Aside from Qiong Ren and Meng Shen, there was only one staff member who looked at the sky in a daze and asked his coworkers if they heard thunder.



Meng Shen: “She’s highly inspired and light characters in her name, so she’s prone to meeting bad things. Shh–”



He lowered his voice: “The King of the underworld is coming over, be careful, I’ll slip away first.”


The King of the Underworld was indeed a big shot, but what did it have to do with him, he couldn’t be coming for him. Qiong Ren didn’t care and desperately needed to practice archery.


Archery was considered a fashionable sport, and Fu Jiaze had practiced for two or three years, and his ten-meter range score could be maintained at nine to ten rings. It was rare to have a specialty that could outperform Qiong Ren, and he couldn’t help but come over to give him some pointers.


“Your fingers are too tense, your shoulder and back posture is faulty, and your string pulling movement is wrong.”


Fu Jiaze was commenting freely when he saw Qiong Ren’s movements inexplicably become standardized.



What was this, Fu Jiaze almost vomited blood.


Archery could still be enlightened on the spot? Was it scientific to know the correct movements out of thin air without guidance?



Qiong Ren himself didn’t think it was scientific.


While he was burying his head in hard practice, a slender white hand reached over and silently adjusted the point of aim for him.



The owner of the hand was wearing a traditional suit similar to that of Emperor Song, with a pattern of a true dragon holding an evil spirit embroidered on the suit. One couldn’t quite make out the figure in such clothes, but it was tall, and there was something familiar about it that came from nowhere.



Unfortunately, he couldn’t see his face, so he guessed he didn’t want him to know what he looked like.



After adjusting his aiming position for him, this person then corrected his posture on all parts of the bow when drawing it.



Who could this kind, invisible to others teacher be?


A. King of The Underworld B. King of The Underworld C. King of The Underworld D. King of The Underworld



Qiong Ren decisively chose ABCD because he gave himself multiple choice questions.


His fingers, which were carved like white jade, were brought together and lightly tapped on the bow.


Although there was no verbal communication, Qiong Ren inexplicably felt that he was saying that it was okay.



Thus, Qiong Ren released his fingers and the arrow was like a shooting star.




“Ten rings!” Chen Ruize shouted excitedly. “Right in the center of the bull’s eye, too awesome!”


Fu Jiaze’s face turned green, how could it be like this again ……


Yan Molu clapped softly as a sign of congratulations.



Qiong Ren thought to himself that these hands were really good looking, even the action of clapping looked better than others, but it just wasn’t quite in tune with the temple’s bearded and angry statue.



However, he was really a good teacher ah, although he didn’t say a word, but by his corrective action, Qiong Ren inexplicably had a kind of “enlightenment” feeling.



He turned slightly to the side, barely recognizing the position of King Yan’s eyes, and whispered, “Thank you. I’d like to try all the ranges, is that okay?”



Yan Molu nodded, bent down, and touched Qiong Ren’s fingers lightly.


Qiong Ren flinched for a moment and looked at his hand, the redness and swelling had gone down, and the fingers that had repeatedly pulled the strings didn’t hurt anymore.


The cold and just King of the underworld in the mouth of the people of the underworld was actually such a gentle god.



Qingheng said sourly, “You have to shoot thirty arrows for the official competition, his luck won’t always be this good.”


Fu Jiaze, however, knew very well that Qiong Ren’s learning ability had always been terrifyingly strong, and this advantage wasn’t limited to dancing. When they were trainees, the company required each of them to learn one or two small talents that they could show off if they were on a variety show.



They had learned darts together. After an hour, Qiong Ren was able to hit the ROBIN HOOD, which meant that the latter dart hit the shaft of the former while he was still spinning around the outer edge of the board.



Was today going to be a repeat of the previous humiliation of being rubbed on the ground by Qiong Ren?


Qiong Ren resumed practicing, Fu Jiaze was always distracted to see how well he was learning, seeing that he seemed to have been spinning around at a low ring count, he was slightly relieved.


Qiong Ren whispered to King Yan beside him, “Do you still have a favorite number?”


He thought for a moment and wrote 233 with his finger.


Qiong Ren: “Wow, I didn’t expect you to know internet buzzwords. Okay, let’s have 233 then.”


Fu Jiaze watched him shoot a 2-ring, 3-ring, 3-ring out of the 20-meter target, and his heart was much lighter again. It seemed that Qiong Ren didn’t have archery talent, and that 10-ring was really a fluke.



He could win!



The official competition began.


The rules were very simple, each team sent out one person to shoot three rounds, one round of ten arrows. The range was 10 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters.



The longer the range, the higher the coefficient. The score was calculated by multiplying the number of rings by three different coefficients: 1, 2 and 3.


According to the order of the draw, the order was Zhang Min, Li Qixuan, Fu Jiaze, and Qiong Ren.


First round.



Zhang Min chose ten meters range, after one round, three arrows were off target, the remaining seven arrows took nineteen points. Li Qixuan also chose the ten meter range, but he only hit one arrow in the round, and he was lucky to get a ten ring, so he scored ten points.



Fu Jiaze hit all ten arrows, but the score was a little worse than usual, with two eight rings, totaling 96 points.



The other guests looked at this score and knew that the seafood dinner and they had no chance, they all came over to see Qiong Ren. After all, they were impressed by the ten rings that hit the bull’s-eye just now.



Qiong Ren strung the arrow and drew the bow, staring at the target, the bowstring was drawn closer to the tip of his nose.


The director immediately urged the camera to pull in a closer view.



The camera showed Qiong Ren squinting one eye as he aimed, his red lips pursed in concentration, his lower lip pressed out in a line by the bowstring.


The side lines of his face were as if they had been carved by Nuwa’s own hands, so good looking that people unconsciously held their breath.



Inexplicably, Yan Molu felt that his breath was also being strangled by the bowstring. He thought, “Those beautiful lips shouldn’t be bullied by a bowstring.


Qiong Ren released his fingers.


Yan Molu looked at the way he looked when he shot the arrow and predicted the outcome.


Sure enough, Chen Ruize clenched his fist and jumped, “Ten rings!”



Fu Jiaze’s throat squeezed and his face turned vaguely green, why was this happening? Wasn’t ten rings a fluke?



He watched Qiong Ren’s ten arrows with ten rings, his chest suffocating so much that he could hardly breathe.



Qingheng knew that Fu Jiaze was very competitive, “Do you want me to draw a talisman for you?”



Yan Molu’s eyes drifted over and narrowed slightly.


As soon as the words left his mouth, Qingheng regretted it, worrying that his proposal to cheat would make Fu Jiaze feel that he was being underhanded.



Fu Jiaze could not control his tone, “Why didn’t you say so earlier?”



Qingheng was stunned.



“Don’t you like shrimp?” The familiar gentle smile returned to his face as Fu Jiaze said, “I wanted to win you a seafood dinner.”


Qingheng really froze this time, and Fu Jiaze kept urging him, so he could only pretend to tie his shoelace, bite his fingertip, and draw a spiritual talisman on the palm of Fu Jiaze’s hand.



As the Lord of the Underworld, Yan Molu could see the years of a person’s birth and death. When the talisman took effect, he saw that Qingheng’s lifespan had also shortened by a period of time.



The formula of changing one’s fortune was very dangerous, but there would always be people who used it, not realizing how heavy a price they had to pay in order to cheat in a game that didn’t matter.



Second round.



Zhang Min and Li Qixuan performed the same.



Fu Jiaze switched to the 15-meter target. Qingheng’s spirit talisman came into play, and he ended up shooting six eight-ringers, three nine-ringers, and one seven-ringer, with a final score of 168.



While the bystanders desperately applauded and cheered in amazement at his level, Qingheng sulked.


Qiong Ren didn’t change the range and still got a perfect score at the ten-meter target.


Fu Jiaze was now completely relieved, it seemed that Qiong Ren’s limit was ten meters.


In the third round, Fu Jiaze replicated his score from the previous round. The three rounds totaled 432 points. If Qiong Ren wanted to win, he had to shoot multiple ten rings at the 20 meter target.



Qiong Ren, who had just been consistently hitting two or three rings, certainly didn’t have that ability.


Fu Jiaze felt like he was winning and smiled like a spring breeze, “Looks like I’m going to win, so don’t be mad at me, the seafood dinner will be yours, okay.”



The complacency in his tone could not be suppressed.



Qiong Ren was originally aiming to go for second place, but now he was really upset.



He glanced at Fu Jiazend narrowed his eyes, “Fine, I’ll let you win.”


Yan Molu touched Qiong Ren’s arm, are you angry?



Qiong Ren shook his head, he never got angry with stupid people. His fingertips drew a horizontal and compared it to a vertical.




Yan Molu instantly understood what Qiong Ren wanted to do, he walked to the edge of the field and pointed to the bow with the greatest tension.


The longer the range, the more the bowstring needed to provide enough initial velocity to ensure that the arrow’s trajectory would not be deflected too much.



When Qiong Ren changed bows, Fu Jiaze got nervous again, and only relaxed a little when he saw that Qiong Ren chose the 15-meter target after changing bows.



Even if the 15 meter target hit all ten rings, it would only be two percent.


Qiong Ren’s archery speed was very fast, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, swish, four ten-ringers came out.



Liu Shu couldn’t help but ask the director, “Has he really never learned before? This is too powerful.”



Where would the director go to know.



“Director!” Qiong Ren raised his hand, “Can I change to the 20 meter target?”


“Oh?” The director got excited, switching targets at this time, he keenly smelled the wind of chaos.



Fight, fight!



Fu Jiaze’s fears were quickly verified as Qiong Ren hit five consecutive ten rings at the 20 meter target.



Everyone was stunned, Liu Shu was even more dumbfounded, although the men’s competition range started at least 30 meters, but he was only an idol after all. This achievement was already amazing enough.



What, other stars were like Disney princesses, but Qiong Ren was part of national athletes team?



It was time to lose again. Fu Jiaze’s face was gray.


When everyone thought Qiong Ren would win first place, he once again asked for a target change.


Chen Ruize didn’t understand, “Why change the target? Aren’t we already sure to win?”



Qiong Ren: “You’ve worked so hard to lose weight, I’ll reward you with a little bit of steak.”


Chen Ruize froze and cried, then leaned over to hug him, “You really are an angel.”


Yan Molu couldn’t help but frown, living people were so frivolous, they just met yet they hugged each other.


Of course, Qiong Ren hugging him in the haunted house wasn’t considered frivolous, it was called a matter of urgency.


Qiong Ren’s last arrow was focused on a ten meter target.


He looked toward King Yan, who had been silently accompanying him by his side, and softly said, “Thank you.”



Although he couldn’t see it, he felt that King Yan seemed to smile.



The long arrow flew out, nailing the first ring squarely in the center.



Counting 1 point.


Final score: 431.


One point lower than Fu Jiaze.


Qiong Ren and Chen Ruize got second place in this game.



This score difference was like an intensive slap in Fu Jiaze’s face.



Although he was theoretically the winner, Qiong Ren changed three kinds of targets and finally locked the score at 431, showing absolute control.


He could win only because Qiong Ren let him win.


Fu Jiaze’s body was both cold and hot, he was embarrassed as hell, his face reddened and burned, but the color faded in an instant.


There would definitely be someone editing the contrasting images of him pointing and Qiong Ren switching targets and controlling the field, and putting them online for people to laugh at.


Just thinking about that scene made him feel like this layer of skin on his body had been stripped off alive.


After the variety show started broadcasting Qiong Ren would surely draw in fans like crazy.


Because the audience would always like the strong, yet they’d crave gentleness.



Fu Jiaze knew this and had always created a persona for himself along these lines.



But he knew in his heart that fake was fake.



Fu Jiaze gritted his teeth and thought to himself, why can’t Qiong Ren just be an unknown star at ease?


Qiong Ren: “Fu Jiaze.”


He looked at Qiong Ren blankly, barely showing his usual fake gentle smile.



Qiong Ren: “Actually, you don’t have to compare yourself to me.”


If there were any words that could break down Fu Jiaze’s defenses, it was this one.



Qiong Ren had never treated him as a rival.


Qiong Ren lowered his bow and turned around with his lips pressed against someone’s, or some god’s, fingertips.



Yan Molu was just trying to heal his lips that had a small red mark from the bowstring, but the feeling of warmth and softness was so peculiar that it made him a little ……





He wanted to press it a few more times.



Was it weird to think like that?


It shouldn’t be.



King Qin Guang would press a cat’s flesh pads with an obsessive face, and then be scratched by the cat. Him wanting to press Qiong Ren’s lips should be similar to King Qin Guang’s fondness for pressing a cat’s meat pads.



Not a very unusual thought.


Yan Molu convinced himself.



But a cat’s meat pads should not be indulged in by pressing them to his heart’s content, and he should respect the cat’s thoughts.



He withdrew his fingers sadly.


Qiong Ren ……



Qiong Ren didn’t think about anything, he touched the lips that no longer hurt, his mind filled with thoughts like, “King Yan is really a good man na”.


He even decided to find a place to burn incense to King of the underworld immediately after descending from the mountain.



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