.”


Qiong Ren suddenly felt that Chen Ruize was the kind of mom who chased after her children to feed them.



One bite, then another.


“Then I’ll give it a try.” Qiong Ren didn’t want to reject his friend’s goodwill again and again, the worst ending was just not getting the role, it didn’t matter if he didn’t want to be an actor anyway. Chen Ruize mentioned the director with such a casual tone, it felt like he had a good relationship with the director.



He and Chen Ruize were chatting freely off stage, Qingheng who was standing on stage was already in tears, although he didn’t bawl, but the tears fell in big drops, as if the sky had collapsed.


The scene was very awkward.


“Mom, who exactly is lying between these two brothers?” Wan Yucheng asked the question loudly.



Wan Man touched his head and said softly, “Mommy doesn’t know. But after making up too many lies, it’s easy to forget what you actually said and always live in the embarrassment of being broken down. You can’t learn from him.”



She said she didn’t know, but the meaning in her words was audible to anyone with ears.


Fu Jiaze was originally a radiant and beautiful young top star, and Aurora was so hot that many people on the show were his fans. But what happened today was like tearing off the painted skin on the female ghost and turning off the beauty filter of the live broadcast.



The things under the beautiful package turned out to be not only bland and tasteless, but also possibly rancid.


The staff had seen a lot of ghosts and snakes, and had already guessed that the relationship between Qingheng and Fu Jiaze wasn’t simple, Qingheng’s reaction was too big.



Fu Jiaze was embarrassed as hell, he now felt that the stalk in his throat was not a stale bone, but a fiery red iron, burning his internal organs with prairie blisters.


He controlled himself to show a smile, “Qingheng, you’re remembering wrongly, how could I possibly say such a thing.”


Fu Jiaze tried his best, but his smile wasn’t natural.



The director, who was always lacking in morality, had even thought of enlarging Fu Jiaze’s face in the show, then hiring a micro-expression expert to analyze it, and then using special effects to stamp it with a red stamp that said “fake”.


The more he thought about it, the happier he became, and he couldn’t help but burst out laughing.



Qingheng realized that he was being laughed at, and looked at Meng Shen accusingly, why didn’t Third Brother help him out? Meng Shen, however, just looked at him coldly. And Qiong Ren didn’t even look at him, looking relaxed as he chatted with Chen Ruize in a whisper.



The gazes of the others were either curious or probing, but for some reason, Qiong Ren’s ignorance made him feel the pain more than the sight of others watching.



He rushed off the stage and ran away.



Fu Jiaze didn’t go after him, his smile was even more natural than just now, ”Qingheng is really a little confused, he can even remember this kind of thing incorrectly, luckily it was said in front of Qiong Ren and I, and I was able to explain it on the spot. If he had said that behind my back and made others misunderstand that the choreographer was me, how bad would that be.”



Talent. His ability to turn black and white upside down caused Meng Shen to be shocked inwardly. Coming to the entertainment industry to rake in money had really aggravated Fu Jiaze.



Whether or not this day’s performance was wonderful or not, each had their own opinion. But the stuff outside of the performance was wonderful, making the third day of filming seem extraordinarily uneventful.


Three days passed quickly, and when they said goodbye at the bottom of the mountain, Chen Ruize lowered the car window and tugged at Qiong Ren’s sleeve, looking like he wanted to take him with him. Qiong Ren wrote him the recipe for the dipping sauce, and Chen Ruize was instantly ecstatic: “Goodbye! No need to miss me!”



Qiong Ren’s face was expressionless, he knew that he was mainly happy because of the dipping sauce recipe.


After a while, Chen Ruize sent over the time and place for the movie audition, saying that the script would be sent to him by the crew. Qiong Ren hugged the plush rabbit, looking at WeChat with a smile, this variety show was worth it, he made new friends la!


“Let’s go.”


The dean was sick, and the agent had to take care of him at home. It was Meng Shen who came to pick up Qiong Ren, they had one more place to go before going to the airport.


The group of foxes huddled to look into the courtyard, “Is this the home of Old Lin’s son?”



Qiong Ren turned his head and stared-



They immediately said, “Homework’s all done. No wild swimming. No playing with wires. Mom and Dad know we’re here.”



Qiong Ren nodded in satisfaction and turned back to knock on the courtyard door.


A middle-aged man came out to answer the door, saw him, and flinched, “Are you ……”



“May I ask if you are Lin Dayou?” Qiong Ren went straight to the point, “Your father wants to know, why don’t you burn paper for him?”



Lin Dayou was puzzled, but also felt a burst of coolness in his neck. Qiong Ren saw Xiao Cheng who was behind him blowing and gave an encouraging look.


Xiao Cheng blew more and more attentively, puffed up his cheeks, hoo-


Suddenly getting chills in broad daylight, Lin Dayou said in disbelief, “What’s it to you? Don’t you need money to burn paper?”


Lin Chunsheng shook his head sadly. He didn’t expect it, all the family property was left to his son, yet he was actually stingy for a few paper money.


Qiong Ren sighed softly, “Then do you plan to continue running the campground?”



Lin Dayou shivered, why on earth was it so cold?



He rubbed his arms, “Dang, of course.”



Qiong Ren: “What about the equipment your father wanted to donate?”



Lin Dayou felt that Qiong Ren was probably someone from the Wild Bird Conservation Association that his old man knew, and yelled sheepishly, “What’s it got to do with you? I’m selling my old man’s stuff and I still have to answer to you?! Who sent you?”


Qiong Ren glanced at Lin Chunsheng, “I was sent by your father.”



Lin Dayou froze. He originally didn’t believe in ghosts and gods, but on a hot day the back of his neck was being blown cool air, his heart couldn’t help but beat like a small drum.



Qiong Ren went on to say, “Your father asked me to tell you that he was a volunteer forest ranger at Lao Fengshen during his lifetime, and the bird protection station was built by him, but he didn’t have ownership of the bird protection station, and the land and houses there belonged to the collective. In other words, although you are his son, you can’t inherit the bird protection station from him, let alone remodel and operate it.


“He asked me to call the township government, they take this issue seriously and will send a new ranger over. You can’t make money off of this la.”


“Also, you’d better quickly buy back those equipment as is and donate them as he explained, or you’ll be waiting for bad luck.”



After relaying the old man’s words, Qiong Ren said to Lin Chunsheng, “Xiao Cheng and the others are willing to help you continue guarding the bird station until someone else takes over, so don’t worry about it.”



Lin Chunsheng bowed deeply to him, took one last look at his son, and was taken away by another Wuchang.


“Let’s go too.” Qiong Ren said to Meng Shen, explaining one more time before leaving, “Be safe, you can call your parents if you can’t manage.”


The little fruit foxes nodded obediently.



Lin Dayou wanted to scold Qiong Ren for pretending to be a god and talking some nonsense into the air, but the other party had already left, so there was no point in him scolding him anymore. He closed the courtyard door and suddenly remembered that Qiong Ren had looked over his shoulder several times when he spoke.


Shouldn ……


He slowly turned his head, his eyes moved little by little to his shoulder, there was nothing, but there was a cold wind blowing from there to his neck.


From this day on, Lin Dayou’s house was haunted by a demon. Day and night wasn’t peaceful, he saw a group of green-eyed foxes outside his door crying, and strange black shadows scurrying in and out of the house.



His shoulders were heavier and heavier every day, his neck was so sore that he seemed to have an invisible little boy sitting on his shoulders.


He was tossed around for a few days, his wife was scared away, and he was scared from the bottom of his heart. Buying back the things sold one by one at high prices and donating them according to the old man’s last words, it finally calmed down.


This incident was widely circulated in the neighborhood, and even made up the traditional flavor of the fox fairy story: the female fox was rescued by a young man named Old Lin and wanted to marry him after gaining enlightenment. However, Old Lin had already turned his soul to heaven and saw that his children and grandchildren were unfilial and acted recklessly, so she deliberately appeared to punish and admonish them.



The neighbors sighed, foxes could really be spiritual animals ah.


In the underworld, the editors of The Book of Torture were meeting to finalize their selections for the next issue of the magazine.



Wan Man stood over the long table, “The theme for this issue is Fusion. I already have an idea for the cover character, but it’s hard to realize and I need all of you to work with me on it.”



As soon as the boss opened her mouth, the part-timers sat upright and listened intently.


“I would like to invite King Yan and Qiong Ren to join us for the cover of this issue.” Wan Man said, “King Yan is the Lord of the Underworld, he has existed since the day there was an underworld, and he’s the oldest god in the understand. Qiong Ren is the new force, the new idol, he has millions of fans in the underworld, the dance he dances, the songs he sings, the clothes he wears will become the new fashion in the underworld.”



“The two of them represent the new and the old, the god and the mortal. Our underworld is a place where mortal souls and gods coexist, and fusion itself is the eternal theme of the underworld.”



“If the two of them are on the same cover, we could sell millions of magazines by the most conservative estimates, and their two faces are the rallying cry. Those ones on earth, Fashion Scratch, Iggy, and Family, will be worthless compared to us.”



With the bright prospects out of the way, it was time to talk about the difficulties.


The editors spoke positively. After summarizing, the difficulties focused on two aspects.



The predecessor of The Complete Book of Torture Tools was The Introductory Guide to Torture Tools, which was originally an official magazine of the First Temple.



At that time, there was no internet, and the Introductory Guide to Torture Devices was an important source of information for prison guards to gain expertise in torture devices and learn how to properly torture sinners.



In order to put an end to any possible adverse effects that non citizens might have on the magazine, King Qin Guangwang set a special threshold: non-citizens of the Underworld’s capital had to be in possession of a capital work visa in order to work on jobs related to the magazine, and models were no exception.



It was relatively easy for a local Chinese demon like Wan Man to obtain a visa. But Qiong Ren was a living person, and the First Hall might not be willing to issue a visa for him.


This was the first difficulty.


The second difficulty was King Yan.



The small editor in charge of King Yan’s Style, said, “Since our magazine was revamped, you have continuously written more than 2,000 handwritten letters to King Yan inviting him to be on the cover, but he has never agreed. Is this difficulty …… too difficult?”



Wan Man’s hand waved, impassioned: “Qiong Ren once said: ‘There is no difficult work in the world, only brave Qiong Ren.’ I was deeply touched. If he doesn’t agree to write two thousand letters, I’ll write two thousand and one!”



“If the King of the underworld doesn’t agree while Qiong Ren is alive, I’ll insist until Qiong Ren dies. He’s coming to the underworld anyway after death.”



“We need to demonstrate the spirit of Monk Tang in obtaining scriptures, and persevere in any difficulty in order to obtain the true scriptures.”



The editors, with tears in their eyes, stood as they clapped. With such a leader, why worry about not achieving great things!



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