Hearing Qiong Ren’s voice, the director was moved, he had to give Qiong Ren more shots in the show.


Qiong Ren walked from the shadow of the trees to the lamp, curly hair a little longer, covering his forehead, his long eyelashes were light, and reflected by the lamp, his eyes looked particularly bright, like stars fell into it.


The fruit fox’s fierce face suddenly changed, he rubbed his face, the furry hair faded and his teeth also shrank.


“It’s you.” Looking kinda shy, “You didn’t faint?”


Director:”……” This world was really realistic.


Qiong Ren smiled, “I want to ask you a few questions.”


The Jade-faced King replied quickly, “Ask.”


So cooperative?


The director’s heart ached even more. The fruit fox’s actions had already left permanent scars on his heart.


Qiong Ren nodded and gave an amiable smile:


“Where do you go to school? Who is the class teacher? Have you finished your summer vacation homework? What’s the number one spot on the final exam?”


The director was confused. He thought Qiong Ren was going to say something, just this? Who else other than an elementary school student would react to such words.



Unexpectedly, the Jade-faced King covered his chest and went back three steps, his face filled with the sadness of being hurt by this world: “You, you’re so good-looking, why is your heart so vicious?”


The director was shocked, where was that vicious? Were they really elementary school students?


Of course they were really elementary school students. As the king of children in the orphanage, Qiong Ren would now go back from time to time to help the director with the children, and could realize the precise identification of naughty children. Qiong Ren’s face was expressionless: “I’ll count to three, release the people to me before I count to three.”




The Jade-faced King tried to stabilize the army, “Don’t listen to his lies, he’s a human, where will he find our parents?”




Jade Face King panicked: “How come it’s three, where’s two?”


Qiong Ren: “I counted in my heart.”


He slowly revealed a kind smile, “You didn’t release anyone after I counted, you guys forced me.”


The Jade-faced King was trembling from his smile, and could only say with courage, “I’m not afraid, I’m a demon, you’re a human, you can’t beat me, woo woo woo woo.”


“Uh wow-”


As soon as he covered his face and cried, the others followed suit, shrinking down as they cried, and after they showed their original form, they were a group of children less than ten years old.



On top of their heads were floppy hairy ears like puppies, it was quite cute.


Director: “Really elementary school students ……”



He was a famous director, but he was actually tricked by an elementary school student to shoot a variety show in the village. The director was immediately disheveled, it felt like his fierce reputation suddenly came to an end.



Qiong Ren suddenly had a guilty feeling of having bullied a small child ……




“Stop pretending,” Qiong Ren’s tone was very cold, “I saw you peeking at me through your fingers.”



The Jade-faced King reluctantly lowered his hand and gritted his teeth, “Adults are really cunning.”



He crossed his arms and puffed out his chest, pointing fiercely, “You’re Snow White’s wicked stepmother.”


Qiong Ren said lightly, “Do you often score zero in language, I can only be the stepfather.”



The Jade-faced King covered his heart and fell to the ground, his face turning white as he silently wept.



“Xiao Cheng! Xiao Cheng can’t make it!” The little demons surrounded him, “Xiao Cheng, you have to be okay, my mom will tickle me to death.”



Xiao Cheng held his friend’s hand, “The enemy …… is too powerful …… we can’t grasp it …… don’t cry for me, in the coming year, on my grave ……”


Qiong Ren couldn’t listen anymore, he picked up the little cub and shook him: “If you have poor grades you should study more. Brother has a good heart, I can kindly sponsor your whole class’s teaching aids.”



Xiao Cheng was even more scared, he struggled desperately, but where could he break away from Qiong Ren’s iron palm.


At that moment, Lin Chunsheng and Meng Shen arrived.


The little fruit foxes saw Lin Chunsheng, it was as if they had seen their relative, Xiao Cheng stretched out his paw toward him, letting out a miserable shout: “Old Lin–”



Lin Chunsheng was brought here in a daze, he saw their ears and suddenly reacted: “You are the fruit foxes that come to my orchard every day to steal food, right ……”.


Xiao Cheng wiped his tears and widened his eyes, “How can you call it stealing.”



Before his death, Lin Chunsheng discovered that the small orchard he planted for wild birds was often frequented by fruit foxes. He simply planted banyan trees and neem on the mountain to facilitate their foraging.



Unexpectedly, these foxes were a group of little monsters. They were angry as they saw his bird watching station transformed into a wild camp after his death, and his cameras and telescopes were taken away and sold. The little monsters were particularly furious and wanted to teach Lin Chunsheng’s unfilial son a lesson on his behalf.




The director called up the injustice, “Little hero, this is a misunderstanding, I’m not his son!”



He nodded his head towards Lin Chunsheng, his face full of abject sincerity: “The old man has a high moral character, and I admire it very much. If you are willing to appear as a ghost and let me do a spiritual program, I am still willing to recognize you as my father. Dad, think about it.”


Qiong Ren knew that the director wanted fame and not life, but seeing him so shameless with his own eyes, he couldn’t help but be greatly impressed.



Lin Chunsheng looked at the director and also found it strange, “He doesn’t look like my son at all, where is my son so filial, how did you guys mistake him?”


A chubby little girl tilted her head, “Really? But they both look equally ugly, I can’t tell them apart~”


“Uh-huh, they clearly look the same, they’re both ugly.” The other Little Fruit Spirits nodded in agreement.


The tender little voices sounded like a sharp knife stabbing straight into the director’s heart.


Ah, his heart hurt.



“So what if he’s not good looking, good looking people are even more ruthless, underneath the beautiful skin is often a vicious heart.” Xiao Cheng’s tone was very vicissitude, obviously meaning it.


Qiong Ren grabbed the oil-based pen, pulled out his cell phone and smiled kindly: “Indeed.”


Xiao Cheng ran behind Lin Chunsheng and hid, and the old man hurriedly advised, “Children don’t know better, don’t bother with them. They’re going to be beaten when they go back anyway.”


Meng Shen stifled a laugh, “I’ve just reported the situation, and someone will be coming to take them home soon.


“Yo, here it comes.”



A bright shiny ball flew in the air, and at the sight of it, Xiao Cheng ran towards Qiong Ren in fear, grabbing his pants leg and shivering, he closed his eyes and chanted, “If there’s a wolf in front of you and a tiger behind you, then fight poison with poison.”


The “Poison”, Qiong Ren, endured and endured, trying not to draw on the naughty child’s face.


The small ball flew over and dispersed into curls of smoke, the thin smoke gathered into a very pretty woman, also with big eyes and a sharp chin, she had white fluffy hairpins on both sides of her temples, which was quite pretty.


“Wan Yucheng!” The woman’s tone was gentle, but hearing it sent shivers down one’s spine, “Looks like the homework is still too little.”



Xiao Cheng was so scared that he cried and shrank straight behind Qiong Ren.



Her eyes lifted upwards, “Mr. Qiong Ren, I’m sorry to trouble you. I’m Wan Man, the editor-in-chief of The Complete Book of Torture Devices, and I hope we can have the opportunity to work together in the future.”



The Complete Book of Torture Devices, the name sounded hellish, about the same nature as a g-un fan magazine.



“Good day, Editor-in-Chief. I’d like to donate a batch of teaching books to these children, would you be so kind as to leave an address?”



The little monsters were blown away and couldn’t believe that there were men in the world who were so heartless.


The cutest little girl inside looked at him tearfully, her little milky voice was sticky: “Brother~”


Qiong Ren bent down and smiled, kindly touching her head, “Sister, which brand of test paper do you like? Talk to brother.”


The little girl burst into tears.



“He’s hard-hearted and won’t fall for this.” Xiao Cheng huffed.


Qiong Ren picked him up and gave a heartbreaking glance at the clenched and wrinkled pant leg, “It’s good to know how to be grateful and try to repay, but what’s the number one priority for kids on summer vacation, do you know?”


Xiao Cheng didn’t dare not answer under the gaze of The Poison, and with a packet of tears in his eyes, he was humiliated, “Do your summer homework.”


“Wrong,” Qiong Ren said gravely, “It’s to keep yourself healthy and safe. If I were the bad guy, what would happen to you guys today? Maybe next month, I’ll get a coat made from you.”



The whole village was an illusion, so naturally there was no electricity. In order to successfully fool the director, they stole and pulled a few strands of wire from somewhere and installed real electric lights in the fake threshing floor. How dangerous was it, and they weren’t afraid of being electrocuted into barbecued fruit foxes.



The little children huffed and puffed as they were criticized. Qiong Ren spoke in one breath from drowning prevention to not opening the door to strangers, before he stopped, “Remember?”


He used to talk to the children in the orphanage about safety, and he could barely stop when he started talking about it.


The little spirits wilted one by one, “Remember.”


“Is none of the material I shot tonight going to work.” The director looked at the happy ending and wept.


Wan Man smiled sweetly, “That’s easy, let me handle it.”


“Xiaotong, wake up.”


Tong Xiaotong slowly opened her eyes.


“Xiaotong, you haven’t finished shooting yet how come you fell asleep?” A coworker said angrily.


Huh? Wasn’t she sleeping on a tree branch? How come she was standing and leaning on her coworker’s shoulder. Tong Xiaotong rubbed her face, she remembered seeing a lot of half-human, half-demon monsters and then falling asleep listening to the Diamond Sutra.


Colleague: “It’s the last performance, cheer up.”


Tong Xiaotong nodded.



But how come she remembered that she had already seen Qingheng and Fu Jiaze perform ……



The director, who also acted as the host, stepped onto the stage and chimed in, “Next up to perform are Qingheng and Fu Jiaze, with the song ‘Aurora’.”



The performance was pretty much the same as what Tong Xiaotong remembered, jumping around and fake singing, it was super boring.


But …… she rubbed her eyes, why was it a group of small children sitting down to watch the performance, she clearly remembered that the people sitting under the stage were all villagers who looked similar.



There was also a nice and pretty sister sitting under the stage, a man in black clothes, and an old man, Liu Shu and Li Qixuan hadn’t had these three people when they performed Race Horse.



Tong Xiaotong was confused.


Qingheng and Fu Jiaze finished their performance and the kids started voting. Qiong Ren and Chen Ruize won first place by a wide margin.


Before the director gave them the award, he suddenly smiled badly.


Chen Ruize was very alert: “Be careful, the director laughed.”



The director took the microphone, “Have you all seen enough of the performances just now? I suddenly remembered that Qiong Ren and Qingheng, as well as Xiao Fu are all from the same company, why don’t you guys dance a section of ‘Aurora’ together?”



The children below were especially supportive: “Dance a bit! I want to see brother Qiong Ren dance.”


“Dance a verse, dance a verse!”


Maybe it was an illusion, but Tong Xiaotong always felt that they were choking on their words.


Qiong Ren narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Okay.”


Fu Jiaze’s face changed.


Qingheng knew that Qiong Ren was a good dancer, and he didn’t want to be a chaperone on the sidelines, so he said that he would let the two of them dance, and he wouldn’t participate. Anyway, the main point of the scene wasn’t him, and the director agreed.



Aurora Borealis was the hit song of the year and was widely circulated, establishing Fu Jiaze’s status in one fell swoop. The reason why Qingheng fell in love with him was also because the way Fu Jiaze danced in this song made it impossible for him not to be moved.



He was offstage, watching Fu Jiaze dance, and his heart softened.



But his eyes were quickly drawn to Qiong Ren, for no other reason than that the dancing was so good that no matter how much Qingheng didn’t want to see Qiong Ren, he still couldn’t help it, he couldn’t help it.


He didn’t understand why ‘Aurora’ was Fu Jiaze’s masterpiece, but Qiong Ren danced better than Fu Jiaze?


For the first time, Qingheng knew that this dance with a gentle meaning could actually rely on jamming and body control to create the effect of frame jamming on stage.


What he found even more unbelievable was that Qiong Ren did the last sequence of movements backwards with extreme control, dancing with such fluidity and precision that one had the illusion of pressing a reverse button.



He listened to the lyrics of “Aurora” sentence by sentence.


[If you see the aurora borealis, turn back time, will you still, will I still, taste the strawberry candy flavor.]



[If you see the aurora borealis, rewind the picture, will you still, will I still, say the words sharply.]



[If I rewind the time, rewind the picture, and start over again, will you.]



Qingheng, who loved this song dearly, suddenly realized that Qiong Ren’s performance was the right one. Because of his perfect interpretation, when the lyrics read “rewind the picture”, Qiong Ren really rewound the picture.



Fu Jiaze couldn’t do such precise control, so his performance couldn’t create the visual effect of rewinding and jamming frames, so much so that Qingheng never realized that this dance was actually supposed to be like this.


No one noticed Qingheng’s change in expression, their eyes could only gaze at one person. It wasn’t until half a minute after the performance ended that sparse applause gradually rang out.



The bystanders were still in a state of disorientation, reminiscing over and over again, while the director lived up to his reputation as a hardened warrior who couldn’t even be fazed by the demon’s mists, “Jiaze, Qiong Ren danced so well, is it possible that you taught him the secret in private.”


Fu Jiaze forced a smile, his throat felt like it was choking on an old bone, “Qiong Ren choreographed the dance for this song. Of course the dance is especially great.”


He didn’t want to say it, but Qiong Ren was right there, and it was always more decent for him to say it himself than for Qiong Ren to say it.


Qingheng’s expression crumbled, as a Daoist N-generation who entered the entertainment industry just to chase his favorite star up close, he didn’t have that much to worry about at all, and blurted out, “But didn’t you tell me that you choreographed this dance yourself?”


This sentence was heard by everyone.



Fu Jiaze’s face was instantly whiter than paper.


Oh, no?




The director who was just trying to get more footage and conversation for Qiong Ren was happy. He didn’t expect there to be such big news. It seemed like there was no need to spend money on hot searches after the program started.


Fu Jiaze, thank you, you saved me a lot of money on publicity.


The program team will remember your sacrifice.



I might not see ya tomorrow, it’s a special day for me, but I’ll double update so see ya next tomorrow ✌️.

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